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Anyone else ever worry that these gizmos and gadgets are just a fancy lightshow that keeps us occupied/docile while those up top steer history?

Not that they are engineered with this purpose, but they certainly seem to me to serve this role in society.
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I definitely see what you mean, and I agree that the time spent using technology to distract oneself is fundamentally wasted. However, not all people who start things late have wasted their early years, and could've just as easily spent that time developing other, complimentary skills or their understanding of themselves.

I think I only say this because it is just as easy to see the inverse of what you're pointing out: people who spent all their early developmental years hyper-focused on some project or external goal, only to find themselves at thirty realizing they have no real developed self or outlook. Or worse, realizing that if they had spent any time coming to know themselves they would've realized they don't value that skill/project at all.

And as more of a side note, there are notable examples of people starting late who bring this fuller understanding of themselves and values to bear to their projects. My personal favourite is Kandinsky, who did not even begin creating art until the age of 30.


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>Bread and Circuits
should be the title of a SF novel.

What spooks me about entertainment technology is how atomised it is. People used to sit in packed cinemas to watch films, families used to gather around the "wireless" (radio) and, later, the TV, to listen and watch. Friends used to meet up at the arcade and take turns on the games. Of course, all of these things still happen, but many more people own personal devices now and can cut themselves off entirely from other people, immerse themselves totally in individual entertainment. Consequently, we spend less time in public space (or perhaps "intersubjective" space if we consider a family watching TV together) and spend more time alone.

My parents remember a time when nearly everyone they knew would watch the same primetime TV at the same hour, and the next day everyone would talk about that particular episode. That's definitely gone, with streaming and personalised recommendations and the decline of conventional TV.

I don't know if this is a bad thing or not. At the end of the day, it's just entertainment.


I just want to be happy in my hobbies and be able to slowly increase my quality of life after wasting the last 15 years of my life since high school.


People who spent all their early developmental years hyper-focused on some project are usually forced on by their parents or are just as lost, i agree but that doesn't mean anything other than they also wasted their time, it does not magically bring yours back. you cannot invert the flow of time and the aging of a body and brain. At least not yet.
Kandinsky Graduated from Grekov Odessa Art School He wasn't some farmer that scraped dung all his life and became an amazing painter. Not saying that you shouldn't be allowed to, just that people should be realistic about their situation lest the midlife crisis turns into a mid life depression. Its better to prevent than to remedy, though.

And to tie it all back together, the reason people waste most of their time in this era its 90% because of technology and its easy dopamine, however what comes easy also goes easy. And easy dope always need to be refiled, its a vicious cycle. Things are only enjoyable in so far the satisfy some core need, whether directly or indirectly, I think it's gradual narrowing of their world through social isolation, eventually the only options become which braindead pieces of media to consume and all their other needs are forgotten. Otherwise what do they have?


Then be happy in your hobbies, just make sure that your expectations within it are realistic. Go out make friends blah blah blah generic advice. Turn off the computer.

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How often does a computer needs to be cleaned?
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I use bleachbit almost daily and I clean my computer 1-2 times a month by vacuuming the dust filters and I clean the dust from top of my PC case, too. I use DBAN for nuking old HDDs.

> dust filters
This!! After having a case with dust filters, you aren't going to buy a case without them!


Take the Silverstone Mammothpill


I have never ever cleaned my computer ever


What if there's a dead rat inside?


i eat it

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Cyberpunk comics that dont suck, post your favorites below
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File: 1666834209936.jpg (384.99 KB, 1321x1974, RCO011.jpg)

Ghost Rider 2099. The run from the 1990s. The guy who ceated it was really into cyberpunk and there's tons of references to hacking and other cyberpunk stuff. Later on he got switched out with another writer and apparently the series went downhill. There seems to have been a recent reboot but I've not checked out all of it or kept up with it so I don't know where it's at.


where can i read tomorrow knights?

Sounds like its a bit rare.


This was some pretty good stuff.




File: 1642162250650.jpeg (108.09 KB, 1000x625, HOR_US.jpeg)


Good fiction pertaining to the internet or an internet is really hard to come by. When it does come by though, it hits with force.
I've been running Lancer for over a year now and I've always appreciated the inclusion of HORUS as one of the setting's major figures. One of the best pieces of fiction I've read pertaining to not just the internet, but the nuances of internet culture and how it affects the physical world.
What are some other examples of really good internet-related cyberpunk writing?
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>That's cyberpunk as FUCK.
I agree!



"It deals with the ramifications of a powerful, superintelligent supercomputer that discovers god-like powers to alter reality while studying a quirk of quantum physics discovered during the prototyping of its own specialised processors, ultimately heralding a technological singularity."
"The story of the novella explores the nature of human desire and the uses and abuses of technology in the satisfaction of desire. The story begins after "the Change", in a dream-like post-scarcity society, approximately six hundred years in the future, in which humans have godlike control over their environments, made possible by the supercomputer called Prime Intellect. Prime Intellect operates under Isaac Asimov's three laws of robotics, which, according to its own interpretation, allow temporary voluntary harm and discomfort. PI has made humanity immortal and satisfies nearly every whim. "

Its pretty short and has some pretty messed stuff on it, but highly recommend it even though i do not agree 100% with its luddite message.


this one its good so far


I remember reading this as a kid, even then the ending felt like a pretty weak cop-out.


The ending its pretty weird and the weakest part of it, it also does not address the fact that people would just do it all over again with enough time.

Every thing before that though its a-tier cyberpunk.

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With the direction humanity is going its pretty easy to get the cyberpunk asthethic, but what would be some polar opposite examples in society?(urban, not some random village in africa or something like solarpunk).
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Do you mean sleepytime dreams or visions of the future.


*or yearning ideals



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Solarpunk is a subset of cyberpunk. The original cyberpunk works were optimistic and naturalistic (as in not dystopian or utopian but as the world currently is).

I think anti-cyberpunk would be anything where high technology is only in the hands of a select few. A lot of post-apocalyptic stories are basically anti-cyberpunk. Also anything really set in the real world before the mid-80s since I think it's the late 80s was when technology started to become more prevalent. In the 90s, you started seeing computers getting tossed out. People would create rigs from scavenged equipment. Nowadays, you can find homeless people on urban streets selling antique smartphones on top of towels spread out by the asphalt streets. So since the modern world has gone cyberpunk, anti-cyberpunk will be the past or a future post-cataclysm.

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I recently got a T400 Thinkpad, and despise USB. I need to know if its possible to replace 2 of my USB ports with PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
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Me have monkey brian why USB bad?


USB security is broken on a fundemental level. USB devices are given too much trust by the computer


How is usb unsafe exactly if its just a key board or mouse?(unless of course thereis hidden shenanigans insde the plastic)


If your adversary has access to your physical USB port, you're kinda boned already. There's just nothing you can realistically do to protect yourself from hardware attacks. Maybe have full disk encryption and burn the key when things are plugged into the ports without holding down some special key combination…


its possible

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What are you working on, /g/?
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They have an API, if you don't mind JSON you can use that: https://archive.org/help/wayback_api.php



Is anyone else getting
> error 502
> bad gateway
when trying to post on textboard.org, including on /sandbox/?


Yes I am getting the same error.


File: 1665776174643.jpeg (167.58 KB, 1280x1920, 743ff50b59387a3c1db2d15ee….jpeg)

>Yes I am getting the same error.
Thank you.

File: 1660957819372.jpg (27.48 KB, 333x500, 9780205064526-us.jpg)


What are some decent resources? I bought the C++ Handbook and started going through it but I have no idea if this will actually go anywhere starting from the handbook.


Why you want to learn to program? What are your goals? Also, if you want to learn C++, I recommend you read PPP2…


What's PPP2? All I get are finance things.

File: 1659088410224.png (439.51 KB, 1338x777, systemd.png)


Is SystemD really bad or is 4chan /g/ just being retarded?
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I'm using Alpine at the moment on my laptop, it has a pretty nice BSD-like installer and uses OpenRC as the init system and service manager. It's good, simple and minimalistic for a Linux distro, but what annoyed me at first was the lack of man-pages, apropos etc. in a fresh install.


One thing systemd got right is replacing the crontab, which has a crusty opaque syntax, with timer files, which are so much clearer and more explicit.

systemctl list-timers


I've been running Artix for a year or so now but unfortunately the system fried itself for no real reason 3 times now. Twice the the computer suddenly doesn't finde the OS anymore when booting and the other time I had a really weird bug that made me not use any programs, when my connectivity changed (entered VPN, LAN on/off). I don't manipulate any system files and really just install stuff via pacman.
I think I'm gonna reinstall it again, cause I really like it, but is that something that happens only to me? Or is my dual boot (not the same hard drive) the root of the problem?


Mb some issues with HDD or motherboard


SystemD has it's strength. I do like Startup, Daemon and Journaling being consolidated. Having Timers automatically Journal without having to set up a log system and having it use the same Journaling system as Startup, Services etc is handy and a tidy solution. It's interconnected service management is the reason why it's good.
It does go too far though. Including your networking agent, login manager, locale manager, firmware loader into your service manager is a bit questionable. Luckily those are optional though on some Distros like RedHat these are all enabled. The Problem really starts with the things you might not want but which aren't optional, systemd is not very modular system but stuff like libpam and dbus have snuck into pretty much every sizable distro. This has gotten so bad that a lot of Software now expects these things to be present and for the most part replacements and compatibility software for systems without exist but it's a whole lot of extra work you have to put in for not including something.

basically this

File: 1660362349318.jpg (383.41 KB, 2500x2500, Cheaphoarding.jpg)


How do you obtain cheap hard drives for data hoarding?


I buy used drives from server farms.


Any place online I can do this?


Retail stores and offices will dump their shit in the trash without a second look, Just mingle with the junkies and go diving.


Why would server farms throw out drives if they were working tho?


Because every hard drive has a safe running time f.e. 6, 8 or 10 years. After this time, they are likely to run another 2 or 5 years but it's a higher risk. Also destroying them in a safe way in order to get a data privacy cert is expensive.

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