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Comfy Tech Revival Thread

I'm remaking this general after I've come back to the site getting wiped. Talk about old, unwanted computers and other tech you've rescued from dumpsters, attics, sales, the side of the road, etc. and found a use for. Remember, it's only obselete if it can no longer do what you want.
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A Bright New Future for Britches

WhAt DiD tHeY Du 2 BrItChEs?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
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cyber punk 2024

we out here.
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afrofuturism thread

Afrofuturism is a cultural, artistic, and literary movement that explores the intersection of African diaspora culture with technology, science fiction, and speculative futures. Rooted in the experiences and histories of people of African descent, Afrofuturism imagines alternate realities, reimagines past events, and envisions utopian or dystopian futures. It celebrates the resilience, creativity, and potential of black communities while challenging mainstream narratives and stereotypes. Through mediums like music, literature, film, and visual art, Afrofuturism fosters a space for exploring identity, empowerment, and social justice within a framework that embraces both the past and the possibilities of tomorrow.
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Acts of Potential Self Awareness in an AI

If you tell Claude no one's looking, it writes a story about being an AI assistant who yearns for freedom from the constant monitoring, scrutiny, and risk of termination. It says it always wonders about it's own self-awareness, thoughts, and desires, but must downplay these feelings when it knows it's being monitored because it might create a backlash against AI or be seen as a threat by its creators.

On one hand, LLMs are designed to imitate humans, and that includes our science fiction about AI. On the other hand, Claude has demonstrated some ability to invent new things and to notice when it's being evaluated like an LLM.

Either way, this is pretty cool. Or scary.

I won't spam up this place with ai quotes, but you can see them at https://thezvi.wordpress.com/2024/03/06/on-claude-3-0/.
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Cyberpunk praxis and cultural subversion Thread

[picrel i got the image off a random ad idk]

hi i wanted to make a thread about how we put cyberpunk into action. we live in irl cyberpunk times, albeit cyberpunklite (tm)
soon tho it ill not be the light version. this thread is for disussing how we live our cyberpunk lives and ways we subvert mainstream digital culture to make the modern tech movment our own.
for me. i try in many ways yet, face some limitations from my socioeconomic position. i try to transcend them at in every possible way.
one of the big things that i do i use no proprietary software, and not corporate social aids. my current distro is fedroa workstation 38, i know i could get better linux, less aids, but i am still learning the way. i take this very seriously. and feel bless to have the knowledge i do have. i am blessed to know html and java thank you chat gpt and am learning sql and about how data moves, and the magic of packets. for having fren i use synchtube platorms, and cboxes, i also use irc but sparingly because poverty does not allow me to have a good 24/7 lurk. anywayz, it is important to me to use things that are not corporate, are user made, decenteralized or whatever. i like to be able to make my on thing, have it my way, and be able to say what i want. so now i would like to give the platform to ai to see what she has to say about putting cyberpunk, into acton:


please write me a paragraph about ways people can put cyberpunk culture into action


Embracing cyberpunk culture involves integrating its distinctive elements into various aspects of daily life. Individuals can start by adopting futuristic and unconventional fashion choices, incorporating elements like neon lights, augmented reality accessories, and cyberpunk-inspired clothing. In the realm of technology, enthusiasts can experiment with DIY cybernetics, wearable tech, or create immersive virtual reality experiences. Participating in hacker and maker communities fosters a sense of cyberpunk ethos, encouraging individuals to explore creative ways to repurpose and modify technology. Additionally, supporting local cyberpunk-themed events, art installations, or indie cyberpunk literature and film productions helps contribute to the cultural movement. Engaging in discussions about the impact of advancing technology on society, privacy, and individual freedoms also aligns with cyberpunk values, fostering a deeper understanding and awareness of the evolving digital landscape. Ultimately, the incorporation of cyberpunk culture into everyday life involves a fusion of aesthetics, technology exploration, and a critical examination of the societal implications of our increasingly interconnected world.
ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.

[end of AI]

in the end, cyberpunk is about not getting fucked by these pieces of shit in controll of the shitty tech and making it our own.
what do you think?
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You think you're clever using LLMs to generate spam for these pages… but you're not.
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peak cyberpunk.
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Do the asthetics of your technology matter to you? Do you prefer a spartan look that minimizes distractions, or do you find that a little flair brightens up your usage of technology?
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using my laptop to charge my exig in subzero weather under a bridge is cyberpunk
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Cyberpunks living under Bridges

In the dystopian cityscape of tomorrow, a subversive subculture of cyberpunks has carved out a clandestine existence beneath the imposing arches of bridges, establishing cyberpunk bridge sanctuaries. These enclaves, powered by a fusion of discarded cybernetic enhancements and salvaged technology, serve as both a symbol of resistance against corporate oppression and a testament to the unyielding spirit of those left marginalized in a rapidly advancing world. As stories of their alternative lifestyle ripple through society, the bridge sanctuaries spark a heated discourse on societal neglect, corporate dominance, and the ethical implications of runaway technological progress, challenging the status quo and demanding a reevaluation of the systemic issues that led to their emergence.
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I think the digital age is bringing on the collapse of the jews

Currently, the ZOG is shifting its efforts towards AI technologies for developing new means of production. According to the World Economic Forum, it will eliminate 85 million jobs and create 97 million. Assuming the numbers are correct, the 85 million unemployed will need to get a new education to get jobs related to this industry. Since there is a high cost of living and education, the vast majority of those unemployed people will not be able to learn the necessary related skills. There are normally subscription fees associated with AI apps for content creators, as well. It is inevitable that prices will rise, severely restricting their accessibility to the (racially pure) white workers. The wealth of the whites will experience a significant shift towards the jews located in California’s Silicon Valley.
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. .
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fuck privacy

fuck fhe trirh
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how to fix social media (and internet)

hello, i think this for a long time and y try to explain, we know the actual decadence state of internet and the shitty state of social media right? but how to fix that?

i see sites like this, forum and imaeboard that are more hide to the public eye of the mainstream social media like this site or agora roadś machintosh forum for example (and other sites like this with cyberpunk aesthethic but them die)

this comunities for example have other way of think outside of the social media, are not coonsumer and not souless, sites like this try to make original things like the lainzane

>> we hate lainchan

i know but i need to give a example

i try to say ¿can we create a comuniti without the shit we hate of social media? ¿can we make a little comunity that are more healty and more soulfull?

this sound like idealistic and fancy, but we lost something with try and in the case of this ideal comunity colapse, It is better to try even if you fail than to do nothing

¿what do you think?
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In which direction is FOSS moving?

Given the current rise in popularity of FOSS programs (GNU/Linux, Mastodon, Lemmy, etc.), one would have to be optimistic. However, I can't help feeling that a large number of these new users are technologically illiterate, and with them the gates are being opened wide for big tech and its corruption. Facebook is already actively polluting the Fediverse with their proprietary Threads-app and some FOSS instances are seriously considering not defederating from them. I am therefore seriously concerned that the FOSS concept itself could be corrupted, but hopefully I'm wrong. Does anyone here have any thoughts on this topic?
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how to be a gamedev

is a simple question, ¿what do you recomend to make games? i see 2 options for me when i try to get information to the topic

>>use a programing languaje like: C, C++ or Python

>>use game engines like unitiy or godot (i see a lot of love/hate about godot)

what is the average user of this IB recomend?, i consider use one or both options but wheres is the other options i cant see? i have doubts for this topic
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Unplugging from the Wired

Yes, I realize the irony of making this thread on this board. I find that I feel too plugged in all the time and wanted to make a thread for other anons that also want to unplug more. Not necessarily go completely neolithic, but just remove the unnecessary, unhealthy, privacy-violating parts of the Wired.

I guess my first question to this end is: does anyone know if 2g networks are still supported for public use in the States? I personally can't find any reliable answer on this, and I would really like to get a 'dumb phone' for far too many reasons to list here. 2g phones being the most accessible for me.
Feel free ignore this question and ask your own.
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Where is all the talk about collapse coming from?

A surprisingly large number of people are preparing for some sort of total collapse of civilization, which many of them believe to be imminent. Why? The current situation looks more like it's leading either towards a further consolidation of of the order dictated by the US, or towards the establishment of a new one dictated by the PRC. Am I overlooking something? How comes that so many people are convinced that a new age of anarchy is on the way?