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is a simple question, ¿what do you recomend to make games? i see 2 options for me when i try to get information to the topic

>>use a programing languaje like: C, C++ or Python

>>use game engines like unitiy or godot (i see a lot of love/hate about godot)

what is the average user of this IB recomend?, i consider use one or both options but wheres is the other options i cant see? i have doubts for this topic




but talk serius


I would recommend using an engine as it will save you lots of time and effort, both of which you probably have a short supply of, as a lone, amateur, aspiring game developer. That way you can focus on actually creating the game.

I would only recommend doing it from scratch if your game is very simple or if you are more interested in how to do it from scratch than actually ever finishing it.

That's my recommendation but it's been like a decade since I last tried making a game and I don't even play anything other than SuperTuxKart so idk. I never used Godot but it's free as in freedom so you can claim to be virtuous for enduring it if it sucks.


yes wood. carve something out of wood :3


use engine, if you're a programming noob you already have a huge hurdle in programminf FOR the engine


use c or c++
python will be absolute shit for performance


Considering unity just offed itself, I'd say use godot. Unreal is fine too.
Otherwise, I agree with >>2513

This largely depends on what kind of game you're making. For a simple game like snake, python(pun intended) would be perfect.
C and C++ is fast if you know how to use them properly, but in most cases it is unnecessary. So you might as well make use of the advantages of other languages.

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