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Holy fuck, I know none of the shit I vent about here will ever help, I am a lost fucking cause. Neo liberalism allows sad fucks like me to bypass the laws of natural selection.
I was gonna meet my friends who I've abstained from for 8 months today. I was gonna go to church and beg for the means to push though my sad state of fucking being and praise the lord for my gifts. I was gonnaq gonna study literature this year. I was gonna excell in my studies these two fucking weeks.

Today I spent all of my fucking day fucking gooning. Not giving a single fuck of awareness. Fucking GOONING. I spent the most important day for me to see the only people who have t bear my loser fucking personhood. Fuck. I want to fucking kill myself out of anger of myself. Waste of fucking time.
Its midnight now. Just finished my gooning fucking session, of building up for 8 hours. Only now it striked me, fuck my motherfucking soul. It was such a fucking giant orgasm I entered a meditative state for a minute, and all I could think of? It gave me a realization, a long time I've had such a brain numbing orgasm, I realized I've spent a year using my dick, not computers, not imageboards, not alcohol or someshit MY FUXKING DICK. IVE BEEN GOONING ALMOST EVERY FUCKINV DAY for . I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHUNG NOT OUT OG LAAZINESS, OUT OF FUCKING GOONING. FUCKIBG G O O N I N G. I've been using my fucking porb addiction anf wasted the most important fucking years of my life.

I know I'm still a faggot and will keep gooning, a gun to my wasteful skull would be good merit. I will do hypnosis as it did help plenty and shit but I doubt I will overcome my bullshit, its all just shorf delay to the eventual conclusion. Not sure if I'll sleep this night. To wake up with fresh thoughts and decide to goon again? Epictetus would kill me for natures sake, what the fuck am I doing in my life. Even now, posting this here, its complete bullshit. Holy fuck i sill ve surprised the day my death comes. My life is short term bullshit. Goodbye.


So…. I hear you've been gooning?


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𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀 𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇𐔠𐔇 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔉𐔜𐔍𐔓 𐔃𐔄𐔖 𐔀𐔏𐔝𐔍𐔠𐔍𐔝𐔇𐔝 𐔖𐔛𐔇 𐔗𐔙𐔖𐔄𐔟𐔏𐔝 𐔝𐔈 𐔏𐔙𐔍𐔎𐔟𐔀𐔙 𐔔𐔊𐔀 𐔕𐔇𐔙𐔍𐔟 𐔗𐔈𐔙 𐔘𐔈𐔑𐔍𐔒𐔇 𐔏𐔖𐔒𐔟𐔓𐔍𐔏𐔟𐔇𐔛𐔇 𐔘𐔈 𐔜𐔗𐔙𐔇𐔌𐔍𐔓 𐔍𐔄𐔇, 𐔇𐔒𐔖𐔂𐔍𐔖𐔓𐔇 𐔖𐔛𐔇 𐔕𐔈 𐔠𐔍𐔣𐔍𐔖𐔓 𐔝𐔈 𐔁𐔖𐔝𐔈𐔛. 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔄𐔖𐔙 𐔒𐔇𐔝𐔖𐔄𐔀 𐔝𐔈 𐔅𐔙𐔢𐔜𐔒𐔇, 𐔝𐔈 𐔝𐔍𐔑𐔀 𐔛𐔍 𐔗𐔐𐔀𐔛𐔝𐔍𐔏𐔇, 𐔋𐔟𐔌𐔈𐔛𐔖𐔙𐔇, 𐔛𐔖𐔓𐔖𐔙𐔇 𐔀𐔗𐔖 𐔝𐔈 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔣𐔍𐔇𐔙𐔀. 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀 𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇𐔠𐔇 𐔛𐔍 𐔕𐔈 𐔄𐔍𐔛𐔍𐔗𐔐𐔍𐔓𐔈 𐔀𐔏𐔀𐔄𐔇𐔒𐔍𐔏𐔇 𐔛𐔍 𐔆𐔇 𐔒𐔎𐔇𐔄𐔍𐔛𐔍 𐔇 𐔏𐔀𐔓𐔈 𐔣𐔀𐔏𐔖𐔓 𐔝𐔀 𐔏𐔟𐔉𐔍𐔣𐔖𐔎𐔓𐔈 𐔀𐔝𐔈 𐔓𐔈 𐔝𐔈 𐔀𐔜𐔝𐔟𐔘𐔟𐔀𐔎𐔝𐔟𐔙𐔀𐔝 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇 𐔗𐔀𐔒𐔖𐔙𐔇 𐔖𐔛𐔇 𐔗𐔐𐔀𐔛𐔝𐔍𐔏𐔇 𐔅𐔈𐔙𐔛𐔀 𐔘𐔈 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇𐔝 𐔇 𐔝𐔎𐔇𐔙𐔀 𐔛𐔝𐔟𐔄𐔍𐔖𐔌𐔇𐔓 𐔓𐔈 𐔒𐔈𐔓𐔢𐔙𐔈 𐔒𐔈 𐔛𐔗𐔇𐔂𐔍𐔉𐔍𐔏𐔇 𐔔𐔊𐔀 𐔄𐔍𐔛𐔍𐔗𐔐𐔍𐔓𐔀 𐔝𐔈 𐔝𐔎𐔇𐔙𐔀, 𐔝𐔈 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔂𐔀𐔏𐔝𐔟𐔀𐔙𐔀 𐔘𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔈, 𐔛𐔍 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀 𐔇 𐔐𐔇𐔝𐔈𐔙𐔛𐔍𐔛𐔈 𐔀𐔗𐔖 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀 𐔇 𐔒𐔟𐔣𐔍𐔏𐔈𐔛, 𐔄𐔟𐔏𐔇 𐔘𐔇𐔓𐔈 𐔝𐔈 𐔋𐔍𐔞𐔀 𐔖𐔁𐔎𐔇𐔏𐔝 𐔠𐔈𐔒𐔇𐔅𐔎𐔇𐔎𐔇 𐔔𐔊𐔀 𐔇 𐔀𐔜𐔝𐔟𐔘𐔟𐔀𐔎𐔝𐔟𐔙𐔀 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍 𐔇 𐔏𐔟𐔐𐔝𐔟𐔙𐔈𐔛 𐔀𐔗𐔖 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀 𐔏𐔟𐔐𐔝𐔟𐔙𐔖𐔙𐔇, 𐔛𐔈 𐔁𐔀𐔜𐔏𐔟 𐔒𐔇 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔝𐔈 𐔛𐔇𐔏𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀𐔐𐔇 𐔝𐔈 𐔉𐔖𐔏𐔟𐔛𐔟𐔀𐔙𐔀 𐔓𐔈 𐔒𐔀𐔓𐔍𐔉𐔇𐔛𐔝𐔍𐔒𐔇 𐔝𐔈 𐔝𐔎𐔇𐔙𐔀 𐔝𐔈 𐔒𐔇𐔅𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔝, 𐔛𐔍 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀 𐔇 𐔜𐔏𐔇𐔓𐔂𐔈𐔛, 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀 𐔇 𐔉𐔍𐔐𐔖𐔣𐔖𐔉𐔍𐔛𐔈 𐔀𐔗𐔖 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀 𐔇 𐔙𐔇𐔐𐔍𐔋𐔍𐔖𐔓𐔇𐔠𐔇. 𐔄𐔍𐔛𐔀 𐔉𐔟𐔜𐔀 𐔝𐔈 𐔄𐔍𐔎𐔇𐔛 𐔝𐔈 𐔐𐔍𐔆𐔟𐔙𐔀 𐔔𐔊𐔟𐔜𐔝𐔈𐔛𐔍𐔜𐔝 𐔒𐔇 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔓𐔈 𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔝, 𐔎𐔀𐔓𐔈 𐔇𐔛𐔝𐔇𐔝𐔍𐔏𐔀 𐔆𐔇 𐔝𐔇𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀 𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔝. 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔋𐔀𐔝𐔈 𐔏𐔖𐔌𐔈𐔛 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍 𐔏𐔀 𐔘𐔇𐔓𐔈 𐔏𐔐𐔀𐔛𐔍𐔉𐔍𐔏𐔟𐔀𐔙 𐔓𐔈 𐔒𐔈𐔓𐔢𐔙𐔀 𐔝𐔈 𐔅𐔙𐔢𐔜𐔒𐔇, 𐔘𐔈 𐔔𐔊𐔀 𐔀𐔍 𐔒𐔇𐔛𐔎𐔇𐔝𐔀𐔙 𐔓𐔈 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇 𐔐𐔍𐔁𐔇𐔙𐔀𐔐𐔇 𐔆𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇 𐔒𐔇𐔏𐔀𐔓𐔍𐔏𐔇, 𐔓𐔈 𐔏𐔐𐔀𐔛𐔍𐔉𐔍𐔏𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔓 𐔓𐔈 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇 𐔝𐔈 𐔁𐔟𐔏𐔟𐔙𐔀 𐔆𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇 𐔝𐔈 𐔀𐔗𐔐𐔍𐔏𐔟𐔀𐔙𐔀 𐔆𐔇 𐔄𐔇𐔙𐔍 𐔝𐔇 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔂𐔀𐔏𐔝𐔍𐔒𐔇𐔝 𐔁𐔀𐔜𐔏𐔈𐔏𐔖𐔌𐔖𐔙𐔇, 𐔏𐔟 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍 𐔜𐔍𐔌𐔇𐔝 𐔛𐔍 𐔕𐔈 𐔜𐔉𐔀𐔘𐔎𐔇 𐔇 𐔏𐔙𐔇𐔀𐔝𐔍𐔠𐔍𐔝𐔇𐔝𐔍𐔝 𐔕𐔇𐔙𐔈𐔣𐔖𐔙. 𐔕𐔈 𐔅𐔀𐔙𐔎𐔇 𐔇 𐔜𐔇𐔏𐔟𐔑𐔍𐔝 𐔝𐔈 𐔡𐔡 𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇𐔠𐔇, 𐔒𐔇𐔋𐔍𐔞𐔈𐔛𐔇 𐔓𐔟𐔏 𐔍 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔉𐔜𐔍𐔓 𐔝𐔈 𐔋𐔍𐔞𐔀, 𐔈𐔜𐔝𐔈 𐔀𐔎𐔖 𐔇 “𐔓𐔈𐔓𐔝𐔈 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇𐔠𐔇”. 𐔀𐔎𐔖 𐔟 𐔌𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔟𐔀 𐔉𐔍𐔑𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔜𐔝 𐔓𐔈 𐔠𐔍𐔝𐔍𐔓 1923. 𐔔𐔊𐔀 𐔗𐔖𐔇𐔝𐔍 𐔍𐔝𐔀𐔐𐔍𐔀𐔓 𐔙𐔍𐔂𐔂𐔍𐔖𐔝𐔝𐔖 𐔂𐔀𐔓𐔟𐔄𐔖 𐔆𐔇 𐔟 𐔣𐔋𐔇𐔙𐔟𐔀 𐔒𐔇 𐔄𐔢 𐔣𐔈𐔙𐔀𐔝 𐔇 𐔉𐔟𐔅𐔍𐔝 𐔔𐔊𐔀 𐔏𐔙𐔍𐔝𐔍𐔏𐔟 𐔉𐔙𐔀𐔓𐔂𐔇𐔣 𐔂𐔐𐔀𐔟𐔄𐔇 𐔁𐔇𐔢𐔐𐔍𐔇 𐔓𐔈 1964.; 𐔏𐔈𐔜𐔝𐔟, 𐔐𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔀 𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇𐔠𐔇 𐔏𐔙𐔢𐔇𐔛𐔖𐔙𐔇 𐔓𐔈 𐔜𐔇𐔏𐔟𐔑𐔍𐔓 𐔇 𐔡𐔡 (𐔜𐔇𐔏𐔟𐔑𐔍 𐔡𐔡) 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔉𐔜𐔍𐔓𐔝𐔇: 𐔀𐔙𐔏𐔍𐔝𐔇𐔏𐔝𐔟𐔙𐔈𐔓, 𐔏𐔈𐔙𐔂𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔓, 𐔛𐔏𐔟𐔐𐔗𐔝𐔟𐔙𐔈𐔓, 𐔒𐔟𐔣𐔍𐔏𐔈𐔓, 𐔗𐔍𐔏𐔝𐔟𐔙𐔈𐔓, 𐔗𐔖𐔇𐔣𐔍𐔓𐔈, 𐔏𐔍𐔓𐔇𐔒𐔀𐔎𐔀, 𐔙𐔀𐔄𐔍𐔖-𐔝𐔇𐔐𐔇𐔠𐔍𐔣𐔍𐔖𐔓𐔍 𐔆𐔇 𐔝𐔙𐔇𐔊𐔍𐔒𐔇𐔝 𐔉𐔍𐔊𐔟𐔙𐔀𐔝𐔍𐔠𐔇 𐔝𐔀𐔓𐔍𐔒𐔈, 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔠𐔇𐔃 𐔉𐔖𐔙𐔒𐔀𐔠𐔇 𐔝𐔈 𐔠𐔎𐔇𐔝𐔙𐔀 𐔝𐔈 𐔜𐔗𐔙𐔇𐔌𐔎𐔇𐔛 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔍𐔏𐔇 𐔗𐔖 𐔏𐔖𐔓𐔛𐔍𐔄𐔇𐔙𐔖𐔌𐔇𐔓 𐔇𐔆𐔇 𐔒𐔈𐔓𐔢𐔙𐔀 𐔝𐔈 𐔙𐔇𐔎𐔀 𐔜𐔗𐔙𐔇𐔌𐔎𐔇𐔎𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔍𐔏𐔇 𐔛𐔍 𐔒𐔖𐔄𐔀, 𐔊𐔀𐔛𐔝𐔙𐔖𐔓𐔖𐔒𐔍𐔀, 𐔂𐔖𐔒𐔗𐔟𐔝𐔇𐔙 𐔀𐔙𐔝-𐔍, 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇𐔝 𐔊𐔙𐔀𐔉𐔍𐔏𐔇, 𐔗𐔇𐔙𐔉𐔖𐔙𐔒𐔀𐔂𐔀, 𐔙𐔇𐔏𐔐𐔀𐔒𐔀, 𐔀𐔓𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔒𐔍 𐔆𐔇 𐔠𐔍𐔄𐔇𐔖𐔐𐔖𐔎𐔈𐔙𐔀𐔝. 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔀 𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔝 𐔈𐔜𐔝𐔈 𐔕𐔈 𐔄𐔇𐔊𐔈 𐔜𐔟𐔒𐔈𐔉𐔟𐔜𐔈𐔛𐔇 𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔇𐔠𐔇 𐔆𐔇 𐔜𐔏𐔇𐔓𐔂𐔀𐔠𐔇, 𐔘𐔈 𐔏𐔈𐔙𐔏𐔖𐔓 𐔕𐔈 𐔇𐔏𐔣𐔀𐔒𐔍𐔓𐔍𐔒 𐔖𐔁𐔎𐔇𐔏𐔝𐔍𐔠 𐔝𐔈 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔝 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔒𐔇𐔛 𐔏𐔖𐔌𐔈𐔛, 𐔄𐔟𐔏𐔇 𐔏𐔐𐔀𐔛𐔍𐔉𐔍𐔏𐔟𐔀𐔙 𐔏𐔟𐔐𐔝𐔟𐔙𐔀𐔝, 𐔠𐔇𐔅𐔖𐔛𐔟𐔙 𐔗𐔇𐔙𐔍𐔖𐔄𐔍𐔣𐔍𐔒𐔇𐔝 𐔆𐔇 𐔄𐔟𐔏𐔇 𐔠𐔈𐔤𐔊𐔟𐔀𐔙 𐔏𐔀𐔙𐔀𐔏𐔝𐔇𐔙𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔍𐔏𐔀𐔝 𐔄𐔀𐔑𐔟𐔇𐔛𐔇 𐔆𐔇 𐔅𐔍𐔏𐔟𐔇𐔛𐔇 𐔝𐔈 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔝. 𐔛𐔝𐔟𐔄𐔍𐔒𐔍 𐔍 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔛𐔈 𐔛𐔈 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔝 𐔟 𐔤𐔠𐔍𐔑𐔟𐔀 𐔉𐔍𐔑𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔜𐔝 𐔋𐔀𐔝𐔈 𐔙𐔍𐔐𐔍𐔅𐔎𐔇𐔛, 𐔒𐔇 𐔘𐔈𐔑𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔓 𐔇 𐔛𐔀𐔎 𐔝𐔈 𐔏𐔟𐔉𐔍𐔣𐔟𐔀𐔙 𐔓𐔈 𐔗𐔙𐔖𐔆𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔓 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔍𐔏 𐔝𐔈 𐔘𐔢𐔝𐔇𐔝𐔈𐔙𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔝 𐔗𐔇𐔙𐔈𐔅𐔍𐔒𐔖𐔙. 𐔋𐔍𐔞𐔈𐔛𐔇𐔛𐔍, 𐔒𐔇 𐔏𐔀𐔐𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔓 𐔇 𐔏𐔖𐔌𐔈𐔛, 𐔠𐔇𐔅𐔖𐔛𐔍 𐔕𐔈 𐔜𐔍𐔏𐔍𐔒 𐔒𐔈 𐔝𐔈 𐔋𐔇𐔙𐔈 𐔝𐔈 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔛𐔈 𐔛𐔈 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔝 𐔘𐔈 𐔏𐔀 𐔕𐔈 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔒𐔁𐔐𐔇𐔆𐔎𐔇 𐔝𐔈 𐔗𐔈𐔙𐔋𐔍𐔞𐔜𐔒𐔇 𐔝𐔈 𐔋𐔍𐔞𐔈 𐔘𐔢𐔝𐔇𐔝𐔈𐔙𐔍𐔒𐔇𐔠𐔇 𐔆𐔇 𐔀𐔓𐔀𐔐𐔍𐔣𐔀 𐔝𐔈 𐔗𐔙𐔖𐔆𐔍𐔒𐔍𐔝 𐔝𐔈 𐔝𐔢𐔙𐔇 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔍𐔏 𐔛𐔍𐔗𐔀𐔛 𐔠𐔇𐔝𐔈 𐔠𐔐𐔇𐔙𐔀𐔠𐔇 𐔝𐔈 𐔝𐔢𐔙𐔇 𐔆𐔇 𐔎𐔖 𐔠𐔇𐔝𐔈𐔒 𐔛𐔍𐔗𐔀𐔛 𐔌𐔍𐔛𐔝𐔖𐔙𐔍𐔛𐔈 𐔛𐔈 𐔀𐔙𐔝𐔍𐔝 𐔗𐔇𐔙𐔈𐔅𐔍𐔒𐔖𐔙.


ꕉꕜꕮ ꔔꘋ ꖸ ꔰ ꗋꘋ ꕮꕨ ꔔꘋ ꖸ ꕎ ꕉꖸꕊ ꕴꖃ ꕃꔤꘂ ꗱ, ꕉꖷ ꗪꗡ ꔻꔤ ꗏꗒꗡ ꕎ ꗪ ꕉꖸꕊ ꖏꕎ. ꕉꕡ ꖏ ꗳꕮꕊ ꗏ ꕪ ꗓ ꕉꖷ ꕉꖸ ꕘꕞ ꗪ. ꖏꖷ ꕉꖸꔧ ꖏ ꖸ ꕚꕌꘂ ꗷꔤ ꕞ ꘃꖷ ꘉꔧ ꗠꖻ ꕞ ꖴꘋ ꔳꕩ ꕉꖸ ꗳ.


File: 1714862188165.jpeg (8.12 KB, 228x221, sad.jpeg)

>tfw ur soulmate wants to be some psychopaths bitch, and your in your room alone gooning

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