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Boogie Belgique are brilliant, warm and fuzzy nostalgia for the upcoming summer days.


Neo-psychedelia from the cure wannabe act "The Horrors"


There's a very strange Duvet - Bôa remix starting 15 minutes in


This is really good anon, i found that the more obscure you go with BM the better it gets.



Thank you for sharing this it is beautiful.

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I have a suspicion that you are all older people and would be surprised to find someone under 30 here, meaning people who can in some way influence this or any future decades culture.
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Another 20 year old hear. I suspect a lot of the younger people on sites like this are refugees from big tech, I am.


25. Getting up through my 20s but technically under 30.


I'm 18. going to college in a few months. What was college like for you lainons? I'm personally hoping to learn lots and make lots, if all goes well


I am 32 and reccon I am probably one of the oldest fags here.


the older the better honestly

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File: 1620193235656-1.jpg (46.88 KB, 510x693, dbc8c08c7a4205fc60c7f7ff7a….jpg)


What are you dreaming about? Do you believe that they have a meaning?
Maybe someone knows how to lucid dream?
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File: 1652277163828.jpg (94.74 KB, 1080x1050, IMG-20220509-WA0021.jpg)

Not too long ago, my dreams were very unexceptional, but I'm no sure what happened within me, or around me that changed the way I dream. Anyone had any experience this?
My dreams are not premonitions per se, but I've been having more deja-vus than before, there's also the fact that I've been dreaming of things about to happen, but not in a clear way, more in a cryptic way of thought. Recently me and my friends had an incident of getting bewitched/charmed by someone else (in a bad way), and I had a very particular dream about this, as in successfully avoiding everything that was thrown at me.


I dreamed about reading some manual page which after waking up I found out was https://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq14.html#MountImage

too much computer…


Dreamt that I woke up and there was some huge insect on my lamp, only to actually wake up and realize that didn't even look my actual lamp at all.


I dream about hot milfs


The prime minister moved in to a nearby plot and the secret services did not want people to see him so they covered the whole plot in aluminium foil like you would cover a plate of leftovers.

File: 1654291690369.jpg (23.58 KB, 680x680, fc2.jpg)


I love rats. This is a thread to post your favourite rats. Mice and [Non-sexualized] anime rat-girls will also be accepted.
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They're not super common, but they're out there… somewhere
I'm looking mostly for rats and mice, but other rodentia are welcomed and respected
I keep forgetting she's actually a mouse, I'm so used to the
>post this rat
memes that I forget


File: 1654463886814.png (129.29 KB, 724x787, of walking in ice.png)


File: 1655241859274.jpg (57.63 KB, 699x902, dbc2451097fa4ee3f534952f09….jpg)


File: 1656453569896.jpg (651.04 KB, 1476x2048, Aknn74mSNdh0Xqo7JBqusved29….jpg)

>Friendship is possible with mice.


I want to be friends with Nazrin!

File: 1654574400257.jpg (51.44 KB, 502x600, 502px-BibleWarningLabel.jpg)


Have any of you ever spent so much time with fundamentalists that you started thinking characters from the Bible decided to read the Bible itself to figure out what they had to do next? FUCK THE RECURSIVE BIBLE! Also, days were less than 24 hours long in the distant past, "red" was sometimes used in the Bible to describe brown objects, and most Bible-thumpers might secretly be porn addicts.
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It is actually a good book


the bible is actually a not bad book. i like the jesus parts the most, so i might be a bit pick-and-choosey, but you can still find it interesting without the dogmatic baggage



Hello , the top headline today is that archaeologists near Mount Rushmore have discovered what is believed to be a missing page from the bible.
The page is presently being dated, if genuine, it’s from the beginning of the bible, and reads……

”to my darling candy,
All characters portrayed within this book are fictitious, any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely incidental.”


File: 1655585726396.jpg (115.2 KB, 960x645, nico prophet.jpg)

Is that from the Mormon Bible or why is it from Mount Rushmore of all places?


you already posted this on another chan.
he already posted this on late.city and probably some other chans.

>the bible is actually a not bad book.
this statement especially shines trough with certain verses/chapters and theirs Revelations i guess if you're into metaphysical accelerationism.

File: 1646090810569.png (8.83 KB, 800x533, Flag_of_Ukraine_and_Russia.png)


So, what are your thoughts on everything that's happening between 'em.
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This person say's "my post" but didn't make the post being replied to. Ignore.


Point taken, and it's definitely true. I said I don't trust, but it's more accurate to say I seek not to rely trust, and try to let it build up slowly and be lost easily. Matt Christensen is somebody I'd say has a large reserve of trust, as I've followed him for a long time and he has avoided any catastrophic blunders (as far as I know) for as long as I've followed him, and also he defaults to principles rather than pragmatism, which makes it easy to parse his biases. But as you pointed out, ultimately the information will come from someone (and because of tier advantage in resources, probably mainstream media). So I have to either listen to the original breaker of news; do my own research, which is incredibly time consuming and often impossible; or go to someone else who has taken the time to do the research and listen to them.
I'm definitely closer to "I don't trust anything the media says" then not; in fact that is literally my position on the Russia/Ukraine war. But the war is far away from an American like me, and for now at least I can watch the Europeans kill each other at no risk, and so I don't take any side on the issue. But when it's about American politics I feel I must take a position, and so I must learn what's going on.
Honestly, it's so exhausting sifting through media that I have to have a few sources that I can just go to to get news, and not consider over much what they say, but it's so hard to find anyone worthy of this. People like Tim Pool and Phillip DeFranco, who bill themselves as just the facts reporters I've found to be some of the worst people to listen to, as they inevitably do add their opinion in, but disguise it as fact. And so I've developed this super cynical way of consuming news where I need the person to out and out come to a conclusion, so I can judge them for it. Because everyone who makes a living talking about anything has an opinion on said thing, so if they don't make it know I assume they're putting it it their reporting anyways, but being dishonest about it.
Perhaps because of this exhaustion I've developed a deep respect for neutrality and people who keep their political opinions to themselves. The last thing I want to know when I give someone online my attention (or meet someone in the meatspace) is their politics, If someone tells me they don't vote my opinion of them raises sharply.
Though perhaps I'Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Its pasta you retards


nazi ukiebros > soviet scum
seeth cope, cope seeth


mmmmm linguini

File: 1652786983834.jpg (1.41 MB, 3543x1993, 1062.jpg)


This is a pretty tiny forum, not something that you'd likely find from a search engine unless you already knew about it. So how'd you end up here? I took a pretty round about path, I found Rainchan (rip) while searching random phrases on the tor network, and someone there mentioned Wirechan and Lainchan. I checked them out and decided I really liked this site. As it happened I had just watched SEL a few weeks before finding this site.
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Site was name dropped randomly in the middle of a discussion on another website. Decided to check it out and liked what I saw.


was looking for lain wallpapers and somehow this site came up


Someone rang the buzzer and said I had to come downstairs to sign for a package, and when I did, they pushed me into a car and dropped me off here.


I don't even remember anymore. I just found it in my bookmarks.


hope this works this time
i keep a catalog of all the chans i find websurfing, it used to be pretty big but i think i deleted my homepage on accident so now i just have an unsorted list of comfy channels, this one caught my eye for whatever reason recently. it reminds me of something, but i don't know what in particular

File: 1563822404383.png (193.86 KB, 500x375, 1541717418800.png)


I'm 36 hours into "NoFap" I'm already starting to lose my mind. How do some of you handle it?
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File: 1611584745271.png (39.57 KB, 598x184, hyperspermia.png)

heh, never knew that was a thing
>symptoms, causes, diagnosis & treatment
reluctant to click that shit for fear of link redirecting to onlyfans


I ripped the skin so that now after it's healed it can't retract.


File: 1612045930843.gif (904.14 KB, 250x231, hmmmm.gif)


sounds lowkey pretty fuckng painful


I don't handle it. I jerk it twice a day.

File: 1652907299826.png (541.98 KB, 811x710, a25.png)


I hate life. I hate the people around me. I hate classes and I hate everyone I know. I can't stand being alive, but I don't want to die. If I could fast-forward 10 years I would- and if I didn't like where I am there? I can always connect to the wired.


>I hate the people around me
the people around you reflect yourself, even if all of them are superficial biggots, you have to become a schway OG in order to attract schway OGs.
>I hate classes
Skip them or just play the game. Its so easy to be top 10% everywhere you are, because most people dislike where they are. Just play the to their rules and make the best out of it, it will be useful to you later. Or skip the classes and develope the you yourself that will also be useful to you later. But not wanting to be where you are, being below average, playing by their rules but not caring about winning, youre being constructed for a long future as a worker bee that is used to wasting their time 9to5 in a job he hates. But not thinking about breaking out because its been like that always. Do something about it. Stop whining on anime websites.
>I cant stand being alive
Everyone has been there, life is about winning against death for as long as possible, its a fight, its a trouble, only when your life is secure you and safe you start inventing new problems because you as a lifeform need the daily struggle in order to survive, thats what living creatures do. Make your own problems or otherwise your psyche is going to invent them itself. Set goals and go towards them, whatever it is, if you invent your own struggle, nothing else matters.
>If I could fast-forward 10 years I would
You have to learn to take responsibility for your future. Otherwise go on 4chan incelboards and see where this mindset will bring you, if you dont take responsibility and grab your problems by the pussy, they will just stay your problems, even in 10 years.
>i can always connect to the wired.
And the wired will always be here for you, baby


>I can always connect to the wired.
We'll always be here for you, anon
>I can't stand being alive, but I don't want to die.
Please stick it out, one day it will get better, or you'll find the path you need to take to make things better.
>I hate life.
Change it. Ik there's a lot to hate about life that's outside the control of the individual, but there's just as much that is controllable by the individual. Find it, and change it.

File: 1622139312846.png (41.66 KB, 166x166, lain_cool.png)


reminder that wirechan is a lainland splinter
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File: 1622317038767.jpg (31.85 KB, 693x145, IMG-20210529-WA0004.jpg)

I have learned Retardish and it says:
Lets all love Lain

>not retarded at the same time
But you could be…


File: 1622318381016.jpg (448.98 KB, 1500x758, Konachan.com - 314233 samp….jpg)

I could, but in this very specific moment, I was just pretending to be. Why would someone pretend? Out of a funny mood? Sounds pretty retarded to me. So the act kinda made me retarded, like a self proclaiming prophecy.


File: 1626470026272.jpg (90.66 KB, 466x653, 1508056097544.jpg)



File: 1652792661102.png (16.65 KB, 413x466, 444153980514368.png)


Lain packin a mf SPAS12, Don't come to Cyberia tomorrow.

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