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how is everony one else doing it. by $it$ i mean <everything>….. holding a JOB maintaining RELATIONSHIPS sleeping REGULRLY.
like if everyone just decided _NAH_ we'd all die right? but that doesnt explain why we dont… why believe in the iillusions of conshisness andan external world when you can just an hero
am i really eXpected to continue 2 maintain the façade of sanity for the next ???? years?
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tis ez to call it a coping when it comez naturally. no tru skeptic or realist haz ever exist3d, even MaInLäNdEr still believend salvation.
if there iz no truth, no diff/erence between knowledge &nd (pig)norance whyyyy can u l00k >down> your NOSE at tha sheeples???
da r33tarded fikshuns of a MAD societty a3r just az TRUE as OUR 1n54n1Ty.
im sick of being the <image>itsjustsotiresome.PNG</image> /S/IiiiGH/… character th4t 3ver7one h8tes. but m4ybe my p4rt 1z alr3ad7 wr1tten in cUn3if0rm st0n3. tha4ts ze 1ro0ny 0f ch4aract3rz wh0 r3bels ag1ns7 f4te - 1t w4s scrrrript3d fr0m 7h3 5st4rt…


the joy is finding happiness on these relationships


File: 1638253249704.png (66.5 KB, 274x274, scrot.png)

ay3 diDn0t 4sk ab00t joy.{public: joy(r3l8t10n5h1p5) {…}}
M3-AM c0ntent w1th z3 W1NterN3t aZ f4ar 4Z m33ting m1ne n3uur0aL kn3ad (2) 1nt34ract. d000nut t3ell me3 th4t ur 4ll3gEd UNIVERSE.AL <r3lation5sh1p.Joy> IZ_a re34as0n-2-k33pC4lm. J0I 1z n0t 3n0ugh; 3eV3n 1F 1t 1z 4z s1mp1l (2) 1qu1re 4z 4u.


>how is everony one else doing it.

Maintaining relationships is important for your own fassade of who you are. People are the mirror who tell you that you are who you think. You need people that know you well in order to know who you are (from a perspective of social fassades (obviously actually we are noone and those social fassades are just illusions but talking about the framework of society right now)).

Holding a job on one side also can help you strengthen your social mask, if you do a job that fits to your persona. Even though people don't like their jobs, they get through it with tactics of working the least amount possible in their 8hours shift. Also they are addicted to the money because they consoom in order to buy things that confirms their identity.
>muh I like soccer I buy a ronaldo shirt -> true fan

Sleeping regularly makes these thinks possible as you feel less stressed in the day and more focussed. If you are focussed in your task, you don't think about what you are doing. If you are stressed on the other hand and sleep deprived, you don't do your task proberly and think about why you don't want to do it.

In conclusion I don't think these things are something that is hard doing while you try to maintain your social persona. These things make it possible you believe in your social persona which for some people is the most important thing. If I got your question wrong, tell me so. Good thread.


! a9rε€ th3t dev310pIng α 1₱(Normal) "sΩc1ℵl ¶rs0na" a1l0w-r3zult5 1n {CONFORM}ITY.
- th↑s iz a r&t10naL 3XpIa1nIon => 1n4dequ4t.
- bÆgs d4 qu3st!0NNN\, ωHy d0ez i1t reM4∈n za "m0ist purp0rt3d t1ng" 1n th3y f4c3 0f th3 ΩVΕΡWͰΕΛΜΙΝΓ ≤_V_A_C_U_U_M_≥?
?Why\?''d0th3y n0t s3nse teh dr1f5tng gr0unD? ()r hxw du th3y !gn0re 1t?
! thnk r3duc∥n6 th1s ph3n0m3n0n 2 0nly 3ntεr0-s0ch1al f4ct0rz '5 1n4de3qu1t.
thx 4 r3sp0nse.

File: 1635835518503.jpg (412.46 KB, 220x303, 220px-Saint_Agnes._Mezzoti….jpg)


Looking for colouring medium that can help make something 'gray"? i use ballpoint hatching and they still feel "black" to me.
There are wax crayon and color pencils too but they dont come with enough gray(s)

yes, i need some 10 shades of gray or something. Please suggest me any brand that you know…also preferably non smearing or wet, so not watercolor acrylics etc, not oil crayons or china marker. Something else basically.


File: 1636242398567.jpg (69.46 KB, 700x500, 1-come-hither-nude-spock-c….jpg)

Have you tried charcoal? I don't even draw but this erotic picture of Spock illustrates the possibilities of shading with the medium.


Thank you for this erotic picture of Spock

File: 1636444074750.jpg (1 MB, 3106x4096, IMG_20211109_120508.jpg)


need help drawing one object in one perspective and then into another but in the manner of rotating an invisible camera around the object or moving the vanishing point of sorts, not using plan drawing

from first picture in the left to different angles in the right.

marked is an angle i wish to preserve on priority i suppose in both pictures, so you can start there too

File: 1560151623824.png (33.61 KB, 1920x1080, youtube-logo.png)


Post some interesting YouTube videos you come across.
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I had enough Russian lessons for today.




japanese guy learns english vocabulary by reading through threads on /a/. oddly comfy and cringe and heartwarming at the same time, he has quite a lot of these videos and I let them run in the background on some lonely nights


Learning all the important words about butt sniffing and ending it all.

File: 1635993527890.png (66.05 KB, 300x200, Untitled.png)


wirechan is having a party.
details –
>saturday night (11/6)
>10:00pm central time
>this thread
friends, lets all meet up and see what happens.
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Strawberry best flavor


theres the rizon irc channel #wirechan. im in it rn



irc.rizon.net; port 6697; channel #wirechan


its a partaaaaaaaaay


File: 1636293284376.jpg (42.12 KB, 622x616, sad_sponge.jpg)

i missed it i missed it i missed it i missed it

File: 1624512995621-0.jpg (110.01 KB, 1500x844, f91e555aa3cb902a2a079558b9….jpg)

File: 1624512995621-1.jpg (32.46 KB, 182x242, Ted_Kaczynski_drivers_lice….jpg)


"From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me. I craved the strength and certainty of steel. I aspired to the purity of the blessed machine. Your kind cling to your flesh as if it will not decay and fail you."

Is the mind set of modern man? The more I try to not use computers the more it becomes a pain in the ass. It feels like just removing a behavior like not masturbating's, not eating meat, not saying curse words. It feels so annoying but technology in it self is so degenerate for a society. yet again it is useful for a society, it helps us socialize and reach out like I am doing now. Technology is useful in situations where a person would normally be fucked other wise, like getting lost in an urban or rural area. It is useful to gaining knowledge, unlimited knowledge on the internet. It is extremely hard to completely expunge a book from existence when PDF of it exist. One PDF could make a thousand copies. There is a positive and negative to technology like the internet.

I been inspired by primitivist to an extent and distance myself from technology off and on. It is always a pain in the ass. No one to talk to, no way to socialize, it feels like the world is set up against physical connection.

But the more I use it the more it drives me up the wall.
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thinking can only take you so far in the real world

why dont you do it instead o of preaching?

lead by example


so not only so you don't wanna deal with the problems of the now even thought there its obvious upsides, you also want to go back in time(and theoretically force everybody else too) in some white saviour shit, but its not willing to do anything else other than tell people what to do to reach said goal.

sorry but a coward its the only label i can find


OP gets btfod the thread


> it feels like the world is set up against physical connection.
it feels like the post modern world is set up against physical connection.



Theorizing but not doing it, classic.

we can also just escape to jupter bro

File: 1613411408016.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, rgb cycles.png)


hey /b/, what are you guys reading?
right now I'm reading Discworld and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, but I recently finished American Psycho, and I'm glad I did.
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File: 1613497540152.png (778 KB, 498x822, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1613506083472.webm (4.19 MB, 624x352, ayn-rand-silicon-valley.webm)

Is it good?

There's an interesting Adam Curtis documentary which tries to link Rand's philosophy with today's technological dystopia. It's the first episode of All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace. Webm related.


File: 1632241741535.jpg (20.54 KB, 241x411, 2272503.jpg)


File: 1632252115346.png (295.59 KB, 307x475, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1632254767506.png (730.06 KB, 407x630, ahal.png)

File: 1632077036461.png (656.89 KB, 720x540, britjon2000 (1).png)





File: 1519758980128.png (124.43 KB, 283x320, comput.png)


hello? anybody here?
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Yeah, I guess I'm here too, are you op?





File: 1631512013607.jpg (67.52 KB, 700x929, @gyuutankuitai.jpg)

Seemed fine to me famalam.
I liked the message but anno has always been a master shitposter since even before eva.


no way


Don't mind me, I'm just looking at threads and such.
Cyberspace does sound nice.

File: 1565141334625.jpg (116.75 KB, 580x543, 1555380141840.jpg)


People are online while I'm on here I believe it may be a first for me, let's have a conversation.
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please make friends meanigful relationships and live a fulfilling life.

Internet its fun lulz and all but dont simulate reality through a computer screen. live life thats what lain wanted


>The border between the 2 worlds isnt so clear.
Remember? That's what I also think. I feel more alive on the net then outside beacause they treat you more human here.
But maybe I don't seem to understand.


cant be touched or loved through the internet(yet)


File: 1631788414417.jpg (46.11 KB, 640x480, tara3.jpg)

Someday, I'd like to be here with another person. Or a person-like entity.


i’m always here, anon
watching over you

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