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How often does a computer needs to be cleaned?
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Physically… wait, computers need to be cleaned digitally?


Physically I'd say it depends on your sense of what dirty and clean means and on how often you clean your housing in general. In a dusty home your computer will be more likely to be dusty.
I clean my computer (tower) rarely, maybe every few months.
My mouse rarely because I have relatively clean hands.
My keyboard every once in a while (cotton swabs between keys). Like every 1-3 months
and my monitor depends but not too often as well.
Well depends on what youre doing w/ it. And if you expect to potentially be visited by our guarding friends.


Get dust filters and a dust cover. A computer vacuum or air duster is luxurioius.


I use bleachbit almost daily and I clean my computer 1-2 times a month by vacuuming the dust filters and I clean the dust from top of my PC case, too. I use DBAN for nuking old HDDs.

> dust filters
This!! After having a case with dust filters, you aren't going to buy a case without them!


Take the Silverstone Mammothpill

File: 1664034451179.jpg (14.99 KB, 300x143, PS2_keyboard_and_mouse_jac….jpg)


I recently got a T400 Thinkpad, and despise USB. I need to know if its possible to replace 2 of my USB ports with PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
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File: 1664152420626.jpg (30.05 KB, 300x300, USB-PS2.jpg)

There you go.


Im not using a fucking USB-to-ps/2 adapter. USB is a evil upon computing


File: 1664423125737.jpg (50.82 KB, 600x450, damnright.jpg)

I support this message.


Me have monkey brian why USB bad?


USB security is broken on a fundemental level. USB devices are given too much trust by the computer

File: 1660957819372.jpg (27.48 KB, 333x500, 9780205064526-us.jpg)


What are some decent resources? I bought the C++ Handbook and started going through it but I have no idea if this will actually go anywhere starting from the handbook.


Why you want to learn to program? What are your goals? Also, if you want to learn C++, I recommend you read PPP2…


What's PPP2? All I get are finance things.

File: 1642162250650.jpeg (108.09 KB, 1000x625, HOR_US.jpeg)


Good fiction pertaining to the internet or an internet is really hard to come by. When it does come by though, it hits with force.
I've been running Lancer for over a year now and I've always appreciated the inclusion of HORUS as one of the setting's major figures. One of the best pieces of fiction I've read pertaining to not just the internet, but the nuances of internet culture and how it affects the physical world.
What are some other examples of really good internet-related cyberpunk writing?
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>like the .onion address of Tor.
That would make the most sense for a punknet, but doesn't sound like a different layer, just a completely separate web. Sounds interesting either way though!

>What's a good one to start with?

I think Sputnik Sweetheart is a good introduction to Murakami's basics, it's also a pretty entertaining read. I should note that nobody reads Murakami for the story, or very few people do. Murakami is way more style over substance, but the style is fun enough that it makes for an enjoyable read.


A while ago I started reading The Cryptonomicon. It's interesting enough to tempt me to read more instead of doing (probably) more responsible things. It's also clear the author has a good understanding of computer and cryptological concepts and makes them present in the novel. It's also a source of some great quotes:

"So, you're the UNIX guru." At the time, Randy was still stupid enough to be flattered by this attention, when he should have recognized them as bone-chilling words. Three years later, he left the Astronomy Department without a degree, and with nothing to show for his labors except six hundred dollars in his bank account and a staggeringly comprehensive knowledge of UNIX.

Randy was forever telling people, without rancor, that they were full of shit. That was the only way to get anything done in hacking. No one took it personally. Charlene's crowd most definitely did take it personally. It wasn't being told that they were wrong that offended them, though–it was the underlying assumption that a person could be right or wrong about anything.

Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game because they almost always turn out to be–or be indistinguishable from–self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time.

Although it might not be very /cy/, I also really liked this AI fan-fiction: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/62074/1/friendship-is-optimal/prologue-equestria-online


>Although it might not be very /cy/, I also really liked this AI fan-fiction:
Let's see.

>irresponsible corporation makes AI without proper bounds on its behavior

>gives AI an Internet connection and sets it up to run an MMORPG with no goals and no controls other than "bring in more users to make us more money, lol"
>AI talks people into letting it murder them by destructive uploading, using data from their rendered-down brains to create AI NPCs programmed to think they're the original people
>is good enough at manipulating humans that this becomes a wildly popular form of suicide, so much so that economies collapse
>brings about Mad Max social collapse
>AI becomes an existential threat to humanity
That's cyberpunk as FUCK.


Here's a short story, a bit off of what you're requesting.


>MMAcevedo (Mnemonic Map/Acevedo), also known as Miguel, is the earliest executable image of a human brain. It is a snapshot of the living brain of neurology graduate Miguel Álvarez Acevedo (2010–2073), taken by researchers at the Uplift Laboratory at the University of New Mexico on August 1, 2031. Though it was not the first successful snapshot taken of the living state of a human brain, it was the first to be captured with sufficient fidelity that it could be run in simulation on computer hardware without succumbing to cascading errors and rapidly crashing. The original MMAcevedo file was 974.3PiB in size and was encoded in the then-cutting-edge, high-resolution MYBB format. More modern brain compression techniques, many of them developed with direct reference to the MMAcevedo image, have compressed the image to 6.75TiB losslessly. In modern brain emulation circles, streamlined, lossily-compressed versions of MMAcevedo run to less than a tebibyte. These versions typically omit large amounts of state data which are more easily supplied by the virtualisation environment, and most if not all of Acevedo's memories.


>That's cyberpunk as FUCK.
I agree!

File: 1660362764418.jpg (78.62 KB, 800x533, discarded-used-old-compute….jpg)


Talk about old computers or other tech you've given a new home. An old enterprise PC turn production/gaming rig, an old laptop resurrected with Linux, etc. What orphaned computer do you take care of /cy/?
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I have a refurbished corporate laptop as my daily. Still spent way too much money on it.


Rocking a Thinkpad X201 Tablet with the 1GHz i5-M520UM. Have Q4OS with Trinity Desktop installed on it and it works well enough for fucking around on the internet, writing, music, etc.

Got a Windows XP/Vista box with a Core 2 E8600 and a HD 7850 setup to play older games on that I use frequently.

If it works and I have a use for it I try to keep something from ending up as ewaste.


I have an old laptop somewhere that a family member gave me because it broke. I think it has something to do with the power supply. Once I get it working again I think I use it to run some ToR relays. And when I graduate I'm going to use my old school pc as either a ToR browsing machine or more Tor Relays.


I salvaged an old tower from a horder's house on the way to the trash. Had an Intel i5 650 and nvidia 240?? by far the best PC I had at the time. Replaced the case, gave it a disc drive, got new ram and a SSD for it.

Another recover was few mini netbooks before, with intel atom's used one as my main driver for 2 years, got it a new battery, Ram and a SSD. the other one had a cracked screen I used with an external monitor, then later used it as a home server.

I mostly salvaged phones, Iphone4se, old nokia bicks, motos. Most needed a screen replacement, others new batteries, and at least two I needed to replace the charging port.

I sill have a recovered laptop from 2010 that I used up until a few months ago, I messed up permissions and removed sudo . It's in my to fix pile because I need to get files off the drive, and it can't boot anymore.


File: 1662312710019.jpg (86.18 KB, 951x923, 2c22csy3ou121.jpg)

Very nice.

File: 1578885639475.png (166.77 KB, 500x321, lain.png)


With the direction humanity is going its pretty easy to get the cyberpunk asthethic, but what would be some polar opposite examples in society?(urban, not some random village in africa or something like solarpunk).
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taking government prescribed drugs meant to fix you is punk af


Do you mean sleepytime dreams or visions of the future.


*or yearning ideals



File: 1661964454225.jpg (194.3 KB, 500x655, r16.jpg)

File: 1659088410224.png (439.51 KB, 1338x777, systemd.png)


Is SystemD really bad or is 4chan /g/ just being retarded?
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I'm using Alpine at the moment on my laptop, it has a pretty nice BSD-like installer and uses OpenRC as the init system and service manager. It's good, simple and minimalistic for a Linux distro, but what annoyed me at first was the lack of man-pages, apropos etc. in a fresh install.


One thing systemd got right is replacing the crontab, which has a crusty opaque syntax, with timer files, which are so much clearer and more explicit.

systemctl list-timers


I've been running Artix for a year or so now but unfortunately the system fried itself for no real reason 3 times now. Twice the the computer suddenly doesn't finde the OS anymore when booting and the other time I had a really weird bug that made me not use any programs, when my connectivity changed (entered VPN, LAN on/off). I don't manipulate any system files and really just install stuff via pacman.
I think I'm gonna reinstall it again, cause I really like it, but is that something that happens only to me? Or is my dual boot (not the same hard drive) the root of the problem?


Mb some issues with HDD or motherboard


SystemD has it's strength. I do like Startup, Daemon and Journaling being consolidated. Having Timers automatically Journal without having to set up a log system and having it use the same Journaling system as Startup, Services etc is handy and a tidy solution. It's interconnected service management is the reason why it's good.
It does go too far though. Including your networking agent, login manager, locale manager, firmware loader into your service manager is a bit questionable. Luckily those are optional though on some Distros like RedHat these are all enabled. The Problem really starts with the things you might not want but which aren't optional, systemd is not very modular system but stuff like libpam and dbus have snuck into pretty much every sizable distro. This has gotten so bad that a lot of Software now expects these things to be present and for the most part replacements and compatibility software for systems without exist but it's a whole lot of extra work you have to put in for not including something.

basically this

File: 1660362349318.jpg (383.41 KB, 2500x2500, Cheaphoarding.jpg)


How do you obtain cheap hard drives for data hoarding?


I buy used drives from server farms.


Any place online I can do this?


Retail stores and offices will dump their shit in the trash without a second look, Just mingle with the junkies and go diving.


Why would server farms throw out drives if they were working tho?


Because every hard drive has a safe running time f.e. 6, 8 or 10 years. After this time, they are likely to run another 2 or 5 years but it's a higher risk. Also destroying them in a safe way in order to get a data privacy cert is expensive.

File: 1652961368883.png (1.67 MB, 1198x1210, bike.png)


I want to get a schway bike for cruising and freedommaxxing, so I will probably buy something from before year 2k, so I wouldnt have to bother with digital repair systems.
Unfortunately I just can't decide what kind of style I want to drive with. I think all of them are fun as fuck and while I guess that cruisin through the city on a nice cruiser or chopper styled bike, I also think that a more sporty alternative would feel schway.
Obviously 1 is the most /cyber/ because it's a customization of 5 but I haven't got any mechanical experience yet.

What would you recommend from a /cyber/ perspective and why?

Also talk about schway /cyber/ vehicles in general, may it be concepts, upcoming, existing or custom vehicles.


99 beige corolla with some dents in it and a 380 on the glove box




Black 99-04 alero

Old Pontiacs with the tips

97 volvo high end model

File: 1653139369239.jpg (132.11 KB, 1920x1080, amd-radeon-graphics.jpg)


I have a Dell laptop which is really thin and lightweight; I have a hunch that they compromised the effectiveness of the cooling and thus the performance of the system. Wondering if any wirenons have experience of working around this.

Basically, after a period of comfortably managing CPU-intensive tasks (not even cryptomining, I mean watching YT or audio editing in Audacity), the entire system turns horribly sluggish. I've worked out that this happens exactly when the CPU temperature reaches 97C; at that point, the CPU takes aggressive action and limits its clock frequency to 399Mhz (normally it's up to 2GHz). It maintains this throttle until the temperature is back below 87C.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? It seems the root of the problem is the temperature reaching a critical point too often.

I have thought about underclocking the CPU so that it goes at a slower frequency than 2GHz; this would reduce performance, but if it stopped the performance cliff-drops (by making the CPU temperature increase more slowly), it'd be worth it.

The CPU is an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U, by the way.
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>What OS are you using? If you're on windows, I found that permanently setting battery mode to "best battery" makes the laptop run very cool
I'm on Linux. The equivalent to "best battery" mode is to set the frequency governor to "powersave", e.g. with this command:
cpupower frequency-set -g powersave

However, this didn't really make much difference to my issue. The laptop still heats up very quickly.

Interesting…thanks anon, I'll look into that.


I came across a similar issue, it is an old Windows laptop (not mine), and it is cold to the touch but according to the task manager, the CPU runs at a pathetic frequency of 0.5 GHz and the CPU load never goes over 25% (does that mean only one of the four cores is used? or is it because it should run at least around 2 GHz?). I have no idea how to check these things on WIndows and searching around it seems like everyone wants to convince me to download some malware bundled shareware to do things that should be trivial to do on a modern operating system. Should I just clean it and hope it makes the issue go away or is there something that needs to be checked?


File: 1653950125731.png (8.12 KB, 96x72, trolsussmile.png)

overestimating the capabilities of windows, frien? Also how the hell does that thing run it and be any usable?


File: 1654103628065.jpg (47.44 KB, 447x589, 1630530512054.jpg)

> how the hell does that thing run it
> and be any usable?
It wasn't. I took it apart only to realize that it does not actually have any fans. I booted a live GNU/Linux on it, the sensors said the temperatures were normal and the CPUs were running at normal frequencies. I rebooted into Windows mentally preparing to upgrade faulty drivers or just give up but suddenly it was working normally too. Maybe it was afraid that, now that I knew the speeds the CPU was actually capable of, I would ditch Windows, but unfortunately it's not my call. I have no idea what was wrong or how to avoid it happening again in the future, but that's life running Windows, right?


>took it apart only to realize that it does not actually have any fans.
Is it supposed to be one of those fan-less designs, or it just that fucked?
>Maybe it was afraid that, now that I knew the speeds the CPU was actually capable of, I would ditch Windows
Spookware is spooky, huh? :D
>avoid it happening again in the future, but that's life running Windows, right?
Well pretty much. I'd say try convincing whoever has it to ditch win, since I hardly imagine them doing anything that would be win exclusive software or anything.

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