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you were the best thing ever to happen to me and now you're gone.what do i do. do i kill myself? i see no way out of this pit of awfulness. i'd give anything to sit down and work things out. but that can never happen.i can't find fulfillment elsewhere right now. i just spend day after day crying my eyes out and wishing things were different to how they are. but there's nothing that can be done. i can't fix it, nor can anyone else. i've never been so lost and so miserable in all of my life.


"The best so far" doesn't have to be - and probably isn't - "the best ever". You're still able to find something even better in your life; if you're here you're probably still young and have far more growth and new experiences ahead of you than you realize. The only thing ensuring you never grow beyond this pain is the fact that you tell yourself that, and prevent yourself from accepting any step in a positive direction.


it's hard to be fulfilled, that comes with discipline and experience. I heard the same thing a lot growing up, and it pissed me off to no end b/c i wanted so desperately amelioration for my pain. I had it all backwards. Pain is not a bad indicator, and fixing it isn't really necessary. Acceptance is though and no matter how important that other is, they will leave eventually. it's the nature of our frailty, the human condition is one marked by streaks of temporal relations and then letting go. celebrate who they are/were by incorporating the things you liked about them into you, that way you always have a part of them. The void you cause by suicide is far greater than you realize, you end up hurting so many others besides those you know. Hope this helps.


She was both the best and the worst thing to happen to me. Everything I could possibly dream of, and everything I despised. It felt like her existence was only made to mock me.I think of her every single night, my mind entertaining the idea of asking for her back- but then quickly overwritten by my disgust of her.It made me realize how broken of a person I am, how unfit I am for the society I live in. Every day I grow more and more distant, more and more isolated, losing all the friends I've ever had.I dropped out of university on a mood swing, two years of my life wasted because of emotional instability. Whatever I feel more free without it now anyway.I don't know how to make you feel better, I don't know how to make myself feel better. With the passing days the pain is slightly dulled evermore, but sometimes, when I'm laying in bed, I just burst out into tears, unaware of my own pain. Whether you are my friend or foe, none of us humans should experience the sorrows we do.


>>833op here.i feel you anon. i feel broken too, but i want you to know that because you care like this, you're a sweet person.it's okay to be broken. being broken doesn't make you unloveable.


What have you been doing since mebious.co.uk went to shit and mebio.us went down?I still occasionally go to mebby and read the background image as it still changes waiting for the day I can post again. Honestly I miss being able to use mebby, there was a certain charm in its form of anon posting that kept me coming back for more.
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>How do you even combat the spam? Using some sort of filter?You could use some filter for sure; .us did and it worked fine.


>>762it didnt work well enough; the spammer was dedicated to still manually post daily, and so that filth still had to watched for and cleaned up.


I remember an active guestbook on radioclub.jp a few years ago. Seems like someone is taking care of the website and even changes it's themes. They even had some sort of radio talk show back then, hadn't had a chance to listen it though.


I miss mebious as a place i could share vague, disconnected, ephemeral and anonymous thoughts. I don't think i know anywhere else where that sort of thing fits in. there's a quiet intimacy in it all, ne? the balance of closeness and distance is really special. I hope it comes back soon. I miss having somewhere you can just say little things.


There was talk of running mebio.us on arisuchan.jp, but idk if anything came of it.


How did you find this place?
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I forgot lol.


discord > here. glad i found it, or i was found. one of the two.


Antoine et Les Problèmes>Sylvie Vartan>戸川純>fauux>.co.uk>.us>wirechan


Someone posted it in a thread about imageboards on Wizchan.


I tried visiting an old bookmark for a no-longer running imageboard, http://easterncalcul.us/, and it redirected here.


How old are you?>27 here.
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>>632>>636Damn you guys are making me feel old here.


>>637sorry anon, my mother didn't choose


>23>life doesn't seem real>no gf>no 2d VR gf>no moni






"If you wanna go out, you gotta take her out"Post stashes/what you copped and paraphernalia, discuss the best ways/tools you've found to line up, maybe even discuss why you're such a noc.


I enjoy a good cup of tea every so often.


I just ordered 240 pills of theanine. Does that count?


cocaine is a bit of a waste of money if you ask me. It's pleasant, sure, but the price you've got to pay for a small amount of what may or may not be total rubbish is, in all honesty, pretty stupid.




Is Ahania still around?


She must be. easterncalcul.us redirects here so I assume she must have changed that fairly recently. With a slither of hope that can imply that she's still around.


she is gone


How are you guys?
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>>574it's mostly dead, sadly. we need advertising or something.but how to not attract the thots?


>>575Nah, people will eventually come. Just give it time.I mean I found it just today.


I feel like dying, but that's normal. So I guess I am doing ok


I is doing well


Feeling isolated as usual.Finding this place made me want to work on a few projects I've been yearning to start.


Does anyone here play Yugioh?


>>653I watch YGOTAS


i play ygopro sometimes


Infernoid master race reporting in. Burning Abyss is aight too


>>654I bet LittleKuriboh won't ever finish it or do it on a normal weekly/monthly basis. Fuck him and his cheesy bullshit.




D D D DROP THE BEATZhttps://youtu.be/5HlgDj-dQpY


who is this girl? <3


>>329Your mom.#WirechanQualityPosts


>357 daaaaaaaaaamn


new 2hu kourindou.exblog.jp/25711799/


>329 Status = roasted

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