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Can some one give me a run down on wirechans lore?
I see people mention the tranny wars, the l*licon wars fights with lainchan, poland and other things but i have no idea what any of it means should wirechan have a wiki explaining these events? Kinda how ED archives some of the old internet events it would be cool for wirechan to have one. bcz people will tell me to lurk more…

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Can you guys clean up mebious?
Some guy had a mental breakdown in it and kinda shitted up the place.

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Anyone else ever hold off on making another reply or post so that your anonymity isn't compromised?
Wirechan is slow enough that replies in separate threads/boards can be assigned to the same person if they were made at a similar time. Or is this just schizo on my part?

(this post was originally made in notepad a few days ago)
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Style thread

What style do you use wirechan in?

I am personally a copland fan.
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Greetings,wired users. What would you like to see modified? Also, banner contribution is highly appreciated. (384x128 for anyone interested in making banners).
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Music Of Wirechan

Do you make music or play an instrument? I wanna hear it! post your recordings in this thread and share them with wirechan.

This thread was inspired by the people on Mebi who keep reuploading on of my piano recordings.
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tf is the excerpt from the homepage from?
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> Upcoming changes: Give them a read!
It's been almost five months. Maybe this no longer needs to show up on every page?
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What's Wirechan's connection to Grimchan? They list us as their friend: https://grimchan.xyz/friends.html but I never heard of them before.
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i feel like making my own website for lain fans but i dont know if anyone would like it tbh im working on it
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So the poetry on the landing page…

Admins, yall okay?
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The certificate on mebious is fucked
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Well fuck
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Wirechan hidden boards

I am wondering if Wirechan.org has any hidden boards. On other image boards, there are hidden boards, so I am curious if on this imageboard, there are any hidden boards. For example the board /sekrit/ that was on old lainchan or the /lain/ board on lainchan.
p.s. I used to browse lainchan, but I stopped when all of the 8chan refugees came, so I don't browse it now. pic unrelated.
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/fresh/ no longer updates (i noticed it got removed from the topbar), is it gonna get deprecated?
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Could you increase the maximum file size a bit? It doesn't have to be huge, but the current is so small sometimes even pictures are too big for it.
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What is the privacy policy here?
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webms broken?

Are webms broken? No matter what I try to post, I get
> There was a problem processing your webm.
I even downloaded a webm that was posted here before and tried reposting it and got the same error.
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Hello everyone. I'm working on a project, which will involve wirechan stickers. And I'd like to see what you guys can make, thanks a lot! Also, if you're uploading a sticker idea, be sure so the format is .png

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welcome to the new wirechan
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How do I sage?
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Every time I come here there's cp spam on /fresh/ and it stays there for like a day, please do something about it.
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lol i got here from my old book mark for easterncalcul.us
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Sorry if it its a stupid question but on the new board.

>No mainstream content is allowed

Where is the line between underground or mainstream?
Would something that is know and sometimes part of the mainstream but has its own underground culture (like punk rock or graffiti or martial arts, etc.) be allowed?

Thank you
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We need /ukko/