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Yes, I realize the irony of making this thread on this board. I find that I feel too plugged in all the time and wanted to make a thread for other anons that also want to unplug more. Not necessarily go completely neolithic, but just remove the unnecessary, unhealthy, privacy-violating parts of the Wired.

I guess my first question to this end is: does anyone know if 2g networks are still supported for public use in the States? I personally can't find any reliable answer on this, and I would really like to get a 'dumb phone' for far too many reasons to list here. 2g phones being the most accessible for me.
Feel free ignore this question and ask your own.


No, 2G phones are not currently supported in the US anymore and 3G is on its way out too. If you're looking to disconnect in some ways, frankly any flip phone out there right now should do the job. I understand that they do suck as they're basically meant for shriveled up old prunes, but at least they won't be obsolete for the one thing you want them for. And if you really feel so inclined, you could just switch to home phone only.


TY for the answer. I knew 3G was out, but I saw some discussion about 2G staying so I wasn't sure. Honestly, modern flip phones being made for geriatrics doesn't really bother me that much. It's the fact that they have still have a lot of the same corporate spookiness of smartphones. I would get a home phone only, but there are people I need communicate to that primarily use texting. I might see if I can root or otherwise modify a modern smart phone.


There're some privacy-focused Android-based OS's for certain specific phones, but ironically a lot of them use Google's Pixel series as their core device (GrapheneOS for instance). It's difficult to de-Google an Android phone otherwise, although it can be partially done.

You might look into a Linux phone like the PinePhone.

One guy used the parental controls on his iPhone to disable everything except the handful of apps he wanted to actually use, and combined that with a random password so that if he wanted to install new ones he'd have to do a factory reset. He even disabled Safari.

There are also some black and white eInk Android phones out there.

Good luck.


Is that guy me? I've done that exact parental controls method on Iphone.

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