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what do you think about people owning weapons to defend themselves? personally, i am ambivalent, because on the one hand a disarmed population is easy to suppress, but on the other hand this is also feasible with an armed one, as the example of america shows. also on the basis of the united states one can see that weapons can be used unfortunately also to senseless and ineffective terror acts, which happens however in other countries likewise, although more rarely, merely with illegal weapons. personally, i do not own a firearm because i live in a country where they are illegal, but if the law were otherwise, i would probably acquire one.
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If the aggressor is physically stronger. Also, edged weapons can be exceptionally deadly. It may seem like overkill to shoot a guy with a knife, but real combat is all about superiority, not playing on an even battlefield. Trying to defend yourself with only the same type of weapons an attacker brings will get you killed. I guess the point I'm trying to make is: if someone is out for your life, and it's up to you to defend your life, why settle for less than the best option?


Yes that is the whole point I'm making. Everyone needs guns, cause there are guns. If you hadnt have guns, there would always be the strategic dimension to a fight. Doesnt matter if you have a knife, a sword or a spear. Youd always want the best options. And since there are guns, guns arent the best option, but the only serious one. Because whatcha gonna do to someone with a gun? Its not like people who want you harm dont take guns. So in the end its only about what? coincidence? Who shoots first?
So its not the stronger or more intelligent survive, but those who seek you out to shoot you first. Psychopaths, Crackniggas, Narcissists, Schitzos


What I wanted to say by that schizorambling was:
Guns are the best self defense, unless the attacker has a gun. In that case its coinflip.


>unless the attacker has a gun. In that case its coinflip.
I wouldn't say that, it really depends on the situation, but I do think it brings up a point this thread has glossed over. Training is just as important as the gun itself. There is little to no point in getting a firearm if you cannot operate it sufficiently. Back to the superiority point, if you can't be superior via equipment or numbers, be superior via skill.


Ai? What Anime?

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Does anyone know if Grimchan is officially dead? I hope not, but all the boards have been locked for quite awhile. Is it just maintenance?


Unity here. Nobody told me anything about this.

We had an insanely bad spam flood that wiped every single board. Commenting upon it in the news page was egging them on. I opted to lock the site for a week. I quickly disabled the board lock and didn't receive any emails about site issues after that. I had simply assumed we'd lost users from the raid.

I've now discovered that there is a bug in tinyboard's board lock boolean. No matter how you set it–true or false–as long as the option exists in the instance config, it will always lock all boards. For any other administrators reading this, please comment out the option entirely after you are ready to unlock.


Unity the GOAT! Fr fr ong!


Thanks for responding Unity. I appreciate it. I'd like to get posting and revive the community so if we can get things running that'd be great. I not a tech guy but I can try to help. Also, I would recommend adding a contact feature to the site as when the board is down/locked there is no way to speak with admins.


I have my email on the rules page. I do have to get rid of the twitter link at the top of the page though as that account no longer exists.

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Im the anon that was seeking an adult autism diagnosis. I was officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (ask me anything).

Im now going to do the right thing and try to get full disability so I can spend my time at home posting on wirechan.
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ok autisic person. lol.


I am interested in seeking an adult autism diagnosis, what steps did you take?


Not OP, but if you're curious in attaining a *legitimate* diagnosis in something, collect and write down all of the symptoms that you exhibit and all of the ones you dont and to what degree. Then look into common differential diagnoses and collect and write down all of the symptoms that you exhibit and all the ones you dont and to what degree. Then do research into the clinical side of those disorders. That means reading what actual, individual psychiatrists (not psychologists or therapists) say they see in people presenting with tbose disorders. Then go see an LCSW or therapist (not a psychologist), especially one who specializes in your issue, with all of this info and see what they think about it. If they don't click, try someone else or move up the ladder to a psychiatrist (seriously, not a psychologist). If your problems are categorizable, you'll get diagnosed with something even if it's not what you want.

If you want to fake an illness to get diagnosed with, look up the symptoms and act them out the best you can. Best case scenario, they sus out that you're lying and try to address the underlying reasons for it.



OP here. i just googled "adult autism diagnosis" in my area and called around until i found a place that accepted my insurance. then i made and appointment and met with a psychologist. then i had another appointment where i had to go back and take some tests (rate from 1-5, multiple choice) then a family member had to take some tests for me and rate me as they saw me. then I had one more appointment, then the psychologist wrote up a full phycological report on me and explained it all in a zoom call. then i had my diagnosis.


OP here again
Finally got my disability form in the mail, filled it out and mailed it back to the state. Now I just have to wait an eternity and they’ll get back to me probably with a big “NO”.

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Happy Cirno Day, you bakas. Don't pretend you didn't forget!


cirno you messed up it's 9/10 now


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It was 9pm on 9/9 for me, baka!

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why here and not on Lainchan?
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lainchan sucks balls


oh god no



ha, nice


That was so slick from them tbh, people nowadays still use lamechan without knowing it , the perfect heist.


Most of the og posters have long abandoned lame chan

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i heard of this for memes like pic related

i see a video about the unabomber´s manifiesto and think it for a while and the problems in the actual society, i make this thread because for talk about this topic, ¿do you agree whit the unabomber´s manifiesto? ¿what do you think about the topic? when i see the video i think the criticism of unabomber go more to the economics and politics more than the technology itself, It gives the impression that he talks more about how society works in conjunction with the economy and politics of recent years than about technology itself. Perhaps the problem is not technology itself, but how it is used, in the sense that it is used more to empower companies and governments instead of benefiting humanity, as happens, for example, with social media which, instead of being used to communicate with each other, are used for media manipulation, abusing our online privacy, etc.

is a opinion than have after see the video, if you agree or disagree whit me, talk abou, maybe I'm making a mistake and I'm even looking like a fool writing this
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I actually can opine on his writings as I have read them.
His manifesto is pretty wholesome, in the true meaning of the word, not in the emotional reddit-interpretation.
He not only lays out all of his arguments but also all counterarguments.
What he says about this "misuse" argument is something like this:
The conservatives blame the leftists for the retardation of society, when actually a society can never uphold its traditions and values when technological progress happens as it reshifts the whole way the society works.
Also he states (which fits really well to the "just dont misuse it" point):
When a technology gets invented, not only can it be misused, it will be misused. The reason is that the technology always has a use and that use always gives an advantage. No matter how many governments say, dont (mis)use this technology, the technology has been developed so for it the timeline is endless. And one day, someone (think off china f.e. to get an edge on US Gov) will change his opinion and use this tech. Then everyone else will have to follow to be able to compete and soon it will be a necessity to use it.
His example in this case I think was gen-tech.
When youre able to make a fetus more healthy, smart and strong then itll be immoral to do so. Until china or korea does so. And sooner or later if you dont do it, your child is literally retarded in comparisson to everyone else.
You as an individual may have the choice to use or not use some tech. But society as a whole hasnt. And every tech comes with an advantage and disadvantage. And it always gives some freedoms here and takes some there. It makes the system go more smooth and create more money, but itll always reshape the society into something a little less natural for a human. Until we live in a completely unnatural world and psych illness will spike (yes he predicted that and thats where we are now).


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I wrote it that way, because >>5581 wrote it that way, but the other way around.


tecnology bad because retards like you use it ok?


This is correct, only relatively few humans are compatible with the internet, many will fall astray and into the trappings of the wired while relegating meat space as secondary or even as non existing. Technology its a tool nothing more or less.

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what happened here? some kind of purge?
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Holy crap another wrist slicer!!!

How many until we reach 41?


An odd bunch of bastards aren't cha?


why do they slice their wrists?

Its it to make the arm ribbed for her pleasure?


>Says the guy posting twitter screenshots on an imageboard. Edgelords have no self awareness.
lmao whos gonna tell him

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