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Do you use any other chans/imageboards besides this one? Any forums?
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friendboards ftw


Maybe this fits here as I have integrated two links with chan-lists on the page. Thanks to >>3753 btw for the second.
What do you think about my /cyber/-related website. Anything missing, anything too much?


Very nice fren.


Finally another anarcho board. Who remembers 0chan?
That makes me think of another website made by musicians, but it's more of a forum. I will post it when I find it.


Beautiful site thank you.

File: 1660698083735.jpg (31.85 KB, 320x319, hr6kF67qZDs.jpg)


I have decided to try no-fap for a month starting on the 14th. I am going to keep a diary here.
Day 1: 2022/08/14:
I slept all day, no fapping was possible
Day 2: 2022/08/15:
I kept my self busy with classes for most of the day. Never felt horny
Day 3: 2022/08/16:
Same thing as yesterday, but I felt horny for about 5 min at work for no reason


Joining this started yesterday


Wanna fap but handable


Day 4: 2022/08/17:
Again, I was preoccupied with work and studies. But even when I wasn't I didn't feel any different. I think at some point I am going to look at some coomer material to make this more difficult. If I can tempt myself and overcome that temptation then it proves and reinforces my resolve.

Welcum, anon. May your no-fap journey be prosperous


It's always day 0.


You lot better resist that masturbation temptation!

File: 1660165168833.jpg (95.81 KB, 760x947, craiyon_210305_I_m_not_lik….jpg)


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File: 1660234317147.png (1.21 MB, 760x926, craiyon_181100_powerlines_….png)


File: 1660241927908-0.png (1014.1 KB, 760x926, craiyon_200436_Iwakura_Lai….png)

File: 1660241927908-1.png (735.75 KB, 760x926, craiyon_184015_Iwakura_Lai….png)

File: 1660241927908-2.png (1005.56 KB, 760x926, craiyon_183624_Iwakura_Lai….png)

File: 1660241927908-3.png (1.06 MB, 760x926, craiyon_200827_Iwakura_Lai….png)

File: 1660241927908-4.png (1.02 MB, 760x926, craiyon_201824_Iwakura_Lai….png)

These usually work on the first try and have fun results.


File: 1660245347052-0.png (1.04 MB, 760x926, craiyon_204838_Izumi_Konat….png)

File: 1660245347052-1.png (1.16 MB, 760x926, craiyon_205429_Hirasawa_Yu….png)

File: 1660245347052-2.png (1.18 MB, 760x926, craiyon_211358_ancient_cav….png)


File: 1660522206669.png (1.29 MB, 760x926, craiyon_000941_chaos_br_.png)


File: 1660522385856.png (769.92 KB, 760x926, craiyon_001233_staring_int….png)

File: 1579765046367.jpg (8.63 KB, 474x266, lain.jpg)


I have a suspicion that you are all older people and would be surprised to find someone under 30 here, meaning people who can in some way influence this or any future decades culture.
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I would be remiss if I didn't point out the irony of calling this a woke forum.
It's definitely a little bit absurd, backward, balmy, boneheaded, crazy, cretinous, daft, dense, dim-witted, dull, dumb, empty-headed, feeble-minded, foolish, gormless, half-baked, half-witted, idiotic, ignorant, imbecilic, insane, mad, mindless, moronic, rash, reckless, ridiculous, senseless, simple, simple-minded, slow-witted, soft, thick, thoughtless, unintelligent, unqualified, unreasonable, unsophisticated, unwise, weak-minded, or witless to call this a woke forum in my opinion.

Yet, I'm as woke as they come. I'm a catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black, Jewish boyfriend who works in a military abortion clinic. So hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon, madam.

Nuff said you egotists?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)



Cor blimey, look at that. I'm banned. Just to say, if it's about that last paragraph, it's a quote from the film "Kingsman: The Secret Service" I should've put quotation marks at the start and end. It wasn't truly my words.

Also, I get peeved when I read the word "fag" here. It's in every other post. I'm British so slurs like that get on my wick. But I guess it's the norm here.


Apologies koi. Wasn't my intention.


He died for your sins


Sometimes imageboards are great. Someone who is on the same wavelength as you joins the discussion. You connect and share your thoughts and insights to each other. You feel connected and inspired by some random anon from the other side of the world. In the best case scenario those beautiful moments stay with you for the rest of your life.
Sometimes imageboards are not so great. You try to express your thoughts in a clear way to initiate a discussion. An anon enters and completely either ignores or fails to understand the content of your posts and the thread gets filled with angry insults and white noise.
All I can gather from your message is that my comment about IQ probably made you feel inferior, perhaps powerless, which in turn made you angry. Your post brings absolutely nothing of value to this thread (or Wirechan in general), quite the opposite. You did not respond to any of the content of my post, instead you chose to churn out a weak attack on my character.

File: 1646090810569.png (8.83 KB, 800x533, Flag_of_Ukraine_and_Russia.png)


So, what are your thoughts on everything that's happening between 'em.
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If Republicans win in 2024, the supply of weapons to Ukraine is going to be dropped like a hot potato. That's not right.


Authoritarianism is ever encroaching within the US's own borders. At this rate Ukraine wouldn't be free, just under new management. There may be an advantage to protecting Ukraine for it's neon used in semi-conductor manufacturing, but even then the cost to benefit of that may depend on what other options are available. Regardless, a government's first priority should be to make the best decision for and with it's own people, and we sure as fuck cannot trust the United States government to do that.


Those “nazis” are funded by israel and thats a proven fact.

Furthermore they accept gays.

They aren’t nazis they are larpers.


I just wish my country would stop sending Ukraine absurd amounts of money.


File: 1659751706064.jpg (839.88 KB, 4766x2681, pv.jpg)

Think of it as an investment.

File: 1563822404383.png (193.86 KB, 500x375, 1541717418800.png)


I'm 36 hours into "NoFap" I'm already starting to lose my mind. How do some of you handle it?
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Started "NoFap" today. I'm gonna make it


Stop watching porn and supplements (like instagram/tiktok whores, comics, etc) and just fap once a week


i used to be a mild porn addict until i cut it out of my life
if looking at porn or coomer bait is routine, then your brain will be stuck in horny mode. if your stuck in horny mode for long enough, youll fap.
go cold turkey and free yourself from the demiurge of lust
after that it should be a cakewalk
speaking of with i might try NNN this year


I'm going to start presential university in two weeks for first time, i haven't see a lot of people since the start of the pandemic shit but i hope that go out a lot of hours can help me i'll start gym too


File: 1659029731348.jpg (75.83 KB, 1280x779, IMG_20220326_215003_807.jpg)

This is going to be helping you a lot friend, the point is going out and distracting yourself a bit. I've been on a small self-improvement trip, and I sort of prepared myself mentally, but it does help going out, meeting new people, and doing a variety of things.

File: 1635886172773.jpg (171.77 KB, 800x450, image-w1280.jpg)


hello? (hello?)
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File: 1658735914566.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152 KB, 1280x904, IMG_20220724_234430_455.jpg)

Well hello there… :3


File: 1658739481378.jpg (76.61 KB, 736x736, cf7fba0f00512aa7eb9b902097….jpg)

you don't have to be like this…
ya know?


File: 1658741374514.png (368.63 KB, 500x625, AFlower?!.PNG)


File: 1658784979233.jpg (31.57 KB, 499x481, oops.jpg)

Sorry, didn't want to offend anyone.


File: 1658817756976.jpg (43.84 KB, 484x270, hellobitches.jpg)

No hello

File: 1654291690369.jpg (23.58 KB, 680x680, fc2.jpg)


I love rats. This is a thread to post your favourite rats. Mice and [Non-sexualized] anime rat-girls will also be accepted.
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File: 1656453569896.jpg (651.04 KB, 1476x2048, Aknn74mSNdh0Xqo7JBqusved29….jpg)

>Friendship is possible with mice.


I want to be friends with Nazrin!


File: 1658174885860.jpg (110.37 KB, 1191x1684, media_E8CXlPZVEAQ6yge.jpg)

Can't post this here because of the filesize: https://files.catbox.moe/quuswp.mp4


File: 1658184836215.mp4 (7.25 MB, 1280x720, quuswp.mp4)


File: 1658654030261.mp4 (2.84 MB, 640x1136, muso.mp4)

File: 1581292015367.jpg (166.35 KB, 1000x1480, 1576343406007.jpg)


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Injecting some folk-prog into your evening/morning.


Some power metal.




saw father john back in 2015 or so, just after the 2nd album. was a great show, lots of fun. cant say ive enjoyed his later albums. Fear Fun is kind of bitter-sweet for me these days. those were better times.

File: 1657897792768.jpg (85.82 KB, 736x716, ggggggggggggggggg.jpg)


Since 1993, 40 crimes have been committed in Germany, Austria and France, including 6 murders, after which samples of the same DNA of a woman were found at the crime scene or on the victim's body.
The alleged killer became known as the "Phantom of Heilbronn". The police could not find any clues, and there was nothing in common in the crimes — completely different victims, places, accomplices.
It was only in 2009 that it was established that there was really no connection between all these cases. It turned out that DNA samples were taken with cotton swabs, which were initially contaminated with the DNA of their packer at the factory.

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