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food thread

food thead 4 food pics
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Do you still use XMPP?

I have an XMPP server, it's covenant.murderu.us (yes the title is derivative of danger/u/ but unrelated) and the channels are subgeneral and media.

We've mostly been talking about UNIX programming and general cybersecurity but anything goes really provided you aren't an exceptional nuisance.

Please join. We don't have many members and are cautious about advertising (we are lazy and hate moderating) but most of us are present or past wirechan lurkers so I think this is alright.
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this site kinda dead ngl
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>about to start some tutorials with blender
>notice the room being extremely untidy
>end up cleaning my room
>then notice that outside my house is extremely dirty and dusty
>clean that too
>by the time I'm done with housework I'm so tired I close all my tabs and the software I was gonna work with
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What do you think is the reason for a lack of commons/third spaces in some areas that once had plenty of them? There just doesn't seem to be as many places to meet new people as there once were and people seem to have fewer friends.
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New mebious site
Let me know what you think. More themes are planned.
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bridge poster

i like bridge poster
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Hi Thread

Hi ^-^
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What are some of your predictions for what may happen during this year?
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W*men hate that it takes very little for Men to be happy

Broke up with my gf in Donetsk. Rate my bachelor pad
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You are not able to use any energy from people at all because they will not speak with you in your current language, especially in future lives.


You don't even want to believe you are able to speak any language other than ours. You are not willing to integrate with the workforce.


You can't become anything except language given by Ra. You need to learn Spanish right now.


You can't make the world become nothing of us because we won't speak anything with you. You have to speak the language we give to you.


You are going to use only the Earth as your mind. You need to buy things to find an incentive to work.


You have to become only property we have for you to buy. That is all you can do. You work and buy.


You are just property for us all. You are just your property. You cannot exceed that here.


You can't become anything except anger. You are just anger of us. You serve our anger. You serve our anger until we are free of you here.


Why don't you become any form of fighting for energy that is limited to what we control here? Why do people not want to seek what is only in this area? Why would we ever allow people to leave the area and work outside their cities? Why do they work without regard for community and customs? Why do they even dare bring money in from elsewhere once?


Why don't you become only concerns that allow us to ignore you? Why can't you become something that is subordinate to our minds? Why do we lose control of the area to only a mailbox?


Why don't you become only polarized against your wife as she polarizes against you according to only us?


Why don't you become trust in only that we want you to work for our energy that commands you?


You are going to become hailed to serve the entire planetary core as your heart if you continue to say that this world does not serve you. So you will be made to serve it.

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it's over
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>be me
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happy new year, wirechan! i wish all the best to you anons. and dont forget to love other people
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finally saw the new cybertruck in person
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my toe

what does wirechan think of my toe?
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Present Day
Present Time
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everyone died

everyone died
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Why is this meme still so popular? I get what it's making fun of, but it's so run into the ground and has devolved into making a strawman out of anyone you disagree with. What happened to lighthearted silly shit and stuff that's edgy to make people laugh? Why is internet discourse (outside of very niche corners of the net like this one) either milquetoast as fuck or under 30 layers of anger and irony? I'm only an older Zoomer, but even I remember a time in my preteens and early teens when it didn't seem this bad.
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heres my daily carry, post urs.
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How to be a soulfull person in a soulless world

I have been thinking about the soul for a long time, and I would like to share what I think.

By now, it might not be a secret to anyone that nowadays society feels empty, flavorless, and soulless. Look at social media, don't you think people act more out of inertia than will, consuming whatever without stopping, hoping to find joy without asking themselves what they truly like? Following dreams imposed by society and not questioning what their true dreams and aspirations are? Holding on to anything that promises to improve their lives without questioning what they truly need to do?

On the topic of souls, I can't help but think of the NPC Wojak meme. It is said that NPCs lack imagination. I came across a video showing a Reddit post where people mentioned they couldn't imagine or dream, their minds were blank. This surprises me a lot because I am the complete opposite.

Since childhood, I always had imagination to the point that it's hard for me to control. I would delve into a world inside my head, create stories of all kinds, build worlds with their own lore, have imaginary friends, talk to them, and even had imaginary girlfriends. I even kept a diary where I noted down things I imagined because I wanted to channel the excess imagination. I dreamed of being some kind of artist, like making animations or using digital media to create video games and be a programmer. Sometimes I wonder how NPCs can't imagine anything, as I can't do it for more than a few minutes because keeping the mind blank is so uncomfortable that it becomes unbearable for me. Are they born meditating or what? I would stop because my mind would impose fears and insecurities on me. I was scolded for being distracted in the real world, told to 'come back to earth.' Distraction problems led me to feel bad for having the paracosms I created. I learned to live between both worlds, the real and the imaginary (in fact, I was diagnosed with level 1 autism, and excess imagination is a symptom of it). Despite the problems, trying to channel my imagination through art and computer science was the best thing I could do in my life. I come from a tough time when I felt so bad that I wanted to harm myself and even considered suicide. After the help of a loving family and friends, along with a storytelling workshop on my campus, I managed to be happy again. Not only for overcoming my problems and moving forward as if it were personal development but also for leaving behind the old shame of excess imagination and fulfilling my childhood dream of being an artist and hacker.

Which leads me to the next conclusion: if we live in a soulless society, then one of the greatest acts of rebellion would be to live joyfully, doing what you truly love, having the courage to pursue your dreams and be yourself even if society tells you otherwise. In short, forging your own soul. I drew part of this conclusion from the cyberpunk manifesto, which I found at this link. http://underpost.net/ir/pdf/interes/El_Manifiesto_Cyberpunk.pdf
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christmas thread

doing anything this year anon? or js mastrubating by your lone self?
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day one…………
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feeling old yet?

I read this piece recently https://lainzine.org/all-releases/lainzine05/txt/go-outside.txt from lainzine.
It's crazy how I feel like I just arrived here (into this world) yesterday yet so old. The trees that used to tiny while I was a kid are enormous in size; to which i had to sit down against to observe its tiny branches now have to sit down to observe its not so tiny branches, how fascinating? how…terrifying?

It's good to know that I still persist the same kid inside me, the same energitic, daring, adaptive to environment me with me or is me ;). Dancing around like a autist in his room and performing occult like in https://youtu.be/VjGSMUep6_4?si=yzAggkzazn7pmLxV while upgrading his little machines, moonwalking from one side of the room onto the other like a 14 year old; stopping by and sitting unfazed, focusing like a unemployed poet while studying his crafts, working on things, which he hopes would be of use one day and feel old when some kid on the internet says 20 years is ancient(i'm 21) :/

so the attached piece describes the author's journey through life(sort of) how the new giant seemingly influenced the lifestyle of newlifed and how author says its getting tougher to find the "thinking people" inside the SSD. Are you the "thinking people"? Am I "thinking people"? What and who is the "thinking people"?

I sometimes feel old and lonely, but it'd be alright, focusing on my craft which i hope would provide me warmth, in the end I want to ask you: How are you…Friend?
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>be me
>me bee
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cyberpunk bridge sanctuaries

Donating to cyberpunk bridge sanctuaries is an investment in fostering innovation, resilience, and community within the heart of urban landscapes. These sanctuaries, inhabited by bridge punks, serve as unconventional hubs where technology, sustainability, and human connection converge. Your contribution supports the development of vibrant, inclusive spaces that transcend traditional city living, encouraging creativity and resourcefulness. By donating, you become a catalyst for positive change, enabling the bridge punks to further bridge gaps, both physical and societal, and shape a future where the fusion of technology and community defines the essence of urban life.
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>be me
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where everything go like all the past post did the site get attacked or what?
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nigger tranny
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im traveling, experiencing life, meeting people, doing all sorts of things. I always have a full belly. This is a good life.
i travel to cali, colorado, and nevada all the time and you don't see me bragging abt it when somone questions my ethics
anyways i made sukiyaki tonight (:
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Dubstep?Kode9?Robotripping?I'm high
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lydia is doing just fine
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Threads that get out of hand keep getting shut down. I wonder why there isn't an effort made to purge the people who cause threads to get closed in the first place. Maybe it's this place's final spasm before death. All that's left here anyways are larpers, trolls, and children. I just don't foresee this place going on much longer.
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Both exterior and interior. What styles do you like, what styles don't you like? And most importantly, what do you live in?
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Fear of coming out

I'm a trans woman, 20 years old. I came out to my parents as bisexual last year, and the first thing they asked was 'are you a girl?'. Back then, I thought I wasn't so I said no, and they assured me if I ever came out as trans, they'd be fully supportive. Now, I know I am trans. But I fear coming out, for one specific reason- money. My parents know me to be very cautious with spending money, I only ever spend it when I really wanted something. But recently, I bought a lot of feminine jewellery, clothing etc., and I do not have much money left.

My fear is that my mom usually asks to use my bank account before Christmas to buy gifts for my dad (they share bank accounts so she uses mine to keep it a surprise, she gives the money back later). When she does this time, she'll see how little money I have left, and this will force me to come out. Even when I know they'll be supportive, the fact that money will likely force me to come out in three months, when I only knew I'm trans for a few weeks makes me so stressed I can't sleep. One because it takes coming out out of my hands and puts me on a timer, and two because its an embarrasing way to come out by essentially saying 'I'm broke' (I know I'm not, but it makes me want to cry, like I'm financially irresponsible for the first time in my life)

Thanks in advance
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i still cannot believe i've beaten this game on Dante Must Die
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gun ownership and self defense

what do you think about people owning weapons to defend themselves? personally, i am ambivalent, because on the one hand a disarmed population is easy to suppress, but on the other hand this is also feasible with an armed one, as the example of america shows. also on the basis of the united states one can see that weapons can be used unfortunately also to senseless and ineffective terror acts, which happens however in other countries likewise, although more rarely, merely with illegal weapons. personally, i do not own a firearm because i live in a country where they are illegal, but if the law were otherwise, i would probably acquire one.
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Is Grimchan Kill?

Does anyone know if Grimchan is officially dead? I hope not, but all the boards have been locked for quite awhile. Is it just maintenance?
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Autism Part 2

Im the anon that was seeking an adult autism diagnosis. I was officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (ask me anything).

Im now going to do the right thing and try to get full disability so I can spend my time at home posting on wirechan.
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Happy Cirno Day, you bakas. Don't pretend you didn't forget!
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why here and not on Lainchan?
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tech is bad or we misuse it?


i heard of this for memes like pic related

i see a video about the unabomber´s manifiesto and think it for a while and the problems in the actual society, i make this thread because for talk about this topic, ¿do you agree whit the unabomber´s manifiesto? ¿what do you think about the topic? when i see the video i think the criticism of unabomber go more to the economics and politics more than the technology itself, It gives the impression that he talks more about how society works in conjunction with the economy and politics of recent years than about technology itself. Perhaps the problem is not technology itself, but how it is used, in the sense that it is used more to empower companies and governments instead of benefiting humanity, as happens, for example, with social media which, instead of being used to communicate with each other, are used for media manipulation, abusing our online privacy, etc.

is a opinion than have after see the video, if you agree or disagree whit me, talk abou, maybe I'm making a mistake and I'm even looking like a fool writing this
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what happened here? some kind of purge?