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Since 1993, 40 crimes have been committed in Germany, Austria and France, including 6 murders, after which samples of the same DNA of a woman were found at the crime scene or on the victim's body.
The alleged killer became known as the "Phantom of Heilbronn". The police could not find any clues, and there was nothing in common in the crimes — completely different victims, places, accomplices.
It was only in 2009 that it was established that there was really no connection between all these cases. It turned out that DNA samples were taken with cotton swabs, which were initially contaminated with the DNA of their packer at the factory.

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This is a pretty tiny forum, not something that you'd likely find from a search engine unless you already knew about it. So how'd you end up here? I took a pretty round about path, I found Rainchan (rip) while searching random phrases on the tor network, and someone there mentioned Wirechan and Lainchan. I checked them out and decided I really liked this site. As it happened I had just watched SEL a few weeks before finding this site.
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was looking for lain wallpapers and somehow this site came up


Someone rang the buzzer and said I had to come downstairs to sign for a package, and when I did, they pushed me into a car and dropped me off here.


I don't even remember anymore. I just found it in my bookmarks.


hope this works this time
i keep a catalog of all the chans i find websurfing, it used to be pretty big but i think i deleted my homepage on accident so now i just have an unsorted list of comfy channels, this one caught my eye for whatever reason recently. it reminds me of something, but i don't know what in particular


I clicked on a chain of links.

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What are you dreaming about? Do you believe that they have a meaning?
Maybe someone knows how to lucid dream?
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Not too long ago, my dreams were very unexceptional, but I'm no sure what happened within me, or around me that changed the way I dream. Anyone had any experience this?
My dreams are not premonitions per se, but I've been having more deja-vus than before, there's also the fact that I've been dreaming of things about to happen, but not in a clear way, more in a cryptic way of thought. Recently me and my friends had an incident of getting bewitched/charmed by someone else (in a bad way), and I had a very particular dream about this, as in successfully avoiding everything that was thrown at me.


I dreamed about reading some manual page which after waking up I found out was https://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq14.html#MountImage

too much computer…


Dreamt that I woke up and there was some huge insect on my lamp, only to actually wake up and realize that didn't even look my actual lamp at all.


I dream about hot milfs


The prime minister moved in to a nearby plot and the secret services did not want people to see him so they covered the whole plot in aluminium foil like you would cover a plate of leftovers.

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Have any of you ever spent so much time with fundamentalists that you started thinking characters from the Bible decided to read the Bible itself to figure out what they had to do next? FUCK THE RECURSIVE BIBLE! Also, days were less than 24 hours long in the distant past, "red" was sometimes used in the Bible to describe brown objects, and most Bible-thumpers might secretly be porn addicts.
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It is actually a good book


the bible is actually a not bad book. i like the jesus parts the most, so i might be a bit pick-and-choosey, but you can still find it interesting without the dogmatic baggage



Hello , the top headline today is that archaeologists near Mount Rushmore have discovered what is believed to be a missing page from the bible.
The page is presently being dated, if genuine, it’s from the beginning of the bible, and reads……

”to my darling candy,
All characters portrayed within this book are fictitious, any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely incidental.”


File: 1655585726396.jpg (115.2 KB, 960x645, nico prophet.jpg)

Is that from the Mormon Bible or why is it from Mount Rushmore of all places?


you already posted this on another chan.
he already posted this on late.city and probably some other chans.

>the bible is actually a not bad book.
this statement especially shines trough with certain verses/chapters and theirs Revelations i guess if you're into metaphysical accelerationism.

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Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl. >mfw thinking of you hurting
Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.

>mfw thinking of you hurting


schizoposters btfo


I love this pasta.


Very nice




I feel like i need a shower after this


https://youtu.be/IKsq7sLH4vQ duster is my favorite band love them to death hope u all like it if so i will give more suggestions on music :)
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File: 1648069526814.gif (44.32 KB, 125x196, CLOTHES.gif)

thank u for the band recommendations :)) and yeah duster is my favorite band


good album suggesion, very good


It's a little faster than that, but you might like Guided by voices - Alien Lanes


thoughts on the new duster album?


Duster is awesome and I love this album so much

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I would want to create and image board but I dont know php and I'm to stupid for vichan ,(literraly it always give me this error Fatal error: Cannot declare class twig_Autoloader, because the name is already in use (files place)).

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another duster song :)) enjoy this one as well


Do you not understand how to use an imageboard? This isn't your Facebook wall or Discord chat, you keep posting in the same thread after you make one for a given topic. GTFO if you're underage.

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Did you guys like it?
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>"These rich privileged white men!"
I really do not think the film was going for that kind of angle. They just wanted a creepy internet guy for the villain, why not have a 4chan stand-in for such a thing? Way better than what we've got previously in shit like unfriended or some other stuff.

>Even though Gordon turned black.

Speaking of racial switches, this Batman story's take on Alfred took heavy inspiration from the Earth One comics. Where Alfred is actually black (or dark skinned). I didn't think that was a point or anything, just thought it was an interesting note.


Never watched that "Unfriended" movie, but yeah I guess you kinda got me there, but it still wasn't my favorite thing, like in Scream 5 lol.

I didn't find Gordon being black a bad thing, the character was fine, did not know Alfred wasn't a white guy in Earth One, never read any comics tbh.


>Scream 5
HOLY SHIT, had no idea they made that many. Actually, not to get too off topic, but I hope we do eventually get some good internet horror in the mainstream one day. I can't imagine it's too difficult to make the net scary or evil. Lain managed to make it feel ethereal, vast, and horrifying in 1998.

>never read any comics

Judging by what you said about this movie, I'd heavily recommend Earth One. The art is just phenomenal, and it also takes a low-tech approach to Batman. It's unfinished, though, there's going to be a few more books in this narrative towards the future.
[ https://readcomiconline.li/Comic/Batman-Earth-One ] Give it a shot in your free time! You might find yourself with a new interest, or you might just enjoy this one story.


>Scream 5
Lol yeah, it was okay at least it had cute girls, and blood, I also watched it baked so I don't really remember much aside from what I told you lol.

>Earth One

Alright, sounds good. I'll check it out, and if its low-tech even better, that's what I liked about the movie. Thanks anon!


File: 1647783522004.png (184.34 KB, 1200x675, iphmzUY (1).png)

No, the only stuff I liked is how realistic the gadgets were and Alfred.
I didn't liked BatMan who acts like an autistic teen who is an asshole to everyone for no reason.Batman should be mean when the time requires or the bat is suffering but here he just an ass.He is also very feminine even wearing makeup and he is constantly whinning and giving zero phylosophical or moral argument to figth his problems.
Also the riddler was pathetic.Instead of being a mastermind who only purpose is to do a checkmate to BatMan , he is a political faggot who cries and whines all the time.
Not to mention that streaming or having online accounts would reveal him and it makes no sense that passwords so simples can be revealed by random people and took a lot of time for bats and gordon but whatever.

I'm sick of this BatMan trying to be edgy. The world of BatMan is crap ,but BatMan not ,he should be a force of good someone who knows what to do even in the most difficult times someone to look up to. Also by making the story realistic(not aesthetics I actually liked the real aesthetic) the story seems even more childish than a fucking silver age comic.
Man I hope they make a Brave and the Bold type of movie to balance things out

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