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I found this, it's pretty nice.


Good ol' Zatsune Miku


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hi, i need some mindf*ck medias so i mean things like websites,movies,mangas,comics,books and stuff like that, if you know anything that can mess with my mind write the name in this thread
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I happen to be an expert in this field.

The platform



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As far as movies go, Takashi Miike got some classic ones like Visitor Q, Izo and Gozu.
Another great Japanese one is Tetsuo, which is about a man turning into metal.
And David Lynch of course, most of his stuff is top tier.


got some stuff


this is absolutely mesmerising…thank you…I think?

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I like Titanfall 2, despite being terribly at it. It's good fun.
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The humour is pretty dated as well I believe, that's why that game in particular makes me feel old.
>haven't come around to play it
Give it a shot, as dumb as the humour may be, you may dig it.


I've been playing a lot of Tetris. I often play it during lectures, it's a bad distraction.


Did you try Tetris Effect?


If you guys havent played Binary Bomain its an amazing cyberpunk game




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What is the wired mouths blade of choice?

i carry a swiss climber but lowkey wish that i bought a huntsman because the corkscrew its usless to me and the saw wouldve been much more useful, the hook makes it so much easier to carry heavy grocery bags though
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pic rel


Nice, the saw wouldve saved my life a couple times, what happened to the tip? lol


>what happened to the tip?
I don't really know. I think it has just been used a lot of times for a lot of things. I just recently got it~


eh..anyway, what would you've used the saw for? I have this nice beltpocket as you can see, so if it sounds like that could happen to me, I'll maybe start taking it with me more.


to saw wood and/or hard plastic

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Every time you see this thread. Drop a random pic!
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What brings you here, traveller?
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>have nothing to do
>check most of the imageboards I lurk
>do it again
why do I exist?


File: 1621621754047.jpg (51.86 KB, 636x727, 1510658196389203.jpg)

I'm in a similar position, except I have things to do I just don't want to do them.


File: 1621669531621.jpeg (1.94 MB, 2134x3276, D_WEANtVAAAO-7_.jpeg)

To troll or to not troll, that is the question.(TO TROLL)


hiding from responsibilities


Making my imageboard rounds at 12AM like I always do before I head to sleep.

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Ctrl + V is what you're thinking, also post the last image you saved:

The other 2.7%(which you'll probably NEVER run into) can either be: a.
Only be used to call the front desk. b. Only be used to call the front desk
unless a 4 digit code is punched in before-hand. c. Only be used to call 911.

Now if you are so unlucky as to find one that is part of the 2.7% minority
then you've got a 1 in 3 chance that you'll be able to hack it….
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File: 1621157777802-1.jpg (748.61 KB, 1536x2048, walled_back.jpg)

File: 1621157777802-2.jpg (712.64 KB, 1536x2048, walled.jpg)



File: 1621374344205.jpg (104.16 KB, 981x591, Crazytranny.jpg)

Fat fuck smells bad and cant talk to girls: more news at 11
When is he gonna realize that his youth days are long gone and will start acting his age?


File: 1621465496182.png (344.09 KB, 1024x576, feel.png)

Agency heads may act upon a written waiver request containing the
information detailed above. Agency heads may also act without a
written waiver request when they determine that conditions for
meeting the standard cannot be met. Agency heads may approve
waivers only by a written decision which explains the basis on
which the agency head made the required finding(s). A copy of
each such decision, with procurement-sensitive or classified
portions clearly identified, shall be sent to:

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Attention: FIPS Waiver Decisions
Technology Building, Room B-154
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

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File: 1622175568940.png (117.08 KB, 1025x431, legit.png)

TACACS, the access control system for MILNET TAC's, requires you to
login before a connection to a host may be completed. The login process
is automatically started with the first @open (@o) command you issue.
There is also a new @logout (@l) command to logout. Otherwise, the
functioning of the TAC is essentially unaffected by the access control

Here is a sample of the login dialog (the user input is underlined):

(a) PVC-TAC 111 #: 01 This is the last line of the TAC
herald, which the TAC uses to
identify itself. When you see the
herald, the TAC is ready for your
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reminder that wirechan is a lainland splinter
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what is the meaning of this


what a newlain


I was just pretending to be retarded (that doesn't mean I'm not retarded at the same time). Love lain xx


File: 1622317038767.jpg (31.85 KB, 693x145, IMG-20210529-WA0004.jpg)

I have learned Retardish and it says:
Lets all love Lain

>not retarded at the same time
But you could be…


File: 1622318381016.jpg (448.98 KB, 1500x758, Konachan.com - 314233 samp….jpg)

I could, but in this very specific moment, I was just pretending to be. Why would someone pretend? Out of a funny mood? Sounds pretty retarded to me. So the act kinda made me retarded, like a self proclaiming prophecy.

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Is anyone here familiar with the TSUKI Project? Or Systemspace?
I want to bring the site back to life.
Not necessarily the whole suicide-cult/ARG/Schizo-enabling aspect, although it might be an interesting lore background for my idea of it's new use as a sister lainboard.

The site design is the comfiest fucking thing I've ever laid eyes on.
I'd need help as I'm not great at web design, but I will fund the shit out of it.
Can anyone help me out?
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Are you a fellow migrant?
My EiD was 1241
Kinda miss those days


No that was the most autistic shit ever, i was just there to take screenshots, archive and laugh at the retards.


you can't just "bring it back to life". it's not dead, most migrants have simply moved on and all that's left of it are separate splinters, consisting mostly of people who were very loyal to the project.

if you're talking about creating something "similar" then that's a different story, but i doubt it'd go far.


systemspace is dead, lucacord supreme


….I guess?

I just want a functional board :c

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