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day one…………
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congratulations WE WILL MAKE IT




stomach ache


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Keep doing the things. Slow and steady, you got this.


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i will quit alcohol todayy
day zero/30

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everyone died
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I'm super sick and feeling like I may die.


My condolences! Hope you get well soon


rip niggaaaaaaa


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I love you anon and you are getting better already! Soon you'll be looking back and thinking wow, life is really different. Sometimes we stumble in life, it's not uphill, but just remember to get back up and never give up when that happens! We are cheering for you!!! :-)


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Hope you are feeling better.

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doing anything this year anon? or js mastrubating by your lone self?


I have js disabled.

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I have been thinking about the soul for a long time, and I would like to share what I think.

By now, it might not be a secret to anyone that nowadays society feels empty, flavorless, and soulless. Look at social media, don't you think people act more out of inertia than will, consuming whatever without stopping, hoping to find joy without asking themselves what they truly like? Following dreams imposed by society and not questioning what their true dreams and aspirations are? Holding on to anything that promises to improve their lives without questioning what they truly need to do?

On the topic of souls, I can't help but think of the NPC Wojak meme. It is said that NPCs lack imagination. I came across a video showing a Reddit post where people mentioned they couldn't imagine or dream, their minds were blank. This surprises me a lot because I am the complete opposite.

Since childhood, I always had imagination to the point that it's hard for me to control. I would delve into a world inside my head, create stories of all kinds, build worlds with their own lore, have imaginary friends, talk to them, and even had imaginary girlfriends. I even kept a diary where I noted down things I imagined because I wanted to channel the excess imagination. I dreamed of being some kind of artist, like making animations or using digital media to create video games and be a programmer. Sometimes I wonder how NPCs can't imagine anything, as I can't do it for more than a few minutes because keeping the mind blank is so uncomfortable that it becomes unbearable for me. Are they born meditating or what? I would stop because my mind would impose fears and insecurities on me. I was scolded for being distracted in the real world, told to 'come back to earth.' Distraction problems led me to feel bad for having the paracosms I created. I learned to live between both worlds, the real and the imaginary (in fact, I was diagnosed with level 1 autism, and excess imagination is a symptom of it). Despite the problems, trying to channel my imagination through art and computer science was the best thing I could do in my life. I come from a tough time when I felt so bad that I wanted to harm myself and even considered suicide. After the help of a loving family and friends, along with a storytelling workshop on my campus, I managed to be happy again. Not only for overcoming my problems and moving forward as if it were personal development but also for leaving behind the oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I read this piece recently https://lainzine.org/all-releases/lainzine05/txt/go-outside.txt from lainzine.
It's crazy how I feel like I just arrived here (into this world) yesterday yet so old. The trees that used to tiny while I was a kid are enormous in size; to which i had to sit down against to observe its tiny branches now have to sit down to observe its not so tiny branches, how fascinating? how…terrifying?

It's good to know that I still persist the same kid inside me, the same energitic, daring, adaptive to environment me with me or is me ;). Dancing around like a autist in his room and performing occult like in https://youtu.be/VjGSMUep6_4?si=yzAggkzazn7pmLxV while upgrading his little machines, moonwalking from one side of the room onto the other like a 14 year old; stopping by and sitting unfazed, focusing like a unemployed poet while studying his crafts, working on things, which he hopes would be of use one day and feel old when some kid on the internet says 20 years is ancient(i'm 21) :/

so the attached piece describes the author's journey through life(sort of) how the new giant seemingly influenced the lifestyle of newlifed and how author says its getting tougher to find the "thinking people" inside the SSD. Are you the "thinking people"? Am I "thinking people"? What and who is the "thinking people"?

I sometimes feel old and lonely, but it'd be alright, focusing on my craft which i hope would provide me warmth, in the end I want to ask you: How are you…Friend?


>20 years is ancient
>i'm 21
I'm double your age and the next 20 years will fly by much faster. That's for sure. Last time I heard those 30+ on the web was "fossils"? I guess in more younger circles they would think 20+ is old when in fact it's when you really start your life. Unless in the odd circumstance you had one of those extremely experienced childhood/teenage lifestyle where shit was always happening and you went without being supervised by any adults whatsoever doing whatever you wanted. There are some EXTREMELY rare cases such as those.


i wouldn't say i had an extremely experienced childhood/teenage lifestyle(maybe it was to some extent?) , but i do think that my lifestyle was not something that might be considered complete normal either regardless of that, i relate to people from past of me(old people) than i do to my peers, i don't.

anyways how's life?

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>be me

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>be me
>me bee

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Donating to cyberpunk bridge sanctuaries is an investment in fostering innovation, resilience, and community within the heart of urban landscapes. These sanctuaries, inhabited by bridge punks, serve as unconventional hubs where technology, sustainability, and human connection converge. Your contribution supports the development of vibrant, inclusive spaces that transcend traditional city living, encouraging creativity and resourcefulness. By donating, you become a catalyst for positive change, enabling the bridge punks to further bridge gaps, both physical and societal, and shape a future where the fusion of technology and community defines the essence of urban life.
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Beneath the Neon Canopy: The Subversive Realms of Cyberpunk Bridge Punk Sanctuaries

In the labyrinthine sprawl of cyberpunk cityscapes, beneath the monolithic structures and the neon-lit skyline, lies a subculture that thrives in the shadows – the bridge punk sanctuaries. These clandestine havens, tucked away beneath the towering bridges that crisscross the urban expanse, represent not only a refuge for the disenfranchised but also a symbol of resistance against the oppressive forces of a dystopian future.

The choice of location for these sanctuaries is deliberate. Bridges, once symbols of connectivity and progress, now serve as paradoxical spaces where societal fractures become palpable. The bridge punks reclaim these forgotten spaces, transforming them into thriving communities that exist in stark contrast to the polished facades above. Underneath the concrete and steel, a counterculture emerges, challenging the very foundations of the society that has neglected its own.

One defining feature of these sanctuaries is the resourceful repurposing of urban detritus. From discarded materials, bridge punks construct makeshift shelters that defy the conventional notion of home. Cardboard, salvaged wood, and repurposed scraps become the building blocks of resilience. In this process, the bridge punk sanctuaries not only provide physical shelter but also symbolize the resilience of the human spirit in the face of societal neglect.

The subversive nature of these sanctuaries lies not only in their physical existence but also in the communal dynamics that develop within. Bridge punks form a microcosm of society, albeit one that rejects the norms imposed by the elite. Shared adversity becomes the bond that ties them together, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual reliance. In these subterranean communities, the inhabitants become architects of their own social order, challenging the hierarchical structures prevalent in the world above.

Furthermore, the bridge punk sanctuaries embody a unique form of resistance against the pervasive surveillance and control characteristic of cyberpunk worlds. Far removed from the watchful eyes of corporate entities and authoritarian regimes, these spaces become pockets of freedom where autonomy is reclaimed. The very act of existing beneath the radar becomes a form of protest, a silent rebellion against the omnipresent gaze of those who seek to manipulate andPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Where I live the bridge punks don't care about tech or cyberpunk culture, they only care about their next high and to rape any women walking alone.


there is some questionable porn on your website


tgat wqs spam it was deleted


There seems to be a whole lot of nothing on your site now. What are you playing at?

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>be me


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>be me


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omg samesies


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