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General Information

About Wirechan


• We are a Lain focused community that encourages philosophical, esoteric, alternative, counterculture related, technological and cyberpunk discussion, this being with a mature userbase. We have a variety of boards for you entertainment and discussion. The Wirechan experience is expected to be comfy, and philosophical.

• Join the conversation at #wirechan@Rizon or Telegram.

• 10MB is the maximum filesize.

• Bugs, suggestions, ban appeals, and everything else: admin@wirechan.org


• Intentional Rule loophole abuse will be met with suitable response.

• Follow whatever laws may be applicable for your locality.

• Outside of random, respect is required.

• Be respectful, informed, and constructive before discussing a controversial or sensitive topic.

• Have common sense.

• Shilling isn't allowed.

• Porn isn't allowed.


• [spoiler]Spoiler[/spoiler] for Spoiler

• [i]Italics[/i] for italics

• [b]Bold[/b] for bold

• __Underline__ for Underline


• ~~Strikethrough~~ for Strikethrough

• [code]Code[/code] for


"Options" -> "Formatting Options" and check "Formatting toolbar", you should now have a wrap option and a dropdown to select the available formattings.