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How many wired anons here are from the USA?
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He ran a small textboard that also had an upload section which is where this >>4421 picture is from. The website was beey.space hence beeys space on the internet.


What happened to lurk more?


Where do you want to lurk? The site is gone.


>he doesnt know

Thanks for proving my point, now you will never know because you just couldnt keep your fingers in your pants



The usa should b[redacted]nize

File: 1624847617527.jpg (148.49 KB, 718x539, GED-HSED4.jpg)


Is the GED worth it?

GED could just be taken in like a year or two and teach all that high school supplies besides maybe memories and social connections. So why does high school exist or if exist, takes as long that it does, 4 years?
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If you know how stupid the average person really is, then you shouldn't be going around saying such things. Clearly you've never tried teaching anyone what they needed to know in a classroom. Most overlook your truth because it doesn't hold true for the vast majority of people. Finland has one of the best public education systems in the world, and you'd just have them do away with it all. Even the super competitive and test hungry East Asian countries aren't that crazy.

>How is anybody suppose to learn when they put obviously incompatible students in the same building for a day.

In other words, bring back classroom segregation for the black kids!
>studying for college
So you want to produce even more elites that will end up being underemployed.

Standardized testing isn't that great because then you will have teaching to the test. With the internet, it's already concerning enough that few people actually know things instead of looking it up.

If things were even slightly more efficient, most people's eyes would bleed. The emphasis on efficiency is such that we're already heading into neo-feudalism as it is. Institutions are indispensable amidst this. The arts and humanities which make life worth living need to be subsidized by more profitable fields.


High school is obviously not intended for the smart winners, but usually those are still the same people that manage to make the most out of it despite their complaints. These are the kids that already have a side gig as teens making almost as much as adults do. Bright people do just fine for the most part, and those the ones that actually matter to the economy.

You get what you pay for: public education is the bare minimum and a necessary evil. Put your money where your mouth is and try to homeschool a kid of your own with your own self-proposed curriculum. You must remember that even the ancient philosophers studied at academies although they were very different from our schools.

You think you're smart for realizing literacy and mass conscription go together because of the social contract since the French Revolution? Things are the way they are for a reason, and they're slowly but surely changing in the 21st century because university was never meant to be vocational school. Go find out what nobles do with their children.

Child prodigies do not take the GED. They skip grades and even then they have maturity issues.



yes if you want a normal job no it you wanna be rich


I was 21 in high school and they made me drop out right before I turned 22. I ended up taking my GED and passing first try. I just mostly slept in class and fucked around.


At the risk of sounding very pessimistic, I think part of the reason school exists the way it does is to teach people about social hierarchies and to mass produce worker drones. They also double as daycare centers so dumb teenagers aren't running around doing dumb shit.

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What is the male female ratio of wired chan.
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How come you left 4 chan? Why be here?
The awnser of why people hate channers lies inside.



I get it's a shitpost, and I get it's the internet, but fuck dude, why be cruel for the sake of cruelty?

Do you genuinely lack that much empathy?


I don't have to wade through constant bait, unironic bigotry, wojak spam, porn spam, etc. to find good discussion. Plus I like the cyberpunk theme as I've been facinated with computers since I was a child.


We have been over this so many times already nobody likes channenrs but nobody takes the time to teach them how to behave ironically >>4600 is the best post on this matter and hes mostly telling him to sudoku


ahh Another wirechan diva youll fit right in with all the other retards just stop behaving in a 4chan way



And you thought of bringing yourself here, where you previously enjoyed that other culture? Now you want to enjoy this one, if you enjoyed garbage why wouldn't you drop some of your own garbage here to make yourself feel at home?

This is why people hate current age chinners

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I have a suspicion that you are all older people and would be surprised to find someone under 30 here, meaning people who can in some way influence this or any future decades culture.
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i am 17 so


19. already have significantly influenced culture ;)


OP here, i am 21 now, made lots of friends in that time and got my drivers licence, life its ok, could be bettet.



File: 1666884277000.jpeg (39.96 KB, 1080x789, FgBVz84UYAAl22j.jpeg)


I'm preparing now for the NNN.

I'm gonna try and document my journey. Last year I failed at Day 15, feeling defeated. But this year, I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna be stronger. This year, I'll triumph over my weakness and overcome this obstacle.

It'll be cool if you guys can join me.
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It's over. I thought it would be harder.


Same. I thought I would feel more accomplished but it just feels like nothing. I think it has permanently changed my thought patters, but in a good way, though.


i wanna start this for december again


Maybe unpin this shizz?

File: 1667152585242.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3510x2596, lain minecraft.jpeg)


Suddenly I have a great desire to play Minecraft, but my friends don't want to and Singleplayer is really boring where can I find cool people to play with?
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File: 1668719877482.jpg (110.78 KB, 500x573, funinthecity.jpg)

Minecraft is best when played alone.


I don’t play video games but if I did I’d play with you, OP


Since Microsoft has acquired MC I have stopped playing it. It used to be pretty easy to install and play. Since the acquisition I keep getting esoteric install errors with little to no solutions or documentation. Plus is certified spyware now


I haven't played MineCraft but I associate it with the mean normies who played it and were mean to me.


Was thinking about buying it since it says it supports linux. But stoped after seeing it reqires a microsoft account. sad

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I am going to use this tread to complain about my love life so strap in, boys.
feel free to roast me, give me advice that i foolishly will not take, complain about your own love lives, or laugh at me.

Im really into a girl that I work with. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, here is the problem - she has a kid, she is technically still married to her child's father, she is living with another guy.

This all started when she began flirting with me a lot at work. I ignored it at first but eventually was unable to stop myself from flirting back. I began thinking about her a lot. She is very pretty and our personalities seem to mesh well.

She texts me every once in a while with little things, flirting. I text back but eventually she ends up ghosting me for hours, often days at a time because she is living with another dude and I assume she doesn't want him to know.

We share the same gym and last week I saw her and talked to her a bit. I eventually convinced her to come hang out with me in my car and listen to music. Within 2 minutes of sitting in my car we're making out, she is all over me - its great. She tells me that she has "wanted to do that for so long". Confesses that she thinks about me a lot, looks forward to seeing me at work every day, etc.

I meet her the next day briefly, we make out in the car again. I ask her to leave her boyfriend, she says she will. I text her the next day and she says that she cant meet me but that she will see me again soon. Days go by, I text her again - no reply for two days. I tell her that I want to see her again even if its just for a short time. She says "you know I want to" - then no more replies.

How do I convince her to leave her boyfriend? She has made it very clear that she is very attracted to me, has said things like "if I weren't in the position I am in right now we would be together".

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Here's the problem I have with all of this, if this is REAL, why are you telling an anon imageboard based around SEL culture? No person in their right mind would think "that is what I must do, I must seek the advice of my Internet chums"
I'm doubtful that you are telling the truth. And no woman I have ever known is as 'turned on' to you as she is.

I call something iffy about what you've wrote on this thread.

If indeed you do have an ongoing problem with this girl, I wish you the best of luck, but I don't think this should be the first place you come to, to outlet or blog your worries.



Dont mess with hoes, you probably just got pushy with a hoe, or her boyfriend found out an beat the shit outta her, either way do not covet another mans wife.


This is backsitting modding go back to lainchan


Weeeewoooo weeeewoooo weeeewoooo,

Hear that? that's the psycho bitch alarm. …Oh wait I think I hear something else…

Beeeep Beeeep Beeeep

That's the immature, lonely, little boy alarm.

The label says that if these two sounds are heard concurrently then you are probably retarded, and fucked.


On the off chance this is real: you should do nothing. Get over her. Move. You're either forcing someone with a kid, who is dependent on someone else, to risk that support over your ass. OR, you're playing with a hoe, who will stayed married to a man while she fucks around. Either way unless you can support the kid you should probably let it be something that never was.


Yo its me, who said meet in a neutral place. Either she blocked you or her bf found out/checked her phone or something and she wanted to supress the messages. Either way, if on multiple occasions someone is not reliable, especially to that degree, you need to leave her be. Wanderers dont want to stay in one place, dont try to domesticate them.

Why should your personal experiences be of any significant importance in judging if a woman can act like that. People mirror behaviors. They will always be towards you what they seem to be the right way to treat/behave towards you. Different people, different treatments, infinite possibilities, unprocessable amounts of data.

wise man speaking

File: 1669414164978.jpg (46.4 KB, 540x360, 360_F_42095282_0EUlCqFhJN2….jpg)


I am british. Make some assumptions based on my nationality.
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That actually sounds awful.


>I am a namefag. Make some assumptions based on my namefaggotry.


Least derogatory wirechan user.


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first post best post

File: 1620889839724.jpg (256.9 KB, 566x800, aqua thumbs up.jpg)


Big up to everyone using anime avatars in corporate chat programs!
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File: 1624626904389.jpg (136.78 KB, 720x720, 1618856910836.jpg)

>Yes it would be weird, the question is can you, in your position, with what you're doing and how you are around people, afford to have a weird representation on your digital connections towards your colleagues
No I probably can't.


File: 1624706194517.webm (491.02 KB, 1280x720, pizapizapizapizapiza.webm)

What if you set up one of those virtual youtuber avatars and joined an online meeting like that? Fastest way to become a CEO.


CEO of suicide


Compromise and use something family friendly like from Studio Ghibli


Spotted a Lain avatar in the wild today. They are in an office in a different country so I most probably will never meet them in person, but I will look for the name in the annual promoted/fired lists.

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Best way to celebrate my birthday ?? Any suggestions ??

(P.S i wanted to ask this place specifically, I'll be out of your hair in no time.)
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I may be busy that day but I'll be there in spirit


How old are you turning? 14?



16 most probably, guessing that from the neocities page that states 15. Does it really matter guyz?

The most important question of all is how much cash do you get in your b-day card?! :D


Happy birthday!


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