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How's everyone here?
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Good luck.


I'd be willing to try something like that for a while, but I don't think I could do the Japanese work culture longterm.

I hope it works out for you.


How long have you been learning Japanese?


File: 1517881511787.jpg (60.34 KB, 640x737, image1.JPG)

Thanks anon

I'd normally think the same, but this is a field im interested in–and having no prior experience makes me excited to work harder in order to learn more

i've studied about 3 semesters in college, but the bulk of my experience came after i lived there… i honestly can't say anything meaningful beyond self-introductions haha

also, small update. the company has a third-party agency through which they obtain the working visas, and I received this message the other day. Pretty excited, but I'm not putting all my hope in them in case a better candidate comes along


You still here?

File: 1519223771746.gif (55.56 KB, 256x190, pig polish.gif)


How come all the posts are fucked up?
Is it because of the new board software?


yes. the way the new software stores images and references to other posts made it impractical to import that data from the old software


The gray Wirechan theme looked way better in the original.


Looks fine to me. Functional and understated. There's something cool about the pale candy-apple green just peeking out from under a neutral gray.

What did it look like before? Have any screenshots?


It's not the color scheme that changed; it just doesn't look as good on vichan unfortunately as unhelpful as that is. I don't have any screenshots.

File: 1516669931864.png (887.41 KB, 777x1100, 897564.png)


Another one of these image boards? huh. Well good luck finding a stable community I guess.

image unrelated


And thanks for that anime poontang!


Can't access Steam because reasons, yet people have commented on my profile proclaiming they miss me. I wish I could reach out to them so they know I'm not dead but I have no way of doing so. Sucks
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>>628I have no self-control.


>>629HA, me either.


Like a ghost


File: 1517839693450.jpg (307.99 KB, 781x584, 20180130_103833.jpg)

That reminds me of the time my friend and I tried playing some 16bit 2D game and his computer overheated and it started to lag. I never saw something so depressing and yet I felt sympathy toward that old machine.

File: 1516531602494.jpg (10.06 KB, 163x173, 1506889777181.jpg)


/b/ looks like a dump.
Someone needs to fix this shit.


File: 1516765709789.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1040x704, 1511621368676.png)


I shall never fap again, is anyone loyal to this cause?
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Ah screw it, it's a new year. Let's see how long I can nofap.


>>829I made it 30 minutes after the ball dropped.


>>840I fapped 30 minutes after making that post.


My record was 9 days. I remember how it all went down too.
>friend sleeping over at my house
>i'm still up and turning shit off before sleeping too
>suddenly notice the sound his mouth makes when he snores
>start thinking about fucking Rainbow Dash
>fap furiously to some sweet sweet pony poontang
never got as close ever again.


>sweet sweet pony poontang

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