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File: 1664934623833.jpg (895.6 KB, 2350x1754, numberonepartymonster69.jpg)


guys lets have another party- its been over 9 months since the last attempt. (thats enough time to have a baby!) maybe this one will be more successful than the last.
im thinking -

some possible topics to discuss at the party (so be pondering in the meantime!) -
>favorite autumn memories
>music and films you have recently enjoyed/hated
>childhood pets that you miss
>favorite midnight snacks
>subtle things people do at work that bother you
>what is to be done with VCXL?
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>10pm central time
>5am for me

File: 1660698083735.jpg (31.85 KB, 320x319, hr6kF67qZDs.jpg)


I have decided to try no-fap for a month starting on the 14th. I am going to keep a diary here.
Day 1: 2022/08/14:
I slept all day, no fapping was possible
Day 2: 2022/08/15:
I kept my self busy with classes for most of the day. Never felt horny
Day 3: 2022/08/16:
Same thing as yesterday, but I felt horny for about 5 min at work for no reason
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Just did it 3 times today

God fucking dammit I will stop with this sinful behavior

Day 0


May you be strong my brothers


I feel you, I've been wanting to start nofap again yet failed on day one again and again for a week now. I really want a test boost for my upcoming fight next saturday… I need to stop at least 4 days before bros


Main and auxiliary spank banks have been deleted. I was worried I would feel hesitant or regretful about deleting them, but I actually feel freer. I won't be blocking porn and hentai domains though. I live with other people and I don't want to find out if they're coomers by messing with their internet.

>I feel you, I've been wanting to start nofap again yet failed on day one again and again for a week now. I really want a test boost for my upcoming fight next saturday… I need to stop at least 4 days before bros

If you struggle with day 1, try starting on a day where you will be so occupied it is impossible or impractical to fap. Good luck with your fight, I'll be rooting for you.


Brothers here we meet at the cross roads again, back to the beginning may you find a reason to do something else other than to jack off.

Endure and you shall be rewarded.

File: 1664943067961.jpg (34.09 KB, 256x256, 809787668798vdsyrs.jpg)


i think i am going to seek an autism diagnosis. i probably have it but im not 100% sure. i will keep everyone updated as i go along.

do any wirechan users have an official autism diagnosis?

please feel free to discuss any aspect of autism here in this thread.
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>except making people who know treat you like a retard
exactly, some people will talk to like you're a toddler.
> I was taken to this at the time seemly random building and this presumably physiologist guy with crazy hair had me do a bunch of random things like solve basic puzzles, and just some small talk with him.
basically the same for me except the guy didn't have crazy hair and i'm not from the US.


>will talk to you* like


>Why do you want a diagnosis? It really doesn't change anything
It can make you medically exempt from some stuff, like the draft


Can't you get autismbux?


If you need to seek one your probably retarded and every body can pick up on it, get it to get rid of the pretenses and get the money. Try to not annoy people by being yourself.

File: 1581292015367.jpg (166.35 KB, 1000x1480, 1576343406007.jpg)

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Listening to this classic.





File: 1652907299826.png (541.98 KB, 811x710, a25.png)


I hate life. I hate the people around me. I hate classes and I hate everyone I know. I can't stand being alive, but I don't want to die. If I could fast-forward 10 years I would- and if I didn't like where I am there? I can always connect to the wired.


>I hate the people around me
the people around you reflect yourself, even if all of them are superficial biggots, you have to become a schway OG in order to attract schway OGs.
>I hate classes
Skip them or just play the game. Its so easy to be top 10% everywhere you are, because most people dislike where they are. Just play the to their rules and make the best out of it, it will be useful to you later. Or skip the classes and develope the you yourself that will also be useful to you later. But not wanting to be where you are, being below average, playing by their rules but not caring about winning, youre being constructed for a long future as a worker bee that is used to wasting their time 9to5 in a job he hates. But not thinking about breaking out because its been like that always. Do something about it. Stop whining on anime websites.
>I cant stand being alive
Everyone has been there, life is about winning against death for as long as possible, its a fight, its a trouble, only when your life is secure you and safe you start inventing new problems because you as a lifeform need the daily struggle in order to survive, thats what living creatures do. Make your own problems or otherwise your psyche is going to invent them itself. Set goals and go towards them, whatever it is, if you invent your own struggle, nothing else matters.
>If I could fast-forward 10 years I would
You have to learn to take responsibility for your future. Otherwise go on 4chan incelboards and see where this mindset will bring you, if you dont take responsibility and grab your problems by the pussy, they will just stay your problems, even in 10 years.
>i can always connect to the wired.
And the wired will always be here for you, baby


>I can always connect to the wired.
We'll always be here for you, anon
>I can't stand being alive, but I don't want to die.
Please stick it out, one day it will get better, or you'll find the path you need to take to make things better.
>I hate life.
Change it. Ik there's a lot to hate about life that's outside the control of the individual, but there's just as much that is controllable by the individual. Find it, and change it.


nothing ever changes or stays the same. accept this irony and keep on keepin on. why? why not?

File: 1660165168833.jpg (95.81 KB, 760x947, craiyon_210305_I_m_not_lik….jpg)


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File: 1660241927908-0.png (1014.1 KB, 760x926, craiyon_200436_Iwakura_Lai….png)

File: 1660241927908-1.png (735.75 KB, 760x926, craiyon_184015_Iwakura_Lai….png)

File: 1660241927908-2.png (1005.56 KB, 760x926, craiyon_183624_Iwakura_Lai….png)

File: 1660241927908-3.png (1.06 MB, 760x926, craiyon_200827_Iwakura_Lai….png)

File: 1660241927908-4.png (1.02 MB, 760x926, craiyon_201824_Iwakura_Lai….png)

These usually work on the first try and have fun results.


File: 1660245347052-0.png (1.04 MB, 760x926, craiyon_204838_Izumi_Konat….png)

File: 1660245347052-1.png (1.16 MB, 760x926, craiyon_205429_Hirasawa_Yu….png)

File: 1660245347052-2.png (1.18 MB, 760x926, craiyon_211358_ancient_cav….png)


File: 1660522206669.png (1.29 MB, 760x926, craiyon_000941_chaos_br_.png)


File: 1660522385856.png (769.92 KB, 760x926, craiyon_001233_staring_int….png)


i guess the other girls dont eat sandwiches


home sweet home


bottom left looks like it could be a Tool CD single

File: 1664551413522.jpg (1.71 KB, 225x224, download (2).jpg)


Ive come to a realization that my so called contribution to this site has been less appreciated then i have anticipated. I broke the piece, this once relaxing place has changed due to my short influence, and for that im sorry… im sorry for what i have done to the ones who wish me to go, and to those that want me to stay i dont think i can, at least not now. When i have become more accustomed to the way the internet and this place works. Maybe one day ill be able to enjoy this place the way it was intended, a second coming of sorts. I respect the sheer anonymity of this place, its peaceful. I have left a bad foot print on such a quiet and peaceful place. Maybe youll find me on bombparty or something. goodbye <3
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You will remember your posts when your older and you will cringe


Why would anyone be ashamed of what they posted on an anonymous imageboard?


He isnt anonymous, hes vcxl.

Also you might do things that nobody knows and still feel cringe



!pu ekaw ,live si tenretni eht


File: 1664763174522.jpg (824.15 KB, 1336x1688, october_again.jpg)

dont leave just keep all of your childish ravings in one thread

File: 1664291829244.jpg (87.05 KB, 800x866, FNhkKpSVgAMiYtb.jpg)


IS WIRED DEAD???!?!?!??
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File: 1664458471434.jpg (8.05 KB, 225x225, images (8).jpg)

>>4052 nice lurking, yay now you know my age congrats!!, and also avatar fragging is a way of life.


File: 1664478190776.jpg (588 KB, 1920x1285, 1664418875960859.jpg)

You lack any humility and understanding of imageboard culture (not only Wirechan's culture but in general).
It's been entertaining and refreshing to see someone new and clueless find their way here but I think at this point it's clear that your egotistic behavior and avatarfagging is having a negative effect. You see, these kind of forums are supposed to be anonymous and in most cases just using a nickname gets you banned.
Using an "avatar image" is especially cancerous and if I was the admin, I would have banned you immediately to try to teach you that lesson. Imageboards don't exist for you to promote your identity, your site, your music or your alter-ego, they exist for anonymous discussion devoid of the usual social limitations of the outside world. They are places for you to come and share your deepest thoughts without having to worry about your social status or your identity. Or sometimes just having a good, lighthearted time sharing comfy images is what it's all about. Either way, using names or avatars takes away from that experience from everyone.
This can understandably be a culture shock for a young, creative person like yourself who has grown up with social media. But you must understand that these places are an antithesis of all that.
You've already been told that you should LURK MOAR and you should take those words seriously, so you don't become like those tragic people who have been namefagging on boards for +10 years who think they are the shit, but in reality no-one cares. You can do all this avatar-chit-chat thing on Discord and it will be much more enjoyable for you.


I personally think VCXL is a breath of fresh air, but I see your points (which are well written) and I agree entirely.


I want VCXL to either assimilate or go away


You're new too homo

File: 1654291690369.jpg (23.58 KB, 680x680, fc2.jpg)


I love rats. This is a thread to post your favourite rats. Mice and [Non-sexualized] anime rat-girls will also be accepted.
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File: 1662584476340.jpg (8.13 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpg)

Everybody gangsta till a rat starts living at your house when you forgot to take out the trash


I wish I had a mouse gf.


File: 1663137259544.png (1.16 MB, 813x629, 9680be40a8341848ea3aea5eb0….png)


File: 1663740871332.png (1.89 MB, 2992x2410, afebbbd71ae628f4fb1d9aaf81….png)


File: 1664399236907.jpeg (11.16 KB, 412x306, rat maid.jpeg)

File: 1664288047684.png (316.88 KB, 1540x1471, lsbdpuhzz2591.png)


Im back from a very short hiatus you guys can list down their usernames, i will put them on the site. Im sorry but your pfp's are too goofy.


Welcome back VCXL. Missed ya.

In the grand scheme of things, putting those names on the site seems less important the noo.

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