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Why do furries exist, no offense. I just need a quick history lesson.
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used to be one, animals on two legs is cool. drawing animals on two legs interacting was fun and cheered me when I was a kid, I guess it's because I find animals more comforting than people.


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"Why do furries exist, no offense."

I, too, want to know why furries exist, but I DO intend to cause offense, unlike OP. See attached image for a rundown on the typical furry life situation and mental condition


From what I understand, furries exists because:
-People want to recreate or create their own, detachable identity. Specifically one that they have made from scratch. Humans have had a long fascination with animals and anthropomorphized humans. The internet allowed for near instant communication across large distances and the ability to others with the same extremely niche interests. Combine the three and you get furries. It was basically a right time, right place kind of deal.
Now that they are an already established group and we are even more connected than we previously were, they can better draw in people.
That's kinda what started this whole thing, is just losers who wanted their own, separable identity.
>creeps & pedos
These same kinds of people are also the same kind of people with identity issues. Not saying everyone person that struggles with identity is a pedophile. ON top of that, people are plugging into The Wired younger and younger. That naturally attracts pedos. It also causes said kids who get exposed to fringe furry fetishes and pedophilia to essentially get indoctrinated, leading to a downward spiral of depravity.
TL;DR, The industrial revolution and its consequences for mankind have been a disaster.


This post already answered everything stop necroing threads ratards

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I have decided to try no-fap for a month starting on the 14th. I am going to keep a diary here.
Day 1: 2022/08/14:
I slept all day, no fapping was possible
Day 2: 2022/08/15:
I kept my self busy with classes for most of the day. Never felt horny
Day 3: 2022/08/16:
Same thing as yesterday, but I felt horny for about 5 min at work for no reason
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doing good so far


its nor really an issue u guys are just making things harder for urself.


I only do it once a week and still think its an issue, i hope that every body can stop their fapping problems


>I only do it once a week and still think its an issue.
Same. I am definately doing a lot better than I was though. I need to get back on that shit I was on when I went 1 month straight. It's the little steps though. Maybe I'll be able to go 1.5 or 2 weeks


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doing good so far

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Why has it re-entered the cultural zeitgeist? Is there a tiktok trend I'm unaware of? Also, general blood meridian / McCarthy thread

File: 1681838924504.jpg (54.97 KB, 800x450, soyjak.jpg)


Why is this meme still so popular? I get what it's making fun of, but it's so run into the ground and has devolved into making a strawman out of anyone you disagree with. What happened to lighthearted silly shit and stuff that's edgy to make people laugh? Why is internet discourse (outside of very niche corners of the net like this one) either milquetoast as fuck or under 30 layers of anger and irony? I'm only an older Zoomer, but even I remember a time in my preteens and early teens when it didn't seem this bad.
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>I doubt they said anything like 'If you make nothing worthy now, all you deserve is disco.

>This is actually almost a perfect quote from sid vicious in 1977

>The quote is; "If you make wanker music like those disco queers, don't even bother coming in here"

>You can literally watch any punk rock documentary from the era and there will be similar quotes, Thats the whole point of making something new, you just don't like the current thing, which at the time was disco, then those people banded together and made something completely new, nobody told them to or how, the opposite actually.

Do you really thing the guys on video related were going around asking and telling people to be part of their scene? Really?? The most you would get were flyers for the events in a wall somewhere if you were lucky to find it, which guess what its just like every scene nowadays. Now kids look at those things through a glowing screen and want to be like them. Something made out of nothing but the desire to break away from the current zeitgeist.

If they wanted to keep the whole 'punk' thing under wraps so that no-one ruined it, why would they even be doing a documentary in the first place?


>Something you make or bond over. preferably both

Hobby:definition from Wikipedia:
>A hobby is considered to be a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time

Hobby:definition from Dictionary.
>A hobby is considered to be a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time
>Example:Her hobbies include stamp-collecting and woodcarving

'Something you make or bond over' is just your own subjective definition.
Do people 'make' anything by collecting stamps? No, but by definition it is still a hobby.

>Those are the exact same thing dipshit

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Bro you got the aspergers bro


This post gave me a brain aneurysm, this could've been a only line response but not only you quoted multiple things that are not related you also misquoted at the end making it look like it was your own writing when you were actually still quoting.

If i isekaied you and gave you the keys to one of those ''places" you yearn for, you would've been insta demonized making a bloated post like this, It takes serious effort or severe brain damage to make a post this bad, what the fuck.

Now on point:

>If they wanted to keep the whole 'punk' thing under wraps so that no-one ruined it, why would they even be doing a documentary in the first place?

For the scene? For people in the punk scene in europe, japan, south america and all kinds of places to get an understanding of the unique california punk scene? For them to know about the scene bands they like are a part of?

This was before the internet as we know, you see, those were in vhs tapes and were passed/sold around in shows, skateparks and scene hang out places, they weren't going to a golf club or random bars and passing them around, if you were a church going guy in California 1982 you would've probably never even saw anything related to of punk rock outside of maybe some thugs in a tv show, maybe some homeless on the street, but you were definitely not privy to the inside details of the scene or cared about it even, if you saw that vhs in a blockbuster why the fuck would you buy it over hundreds of movies and random shit? Why the fuck would you even want to see it in the first place?

I know its hard for you to understand that people actually did things for the sake of being cool or being part of something cool, developing a culture and having fun creating their own things instead of begging others and browsing imageboards, but thats how things get made, not just punk rock, but pretty much everything else.
Some guys in the 1920s thought it would be cool to go really fast on their cars, people thought they were crazy daredevils, fast forward some years we got nascar. If you want something that is not yours, you have to make it yourself not beg for it, especially not with strangers on the internet.
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the used net wars its a funny name lol

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Sometimes I daydream about people asking my opinion on various subjects, like it matters.
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>Sometimes I daydream about people asking my opinion on various subjects
This can be a useful technique for writing. I saw an author give a lecture and when asked about any writing techniques he used, he mentioned that he would imagine explaining the concepts discussed to family and friends, like he was sitting at a full table during a holiday dinner and the reactions to what was proposed came very naturally. How would I explain this to my young niece? What would that one crazy uncle's reaction be to such a conversation? How would mom and dad argue over this piece of information? What would my grandfather say in that situation? What comic relief might that one bratty cousin provide? An entire book where the writing prompts for conversation and discussion was imagining bringing up technical topics that don't usually get brought up during a large family dinner.


I try to avoid doing it with people that I actually know because I don't trust my memory to be able to tell real from imagined apart.

I've been thinking about writing an interview with myself but it feels excessively narcissistic.


Maybe interview yourself and then use that as material for dialogue between fictional characters then? No one would have to know.


whats ur opinion on wirechan?



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Post some interesting YouTube videos you come across.
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File: 1682688627353.png (266.73 KB, 722x435, Screenshot 2023-04-28 9.28….png)

finally a thread i actually want to participate in so one random day i looked up KKK song because idk, nothing interesting popped up but this random ass Hindi video with like 500 views (now has 3k) and the youtube video nor channel has context, no description, no about and no videos and is just a cheap CGI reindeer dancing with some goofy music not sure if i can send link but want too



Oh please do gizza the link, can't leave me hanging now.




File: 1683999405895.jpg (133.65 KB, 531x800, mors.jpg)


so far ,so good


Waiting until I stop looking like this


Bro get your rib cage checked out, looks all kinds of fucked up.

File: 1682688229903.png (3.94 KB, 184x123, download (30).png)


hello from Poland
i love Poland!


File: 1684006447452.mp4 (2.52 MB, 270x480, pami kurwa.mp4)

>hello from Poland


forgot to metnion
>serbian flag

File: 1682797063233.jpg (131.93 KB, 1024x681, The-Power-of-Billboard-Adv….jpg)


Suppose a law was passed that enforced more honesty and less manipulation in advertising. You cannot associate your product with other things to make it look appealing, such as showing sexy women in an alcholic beverage commercial or using shots of luxurious lifestyles to push products as status symbols. You can ONLY advertise the product itself and what it actually offers. Would it be effective in helping people shop smarter? How would such a law be enforced? What might be the loopholes and grey areas? Would it backfire and restrict speech in ways it shouldn't?
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Great! Two very different views already. Could you elaborate more?
How do you think this suggested law could be abused? Typically the argument against any sort of restrictions on speech are the forseen and unforseen ways they could be abused by an ill-intentioned governing body.
Doesn't that screw over people with a genuinely innovative product that people don't know about yet? What would legally constitute an advertisement for your proposed ban?


If you're fooled by ads you deserve it


You still have to live on the same planet as these people, putting up with corporations who aren't held accountable because they have armies of brand loyalists and peer pressure slaves. Besides, you aren't immune to propganda either. No one is.


>Besides, you aren't immune to propganda either. No one is.

You have obviously never smoked crack cocaine and invoked shamanistc animals to protect you from big corporations, the big eagle knows everything, unplug from the dark matter and live the life the ghosts yearn for…


>Would it be effective in helping people shop smarter?
Hell no. Most people are fucking idiots and any amount of advertisements will still influence the masses. Besides, companies will just find another effective method. There are also PLENTY of advetising techniques that don't need associations with some lifestyle or luxury
>How would such a law be enforced?
Based on current laws, probably a fine that won't really affect the company. I honestly can't think of a good way to enforce it. You could always go with "the hand of one is the hand of all" and arrest anyone involved with the ad that knew it was illegal. But that seems excessively harsh for the crime. A fine that's x amount of the profit that the ad brought might be a better solution, but still doesn't seem feasible.
>What might be the loopholes and grey areas?
What "association" counts as. I could see corporations thinkg of clever ways to form an association without fiting the legal definition. Not to mention "no associations allowed" is pretty vauge for a law.
>Would it backfire and restrict speech in ways it shouldn't?
Possible. I question how it would affect sponsorships and product placements. As much as I don't like sponsorships, there are entire industries that basically rely on them. NASCAR and Youtubers being 2 of them.

I would like more laws restricting advertisments, but I really don't think they'll do much. Someone will either bribe and official or find some way around. We should just terror-bmb them hold them accountable outside of the legal system idk.

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IS WIRED DEAD???!?!?!??
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I personally think VCXL is a breath of fresh air, but I see your points (which are well written) and I agree entirely.


I want VCXL to either assimilate or go away


You're new too homo



Gone but not forgotten fr fr


Is he dead???

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