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++ Boards updates // koi // 23-07-22 ++

Greetings wirechan users, hope y'all doing well. I know its been a while since any changes in wirechan were made (at least kind of big), and there's been some negligence over time, but things are going to change. I don't want to make this a gigantic announcement or post, so I'm just going to go straight to what's changing:

• /un/ - Underground & /pollitix/ - Occultism. Will be merged into: /alt/ - Alternative Society

• /cyb/ - Cyberpunk & /g/ - Technology. Will be merged into: /cyb/ - Cyberpunk & Technology

• /cf/ - Comfy. Will be changed into: /art/ - Creative & Aesthetics

• New board focused on esoterism, spooky generals, occultism, and secret socities: /o/ - Oddity

This set of changes to our boards were decided mainly: Activity Reasons, Evene though we've had some very high activity at some points, some scattered topics could've been discussed in the same board, so this is to consolidate similar topics, and for people to have an easier time with less boards. Personaly, I felt like the boards were missing something, or didn't have the focus I wanted wirechan to have, and this way I feel wirechan will start going the direction I want it to go. Without extending this a whole lot more, if you have any comments on this, or suggestions please let me know. Have a great one!