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File: 1622168628609.png (22.79 KB, 512x512, tsuki.png)


Is anyone here familiar with the TSUKI Project? Or Systemspace?
I want to bring the site back to life.
Not necessarily the whole suicide-cult/ARG/Schizo-enabling aspect, although it might be an interesting lore background for my idea of it's new use as a sister lainboard.

The site design is the comfiest fucking thing I've ever laid eyes on.
I'd need help as I'm not great at web design, but I will fund the shit out of it.
Can anyone help me out?
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you can't just "bring it back to life". it's not dead, most migrants have simply moved on and all that's left of it are separate splinters, consisting mostly of people who were very loyal to the project.

if you're talking about creating something "similar" then that's a different story, but i doubt it'd go far.


systemspace is dead, lucacord supreme


….I guess?

I just want a functional board :c


File: 1623916929182.jpg (15.13 KB, 388x409, 1588047830229.jpg)

Who is he?


I was too. Mine was 5216. I still miss 2017.

File: 1560151623824.png (33.61 KB, 1920x1080, youtube-logo.png)


Post some interesting YouTube videos you come across.
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File: 1615313033859.png (171.91 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot4.png)

I saw this on F-Droid for one of the fitness tracking apps, Usain Bolt is slow af compared to this.


He probably was in a car.


It clearly says running at the top.


I had enough Russian lessons for today.


File: 1621353257450.jpg (550.38 KB, 1920x1080, wp1895646.jpg)


To say

Morality is FAGS
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Get out of the internet



This highbrow humor website might suit you more


muh reddit
The state of LARPing autists


File: 1622108871198.jpg (64.79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-6.jpg)

It's not that we are LARPing
It's more like you don't have a sense of humour as refined as us, so everything that looks too obtuse you end up calling autism.
Look deep inside of you and see if you can let your so called autism live




File: 1519758980128.png (124.43 KB, 283x320, comput.png)


hello? anybody here?
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Questchan is ded so here I am.


I had been away for some time but I'm back.


Yes hello. Lain is here and I am here too.


I check every week or so


File: 1621714115005.jpg (1.92 MB, 3648x2736, 1578071529160.jpg)

occasionally i check here again to see what's going on. it's nice to be able to check this slowchan every once in a while without fomo, even if it does make it feel a bit empty

File: 1619212878861.mp4 (940.34 KB, 640x360, mamalade.mp4)


1 megabyte edition
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File: 1621258774068.mp4 (1.81 MB, 480x360, 16212446820420.mp4)

Patrick Patrick we are fallin…


File: 1621343142663.mp4 (871.67 KB, 640x360, quacked.mp4)



File: 1621343175423.mp4 (153.48 KB, 640x360, quackin.mp4)



Where did the duck go between the two webms?


We don't know pal.

File: 1621259881438.png (21.13 KB, 128x126, bruh.png)


>Be me
>Manipulative as if it was a Merchant
>Find something that I desperately wanted
>Search countless days to look for it
>Found a rando on a forum
>Has the stuff
>Good goy! This crap is similar to something and I have no proof of it ergo I must blam him/er for it.
>Oy vei! A thief!
>Person now hates me
>Ask another favour
>Try to use multiple tricks to convince it
>Oy Gevalt!
I really want to pull a cap on my head.


Dude, stop speaking in memes and speak properly




File: 1621316842570.png (443.56 KB, 807x619, b64a0b122027d6d32c3b9d3279….png)

>be OP
>spend too much time on the internet
>having no sleep for 5 days
>is completly confused with life
>makes this post
Anon get some sleep. Have a little rest. It will get better.


Why does OP sound like an Oblivion character?


Are u ok

File: 1616595874948.jpg (390.76 KB, 1080x1219, 842654de3d8ce52eea54e119d5….jpg)


how did you finded wirchan? just curious
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File: 1620266519473.jpg (43.39 KB, 640x448, breakyourselffool.jpg)

That made me actually physically sick thank you


Yeah, personally all i wanted was to find "comfy" altchans (kind, 22chan, anoncafe ect) without unwanted drama, porn, and other sites like discord or reddit and after shuffling through several aforementioned altchans i found this place that i plan on sticking around and posting on more. I'm just tired of wandering, man.


A story told by many wirenons. As if this was some kind of deadend. The place you reach when you've given up on everything else. That's kind off romantic, isn't it?


I know the creator lol


File: 1621090272655-0.jpg (699.12 KB, 1920x1920, E1a5zm4UcAE3OtT.jpg)

File: 1621090272655-1.jpg (669.52 KB, 1920x1920, E1a5zm1VoAEqBjD.jpg)


File: 1619620571181.png (277.68 KB, 768x300, lain_banner1.png)


This site just a cheap ripoff of lainchan you faggots.
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File: 1620075231328.jpg (34.31 KB, 480x360, unity.jpg)



I never cared about "x imageboard is bad/became bad/is derivative" because i employ this technique, were i go on all of them, look at the good threads and ignore the rest (apart from this one).


File: 1620125234831.png (98.4 KB, 306x412, 1620123191584.png)

The award goes to Anon.

Care about the threads not the users!
~Anon 2021

File: 1615533818022.png (386.29 KB, 312x448, HAHAHA FAG.png)


*stares at you*
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File: 1616596093985.png (71.36 KB, 223x154, Opera Snapshot_2021-03-24_….png)

stare at you all in the eyes


who is this woman?


a hybrid animeayyylmao?


File: 1619675265048.png (999.66 KB, 541x1306, ClipboardImage.png)

Kamichama Karin


File: 1619695629442.png (158.13 KB, 202x400, 135092864379548.png)

File: 1617028319801.gif (280.17 KB, 128x128, nauseous.gif)


anyone alive out there?
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You are not alone <3


File: 1618832369999.gif (430.47 KB, 498x413, 1617905238719081.gif)

>anyone alive out there?



still here


File: 1619638302274.gif (257.84 KB, 600x338, bitch don't kill my vibe.gif)

I'm here but there are no interesting threads to post in the frontpage.
And I don't want to be the guy who spams threads


>…but there are no interesting threads to post in the frontpage.
Then necrobump something interesting from older pages.

>And I don't want to be the guy who spams threads

Spam wouldn't be nice but I am sure you have great ideas for a thread.

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