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Greetings,wired users. What would you like to see modified? Also, banner contribution is highly appreciated. (384x128 for anyone interested in making banners).


my color


File: 1518208151229.gif (1.19 KB, 384x128, wirechan.gif)

dark theme.
here's a banner.


There are dark themes though. In options, select the theme. Both Wirechan B & Terminal are dark themes. I could make another one though… Also, thanks for the banner! Uploaded.


O, sorry; i didn't see it Terminal is dark.
wirechan 11 is medium.


What exactly is the name policy here? I don't quite get it.

On Lainchan for example, users are always given a random name. On here, sometimes it's Guest, sometimes it's Anonymous, sometimes it's Observer, and sometimes it's some other more meaningful string.

I posted in a thread recently that assigned the same non-anonymous name to me as another user in the discussion, so it looks like there are only two people in the discussion where there are in fact three. In my mind that's confusing and needs a rethink.


im going to guess it picks randomly, but maybe its randomizer sucks, or maybe the name list is too short to function correctly. maybe it picks a random number in a range much longer than the list its been given, which can result in it looping around and picking the same name twice


>>19 Just ask Koi, he'll probably tell you


There is a set of names I have chosen to be selected randomly sometimes everyone posts, they are like 10 though, so it's easy to get reused, which I don't personally like. The name don't need to be meaningful, really. Some refer to movies, some to IRC jokes, some to Lain stuff. I just add more as I see fit. I know what you mean though, I guess that's what tripcodes or safecodes, if it's requested enough I'll disable random names though.


The spam filter can be excessive.


embedding videos doesn't work.


With youtube? It's some dumb shit about https, if the youtube link is converted to an https one, it'll work, dunno why it happens.


Scrap that last post, I've fixed the youtube embed issues :^)


i saugh.


Do we maybe need some way to attract new users?
Wirechan is nice and comfy, but it's also somewhat uninhabited


I've been thinking of this of course. But I don't want to spam other imageboards and stuff. I guess we rely on people telling each other about this.


Time to buy some advertising :^)


File: 1531648623816.gif (233.65 KB, 384x128, wires.gif)

I knew what this place was missing. banners


Thanks! I have added it.

Edit: I've fixed an issue that caused AdBlockers to hide the banners, everyone should be able to view banners again. Sorry I didn't notice this earlier.


File: 1532480985565.png (22.76 KB, 384x128, banner.png)

from the 8ch/desu, plus some squiggles in paint


Ooooo, very nice. Thank you! Added it.


enable torpost


File: 1537722518012.png (73.95 KB, 384x128, wirechanbanner.png)

You don't have to add this.




When I use a non-default theme (like Terminal), the page first loads the default grey theme and the other after it. Breaks the immersion when refreshing but it should be easy to fix.


File: 1541040137395.gif (44.19 KB, 500x500, groovy_dog.gif)


I honestly don't know how to fix this. I use always the same theme, so I don't have this problem much. I just clear cache.


Why does wirechan require http referers? I've disabled mine out of privacy concerns, I'd like to know why I have to enable them here

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