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Cyberpunk praxis and cultural subversion Thread

[picrel i got the image off a random ad idk]

hi i wanted to make a thread about how we put cyberpunk into action. we live in irl cyberpunk times, albeit cyberpunklite (tm)
soon tho it ill not be the light version. this thread is for disussing how we live our cyberpunk lives and ways we subvert mainstream digital culture to make the modern tech movment our own.
for me. i try in many ways yet, face some limitations from my socioeconomic position. i try to transcend them at in every possible way.
one of the big things that i do i use no proprietary software, and not corporate social aids. my current distro is fedroa workstation 38, i know i could get better linux, less aids, but i am still learning the way. i take this very seriously. and feel bless to have the knowledge i do have. i am blessed to know html and java thank you chat gpt and am learning sql and about how data moves, and the magic of packets. for having fren i use synchtube platorms, and cboxes, i also use irc but sparingly because poverty does not allow me to have a good 24/7 lurk. anywayz, it is important to me to use things that are not corporate, are user made, decenteralized or whatever. i like to be able to make my on thing, have it my way, and be able to say what i want. so now i would like to give the platform to ai to see what she has to say about putting cyberpunk, into acton:


please write me a paragraph about ways people can put cyberpunk culture into action


Embracing cyberpunk culture involves integrating its distinctive elements into various aspects of daily life. Individuals can start by adopting futuristic and unconventional fashion choices, incorporating elements like neon lights, augmented reality accessories, and cyberpunk-inspired clothing. In the realm of technology, enthusiasts can experiment with DIY cybernetics, wearable tech, or create immersive virtual reality experiences. Participating in hacker and maker communities fosters a sense of cyberpunk ethos, encouraging individuals to explore creative ways to repurpose and modify technology. Additionally, supporting local cyberpunk-themed events, art installations, or indie cyberpunk literature and film productions helps contribute to the cultural movement. Engaging in discussions about the impact of advancing technology on society, privacy, and individual freedoms also aligns with cyberpunk values, fostering a deeper understanding and awareness of the evolving digital landscape. Ultimately, the incorporation of cyberpunk culture into everyday life involves a fusion of aesthetics, technology exploration, and a critical examination of the societal implications of our increasingly interconnected world.
ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.

[end of AI]

in the end, cyberpunk is about not getting fucked by these pieces of shit in controll of the shitty tech and making it our own.
what do you think?


Fuck off and stop talking to demons.


my friend is working on a portable EMP device (to only use on electronics he owns, of course). obviously they're pretty easy to make but i think it would be cool to make a really good one which theoretically could be used on corpo robots.


cool ive thought of how tgat could be used to scramble a phone or something during a riot but itd have to be close up. i got the idea from once i put my phone near a plasma ball and i turned off the scree. so if someone was love streaming a riot you cpuld boop it. idk just reminded me of that.


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fuck the corotate cyberjunk. sheeeeeesh i want a nice open source xr. but i know its so long out… or maybe not… maybe theres some sort of project i dont know about. but its sad whats happening with vr/xr its alomst like it died before it even began….


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i'm not hackerman enough so i'm just gonna live in a cabin in the woods using technology that can't connect to the internet


I don't have too much to add, but I wanted you to know I really appreciate posts like these, so thank you.

You're on the right track. Staying nonproprietary is key. You can also hide your purchase history from your corpo overlords by using cash and XMR.


bridgepunks won cyberpunk2024


the knowers know

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