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yea things are going really good for me. i found out a way to achieve my dreams. im going to be riding a bike all the time and living somewhere with trees. its really nice. im getting happy. i feel good. like this are working. i just got off my plane a bit ago, and am sitting on the laptop for a bit. im gunna be punking it pretty hard, in abandoned building, and also under bridges, all while funneling money into something amazing. everything is great. im gunna get some food in a bit, and go to and art store, and get charcoal ink to stick and poke my soulmates name on me. god i love her so much. im so thankful for the web, and everything. also, i quit smoking weed, im gunna be riding a bike alot and i need my lungs. also 100% of my money as to get funneled to this thing. im just really happy, and i feel like i have purpose and things are going to be really good. and its all thanks to her. i love her so much. :D


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yea i basically won life. i feel things you can only dream of feeling. trust and devotion only imaginable in your wildest dreams.
*passes out under cyberpunk bridge*


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i'm still in love with you btw

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