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you ever tried dating on imageboards?

it is a new level of pathetic, but the lows that you reach can be incredibly deep
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I wonder what kind of place people who say "go outside" live, I go out almost every day and only ever talk to stray cats. Do you just go for a stroll around the block and random people just come up to you and start chatting? That sounds fucking weird.


idk about dating, but I completely support making friends over the Internet. I know some people who aren't fortunate enough to live near friendly people. Others like to have niche interests. In high school I really wanted to meet other computer people, but in a school of 2,000 people, I found out I was the only linux user.

I don't think talking to people online correlates that strongly with weirdness



No, you have your hobbies, the things you do, you go to the gym, the game shop, the basketball court, the skateboard park, the soccer field, the arcade, the book club, the anime club etc.
You're bound to find similar people with similar interests like the ones you have.

>niche interests

This is the only reason someone would do it, but even then in most of these cases people will try to have meet ups as frequently as possible, thats literally how anime conventions in the 80s started, and that was by hand written letters mostly no fancy real time talk, and those are where the most cherished memories, cool pictures, a tangible cultural zeitgeist, real sex and "real" friendships come from, yeah you can talk to people through a screen but nothing will ever substitute real human interaction and adventures.

>I don't think talking to people online correlates that strongly with weirdness

It doesn't everybody does, most people nowadays do, but the average person doesn't see somebody who "slid on their dms" as a real friend unless you actually hang out often, only desperate weirdos do that.


You ever tried dating in real life?


its not considered dating unless you are meeting each other irl. are you capable and willing to moveif you connected with someone from an imageboard that is far away?

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COVID19 is FAKE. The virus is FAKE!

The very concept of germs/viruses has never been proven: https://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/you-cannot-catch-bugs-germs-bacteria-or-candidafungi/

COVID19 is fake and is being used to create a new world order, a one-world government: http://tapnewswire.com/2020/09/ultimate-proof-covid-19-was-planned-to-usher-in-the-new-world-order/
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The thing i love about imageboards is that i get to change my opinion on something, watch somebody gets completely dismantled, and people not to be on each other throats since its anonymous so nobody cares and all in the same thread there is very hot anime girls.



That's four things fella.





Just a reminded that historically the people that go hard against something are the ones that felt played by it.

Plenty of people lived off grid but it took a high level phd math professor to start to make explosive comments about it, If you read stories about homeless hitler he was the biggest degenerate in weimar before he wet all fash, guy fawks was a alférez and George Washington was in the british army ffs.

People that live on the fringes are already comfortable on the fringes, you just want things to stay the way they are.



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just found this site, feels comfy and I like the vibes. is anyone still here?
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rawr :3


It's fairly slow but still active. It's the kind of site you drop a thread and a few replies on then check back later, not the kind where you waste 5 hours. That said, lurk awhile before you post so you know if this place is really for you.



*Snogs neck with catty claws*


that just reminded me, time for my weekly reread of all the threads from the bottom in wired.


Fuck off from here faggot go back to lol chan.


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I have decided to try no-fap for a month starting on the 14th. I am going to keep a diary here.
Day 1: 2022/08/14:
I slept all day, no fapping was possible
Day 2: 2022/08/15:
I kept my self busy with classes for most of the day. Never felt horny
Day 3: 2022/08/16:
Same thing as yesterday, but I felt horny for about 5 min at work for no reason
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I've been thinking a lot about how life would be different if I was never exposed to porn. Or at least exposed now and not when I was 13. Would I not want to fap as much? Would I fantasize about sex less? Would I be more or attracted to irl women? Would I fantasize about meeting my soulmate instead of fucking some broad?
These questions don't keep me up at night but they do make me think that unrestricted internet access has ruined me to an extent.
Idk late night ramble post; this is why we need the ability to sage.


Been no fapping since the beginning of the year, i like it.

There is no point to sage if every one of your posts are quality posts.



Really thinking about fapping today; the urge is strong. If I do I'll at least make it a training exercise on holding in the dick sneeze. Should I ever get a GF I don't want to condition myself into being a one minute wonder.


>The only coomer material I still have left is some polaroids
I finally threw them out; I feel truly free.

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reminder that wirechan is a lainland splinter
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File: 1622318381016.jpg (448.98 KB, 1500x758, Konachan.com - 314233 samp….jpg)

I could, but in this very specific moment, I was just pretending to be. Why would someone pretend? Out of a funny mood? Sounds pretty retarded to me. So the act kinda made me retarded, like a self proclaiming prophecy.


File: 1626470026272.jpg (90.66 KB, 466x653, 1508056097544.jpg)



File: 1652792661102.png (16.65 KB, 413x466, 444153980514368.png)


Lain packin a mf SPAS12, Don't come to Cyberia tomorrow.


rip lainland, long live ainland :lainevil:

File: 1667677735324.jpg (166.97 KB, 800x352, 4_5807810934072151287.jpg)


testing if i can post with my communicator
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I know the feeling. I was always more impressed over using the internet on my PSP than a smartphone.




Would that be able to substitute a smartphone for daily use?

And by that i mean, texting + internet access


File: 1673911144474.jpg (5.24 MB, 4640x3472, nokia futaba.jpg)

to a degree but the browser doesn't support modern websites or some attachments, the texting would also mean literal SMS


Thats the best kinda of texting, sometimes ill awnser a text and get distracted by a youtube video and what not and lose an hour of my day watching garbage instead of doing something productive. I would unironically use as a daily.

File: 1646090810569.png (8.83 KB, 800x533, Flag_of_Ukraine_and_Russia.png)


So, what are your thoughts on everything that's happening between 'em.
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Authoritarianism is ever encroaching within the US's own borders. At this rate Ukraine wouldn't be free, just under new management. There may be an advantage to protecting Ukraine for it's neon used in semi-conductor manufacturing, but even then the cost to benefit of that may depend on what other options are available. Regardless, a government's first priority should be to make the best decision for and with it's own people, and we sure as fuck cannot trust the United States government to do that.


Those “nazis” are funded by israel and thats a proven fact.

Furthermore they accept gays.

They aren’t nazis they are larpers.


I just wish my country would stop sending Ukraine absurd amounts of money.


File: 1659751706064.jpg (839.88 KB, 4766x2681, pv.jpg)

Think of it as an investment.


I think russia its a sovereign country and has its rights to declare war to whoever it wants to.

I think ukraine its a sovereign country(or at least wants to be) and has its rights to fight for it.

I think that western (eu) people just want a foot into eastern european culture, too bad ukraine its filled with literal nazis everywhere but its the best option they got, otherwise russia gets a feet of influence over western culture and they hate fags and what not.
Billions of money sent to whuite people far away its a slap in the face for blacks in the U.S too.

File: 1672281665591.jpg (183.69 KB, 946x946, irezumi-yakuza-boryokudan-….jpg)


what to do when I have feds trying to play with my head?
there's zero dirt on me, I just find it annoying
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part 2
…if you catch a girl mirin' an you have eye contact for over 5 seconds, you can't break it. You have to radiate dominance, or else they will KNOW. If she comes to you because you stared at her, it's very likely that you are facing a shit test. Do not excuse yourself. Portray dominance and call her an ugly slut


fake and gay


look in the mirror


Be cool man, if you look nervous they'll know you're on to them.

A trick I learned is to carry something. Always. If you're carrying some papers, coffee mug, small shopping bag… it looks like you are going to or coming from somewhere even if you aren't.


watch out

File: 1619298475800.jpg (157.89 KB, 549x696, 64640634_p0_master1200.jpg)


I like Titanfall 2, despite being terribly at it. It's good fun.
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I've heard people say that playing chess improves decision making skills in life, although I'm not sure how much truth there is to this.


Using your brain is always better than letting it rot by doing nothing challenging. You can think of it like brain exercise.


Ive been playing insurgency while listening to podcasts to kill time for an hour or 2


I've been playing a lot of Armored Core And Front Mission First lately.


Star wars battlefront 2 (2005) the good one not the shitty new one
I have really good memories of playing armored core 3

File: 1561905526165.gif (313.74 KB, 400x285, yesitstrue.gif)


If this is 1111 get, everybody in who reads this including me will be happier, luckier, and richer.
That is synchronicity, law of attraction, and meme magic for you. Spread positivity!
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Unbelievably based


File: 1663625520559.png (264.97 KB, 596x447, Count one.png)


File: 1663635938144.gif (43.68 KB, 150x150, key_of_the_key_of_the_key_….gif)

12 is also a lovely number.


God please let me be financially stable without having to work, gf too if possible.


Things have been going in well for me since this post was made, thanks lain.

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