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Do the asthetics of your technology matter to you? Do you prefer a spartan look that minimizes distractions, or do you find that a little flair brightens up your usage of technology?


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In my humble opinion, a distinction must be made between the parts of technology that are actively used and those that are not. A user will only be distracted by dazzling design from the work he wants to do or the entertainment he wants to consume, not to mention the fact that such digital "embellishments" usually mean tons of bloat. On the other hand, the parts that dont interfere with the normal workflow, for example the case of a PC or the exterior of a car, should value aesthetics, as they improve the general atmosphere.


For those components that are out of the way during normal use, what kind of asthetic do you prefer?


asthethics = zeitgeist


What do you call the zeitgiest of everyone disliking the current zeitgiest? Most people are either indifferent to or annoyed by corporate flat design, with many Zoomers enamored by asthetics of the early 2010's and earlier.




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lots of flair


yoooo what winamp skin is this???sauce plz daddy Uwu


ohnvm i looked a the image name kek



The only things that matter to me are the ability to switch to a dark mode, maybe be able to change fonts, and (mainly for PC) to be able to set the desktop/home screen to a slideshow of images.




are you retarded?


Technology is just another tool to use in your life, I care more if it can do the job I require of it. I have more important things to occupy my mind with.


It matters becasue I have to stare at it four hours on end every day and being surrounded by ugliness is bad for the soul.


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It depends on how I'm feeling, but overall, I enjoy minimalism like that what you find when using command prompt. Computers are machines, after all. Cold lifeless byproducts of logic. Command windows, with their plain font, illegible codes jetting up the screen, and infinite abyss of darkness is very sobering and makes me feel good looking at it.

I feel at home looking at a terminal. Anything else is bloatware garbage


I miss truly innovative designs. The early 2000s was the last time we really had "sovl".


i really like how back then it was pushing the current technology to its limits. now people are purposely making stuff more and more simplified. even though the technology we possess is far greater than in the beginning of the millenia


Oddly enough the whole Y2k aesthetic being much more futuristic than anything we have seen since as well. What the hell happened? I just can't understand why anyone in their right mind would prefer looking at a dull flat design with no flair whatsoever. Not to mention our city architecture and landscapes are bland as shit, building designs are lazy, and even office designs in the 1960s looked extremely futuristic compared to what we are stuck with now. It breaks my heart to even go out and see how run down everything is and bland with no 'character' given to anything. Instead another store that nobody will care about and will fall apart in the next year or two. An extra rotting building that'll be an eyesore infested with homeless drug addicts overdosing inside of. I honestly wish I were born 20 years or so earlier and would have already been dead by now.


This is the world we live in. It's dictated by corporations and corporations are by definition soulless.

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