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Reply to me with your answer if you'd like to answer.
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When did this board get filled with cuckhold fetishists?


Trying just a bit too hard


yep, dangerously based


Don't encourage him

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Happy new year wirechan
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happy year


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happy new ear




Happy new year! Won’t be switching to wireless anytime soon LETS GO


happy new year everyone

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Why do chans/imageboards tell those who don't fit the culture to "go back" or some variation of that? I get why gatekeeping is necessary and I'm not suggesting that those who shit up the place shouldn't be told to lerk more or fuck off, but why would an outsider "go back" to where they came from if where they came from doesn't accept them either?
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Because what else will you do other than to show hostility to the posts, you cannot instill positive behaviours and manners to people over the wired, that the parents jobs not the internet, the internet its just there to make fun of you, thats all. You can't do anything about it except praising the good and shaming the bad.
Electronics are something you go for like an hour or 2 to kill time, Its not serious business like

Imagine if every post on this thread was a variation of this.


This makes me cr i


Because nobody wants to be in a place unequivocally hostile unless severely mentally ill, most of these people have nothing to live for, sometimes the internet its their only form of social contact, they will move out sooner or later because they're are plenty of avenues that will welcome them with manufactured e-kindness.


Learn to assimilate or fuck off!


Isnt it pretty fuckig obvious?
it is done to save culture and delicate ecosystem

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Dear Wirechan,

I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on having low testosterone levels. As you may know, testosterone is a hormone that plays a crucial role in the development of male characteristics, such as facial hair and a deeper voice. It also plays a role in muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive.

While low testosterone levels can be a concern for some men, I personally do not feel that having low testosterone has had any negative impact on my health or overall quality of life. I have always been comfortable with my body and my masculinity, and I do not feel that my testosterone levels have any bearing on these things.

In fact, I have found that focusing on my overall health and well-being, rather than solely on my testosterone levels, has been a more productive and fulfilling approach. I have found that maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, as well as practicing stress management techniques, have all contributed to my overall sense of well-being.

And let me tell you, one thing that has definitely contributed to my sense of well-being is my delicious soy milk! I just can't get enough of it. It's so creamy and refreshing, and it's packed with all sorts of health benefits. I'm sure you can understand why I just had to take a sip mid-sentence.

In short, I want to reassure you that having low testosterone does not have to be a negative or debilitating experience. It is important to focus on overall health and well-being, and to not let hormone levels define one's sense of self or masculinity.

Former Redditor, you guys are heckin cool!
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Now i see what people meant by people from 4 chan


mucho texto and not funny enough to read it all
you are trying too hard


Damn, that's a lotta words
too bad I'm not reading 'em


And I forgot
Post physique


why does this look like it was generated by chatgpt? anytime one of my friends would generate stuff with chatgpt it would always start with something like "Dear ____", or something like that and then explain what it was going to talk about, just like this post.

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instead of stabbing myself in the chest
slashed leg instead
why do some days feel so good, and some feel so bad
i don't want to feel like this anymore
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it fully removes the hair instead of having a stubble


>retard doesnt knoq about a ball shaver



What if he doesn't have the money for one? Ever think about that asswipe!?




then he should use those scissors to make money instead of accidentally raising his suicide percentage

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Should become girl not maybe?
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It's the same person.


Its the same guy hes prob not even 14 just mentally ill


I don't really mind the avatar but why are you spamming it so much? Chans aren't really the place for attention whoring.



File: 1671224331695.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.04 KB, 600x360, Capitalism-vs.-Socialism.jpg)


People argue about what system benefits the people more, but they all fail in practice because some powerful entity subverts said system.
Capitalism? Monopolies and eventual bloating of government in favor of the elite.
Socialism? Manipulation and corrupt government. Anarchy? The masses are easily manipulatef tribalistic nutcases, and the smart ones aren't immune either.
Monarchy? A shit king is an inevitability.
Democracy? Irrational mob rule and manipulation by the elite.
Theocracy? Who do you trust to dictate what the holy book means in good faith?
Every system is worthless if the people cannot enforce it. How do you account for that?
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My town was like that until most of the people who held the town together either died or moved away. Most of the people I went to school with also moved away that held values here. Now it's just a bunch of junkies, outsiders, and the worst greedy people at city hall that stayed behind with only gaining more power. A lot of people who tried to prop up small businesses also were run out of town by extremely high taxes or being bullied into the "cult system" we have here. On top of nostalgia this is quite another reason why I desperately miss the 90s wanting to return to how it used to be.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?




Ideally, but the populus is easily manipulated by the watchers they're supposed to be watching.


Thats why you unironically needs schizo patriotic militias to keep the watchers in check

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My friend told this site is cool,

Post your discord tags and mastodon here !!!! anf other too

— Yoro-chan —
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>Post your discord tags and mastodon here !!!! anf other too
b-but then it wouldn't be an anonymous board


File: 1672000519465.jpg (29.61 KB, 600x480, yeoldenmemes.jpg)

The end cannot come soon enough.


>implying any other form of communication is not inferior to wirechan


you're either:
1. a newfag who doesnt understand the point of imageboards
2. a glowie
3. a normalfag who doesnt understand the point of imageboards


Trying a bit too hard to fit in

File: 1654291690369.jpg (23.58 KB, 680x680, fc2.jpg)


I love rats. This is a thread to post your favourite rats. Mice and [Non-sexualized] anime rat-girls will also be accepted.
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File: 1671485262860.png (52.87 KB, 260x242, Screenshot_20221219_012530.png)

This cat will eat all you you



File: 1671722898828.jpg (665.91 KB, 3957x4096, 448411d3e79517124f6b5fae11….jpg)


Found a dead one outside of my house earlier. I guess it froze to death from the low temps.


R.I.P. Mouse frend

A friend of mine posted this image close to when you posted it. Could you and he be one in the same?


File: 1671962937039.jpg (1022.48 KB, 1000x1300, 597c45773c5c4bb08d3500fdeb….jpg)

Why not ask your friend?

File: 1664943067961.jpg (34.09 KB, 256x256, 809787668798vdsyrs.jpg)


i think i am going to seek an autism diagnosis. i probably have it but im not 100% sure. i will keep everyone updated as i go along.

do any wirechan users have an official autism diagnosis?

please feel free to discuss any aspect of autism here in this thread.
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That sounds awful. Can't you just go and get a diagnosis yourself? They might be able to help you, even if just a little.


if you have that you can get gibs, then you dont have to worry about work


I don't know how to set up appointments for myself. I barely got by with the phone calls to get food stamps. I screamed at the woman on the phone telling her she's stressing me the fuck out by being on the phone as long as I have been and I don't know what else she wants from me. I have panic attacks over the most trivial things. I barely even can clean dishes unless the entire sink is empty. I wish I could live in a room that's paid for and never go outside again. Just have a computer and shit delivered to me that I need. With a very small allowance for goods to maintain my lifestyle.


I wouldn't usually recommend this but have you tried getting really high on weed?
Like really high, then try doing those things again.
Its bad for you but the alternative sounds worse.

Make sure you research the strands.


I've smoked weed before. I always just play video games, watch anime, and fap a lot. I do nothing else. I do feel calm and relaxed though.

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