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File: 1638384016303.png (6.94 KB, 1280x1280, external-content.duckduckg….png)


I am wondering how I could build a Moreno Crypto miner in C++ but don't no where to start.

I want to build something like xmrig.com and would like it to connect to minexmr.com using port 4444 and 4443.

I have looked for sample code but couldn't find any that meet my criteria.

Also I would like this to be less the 100 lines of code if it isn't unreasonable.

My biggest question where I get the hashes to decrypt.


Can't tell if you're serious or just another botnet miner trying to get us to do your work for you.
>probably doesn't know programming in C++ because it's not feasible in 100 lines
>needs it to be a certain size limit almost like its a payload
If you're serious about this, go onto github and look at some projects. Read some documentation. No one's going to do this for you


You're missing some significant knowledge here. I'm going to assume you're a kid and not a retarded 36 year old pajeet so I'll cut you some slack.

-Get a textbook which has you write small programs that require understanding of computer science algorithms. SICP is a classic but it's in LISP. Not sure why you want C++ since it doesn't appear you're very familiar with it. Unless you understand these concepts you don't have much of a chance of building something comparable to xmrig. This knowledge will remain valuable no matter what language you use.
-Once you understand the basic programming concepts, go to https://www.getmonero.org/resources/developer-guides/ and get an understanding of how the mining actually works.

If you just want to make some monero, you don't need to build a miner, just use off the shelf ones. However, it's not always most profitable to mine monero directly (especially if you're using a GPU or something). Check out moneroocean.stream, it's a multi coin mining pool that pays only in monero. They have guides on how to set it up, keep trying until you get it.


I'd recommend just following >>1932 but if you are serious, and want to get into building an actual Monero miner. I'd recommend you start by understanding RandomX first

And then probably shift through the source code of xmrig. And you probably better start learning some assembly as well if you want to have some actual performance. Plus just as an extra you will have to interact with the monero daemon through RPC to get the block template/current difficulty/publish the mined block etc.

If you just want to code something with Monero, I'd either recommend helping with existing projects (especially payment gateways and off/onramps, and DEXes), writing some wallet implementation. If you wanna get more advanced, add support for normally unsupported/officially unsupported features, like tx_extra, manual ring member editing, UTXO management/coin control, polyseed, i2p node support, remote node rotation, multisig, TxTangle, weird proofs like UnspentProof/ReserveProof/SubaddressProof.
For the last ones and in general for the cryptographic aspects of Monero. I highly recommend you read Zero to Monero v2


File: 1679644297009.jpg (6.24 KB, 300x168, lainpc.jpg)


Can some one give me a run down on wirechans lore?
I see people mention the tranny wars, the l*licon wars fights with lainchan, poland and other things but i have no idea what any of it means should wirechan have a wiki explaining these events? Kinda how ED archives some of the old internet events it would be cool for wirechan to have one. bcz people will tell me to lurk more…



Lurk more


>Lurk more
He said it best
Wirechan is so small and inactive that it doesn't really need any kind of wiki. Besides, it's not like any of the info is super important to using the site or like we have frequent userbase turnover. If you really care so much about knowing what shit like "the tranny wars" are, just look around the site.
tl;dr, quit being lazy.


These never happened, people just made them up to mess with you.


Lurk moar. You can figure things out if you read the thread, and if not, more details will probably come.
If you can't do even that much, there's no need to include you. If you can't bring anything to a discussion, just lurk.
It's better to have people that have first hand experience than a secondary source parroting something they can't verify for themself.


Literally every single one major "event" its still up except for the toilet paper one.
Its really just a question of lurking, if you are retarded enough to not even lurk consider seeing a professional and notify your loved 9nes immediately.


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Anyone have a link to a Lain mod for GTA San Andreas? I want to make an epic montage for lols


What are you talking about? i havent found anything about a Lain mod for san andreas


There is its there


File: 1642162250650.jpeg (108.09 KB, 1000x625, HOR_US.jpeg)


Good fiction pertaining to the internet or an internet is really hard to come by. When it does come by though, it hits with force.
I've been running Lancer for over a year now and I've always appreciated the inclusion of HORUS as one of the setting's major figures. One of the best pieces of fiction I've read pertaining to not just the internet, but the nuances of internet culture and how it affects the physical world.
What are some other examples of really good internet-related cyberpunk writing?
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What didn't you like about it?



If only the author couldve kept its hornyness inside his onw head, this couldve been a masterpiece if he took the horny parts out

I lkie this one



How do you guys have time to read? Between my job and trying to stay current with my tech knowledge, I can barely even masturbate.


Work on better time management.


File: 1581460038602.png (503.48 KB, 934x1000, daily_programming.png)

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What are you working on, /g/?
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Is anyone else getting
> error 502
> bad gateway
when trying to post on textboard.org, including on /sandbox/?


Yes I am getting the same error.


File: 1665776174643.jpeg (167.58 KB, 1280x1920, 743ff50b59387a3c1db2d15ee….jpeg)

>Yes I am getting the same error.
Thank you.


File: 1679362967118.png (247.76 KB, 945x777, sliced.png)

I'm hacking with Emacs sliced images, i want to allow a better rendering of images and text, where text and images freely can be mixed, placed next to each other in horizontal, images in Emacs are fontified text, where the height of the image would be the height of the line, only one line of text can be placed horizontally to the image and is always centered. I have currently read most source code in Emacs relating to images, positioning and have studied packages which use sliced images. And have implemented basic functions for sliced image insertion which handles the correct scaling, slicing and properties to allow images to be represented as a block of text, which the image is scaled, resized and sliced to fit. I have mostly automatized everything and added different insertion methods which react correctly to the surroundings, such as a coordinate (absolute positioning) based insertion allowing HTML like manipulation of text and images.

If anyone is interested in my project; send me a message 3nity(at)airmail.cc


Thanks for mentioning Logical Foundations. I looked it up and found a website that has various other related books to download https://softwarefoundations.cis.upenn.edu/
I rarely have time, but this goes on my list of stuff to read when the world slows down, I get independently wealthy, and my IQ increases.


File: 1679361913056.png (5.29 MB, 1875x1875, 1598876530909-1.png)


As everything accelerates, you can't help but think if there
is a tipping point, a cataclysm some kind of singularity.

Positive feedback always self-destruct.

The Covid epidemic brought the alarmingly high US inflation into the event
horizon of a massive collapse.

A radicalizing feedback between the Left and Right-wing
breed extremist groups, Cyberpolitics diverge further from
the status quo.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


You gotta expand beyond hacker culture and underground communites, we gotta make it mainstream, im talking about annoying hipster faggot mainstream, the same way anime is mainstream.now and "cool" or comic books.

Ironically you have to destroy what made it cool and make it digestable to be accepted.


If you aren't careful with that, people will completely miss the point. If people are just using the "hacker" asthetic a fashion statement rather than actively sharing useful information and fighting for control of their speech, technology, and property, it would only dilute the message rather than further the cause.


Everything is diluted, thats why its main stream, Videogames, comic books, skateboarding, punk rock, the constitution, car culture etc.

You just gotta make sure that when you put the rules out they are concrete and leave as little room as possible for other interpretation.

We are the coolest, If you want to be this, you do that, otherwise you are not this, go do something else. And everybody want to be cool. It will necer be the same when it was genuine but the idea pass through, thats called culture and when it gets too diluted something new comes along.

We all saw what happened to anime, dont let it happen again.


>I don't know what to do.
Listen chummer, it be real simple.
Define a goal, put together a team, get yourseslf a name, have someone charismatic be your representative and change the world. Boom, just like that.


File: 1679634866268.jpg (64.25 KB, 473x620, hitler.JPG)



File: 1647842936114.jpg (676.16 KB, 2263x1600, qliphoth.jpg)


Anyone else here confuse their reality and their dreams? Something I see will cause me to remember something relatively inconsequential, but I don't know if that's a real memory or something I dreamed while i was sleeping.
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yeah for me it happens the more that i care about dreams


Started writing my dreams around July 2021. Had to stop because dreams became too real (to a scary level) and I felt quite often like OP claims. Writing made them clearer, easier to remember and easier to manipulate.


Sometimes for a while but then I realize I'm in a dream and I start freaking out usually causing the dream to turn on me.


File: 1679578153270.jpg (49.75 KB, 640x480, yuri2.jpg)

not often, but sometimes i see very normal interactions in my dreams which makes me confused about whether or not i've talked about something with someone and so on. usually my dreams are more surreal so there's no confusion. i am highly parasocial though, and go through imaginary scenarios in my head a lot which also confuses me when i think i've interacted with someone but then it turns out it was all just in my head. i will have full on conversations with imaginary versions of people i know IRL and now that i think about it the idea of me having made up personalities for them creeps me the fuck out. oh man


this happens to me a lot but im also prone to psychosis/derealization


File: 1647584986392.jpg (87.35 KB, 1280x720, 83192_1634757050.jpg)


Use this thread for general anime recommendations! List shows you've seen, what you like about them, and respond to others with shows you think they'd like.

I myself am pretty uncultured when it comes to the anime world. Despite this, anime has produced some of my favorite works of all time. I will list them now:

>MSG Thunderbolt December Sky

>FLCL (only the og OVA)
>Serial Experiments Lain
>Neon Genesis Evangelion
>Howl's Moving Castle

I think I like mecha quite a bit, I also like psychological dramas, and Howl's Moving Castle is nothing short of beautiful.
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File: 1672841715256.jpg (32.58 KB, 613x386, videogirl.jpg)

Video Girl Ai

Nice little six episode OVA about a guy who buys a vhs, and gets quite a shock when a girl comes out of it.

Ai-chan is my fave. ^-^


Good recommendation.




I've been rewatching Silent Mobius. I'd easily recommend this one to those who haven't watched it here.


File: 1665548444031.jpg (79.61 KB, 500x500, gamer album cover.jpg)


Show case your favorite bedroom punk / epunk/ incelcore artists
The scene is pretty much done given the e-drama that ensured.
Its such a varied genre where no 2 bands sound alike, kinda has a cyberpunk/dystopian feel to it pretty cool for something internet based.



Hard Christ:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The scene is so small theres probably not even 100k people in it world wide, but its one of the best exemples of autentichity in the post 2014s
This one made me shed a tear
I really liked it


File: 1677444366433.jpg (803.33 KB, 4000x752, plant.jpg)


I just want to feel real.
This doesn't even seem real.
Everything is a hologram.
Everything is pixelated, and glittery.
Sometimes I think things seemed more real?
I'm not sure though.
Maybe its a dream.
Maybe ill wake up someday.
Maybe if i die ill wake up.
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what happened to your blog?


yea i should get a plant idk if it would be to safe where i stay tho, like some sort of cactus. Or maybe a little mouse i can put in my pocket haha pocket mouse. maybe thats not a good idea. I threw soome bread out of my lair today and some little birbs came to eat it that was nice birbs are nice. i think that if reincaration were real i would become a birb in my new life so i could fly like in my dreams.
this is my blog


sometimes I just stare at a building or patch of grass until I can appreciate how real it looks. Things that are brightly lit by the sun look especially real.


Embrace artificiality, embrace the virtual,
no body, no organ, no gender, no class,
you can be whatever you want, you can
do whatever you want


Do not do this, the reason why you feel the way you are is probably because off the mis use of tech, the farther away you stray from your humanity the sader you will become, yoh can have any thing and be any thing you want except being naturally happy when you follow that path, you can be chemically happy though, like heroin.


File: 1668877439426.jpg (342.31 KB, 1080x1350, Cyberpunk-Edgerunners-S1-P….jpg)


Anyone saw this? What did you think?
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I finished earlier this month. I didn't think it was terrible, but I definitely don't consider it an anime. It shouldn't have been presented as such. I agree with >>618 on certain points about it not focusing on the deeper context of cyberpunk culture along with at the same time having to agree with >>616 with it being, "fun". I went in with pretty low expectations in the first place coming from Netflix. I hate Netflix and don't personally use it. I ended up downloading the series to check it out through curiosity. Overall I'd give it a 5/10.

Another thing I'd like to mention is the music was probably the most disappointing part. The opening and ending themes were extremely bad for what I'd want out of a cyberpunk animation. From the music to the animation from them. I did like seeing Lucy's tits in the ending video which is the only moment worth seeing once and then the rest can be skipped throughout the rest of the series to save time.


>but I definitely don't consider it an anime.
What criteria do you use to define "anime"? Some say it's the art style that defines it, others say an animation is "anime" if it was made in Japan.
>I hate Netflix and don't personally use it.
Ditto. It's sucked for years now.
>Another thing I'd like to mention is the music was probably the most disappointing part.
I thought the music was pretty good. But again, it's probably because I had different expectations. Considering I also liked the videogame (I waited until about version 1.5 where it was more stable), maybe I just have bad taste.


Well I guess I'm just a gatekeeping bitch, if you want to enjoy the show, enjoy yourself, but I'd much likely prefer to read more classical /cy/-/lit/, before I watch some neon coat spinoff.


Any literature or other media you would recommend? I've had a love of tech since I was a child and have despised it's over-centralization and corpratization since my teens, but I'm still relatively new to cyberpunk as a genre.


This page has neat recommendations for different types of media in its header. I've recently read a few of William Gibsons books. Really neat, Neuromancer is a must in this genre.


File: 1676955529293.jpg (118.84 KB, 1013x740, webrings-examples.jpg)


Lainchan has a web ring, we should have our own.

If someone knows how to make one, I've got a couple of sites that might want to be a part of it.

Lets make the internet cool again!
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I think wirechan needs to fix the si p problem first before associating my website with it.


>he doesn't know



how about they fix their fucking radio. shit was so cash. now its down. fucking incompetent hotdoggers.


ok its own for u too, at least ik its not me.
yea i also like that radio


it's been buggy for months now with the filelist not working, but now something really blew apart :(


File: 1652961368883.png (1.67 MB, 1198x1210, bike.png)


I want to get a schway bike for cruising and freedommaxxing, so I will probably buy something from before year 2k, so I wouldnt have to bother with digital repair systems.
Unfortunately I just can't decide what kind of style I want to drive with. I think all of them are fun as fuck and while I guess that cruisin through the city on a nice cruiser or chopper styled bike, I also think that a more sporty alternative would feel schway.
Obviously 1 is the most /cyber/ because it's a customization of 5 but I haven't got any mechanical experience yet.

What would you recommend from a /cyber/ perspective and why?

Also talk about schway /cyber/ vehicles in general, may it be concepts, upcoming, existing or custom vehicles.
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You are the one making threats like a child to a bunch of people on the internet, and then trying to act like you are so mature and cultured. All it shows is you are the cancer that you are trying to complain about.


Can you quote what made you feel threatened?lmao turn it off my man


dude why are you like this


File: 1678952777900-0.png (1.08 MB, 1202x580, FortNine-Why_Electric_Moto….PNG)

File: 1678952777900-1.png (2.92 MB, 1651x870, FortNine-Why_Electric_Moto….PNG)

a custom made electric motorcycle seems sick and cyber.


idk what you are fighting about but I'm OP and have nothing to do with this, this is about vehicles.
yeah they're pretty slick but have you heared them? sounds like zzzzzzzzzzzzhhhhhhhh, like a fly. IDK big turn off tbqh


File: 1676252976078.jpg (83.2 KB, 600x521, cxvrqndmac_o-419937817.jpg)


Can you guys clean up mebious?
Some guy had a mental breakdown in it and kinda shitted up the place.

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


not him but i tried to post a poem quote that contained "dying" to check if the filter triggered and it kept getting spam warning. but when i posted things like base64 strings it let me post lmao

the quote was: "do not be gentle into that good night. rage, rage against the dying light"


Ok, I tweaked some stuff. Should be more flexible I guess


thanks for the work my man


Is is sfw? Somebody posted a full blown cock


question, is the site down or why cant i connect to it? its just a blank page whenever i try


File: 1676428104850.png (807.94 KB, 1716x962, longhairedmanstory.png)


This is an excrept from a story an anon devised on mebious.

Copy and pasted as is:

* you and your soulmate wïll then see the guy wïth long haïr and laugh and hïm, followïng hïm around to humïlïate hïm more remïndïng hïmself of hïs lïfe he desperately trïes to avoïd.

* then u will kiss each other while experiencing true bliss while staring at a sunset, finally feeling true love

* and dyïng brutally

* brutally in love with each other while the guy with the long hair hides in the corner watching, wanting but notbeing able to have the same amount of love, he hists himself in the head repeatedly while you laugh.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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utopia on their brains


Nice drawing


I was there and replied, I gave "a fuck"
Cya in the wired


So does the long haired man represent smth or is this story just nonsense?


When a man lives in escapism by living outside reality of it how can he understand the the real world? How can he own up to his short comings when in his mind he has none? How can he live in a reality that does not line up to to the one he has fabricated in his mind? Is it a reality breakdown or a breakdown in reality?

If you get it, it represents something inside.

If you don't get it then its just nonsense and you should move along, you got other things to worry about, whether you find yourself on the long hair man or the couple side.

It cannot be explained only felt. Like utopia on their brains.

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