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fuck fhe trirh

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I'm remaking this general after I've come back to the site getting wiped. Talk about old, unwanted computers and other tech you've rescued from dumpsters, attics, sales, the side of the road, etc. and found a use for. Remember, it's only obselete if it can no longer do what you want.


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i put fedora on my laptop the other day. its like a latitude 3180 someone ot me, it has 4gb ram and on windows was really slow but now its super fast and has 50gb more memory because it purged the widows aids.


Recently, I dug up my old PSP Go I used as a kid and turned it into a retro game emulator. I used it for years when my parents bought it for me back in 2009 and I remember dropping it, getting water on it, and just the general abuse I put it through being a kid and all. Let me tell you, these things are resilient, and I feel like there should be something said about the strength and quality of older electronics, but that's for another day.

When I found it, there was dust all over and the screen was hanging off from the ribbon display cable. I found the original charger and it charged like normal and started right up with all my save data still there from well over a decade ago.

I originally found it just to play Dissidia Final Fantasy again, which was more an impulse decision than anything. In the process of doing that, however, I found that there's an entire community of modders that make plug ins and emulators for the PSP, so after getting Final Fantasy going I decided to download any and every game my heart desired. This included classics from the PSP like Dissidia, SOCOM, Syphon Filter, MGS Peace Walker etc, but also included Gameboy, DS, Atari, and even PS1 games that looked and played incredibly well.

The memory on these things is a measly 16gb which was a big deal, at the time, but kind've a joke in today's 2 tb hard drive world. Sony had a remedy for this, as did most handhelds back then, with the addition of an SD port.

So just buy a 128 gig SD card, no biggie, right? Well, no, Sony had something to say about that too. They wanted their products to be completely proprietary, which is so strange looking back, but I guess most companies did that back then. You could only use the Sony branded M2 memory cards, which would net you an extra 16 gigs at most, which was still not much more.

Well guess what? Today, people make nonproprietary converters for the PSP SD port specifically, that let your use any SD card from any brand and almost any size.

Now, after tightening the loose screws back up, cleaning out the internals, adding way more storage capacity and loading a bunch of new software onto this neat little device, it's better and has more potential than it ever did back in 09. The sound only works if I have headphones in, but I think that adds a little character to it haha

It's fascinating to see just how much we've progressed in the software world after having reacquainted myself with Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Whoops forgot to upload the video. It's also on the contact page. It's obviously an ai voice and face, saying a whole lot of nothing with stock images in the background. I'd say it's almost certainty completely made by ai.

Also looking into this Eric Bach name.


For Eric Bach I found this professor who could feasibly study ai based on his expertise in computer science and mathematics, but he seemingly hasn't. A dead end but the best I've found.

I also found a VP of some car company and a bodybuilder, a baseball announcer, but none of those seem promising leads. Also a linkdin account that I couldn't get passed the account check for to look at https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-bach-a476345.

It seems like the domain changed names quite a few times in the bast couple of years Like with this 'Astana Inc page from 2020: https://web.archive.org/web/20201101131644/https://a.org/. That autism awareness group probably got a hold of the domain and put up a page unrelated to anything else shown in this thread, that archive is from way back in 2017.

Currently going to it just gets this weird unlock button and a text field. It's literally just one line of html.


alangdunn on linkedin is the owner of the Autism foundation

This whole thing smells fishy, this is a heritage domain, valued north of a billion dollars, who was the precious owner?

Also >>2521

G.org been around since 1982, masons been around the internet since its inception, this whole thing smells fishy


1982 its early early early internet, that means the masons are entrenched on it since the beginning wtf


Anybody else looking into it?

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hello, i think this for a long time and y try to explain, we know the actual decadence state of internet and the shitty state of social media right? but how to fix that?

i see sites like this, forum and imaeboard that are more hide to the public eye of the mainstream social media like this site or agora roadś machintosh forum for example (and other sites like this with cyberpunk aesthethic but them die)

this comunities for example have other way of think outside of the social media, are not coonsumer and not souless, sites like this try to make original things like the lainzane

>> we hate lainchan

i know but i need to give a example

i try to say ¿can we create a comuniti without the shit we hate of social media? ¿can we make a little comunity that are more healty and more soulfull?

this sound like idealistic and fancy, but we lost something with try and in the case of this ideal comunity colapse, It is better to try even if you fail than to do nothing

¿what do you think?


File: 1697605773412.jpg (229.2 KB, 891x916, Maxfield Parrish-1870-1966….jpg)

I've had the good fortune of seeing a few healthy communities: ChiefDelphi, a forum about a robotics competition, LessWrong, a forum about AI and rationality, and Lobste.rs, basically Hacker News but invite only.

I'm not sure if this is enough to draw conclusions from, but I'd guess that being specific or niche or small, having an input stream of content like news or blogs, and having a core of people who know eachother in person are major factors that make these communities work.


hey i think its a bunch of idealistic crap but u r not alone

i read ur post and so on
hang in there

maybe well meet in the wired again
u r seen


i see the forums and are comfy, sites like this are to try to say, a niche or small but comfy comunitys, without the problems of social media like twitter, tik tok, youtube etc, and i know comfy sites in more mainstream platforms like discord comunitys, no all is lost

other example is the imageboard comunity like lainchan or arisuchan before die, why no to try to build a comfy cyberpunk comunity like in the past?

well, the internet are slowly die but, what do we lose by trying to do something good on the internet?

i am fed up to see how internet dies and do nothing to stop this sad and shitty era

>>hey i think its a bunch of idealistic crap but u r not alone

i am happy to hear thath, in cyberpunk forums like this, lainchan and other i see similar ideas and opinions, for ideas like this i like to visit cyberpunk forums and y like to try to build a forum like this or lainchan before dies


The internet and SM died, when they changed from chronologic to algorithmic feeds. This is the root of all problems, simple as. I have thought about this for years and that was my final conclusion.
before algorithmic feeds the internet was a representation of reality - social media was a personal representation and vlogs were about what happens in your life or what you want to talk about.
After algorithmic feeds the reality became a representation of your feeds. because your feeds manipulate you. They show you successful, beautiful, influencal and most important: most viewed content IN YOUR BUBBLE. So youll be shown the most dramatic, obscure, attentionwhoring content possible and this creates trends, because what works will be copied.

Before algorithms the internet was a representation of reality, since algorithmic feeds we live in a hyperreality


wow bro, that is dramatic and sad

>>when they changed from chronologic to algorithmic feeds. This is the root of all problems

i agree with you but we can try to fix that? for example, with little comunitys like this?

>>before algorithmic feeds the internet was a representation of reality - social media was a personal representation and vlogs were about what happens in your life or what you want to talk about

thats the reasons of why people like the old internet, because internet are more authentic, honest and even innocent, now all feels like artificial and soulles, the worst part are the NPC mentality and see myself and ask me what i am, ¿am i a NPC? and if is true, what do y should to do to stop being a NPC

>>After algorithmic feeds the reality became a representation of your feeds. because your feeds manipulate you. They show you successful, beautiful, influencal and most important: most viewed content IN YOUR BUBBLE. So youll be shown the most dramatic, obscure, attentionwhoring content possible and this creates trends, because what works will be copied.

thats the big problem and the terrorific mass manipulation like 1984 novel

i understand the problem but you dont feel frustated to see how internet dies and do nothing to stop it? i dont say to fix the problem, becaues is imposible to one person change a society but it doesn't make you want to do something good on the internet? what happesn with comunitys like this, comfy, little and cyberpunk sites like this, lainchan, arisuchan, wired-7 etc, They don't feel like they're in an oasis when they find a good place like>>2529

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Given the current rise in popularity of FOSS programs (GNU/Linux, Mastodon, Lemmy, etc.), one would have to be optimistic. However, I can't help feeling that a large number of these new users are technologically illiterate, and with them the gates are being opened wide for big tech and its corruption. Facebook is already actively polluting the Fediverse with their proprietary Threads-app and some FOSS instances are seriously considering not defederating from them. I am therefore seriously concerned that the FOSS concept itself could be corrupted, but hopefully I'm wrong. Does anyone here have any thoughts on this topic?


I don't think corporation will ruin FOSS, federated apps will definitely be ruined by them though. True FOSS requires being open source and allowing users to modify it as they see fit. That inherently goes against a lot of the spooky stuff corporations like to put in their software. The only way it might be ruined is by copying what some smartphones running Android do, where proprietary additions to FOSS code prevent alterations without voiding the warranty or something similar. And yes, people are getting more tech illiterate day by day.


File: 1689744924464.jpg (127.51 KB, 960x1200, sktznwzlemcb1.jpg)

But let's just look at the current state of Linux since Microsoft discovered its "love" for the kernel: The quality of the project is declining with each new release, and given its ever-increasing complexity, as well as realistically very small active user base, it's all but impossible that the thing will be forked. Believing that Big Tech will be very successful in undermining FOSS, I don't really, but I'm sure they will at least try, otherwise there will always be a potential threat to their business model.


In what way did the project quality decrease?

Linux has always had endless forks, that's how it's developed. Plus it is pretty much unavoidable for vendors that need to put stuff in it that upstream won't take.


Open Source is already a corporate corruption of Free Software.


>Linux has always had endless forks, that's how it's developed. Plus it is pretty much unavoidable for vendors that need to put stuff in it that upstream won't take.
Only hard forks matter in this case though. μClinux, vendor specific forks, or distro specific patches will never abandon upstream, because it has the momentum in regards to hardware support and testing.
Competitive forks will either consist of a sizeable portion of the former upstream developers and/or need reliable funds proportional to their problem domain (which is substantial for a general-purpose kernel). Even then an unambiguously technically superior fork with experienced developers may stagnate eventually (see lucid/xemas).

Debian+Canonical or Freedesktop+Redhat could maybe pull of a successful hard fork, but they won't want to.

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is a simple question, ¿what do you recomend to make games? i see 2 options for me when i try to get information to the topic

>>use a programing languaje like: C, C++ or Python

>>use game engines like unitiy or godot (i see a lot of love/hate about godot)

what is the average user of this IB recomend?, i consider use one or both options but wheres is the other options i cant see? i have doubts for this topic
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I would recommend using an engine as it will save you lots of time and effort, both of which you probably have a short supply of, as a lone, amateur, aspiring game developer. That way you can focus on actually creating the game.

I would only recommend doing it from scratch if your game is very simple or if you are more interested in how to do it from scratch than actually ever finishing it.

That's my recommendation but it's been like a decade since I last tried making a game and I don't even play anything other than SuperTuxKart so idk. I never used Godot but it's free as in freedom so you can claim to be virtuous for enduring it if it sucks.


yes wood. carve something out of wood :3


use engine, if you're a programming noob you already have a huge hurdle in programminf FOR the engine


use c or c++
python will be absolute shit for performance


Considering unity just offed itself, I'd say use godot. Unreal is fine too.
Otherwise, I agree with >>2513

This largely depends on what kind of game you're making. For a simple game like snake, python(pun intended) would be perfect.
C and C++ is fast if you know how to use them properly, but in most cases it is unnecessary. So you might as well make use of the advantages of other languages.

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Yes, I realize the irony of making this thread on this board. I find that I feel too plugged in all the time and wanted to make a thread for other anons that also want to unplug more. Not necessarily go completely neolithic, but just remove the unnecessary, unhealthy, privacy-violating parts of the Wired.

I guess my first question to this end is: does anyone know if 2g networks are still supported for public use in the States? I personally can't find any reliable answer on this, and I would really like to get a 'dumb phone' for far too many reasons to list here. 2g phones being the most accessible for me.
Feel free ignore this question and ask your own.


No, 2G phones are not currently supported in the US anymore and 3G is on its way out too. If you're looking to disconnect in some ways, frankly any flip phone out there right now should do the job. I understand that they do suck as they're basically meant for shriveled up old prunes, but at least they won't be obsolete for the one thing you want them for. And if you really feel so inclined, you could just switch to home phone only.


TY for the answer. I knew 3G was out, but I saw some discussion about 2G staying so I wasn't sure. Honestly, modern flip phones being made for geriatrics doesn't really bother me that much. It's the fact that they have still have a lot of the same corporate spookiness of smartphones. I would get a home phone only, but there are people I need communicate to that primarily use texting. I might see if I can root or otherwise modify a modern smart phone.


There're some privacy-focused Android-based OS's for certain specific phones, but ironically a lot of them use Google's Pixel series as their core device (GrapheneOS for instance). It's difficult to de-Google an Android phone otherwise, although it can be partially done.

You might look into a Linux phone like the PinePhone.

One guy used the parental controls on his iPhone to disable everything except the handful of apps he wanted to actually use, and combined that with a random password so that if he wanted to install new ones he'd have to do a factory reset. He even disabled Safari.

There are also some black and white eInk Android phones out there.

Good luck.


Is that guy me? I've done that exact parental controls method on Iphone.

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A surprisingly large number of people are preparing for some sort of total collapse of civilization, which many of them believe to be imminent. Why? The current situation looks more like it's leading either towards a further consolidation of of the order dictated by the US, or towards the establishment of a new one dictated by the PRC. Am I overlooking something? How comes that so many people are convinced that a new age of anarchy is on the way?
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The point of the China though experiment was to show just how fragile our supply chain is. There is basically nowhere in the modern world that isn't totally reliant on people continents away for things like food and energy. Modern society simply cannot exist without the worldwide apparatus working at all times. Once things do collapse it will be over before anyone realizes it started. One day there just won't be the latest shipment of food to your area and people will starve. In the before times self-sufficiency was the rule, only the largest cities could get away with importing necessities. Now we have things like plastics with an absurdly complicated manufacturing process being the basic material for all consumer goods. As for soc ail collapse, that IS happening. About a third of the male population is simply not engaging in society. They don't work and spend their days watching tv and jerking off. People aren't forming relationships, marriage and birthrates near extinction levels of low; with millions of third worlders being imported to make up the difference. Most Americans have never had a real friend. And this trend started long before the internet, it's a result of humanity attempting to excise it's tribal nature. One of the few peoples in America to actually retain a healthy society is the Amish. Seriously look into them if you haven't; they basically escaped modernity. They are absurdly more healthy; physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually than the average American because they as their ancestors have for centuries; they live in a way fitting humanity.


I'm just going to pop in here and fundamentally disagree with you on nearly every point. Except maybe the short-term fragility of supply chains (which is basically a truism).
I think the core of your misunderstanding is that you are confusing governments and social relations with what is actually the structure and prime mover of modern society: capital flows and capital accumulation. In this way your claim that current societal problems portend of some major systems collapse is both right, on a surface level, and wrong in a crucial way. Since, the collapse of the federal government, although I am deeply skeptical of this, is in no way a collapse of the actual systems of control and domination, which are truthfully in the hands of corporate elite and transnational capital.
It is also in this way that you are only correct to point out the short-term vulnerability of supply chains; the fluidity of transnational capital means it is only answerable to the whims and decisions of separate governments in superficial ways.
Furthermore, your point relating to the desirability of Amish society seems to be far too idealistic, if we put aside the massive concerns most people would have with such a change. Idealistic in that it assumes that by rejecting the cultural forms of capital accumulation we are somehow free of the economic or material domination as well. No, the Amish are free only from the modern cultural manifestations of market forces and have only managed to revive the outmoded face of societal structure, while still in the same boat of economic domination as the rest of us. Not to mention it remains to be seen how long that cultural facade can hold against the revolutionary force of capital.
It is what appears to you as cultural collapse that is in fact the system reordering itself completely in service to its economic ends; not collapse but refinement. It may be worthwhile to wonder just how malleable humans are, and whether this restructuring might not push us too far, but it would be a misunderstanding to see it as degradation at a system level analysis.

As a final note, whatever health benefits the Chinese may have inherited from the generational concentration of Chi will have to be measured against the material demands of global capital on their descendants.

Addendum: any appearance of communist thought in my writing Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1689290945239.jpg (76.17 KB, 680x656, marx spears.jpg)

This! I have nothing also to add.


Rich get richer.
Poor get poorer.
While the establishment that enslaves us destroys the environment.
Meanwhile the establishement tells us its our fault the environment dies and not that one of big corpos.
Those in power can only uphold the current state with retardedly hardcore propaganda and some look through it and others dont.
So its people against people, both h8 society for the same reasons but come from a different argumentation.


File: 1689755245429.jpg (466.38 KB, 2047x2038, 09mq905ry5bb1.jpg)

The system of unequal wealth distribution is, unfortunately, a fairly stable system, and when it is destroyed, it is either semi-permanently replaced by an alternative or it quickly returns, albeit often in a different form.
The problem with modern propaganda is that while it is a lot, it is not of high quality. It mostly consists of variations of the same few stories, combined with a few buzzwords that, if you recognized them and have some degree of pattern recognition, you all know.
The whole destruction of nature thing is indeed pretty bad, but can still be reversed by reforestation and reduction of production.

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