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File: 1652009711976.jpeg (81.83 KB, 475x640, music.jpeg)


Post music with a pretty strong /cy/ Feel. Can be explicitly cyberpunk, doesn't have to be though. It can be loud, comfy, horrifying, anything. I'll start off with some classics.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoZgZT4DGSY (yeah it's the most 4/mu/ thing to put out there, but it's good)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO9POWDjDX8 (probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, if you're aussie you'd probably appreciate this more than I do)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM6eZJRurFk (small CS-inspired game that was very strongly inspired by GitS. It also has a beautiful ass soundtrack that never plays in game)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSZDm5BPyaA (obligatory breakcore)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAP6m5aPsBA (obligatory "vaporwave")
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtMne6RXg4E (obligatory yakui/maidcore pick)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Dhk_e2DmhI (obligatory outrun pick)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHI8X4OXluQ (obligatory electropop pick)

Hope to see your recommendations soon.
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File: 1652130765979.jpg (193.98 KB, 585x577, you have no chance to win.jpg)

What about Digital Hardcore? Of course Atart Teenage Riot is what everyone first thinks about when someone says "cyberpunk music", but are there other artists in this genre worth checking out?


Honestly a shame that Porter Robinson forgot about this project, imo it was p good, he even did a concert with this alias and it went very good from what I know.
Will give it a listen, the cover looks p cool, and never heard of it before.


luv Grimes <3 My favourite story about Grimes is that she picked her name after seeing "Grime" as one of the genres you could choose from on Myspace. She found it hilarious. It's actually a kind of UK hip-hop: https://soundcloud.com/wileyofficial/step-3-produced-by-flava-d

Crystal Castles is in the same vein as Grimes I think; a dislocated female vocalist leading you through a strange electronic soundscape…


She's probably the one instance where I cannot separate the artist from the art. What a little bug woman she is.


Can synthpunk be cyberpunk music?

File: 1516534184258.png (1.4 MB, 1280x922, tumblr_oo0prhV6IU1qjfvtso1….png)


Do you have to know Russian to truly be /cy/?
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There was this Russian e-zine and one issue had an instruction on how to make a toilet flush trojan. I believe this article deserves an English translation, but I can't find the zine no matter how I try, forgot the name of the site or author.
Also, for aesthetic places I recommend https://urban3p.com/ a Russian digger/stalker urban explorer/hacker in English community website with 2011 web aesthetics. Apparently it exists since 2008, but I know it personally only since 2011, and there are no earlier archive captions to see what was before. Icons, fonts, comment sections and dense menus looks very 2011's to me.


im not mentally disabled




File: 1651790685364-0.jpg (244.83 KB, 1080x720, 15422715039912.jpg)

File: 1651790685364-1.jpg (91.5 KB, 1024x683, 15330419289070.jpg)

File: 1651790685364-2.jpg (190.51 KB, 1200x827, 15330395222840.jpg)

File: 1651790685364-3.jpg (443.25 KB, 1920x1200, 14869256990572.jpg)


how does the robot hand feel on the private parts

File: 1650920842828.jpg (1.52 MB, 4032x3024, high tech.jpg)


Hi I'm a big fan of the whole aesthetics of sorta cyber, sorta elektromagnetik stuff.. any of you folks interested in electronics like that?


And where is everyone?


I like technical illustrations, like schematics, diagrams, blueprints, even UML, things like that.


File: 1651524762721.gif (291.38 KB, 3351x1516, Sony WM-F17.gif)

Honestly same. It's really cool how companies used to design products with the user repair in mind. The beautiful service manuals that used to come with gadgets are so pretty. Sucks that everything sucks now


I work in a middle-big IT corpo as a SysAdmin and as part of my apprenticeship I hopped through some departments to get a wider spectrum of skills. I also went to the electrotechnical department and learned some things about electromagnetism, it really made me think if I chose the right path as I really love doing stuff with cables and just how electronics work. It's something I look up to one day putting more time and effort into.
Sadly you can't really use the skills on modern products. Just look at a modern platine that has like 20 layers, you just cant lain-like manipulate it.


File: 1651593703793.png (314.11 KB, 1289x481, u1 painless.png)

I definitely see what you mean, but at the same time I think there's a whole lotta room for creativity depending on your knowledge/understanding. Of course you can't get at the inner layers of PCBs and modifying silicon chips are impossible, but there's still plenty of room around those constraints.

Look at this project that repurposes the FPGA in some Cisco modem: https://tomverbeure.github.io/2021/05/16/Pixel-Purse-LED-Cube.html
The Xilinx Zynq chips on obsolete bitcoin miner control boards are also completely reprogrammable https://github.com/xjtuecho/EBAZ4205

And, "pic related," why not design your own PCB or even silicon? Hardware development is more accessible than ever now, with things like that skywater foundry pdk

File: 1590776689307.png (649.41 KB, 1024x819, download.png)


Cryptocurrency has the promise of new cyberpunk markets not before feasible

>Bounty hunting and assassination markets

>Being assigned by missions to beat up random strangers because they didn't pay back their loan on time

>Speculating on narcotic futures

>Online order prostitutes

>Being handed a sealed package by a shady man you don't know so you can deliver it to the final recipient

>Having to pay a monthly subscription to your local gang so they don't mug you

>Hiding all your money from the state

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Cash has the promise of new cyberpunk markets not before feasible

>Bounty hunting and assassination markets

>Being assigned by missions to beat up random strangers because they didn't pay back their loan on time

>Speculating on narcotic futures

>Online order prostitutes

>Being handed a sealed package by a shady man you don't know so you can deliver it to the final recipient

>Having to pay a monthly subscription to your local gang so they don't mug you

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Most of the things you listed have been going on with cash.
>Having to pay a monthly subscription to your local gang so they don't mug you
This is known to occur. Classically this has been called 'Black Hand' or extortion, but now, Drug Dealers are extorted by gangs.
>Hiring an undocumented doctor because you can't keep up with the increasing healthcare costs from excessive government regulation
1930s Mafia had 'underground doctors'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_P._Moran


OP's point is that all of this would be able to happen online now. What OP fail's to realize is that currency hasn't been accepted as crypto's only long-term use yet. People are still falling for blockchain casinos and NFT's when there is no long-term prospect in them at all. Cryptocurrency is the only long-term use of blockchain that I know of, and yea it is pretty cyberpunk


The only anonymous privacy respecting crypto there is and that should be the only one used it Monero, until the IRS and FBI crack that then who knows what'll be next. We might just stick with cash then.

File: 1646606341728.gif (777.97 KB, 400x400, 8a10f5f9272fcd57073171cdff….gif)


I've been following Russia's steps towards an independent internet for a few years now, but it was always more about having independent infrastructure in the case of possible cut-offs of services such as DNS, etc. rather than the creation of an isolated network. Until now, apparently.

>Russia began active preparations for disconnection from the global Internet

>No later than March 11, all servers and domains must be transferred to the Russian zone. In addition, detailed data on the network infrastructure of the sites is being collected.

Given how this seems to be a full-stack solution rather than filters on top of a global network, I don't think conventional VPNs would even be able to circumvent this. It's hard to tell how real the news even is, though, as I can't find many sources on it (nor can I speak any Russian). Anyone who knows better, please feel free to fill us in.


Russian here, Please dont follow things like Nexta, its pure bullshit. Its a ukrainian tabloid which posts hyper sensationalized garbage.

That document is to force "public services" (government websites and minsteries) to use russian hosting and forbid them from things like cloudflare. Its not related to sovereign internet.

Fearmongering to get people to leave Russia is a tactic of theirs.


Why would creating an isolated network be different from preparing infrastructure for when you are cut off? What would be the difference?


The former would have no connection to the outside world at all.


I mean, from the point of view of infrastructure. I don't think Russia is in a position to reinvent everything and produce their own hardware for it. Even if they are to avoid hardware from the USA, the rest of the world still uses the same protocols and conventions. Plus this is not like Cuba where there are no cables in the ground. How could you tell if they are preparing to isolate themselves or are preparing to be isolated? It seems to me that it would involve the same things.


An online graveyard. Dusty servers still powered. Strange locals. A digital temple containing records of the Wired's past. Good for chatting, exploring, admiring the beauty of it./need help entering? http://users.worldsonline.com/jimbly/index.htm http://smurfyworld.no-ip.com/jett//other info/links https://uboachan.net/og/res/443.html http://www.teamavolition.com/topic/5301-worlds-the-rabbit-hole-of-gaming/
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Worlds can be spooky, I once was wandering all night there. Met a guy with very weird, spider like avatar and he showed me some stuff. Most people just stand and do nothing tho.


File: 1556503178979.gif (8.95 KB, 273x300, 1337641963252.gif)

Do you know about Nexialist?




>>922 i know about this game just because of Nexialist, LOL


Does this thing work through central server, and exists since 1995 without major malware problems? The map files for each "world" could be hosted anywhere as I've seen, a regular zip archive (http://users.worldsonline.com/jimbly/custom/custom.htm), but how do you see who's visiting same "world" map as you? Rather strange system:
+ it's not quite like games where map files, user avatars and user interactions within each map explicitly belong to central server, e.g. in Roblox
+ neither it is hosted on independent servers like Minecraft, Garry's Mod, BYOND where minimal and optional interaction with central server is required (for skins and account info)
+ is it more akin to "virtual presence" systems like Dissenter or Google SideWiki where your client application reports to a central server that you're visiting a certain webpage, and then you can add comments, or in case of worlds.com - report your character position and write to chat so other players would see you. It does work with any "world" as long as all users share same map file?
My question is: when central server stops existing, would users be able to interact with each other or not and have there been efforts to make standalone servers?

Damn, so many of these old virtual world games and MMOs are destined to vanish one day. At least we have WoW, Runescape and Ragnarok Online servers preserved by pirates.

File: 1640729936600.png (182.04 KB, 742x654, image.png)


Is this true, was it really much more fun to use computers back in the days of mainframes?
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off the meds again


lol your name is fitting


I have a similar experience when discussing ideas. In the tech world it seems to be the goal of others to break the idea down as far as they can, maybe to seem smarter? Or they just genuinely don't think of the applications. I talked with a friend years ago about the iMacs that stand right up, how instead of needing to remove the screen to access the main board they should have designed it too slide out like one large card. He tried to associate this thought with a Nintendo Switch, his plan being that because he associated it with a Nintendo Switch he could discredit the idea as being dumb and childish, I really don't understand his thought process beyond that. It was annoying.


Can relate. Have interacted with certain types who suffer from that mindset and can end up shooting the messenger with unintentional friendly fire if presented with an idea that doesn't fit in nicely with their preconceived notions and of course autism is a thing.
>the iMacs that stand right up
Ugh… I've had to repair a few of those and like a lot of Apple gear they can be annoying to work with. Would have preferred access from the back panel, but would have settled for a main board sliding out. It's not like it would be impossible to implement a feature like that if done well. That even sounds like something Apple would have considered, since they have a certain way of building things because reasons. Wouldn't be surprised if there was some mid level engineer at the fruit factory that's still pissed off to this day because such a proposal was dismissed.


File: 1656266450526.jpg (76.99 KB, 621x495, Lonesome.jpg)

I feel exactly the same way, but I think what you said about the dissolution of family could be applied to communities too, a collection of people where every one is important to the whole someway or another. I've never felt like I belonged anywhere but in my clique of close friends ever since I was in high school, and most people now cling to groups so large that they really have no meaning in them or online "communities" where they are only bound together by some common interest.

Although I guess I might just be a schizoid who, after lurking on image boards like this for 7 years, hasn't posted a single thing. I have always considered myself to be an autodidact instead of socially awkward though. Mostly due to the fact that I do have my 'tribe' in real life. My close friends are a good way for me to share and flesh out my ideas, but they don't engage with me out of compassion, but interest in said topics and trust that we won't just call each other gay and end discussion there.

My 'tribe' I found to be the only outlet left to "forge yourself" guess having like minded friends in real life keeps me from posting on sites like these, where people like us, who are influenced by not exposing ourselves, are forced to learn on their own.
That being said these friends can only get me so far so I often do find myself having to develop my ideas by myself.

Despite everything you said about the thing you think is missing, I say that a real outlet to help define yourself does exist, granted that you may never be able to find it. Gather yourself some like minded people in the real world THEN you can chat with them online. That's the only way I've been able to start and maintain an online relationship of any sort. Put yourself into a program or go to some place regularly where you're forced to be around people and I'm sure you'll be able to find the people you're looking for.

Best of luck,

File: 1625604389804.png (1.96 MB, 1275x2286, 124123124121212.png)


Anyone else listen to CaptainBlackbeard Radio? It's about the most /cy/ thing I've ever heard.


Never heard of it, what's it about?



I have heard it. its a really funny pirate radio show some cannabis vendor who larps as a pirate makes and releases on the Dark Net. The music is awesome in it and its really politically incorrect but in the funniest ways. Its like Kentucky Fried Movie if Kentucky Fried Movie was a radio show about the DarkNet. I hate podcasts but that show is awesome.


I've heared about it but I haven't yet made the effort to actually look up where and when to hear it. Maybe some day, maybe not


yes and ita actually pretty cool

i refuse to go to endchan though

post it here if youre reading mr blackbeard


I tried to like it but it's annoying

It's loud and full of really long samples from movies. I prefer podcasts that basically just curate good music, or consist of thoughtful discussion. Trying to do both ends up being half-assed. This podcast is neither, the music isn't anything special and he basically just yells and goofs off.

I suspect most of the posts about it are from him, but I'm sure some people actually dig it.

File: 1638384016303.png (6.94 KB, 1280x1280, external-content.duckduckg….png)


I am wondering how I could build a Moreno Crypto miner in C++ but don't no where to start.

I want to build something like xmrig.com and would like it to connect to minexmr.com using port 4444 and 4443.

I have looked for sample code but couldn't find any that meet my criteria.

Also I would like this to be less the 100 lines of code if it isn't unreasonable.

My biggest question where I get the hashes to decrypt.


Can't tell if you're serious or just another botnet miner trying to get us to do your work for you.
>probably doesn't know programming in C++ because it's not feasible in 100 lines
>needs it to be a certain size limit almost like its a payload
If you're serious about this, go onto github and look at some projects. Read some documentation. No one's going to do this for you


You're missing some significant knowledge here. I'm going to assume you're a kid and not a retarded 36 year old pajeet so I'll cut you some slack.

-Get a textbook which has you write small programs that require understanding of computer science algorithms. SICP is a classic but it's in LISP. Not sure why you want C++ since it doesn't appear you're very familiar with it. Unless you understand these concepts you don't have much of a chance of building something comparable to xmrig. This knowledge will remain valuable no matter what language you use.
-Once you understand the basic programming concepts, go to https://www.getmonero.org/resources/developer-guides/ and get an understanding of how the mining actually works.

If you just want to make some monero, you don't need to build a miner, just use off the shelf ones. However, it's not always most profitable to mine monero directly (especially if you're using a GPU or something). Check out moneroocean.stream, it's a multi coin mining pool that pays only in monero. They have guides on how to set it up, keep trying until you get it.

File: 1637836838857.jpg (900 KB, 2003x1441, IMG_20211125_124404.jpg)


like books… good books. putting out graphics, multiplayer, gameplay, AI, physics, LAN and servers? where do i find all of those? know them all?


>>1911 bump


I also would like to know this bump

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