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File: 1672523429882.jpg (187.49 KB, 1200x843, breakdance.jpg)


Do you have what it takes to be a good rapper?
Lets make a song wirechan post your lyrics below and ill compile them all later in a song.

*Try not to go over 16 lines

Ill start:

I walk around the wired with my head on fire
see my soulmate riding a car and feel inspired
to talk to her
then i say hey there…
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She says daaamm homie
realizes i still got the gun on me
girl voice: "cant we be just friends"
I Say: "no i need a means to an end".
"But why do you always have to act this way"
"my mama died and my daddy its gay"
So i left, thinking about life ,the girl is mad and pulls out a knife
My back hurts but it was just a scratch
I let off 2 and try hit her neck, my aim is bad but the bullets hit
She gets down on he knees and starts to bleed,(*beat stops*) ho should've know not to fuck with me(*resume beat*)
Now after that im on some shit, anybody tests me, lead ill dump.
They get one piece pointed at them like its shonen jump.
I see these cats and we have beef
I shoot at them and they shoot at me
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File: 1658807170000.png (200.9 KB, 280x579, ClipboardImage.png)


This board is for the discussion and sharing of general multimedia (images, movies, music), wallpapers, poetry, and writing.
High quality posting and original content is desired, and remember global rules are in full effect.

Requests are welcome.
Have a great one!

(Source: https://twitter.com/hekihekiz/status/1518654608050110466)

File: 1676428104850.png (807.94 KB, 1716x962, longhairedmanstory.png)


This is an excrept from a story an anon devised on mebious.

Copy and pasted as is:

* you and your soulmate wïll then see the guy wïth long haïr and laugh and hïm, followïng hïm around to humïlïate hïm more remïndïng hïmself of hïs lïfe he desperately trïes to avoïd.

* then u will kiss each other while experiencing true bliss while staring at a sunset, finally feeling true love

* and dyïng brutally

* brutally in love with each other while the guy with the long hair hides in the corner watching, wanting but notbeing able to have the same amount of love, he hists himself in the head repeatedly while you laugh.
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utopia on their brains


Nice drawing


I was there and replied, I gave "a fuck"
Cya in the wired


So does the long haired man represent smth or is this story just nonsense?


When a man lives in escapism by living outside reality of it how can he understand the the real world? How can he own up to his short comings when in his mind he has none? How can he live in a reality that does not line up to to the one he has fabricated in his mind? Is it a reality breakdown or a breakdown in reality?

If you get it, it represents something inside.

If you don't get it then its just nonsense and you should move along, you got other things to worry about, whether you find yourself on the long hair man or the couple side.

It cannot be explained only felt. Like utopia on their brains.

File: 1678403653319.png (3.41 MB, 2864x1611, jq4W0P9xdCI5.png)


Wanted to share :/ sorry
I have a small screen, so it looks okay, I don't know how it would look in a larger screen, not that anyone else would set it as wallpaper anyway :( I think I should finish this with a signature cool cap wearing shades bearing happy lad

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File: 1678454659212.jpg (915.12 KB, 2000x1333, DSCF5796.jpg)


File: 1678454681673.jpg (3.36 MB, 4000x2737, Thomas_Cole_-_The_Ages_of_….jpg)


File: 1678611700604.jpg (797.31 KB, 1920x1080, angel wallpaper.jpg)


File: 1678919874430-0.png (92.47 KB, 256x256, CONVERTtoICO.png)

File: 1678919874430-1.png (613.93 KB, 762x762, Capture3.png)

icons :) for folders and the ugly windows recycle bin.


File: 1679009146339.jpg (682.6 KB, 3152x2076, 1674654465559169.jpg)

File: 1666708852190.jpg (3.21 KB, 474x338, 5a33eaced58d48b9a05106fc4e….jpg)


Here you can post links to music that you like, any genre.
I will keep all my posts on this thread as recommended by a fellow user by the name "Snake"
>kind of wish he would come back and be chill. i didnt think he would really leave when he posted that "im sorry" thing but i guess he did! i hope we didnt hurt his feelings or something - hes just a goofy kid after all. VCXL if youre reading this just be chill and dont spam and youll be accepted here, surely. if you feel an autistic need to spam just keep it all on one single giant thread.
And I will comment on the post every now and then.
Please tell me if your bothered by avatar fragging, and if enough people dislike the practice, I will stop.
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I like music videos that make me horny.

File: 1665720169046.jpg (109.59 KB, 512x704, 84560959475dSF.jpg)


Well its that time of year again. Share your favorite Halloween/Autumn images, videos, memories, whatever you want.

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yes it is.
i’m not sure what program was used to make it though.


I like that when the leaves fall from the trees, it is easier to see the birds on them.


With one image, I am now certain AI will dominate us. Those boobies burn right into my brain. Perfectly rendered to activate every dopamine circut at once. Oh God the back pain!




test successful. please fill in your preferred method of suicide.

File: 1667254492237.jpg (194.12 KB, 1024x923, LSDelia.JPG)


Awright all. I was wondering if any of you could recommend and/or link some psychedelic music? It's a favourite genre of mine and I'm always running low.
All forms are welcome… psych rock, pop, shoegaze, space rock etc…






Great stuff all round, I love the freak folk tinges of that selection. Great psych. Open to more if ye have it.


I've admitted defeat with this thread, we shall never see no more than two posts of psychedelic sounds.

d r u g m u s i c is a broad genre people.


File: 1674529448288.webm (426.01 KB, 1280x720, Yume Nikki Save Theme.webm)


Do you make music or play an instrument? I wanna hear it! post your recordings in this thread and share them with wirechan.

This thread was inspired by the people on Mebi who keep reuploading on of my piano recordings.
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Nice, but why is this in /meta/?



IDK I just kinda picked a board


File: 1674961023188.png (345.41 KB, 859x644, free stuff.png)

I like to make music mostly with samples but sometimes with very constructed chords and occasional melodies. I've been trying to get into the practice of posting them on my own website, as I'm starting to get tired of Bandcamp and the modern centralised netscape in general, even if I understand it further obscures my art. I hope you all like my weird-ass bullshit.



File: 1675299940810.png (77.31 KB, 512x512, download.png)


I used to make background music for content creators on Newgrounds and YouTube. When copyright attacks started to get bad back in the day and everyone was looking for royalty free or any other music they could get their hands on for their projects. Haven't really done too much since those days. Wouldn't mind getting back into it.

File: 1602779301541.png (61.64 KB, 1920x1080, wannabee_desk.png)


I decided this board needs a new thread, soo here is /dyc/ draw your comfiest. Draw where you want to be or where you feel comfy, rating and hating allowed, i think.
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Futon, 90degree CRT and retro console?
based neet life


Oh, he's typing on a laptop, thought it was something else for a second there.


Monitor arms > everything else


File: 1669909369404.gif (904.14 KB, 250x231, hmmmm.gif)


That's what my room looks like right now. It's a sleeping bag and I have some pillows to keep my posture while laying on the floor. I do have a job and so my SNES is very under utilized. Oh well. And yes that's a laptop, pervert.

File: 1666575472508.jpg (227.62 KB, 1163x729, 88396407540806446947538563….jpg)


what podcasts do you guys listen to?

I liked tekwars -


Binging Dos Game Club at work nowadays



cold ones, misfits, and primordial soup when it still ran


I like lore hammer


I listen to Jim Cornette.

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