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File: 1521320407875.jpg (177.3 KB, 1562x1600, 02vD9CM.jpg)


Hello, I am a visitor from 4Chen. What is this place?
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a bit late anon, aren't you?


Nah it is never too late

t. Necrobumber


This is not a "weird" website about her. This her home also called the "wired"


if he was searching for a weird website about her the 4chan anon here should have gone on lainchan


Yeah. So true

File: 1615533818022.png (386.29 KB, 312x448, HAHAHA FAG.png)


*stares at you*
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File: 1615661636632.png (75.67 KB, 1200x758, ClipboardImage.png)

*This now the official staring contest thread.*

my record was 3 minutes


File: 1615663943300.jpg (292.46 KB, 1051x1200, 4001d1ffe6d5dde2b04a22de14….jpg)

I stare at my computer's screen for a lot longer than that.


Without winking? I would have cried all over the place.


Well, probably not like that, but on my work computer I have a program installed to remind me periodically to blink and take breaks.


File: 1616596093985.png (71.36 KB, 223x154, Opera Snapshot_2021-03-24_….png)

stare at you all in the eyes

File: 1537256023216.png (33.77 KB, 2016x660, Dangeru.png)


I came here from Danger/u/. It looks comfy. I like it
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The whole thread or just the reply?


the reply, Its funny.


What a shame the imageboards have been taken over by the most vile, hateful people who do nothing but screenshot the replys and not the threads. I do not remember this being the case when I was young and on the chans…


Haha I just screenshoted your reply lol

File: 1615590375170.png (625.1 KB, 500x651, 1615401717012.png)


Am I allowed to advertise my chan here?
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Also, I cannot reply to a thread I posted on /cf/ some months ago. It says my post is automated. I had replied earlier but post is deleted now.. or was never posted successfully.


Send me an e-mail




You should always ask the admin first.



File: 1594938162845.jpg (46.4 KB, 590x350, GSTQ.jpg)


This board is now the property of HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN.
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oi mate i wish the queen mum would shit in me mouff
in fact yew'd be schtewpid not to




By stealing, murdering and committing crimes against humanity.


Shank! I have my shanking loicense.


Once met a Welshman who would tell this joke:
Do you know how to say good morning in Welsh?
Good morning… Fuck the crown!
Do you know hot say good afternoon in Welsh?
Good afternoon… Fuck the crown!
Do you know how to say good evening in Welsh?
Good evening… Fuck the crown!

File: 1560151623824.png (33.61 KB, 1920x1080, youtube-logo.png)


Post some interesting YouTube videos you come across.
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Usain Bolt's max speed was 44,72km/h


That's fast. I don't even remember when was the last time I ran. Maybe in hight school.


File: 1615313033859.png (171.91 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot4.png)

I saw this on F-Droid for one of the fitness tracking apps, Usain Bolt is slow af compared to this.


He probably was in a car.


It clearly says running at the top.

File: 1613504939053.jpg (63.2 KB, 564x564, 1613192342056.jpg)


Hello travelers in the wire. Is this place dead?
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Still here OP, bord may seem like that, but just know we're here


File: 1613785274190.jpg (11.32 KB, 201x251, stfu.jpg)

shut the fuck up


nano is quick for a tor only imageboard


File: 1615303354243.png (306.01 KB, 1920x1200, trans_rights_are_human_rig….png)

Anyways checkout my Desktop.


Looks pretty nice.

File: 1609711158832.png (537.2 KB, 628x628, daydream in blue.png)


I don't care if metal, chill or folk music, post some music, that you like.
I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG8y4f3gA68
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oh i love slowdive



This sounds so relaxin.
Added to my playlist now.



What's up everyone


the ceiling is up my dude, the ceiling.


Solar panel #3 is online


Wait dont look up. There are footsteps on the ceiling!



File: 1579765046367.jpg (8.63 KB, 474x266, lain.jpg)


I have a suspicion that you are all older people and would be surprised to find someone under 30 here, meaning people who can in some way influence this or any future decades culture.
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im 17, I am baby


21yo here, technically this is my first post one wirechan so idk if that counts


very late, but 19 here


I'm a foetus, your mama tastes very nice


I can't remember what fake number I wrote the last time I replied to one of these threads. Maybe I'm getting old?

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