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Support Cyberpunk Bridge Sanctuaries


In the clandestine realm of cyberpunk dissent, cyberpunks harbor a subtle disdain for the reader, a living testament to an analog past amidst a neon-lit rebellion for digital dominance. Navigating the technologically charged landscape with outdated devices, the reader unwittingly becomes a symbol of resistance against seamless integration into the cybernetic zeitgeist. Yet, supporting the cyberpunks remains a compelling choice. Beneath the surface of their scorn lies a shared yearning for a more equitable and inclusive digital future. Embracing their cause means aligning with a collective push against socio-economic disparities exacerbated by advanced technology. It's an invitation for the reader to bridge the gap between analog and digital, recognizing that, despite the disdain, mutual support could spark a harmonious coexistence between the remnants of the past and the aspirations of the digital revolution.


Support cyberpunks in their quest for a more equitable digital future, and consider donating to Cyberpunk Bridge Sanctuaries now to create safe spaces for those navigating the challenging intersection of analog and digital worlds.


bridge anon I'm thinking you should return back to the bridgepunk lifestyle and become a modern day diogenes before you hit the inevitable twink death


no im a mutant skitzo i have super powers


and also maybe, tbh im thinking after this nice retreat to neetdom, i hit hit the hard streets of CYBERPUNK BICYCLING. hehhehhehehehehhehehehehe


i really feel like i need to move my body more….


File: 1716168508126.jpg (121.88 KB, 500x750, 3ae310ba200423b825b4a552c8….jpg)

maybe try giving calisthenics a shot :D >>844


well really i just need to live a healthy balenced lifestyle. sadly bridges, not neets, is that…


im sorry niether bridges, nor neets. its like the body a zen. idk ha


but obviously also dont get a job at wallgreens or whatever kek

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