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I've been checking in on this place everyday for a while, very slow almost dead feeling. How often should I be checking in?


Maybe try out once a week. Or a month. Or a year. Not sure. Do you have any other cool imageboards to check?


I still check this place quite often. I don't want this place to die, but at the same time I'm busy working on my own board. I also like this anon's site posted on lainchan: https://beey.space.

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Beautiful butte.

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How many of you are wrestling fans?

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Lighting up some weed to smoke, anyone else here like to get high?


Used to live for the sole purpose of trying out as many drugs as I possibly could. Weed was the most accessible one so I used to smoke whenever I could. I simply used to enjoy the change in the way I perceived the world. Can't relate anymore though my man, I don't even understand how I used to enjoy all that stuff anymore.


I've never really tried any other drugs besides salvia and "fake weed" when those were randomly legal in my state and this head shop at the end of my street sold them. Weed helps the way my mind works and keeps me calm. Usually when I'm sober I'm extremely paranoid and constantly overthinking things. I also talk to myself a lot whenever I'm not smoking weed and sometimes get caught up in a pacing loop in my home. I'll walk around in circles talking to myself for hours about religion, politics, and how I could save the planet if only I could access the demonic powers that lay dormant inside of my soul.

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Lain… I'll make us nice tea next time. With some madeleines! Definitely. They're great.

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What's the strangest thing you would fuck?
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A vagina. They look pretty strange to me, humans are born from those hairy slime-tissue spaceship cave-holes. Also, blood every month and all that, I'd definitely hit that.


I'm thinking Arby's.


Can I eat your Arby's?


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Ah, haven't seen that in a long time.
I remember finding it like 2 years ago while just skimming through the wired.

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Welcome fellow human




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hai, what do u wanna talk abouut? :3


cuute :3

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What are some other lain-esque boards other than the obvious ones?
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He gave it up. I spoke too soon.


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telnet wingee.dyndns.org 8763


>sending my posts in plaintext


Why would you ever use telnet over SSH in this day and time?


does anyone know this site's link?

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