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It's a topic I've been thinking about for quite a while and I don't have many people to share it with. But I want to express myself one way or another. Since I was a child, I've had a wild and imaginative mind. I was always inventing fantasy stories about anything to the point where I felt like my brain was a kind of parallel reality and I had to live with both realities. I even wrote down my ideas in a notebook because I dreamed of being an artist, whether as a writer, animator or any medium to tell fictional stories. The problem is that sometimes I had to repress that condition because sometimes teachers would scold me for being in the clouds and having to lower my autism to behave in the real world, and when I talk about autism I'm not joking because recently I was diagnosed with Level 1 ASD and they suspect I have ADHD due to having a very restless mind that makes it impossible for me to be quiet. Another thing is that I felt even more closed off and repressed by my strange ability since it occurred to me that due to personal problems I ended up in personal development, MGTOW, blackpill, stoicism channels and that kind of thing, and most of the videos spoke badly of imagining things, saying that I should leave that ability behind, stop daydreaming and stay in the real world for various reasons, which made me feel bad about my strange innate ability.
But as if it were a gift from heaven, I met a humanities professor at my university. I met him through a special course in my career, but he became a friend because we talked about writing (For practical purposes, let's call him Yushitsuki because I don't want to mention his real name). Yushitsuki invited me to a secret writing workshop at the university where he taught fiction writing, it was something like the Dead Poets Society and he was my teacher and taught me writing and it was wonderful because I found someone who saw in me what was really a gift and I could finally bring it to light because I was tired of repressing myself and being so hard on myself with that "red pill" mentality that I forcibly got into through social media. I could finally unleash the gift I was born with, Yushitsuki liked the stories I wrote and thought they were great because I always came up with something new or came up with something abstract and dreamlike (like in Yume Nikki to give you an idea) and as I continued in the workshop I had the urge to share and have a medium to show what I do.
For that I want to create a YouTube channel to upload animations and have fun sharing the crazy stories I invent, I've been thinking about doing it for a long time and I really want to do it. But I have doubts about how to do it in the most anonymous way possible because I don't want problems with showing my real identity, I also don't want people to judge me for who I am but to focus on the content I upload. I also want to do it because I want to form an underground and comfy community so I can have a place to share what I write and have comfy people to talk about my interests and have a kind of "second home" on the internet. I'm not interested in being an e-celeb with millions of subscribers if my community sucks, but I don't want to be the typical channel with 1 subscriber or 0 subs either. I've seen videos on how to break the algorithm but I have a bad feeling they won't work for me. I want to have my channel to have fun like a kid and form a community that is genuinely interested in what I come up with, even if it's small, it's enough for me if it's comfy.


One of the reasons that motivates me to upload the fictional stories that I invent along with my friend Yushitsuki is because I want to contribute my grain of sand to the internet, since it feels so empty and soulless. Doesn't it give you the impression that people act more like robots or machines? That they are nothing more than cattle for the so-called FAGMAN to make money with advertising and propaganda that brainwashes everyone? That the current internet is full of worthless garbage that claims to make us smarter but ends up making us dumber? That we act more out of inertia than willpower and only consume what is trendy without asking ourselves what things we truly enjoy? That in the long run, the materialistic nihilism mentality that characterizes social media will end up extirpating our souls in the midst of a spiritual cyber-genocide? It's like the NPC wojack meme, as they say they can't imagine anything, their mind is completely blank, and they lack imagination as if they were flesh and bone machines.

Don't misunderstand me, because I don't want to presume anything about myself, nor do I want to boast or anything because I don't want to be egocentric. But I've always been struck by the NPC wojack meme and that lack of imagination in society because I've always been the opposite. I could never silence my mind, or at most for a few minutes, because that silence is unbearable to me, and I can't help but wonder how the hell others can't imagine anything and have a blank mind. Were they born meditating or what?

That's where my friend Yushitsuki comes in, as he was a teacher who knew how to polish my strange ability that Level 1 ASD and ADHD gave me. He saw that potential and wants to exploit it, which makes me very happy because I found someone who celebrates my gift, someone who doesn't see my excess of imagination as a flaw, but as a virtue that I must, want, and need to unleash. Which leads me to the following conclusion:

We live in a soulless world, a world that is increasingly souless in which everything becomes plastified. Then an act of rebellion would be to act in such a way that you can be joyful, laugh in the face of the materialistic nihilism that I am tired of. I'm tired of finding pessimistic garbage because I want to be happy like a child, do what you really want even if they scream the opposite, be so free and happy to the point of forging your own soul.

I hope I don't sound like a lunatic, what do you think?


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nice chat gpt post, welcome to wirechan kid.


didnt read


why is a chatgpt post, the idea is mine but chatgpt is to translate to english my post because i have problems with english but the idea and topic is mine, I don't know if I'm making myself clear

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