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A series regarding life on the move. Please come and share.
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Late nights suck. I'll be looking into c programming later for sure. It's been awhile you could say. Patience is the virtue to have these days. Sometimes difficult, though always necessary.I've met someone. I distance myself for a multitude of reasons, but the foremost being I don't dare hurt them like so many others.This is real guilt unfortunately, not put upon by the forcefulness of codependency, so not a write off.I know full well the nature of my monstrosity, and I've burned so many bridges getting here.I don't want or need answers/help/care, just spaces and there just isn't any room for it where I am.


Just got a postcard from South America. I don't speak Portuguese but I could learn.When I drop all this gear and learn to travel light. I'm trying.Hope you're well.


As the snow falls on Christmas Eve, I have an update. Spreading wifi nodes through battery operated routers with a refreshed power and password list should be fairly doable, but i lack h/w to test. Openmaps api could be useful but gmaps is mature.Could just be a highres image with a legend too. Getting chased around by security was fun the other night as i grabbed some more files for sifting.Found a few hideyholes while out too but it was late and my camera sucks. Will upload if interesting.Need work soon and i hope my friend stays in contact. Wish i could offer more support, things are hard/busy here. Merry Christmas Lainons.


Hi. Haven't given up on this place yet. Everything is temporary anyway. I'm attracted to the idea of working in a team, each of us covering each other, in terms of digging and infosec. I'm working on it slowly. Once I have work my stress level should go down, and I can make more time. I do better under structure, my own too, and if I have a monetary stream I can do more.One of my team members I have history with, this is both a block and a plus. I need strategies to deal with that, so I don't fuck up again. Some others are local, one I don't trust or understand lol, but eventually, we'll parse each other or part ways. There's another programmer in the area that I'm reaching out to.I hope koi doesn't shit this up like the discord, but whatever is in the cards, I guess I'm prepared for the worst. I'm cool with elsewhere too, this was just convenient and not under lens.Bye for now and thanks for all the fish


>>824In what ways have I shit up the Discord if I may ask?And I'm trying to keep the new Wirechan as close to this one, with changes of course. But I want it to be appealing.You can reach out to me, I guess?




>>32I've had that lain image as my desktop background for a very long time


It makes that i want to connect.


i saw that the other day on lainchan.jp


my desktop. it's not Lain, but i still like it.



Nosebleed EditionIn lieu of jinteki.industries.What is Cyberpunk? It's complicated.https://lainchan.jp/cyb/res/115.html#115http://www.cyberpunkforums.com/viewtopic.php?id=361https://www.reddit.com/r/Cyberpunk/wiki/abouthttps://www.neondystopia.com/what-is-cyberpunk/http://www.cypunk.com/whatis.phphttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CyberpunkCyberpunk Communitieshttps://8ch.net/cyber/http://www.cyberpunkforums.com/https://lainchan.jp/https://boards.systemspace.link/irc://irc.freenode.net/cyberpunkCyberpunk Mediahttps://www.2600.com/https://lainzine.neocities.org/https://www.neondystopia.com/http://www.planetdamage.com/Cyberpunk Resourceshttp://project.cyberpunk.ru/idb/index.htmlhttp://project.cyberpunk.ru/lib/https://ssd.eff.org/
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colorfags leave.living with tech that has little to no incentivization. this is the way I, and many others grew up with computers. you learned something for the sake of doing it or necessity or it was fun.so much of our tech is currently married into an economic struggle that will collapse upon itself in some spectacular heat death. our life-changing tech is heavy, supremely dense -- the great work of our generation won't start at IBM or any company spawning AI generation. Or at Monsanto or Frito Lay.it'll be in our collective garages on imageboards discords and gnusocials, where we're reverse engineering the big thing that came out. to make it ours and everybody's come what may.and we'll do it for fun.


my favorite color is sunset fuschia.


Is this another lifeboat for if 4chins ever becomes unusable? Does this place support vpns? Does it support tor?Is there room for sec here too?


if you're reading this, tor is supported.


Has anyone made any neat Tox bots yet.


Federal District Judge Walter McGovern, who said he liked the taste of Pepsi-Cola today rejected a lawsuit filed to force the Coca-Cola Company to change its new taste back to its original 99-year-old formula. After the hearing, Gay Mullins, the president of Old Cola Drinkers of America, said the organization would file a suit within 30 days to restore the old Coke flavor. ''Today's suit was just to change the labeling, not to change the new Coke back to old Coke,'' he said.


talking about what Lain would theoretically use:what she would use now is way different than the show. i think she definitely would [use bsd]. i think she would write her own tables and run openbsd like a madman. or run a hardened kernel of Gentoo compiled herself with use flags. Or maybe a version of Arch she could script to setup within minutes; small portable with limited attack surface. she would use whatever works, and throw away her work in an instant if she knew she could get more performance. her interest wasn't in protecting herself after all, it was in reaching as many as she could as fast as she could.
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>>528 maybe she wrote a network stack for iti mean she did literally create an AI of her father, it's not far fetched




CoplandOS was essentially just NeXTSTEP, so she would use OSX lmao. FreeBSD or OpenBSD with a nice GUI installed are the closest things today.


Lawrence Eng did quite an extensive write-up of this topic http://www.cjas.org/~leng/apple-lain.htmAs her system evolves she goes from a complete beginner to literally a god. To start it would be any typically pre-installed OS. Once she starts upgrading her system with custom hardware it's quite likely she would use a unix-like variant. When she gets into clustering the type of system could be anything from a simple hadoop setup to a full fledged cluster management platform.Beyond this she limitless capabilities, leveraging Eiri's KID System and protocol 7 where an OS just wouldn't be relevant.


i like the stuff being done with vagrant or docker. lightweight authenticated audited streamlined basis then just the software layer being built in.there was something else that i have, that you can actually separate calls to go into another "vm" thus isolating it like useflags in gentoo. fuck my memory. i blurt it later it was definitely unix-y prior to the bsd-ing of apple that it was written, but she went a lot further than that, even creating methods of interaction


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iZMD_eCpEoit's funny but I really find something inspirational about Shodan quoteshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp5xGLj1RMEWhat does it tell about me huh?
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>>404Quicker deaths? I don't think this is what games like System Shock and "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" tell us


this really inspires mehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKl6WjfDqYAwe should force people to stop living in their echo chambers and become One, no personality or bias.


being partially facetious. blah blah blah too much control given to technology yada yada. in the end we're writing the software that makes them, and i would assume like any other system we've made there are concurrent failsafes built-in to disallow the system from failing catastrophically. I personally am ready to accept my AI overlords ;D


>>461In System Shock 1, Shodan turned into a monster after she was hacked to remove ethical restrictions which would allow her to start Saturn mining and destroy the local lifeforms. It just that Shodan have decided she has some other plans.I have just watched Westworld myself and they also have this "AI is the blackbox and we have no idea what is going on" thing there. On one hand it sounds stupid, on another, we kind of indeed have some limited control over the neural networks for example. With machine learning we can filter the training data and we get predictable results this way, but we never know the SPECIFIC result we can anticipate from the program. Especially if the output is complex.


I will just leave it here


I've been playing with the idea of making a /cy/ themed roguelike (or perhaps general turnbased rpg). What kind of character/npc types would you like to see in such a game? I'd like to add a bit more variety than just giving a future theme to generic magic abilities.


use of the internet for stuff like trading, like a simulated marketplace.


Satellite Reign is a good starter for something like that, it looks pretty close to your OP image. I have it on Steam, can't run it very well so I have a very small amount of time registered though. :(


https://vimeo.com/179509486 "Sinofuturism is an invisible movement. A spectre already embedded into a trillion industrial products, a billion individuals, and a million veiled narratives. It is a movement, not based on individuals, but on multiple overlapping flows. Flows of populations, of products, and of processes. Because Sinofuturism has arisen without conscious intention or authorship, it is often mistaken for contemporary China. But it is not. It is a science fiction that already exists. ''


this is very interesting. i'll need to look more into this and post back when i actually have something to add. thanks

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