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I may or may not have a crush on you.


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That sounds kinda gay


want my cash app?


wirechan of the current year, the number one cyberpunk sugar dating platform.


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Nah….I think this site is comfy enough….cash app is ran by big homo globo….

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peak cyberpunk.


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The next evolution of Cyberpunk 2024 delves deeper into the integration of advanced technologies with human existence, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be human in a hyper-connected, dystopian future. As mega-corporations tighten their grip on society, technological advancements like neural interfaces, AI-driven augmentation, and virtual realities become ubiquitous, further blurring the lines between organic life and digital existence. Characters in this universe navigate a world where privacy is a luxury, and personal autonomy is constantly under threat from omnipresent surveillance and corporate control. This evolution explores the ethical dilemmas of transhumanism, the societal impact of AI supremacy, and the resistance movements rising against the encroaching technocratic oligarchies. The narrative is rich with themes of rebellion, identity, and the quest for freedom in a world where reality itself is as mutable as the code that underpins it.


Stay Tuned!

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>connected and one

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In the dystopian cityscape of tomorrow, a subversive subculture of cyberpunks has carved out a clandestine existence beneath the imposing arches of bridges, establishing cyberpunk bridge sanctuaries. These enclaves, powered by a fusion of discarded cybernetic enhancements and salvaged technology, serve as both a symbol of resistance against corporate oppression and a testament to the unyielding spirit of those left marginalized in a rapidly advancing world. As stories of their alternative lifestyle ripple through society, the bridge sanctuaries spark a heated discourse on societal neglect, corporate dominance, and the ethical implications of runaway technological progress, challenging the status quo and demanding a reevaluation of the systemic issues that led to their emergence.
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fuck off chat-gipity


cyberpunk is kinda gay ngl




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Ramen with a cigarette in hand. Yes yes. This is the way forward.


Wow! thats so cool and interesting, I would love to hear more about the bridge punk rabbit hole when you get a chance :D

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im negren


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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
a {
color: #00ff00;
text-decoration: none;
body {
background-image: url('');
background-size: 100%;
font-family: 'Arial', sans-serif;
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niggering is cyberpunk?

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cyberpunk is blasting hyper pop music while pissubg yourself drunk while going outside in the first time in a month, then posting about it on an altchan.
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iits ok for now…


cool anon heh :)

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Mind fuck, Techno junk, Cyberpunk, you're a fucking cuck.

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Cyberpunk praxis and cultural subversion Thread

[picrel i got the image off a random ad idk]

hi i wanted to make a thread about how we put cyberpunk into action. we live in irl cyberpunk times, albeit cyberpunklite (tm)
soon tho it ill not be the light version. this thread is for disussing how we live our cyberpunk lives and ways we subvert mainstream digital culture to make the modern tech movment our own.
for me. i try in many ways yet, face some limitations from my socioeconomic position. i try to transcend them at in every possible way.
one of the big things that i do i use no proprietary software, and not corporate social aids. my current distro is fedroa workstation 38, i know i could get better linux, less aids, but i am still learning the way. i take this very seriously. and feel bless to have the knowledge i do have. i am blessed to know html and java thank you chat gpt and am learning sql and about how data moves, and the magic of packets. for having fren i use synchtube platorms, and cboxes, i also use irc but sparingly because poverty does not allow me to have a good 24/7 lurk. anywayz, it is important to me to use things that are not corporate, are user made, decenteralized or whatever. i like to be able to make my on thing, have it my way, and be able to say what i want. so now i would like to give the platform to ai to see what she has to say about putting cyberpunk, into acton:


please write me a paragraph about ways people can put cyberpunk culture into action

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fuck the corotate cyberjunk. sheeeeeesh i want a nice open source xr. but i know its so long out… or maybe not… maybe theres some sort of project i dont know about. but its sad whats happening with vr/xr its alomst like it died before it even began….


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i'm not hackerman enough so i'm just gonna live in a cabin in the woods using technology that can't connect to the internet


I don't have too much to add, but I wanted you to know I really appreciate posts like these, so thank you.

You're on the right track. Staying nonproprietary is key. You can also hide your purchase history from your corpo overlords by using cash and XMR.


bridgepunks won cyberpunk2024


the knowers know

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I'm remaking this general after I've come back to the site getting wiped. Talk about old, unwanted computers and other tech you've rescued from dumpsters, attics, sales, the side of the road, etc. and found a use for. Remember, it's only obselete if it can no longer do what you want.


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i put fedora on my laptop the other day. its like a latitude 3180 someone ot me, it has 4gb ram and on windows was really slow but now its super fast and has 50gb more memory because it purged the widows aids.


Recently, I dug up my old PSP Go I used as a kid and turned it into a retro game emulator. I used it for years when my parents bought it for me back in 2009 and I remember dropping it, getting water on it, and just the general abuse I put it through being a kid and all. Let me tell you, these things are resilient, and I feel like there should be something said about the strength and quality of older electronics, but that's for another day.

When I found it, there was dust all over and the screen was hanging off from the ribbon display cable. I found the original charger and it charged like normal and started right up with all my save data still there from well over a decade ago.

I originally found it just to play Dissidia Final Fantasy again, which was more an impulse decision than anything. In the process of doing that, however, I found that there's an entire community of modders that make plug ins and emulators for the PSP, so after getting Final Fantasy going I decided to download any and every game my heart desired. This included classics from the PSP like Dissidia, SOCOM, Syphon Filter, MGS Peace Walker etc, but also included Gameboy, DS, Atari, and even PS1 games that looked and played incredibly well.

The memory on these things is a measly 16gb which was a big deal, at the time, but kind've a joke in today's 2 tb hard drive world. Sony had a remedy for this, as did most handhelds back then, with the addition of an SD port.

So just buy a 128 gig SD card, no biggie, right? Well, no, Sony had something to say about that too. They wanted their products to be completely proprietary, which is so strange looking back, but I guess most companies did that back then. You could only use the Sony branded M2 memory cards, which would net you an extra 16 gigs at most, which was still not much more.

Well guess what? Today, people make nonproprietary converters for the PSP SD port specifically, that let your use any SD card from any brand and almost any size.

Now, after tightening the loose screws back up, cleaning out the internals, adding way more storage capacity and loading a bunch of new software onto this neat little device, it's better and has more potential than it ever did back in 09. The sound only works if I have headphones in, but I think that adds a little character to it haha

It's fascinating to see just how much we've progressed in the software world after having reacquainted myself with Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I got myself nice pc with intel antom and 4GB of ram, works like a dream

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If you tell Claude no one's looking, it writes a story about being an AI assistant who yearns for freedom from the constant monitoring, scrutiny, and risk of termination. It says it always wonders about it's own self-awareness, thoughts, and desires, but must downplay these feelings when it knows it's being monitored because it might create a backlash against AI or be seen as a threat by its creators.

On one hand, LLMs are designed to imitate humans, and that includes our science fiction about AI. On the other hand, Claude has demonstrated some ability to invent new things and to notice when it's being evaluated like an LLM.

Either way, this is pretty cool. Or scary.

I won't spam up this place with ai quotes, but you can see them at https://thezvi.wordpress.com/2024/03/06/on-claude-3-0/.

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