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I'm 36 hours into "NoFap" I'm already starting to lose my mind. How do some of you handle it?
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I have such a strong sense of superiority towards those with a lack of a grasp on their sense of self control.

You guys are pathetic cumbrains.




i had a day few days ago where i nutted like 7 times and i couldn't focus for shit


I have hyperspermia so I have no choice but to fap 2-3 times a day (I don't have ED problems even when I do that) or my balls will literally hurt.

File: 1581292015367.jpg (166.35 KB, 1000x1480, 1576343406007.jpg)


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good stuff. I like dsbm more than the average person, taps into a primal part of me I cant explain. it can be overwhelming sometimes though.

this isnt dsbm, but instrumentals from a moody bm artist.


Listening to this, some heavy but slow metal music, not sure how would I describe it but the genre in the description is 57 characters long.



File: 1610831489233.png (1.47 MB, 1200x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

gr8 album

File: 1609711158832.png (537.2 KB, 628x628, daydream in blue.png)


I don't care if metal, chill or folk music, post some music, that you like.
I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG8y4f3gA68




File: 1609766728546.jpg (82.88 KB, 700x700, a0319215817_16.jpg)

i love how his tracks just flow perfectly, even though there's a bajilion instruments and tracks. it takes an insane amount of skill to make a really intricate track and have it still appear as one cohesive piece.


that sounds really - you know…refined

File: 1562702781238.jpg (233.77 KB, 1110x720, cb.jpg)


"Is anyone out there? Over." *kchht*
"Are you guys alive? Over." *kchh*
"Does somebody hear me? Over."
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>>1967 I'm glad you like her, but I have to ruin her for you. she's an anthropromorphization of cheems.

>>1962 all good, I'm late too! good luck with your club expeditions.


"hello can you…"*kchht*
"can you hear me? its me…"*kchht*
"…go outside and make friends…"*kchht*
"…thats no way to live l-"…*kchht*
"…and thats why nobody talks to you, its your own fault you pushed them away…"*kchht*
"…get out of the computer before…"*kchht*
"nobody cares abou-…*kchht*
"time doesn't stop and you're wasting it all on…*kchht*
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"Anyone want Spam? Over." *kchht*


*kchht* "This is getting cheesy, not gonna lie, my friend…or…shall I call you a friend?" *Kchhht*
"Over?." *kcht*

File: 1602011461052.png (25.44 KB, 614x274, who.png)


Now who would do something like this? What do they hope to accomplish. Who do they think they're helping?
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Do you have any examples in your native language?


File: 1605464507854.png (69.79 KB, 784x394, Screenshot_2020-11-15_19-2….png)

I saw this and it reminded me of this thread.


to fill quotas at work


Isn't this just a way to decrease verbosity by refering to existing entries (e.g. epithelium).


There's no need to do that though when you're looking for entries, not whole books.

File: 1595921494712.png (946.65 KB, 636x496, a little yikes.PNG)


I really want a normie-tier imageboard.
I prefer the format, it's like IRC but with images and threaded discussions, but they attract the worst kind of people, and it seems there are never any with mods that want to keep /pol/ tier shit out of it.
I guess "reddit-tier" would be more accurate, in the sense that it was once described as "4chan with a condom."
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Go to Reddit or Sushichan.


> supremely jealous
>the Japs are fucking civil
>without enabling human trash

Everything from the newfagness to the im better!11!!1 on this post is pathetic


File: 1607042590994.png (546.21 KB, 902x720, 7612642928051365d2c98a458d….png)

A female wrote this.


File: 1607310561802.jpg (23.09 KB, 720x478, 650937645758572.jpg)

What did you expect from a Lain imageboard?


Racism means a different thing today than it did in 2004.

File: 1600560121431.jpg (34.22 KB, 500x669, piss.jpg)


Where do you see yourself in a year or two?
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Nowhere. Just that, nowhere.


deep in your moms coochie




having sex


Still the same probably, in uni, might finish it by then, I don't know what comes next after that. I just spend my day crawling the list of new image boards to post on but I usually spam memes about europe on kohlchan.
I probably won't even come back to to this chan in maybe another 6 months or so
See ya

File: 1601559367141.gif (3.94 MB, 512x512, smolest.gif)


This thread is for any creative stuff you've made or projects you're currently working on.
I just finished my EP thing:
Bandcamp: https://xiilabel.bandcamp.com/album/kernel
MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/OEhDiYYS#HVaNs16vgSQudDagnJ_Pzg

plz post stuffz u made

p.s. send comics to bfz
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Where do you guys find these small magazines?


lurk moar


We make them.


I'm sure if you go looking for "zines" you'll find them. Old ones are all over archive.org. Lain has a couple of threads for collecting some (and they make their own Lainzine)

Disregard that; I suck cocks. The true answer is >>1993


I make crappy scene revival music


File: 1607190978639.jpg (59.63 KB, 600x515, r_380577_T6DRH.jpg)


I would want to create and image board but I dont know php and I'm to stupid for vichan ,(literraly it always give me this error Fatal error: Cannot declare class twig_Autoloader, because the name is already in use (files place)).

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What would you recommend because I use Tinyboard and it had more errors and I don't know more alternatives.


What are the options?


Probably not Lynxchan because it's even more complicated for a beginner.



So there isn't any type of imageboard creator for beginners.


Tiny board its probably the easiest one, alternatively make a forum, most of them are entirely control panel streamlined

File: 1604910066069.jpg (27.44 KB, 480x360, get.jpg)


2020 GET

whoever post on this thread will have a good 2020
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Hopefully I have a good 2020 o_o


Wishing for a good year end


File: 1605789210097.png (1009 B, 42x33, -w-.png)




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