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Suggestions, meta & Wirechan discussion.
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File: 1516812269022.jpg (138.76 KB, 900x1200, chicken.jpg)


Greetings,wired users. What would you like to see modified? Also, banner contribution is highly appreciated. (384x128 for anyone interested in making banners).
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Oops didn't notice, thanks :P

File: 1536857458321.jpg (30 KB, 826x593, 1456474464612.jpg)


Hello everyone. I'm working on a project, which will involve wirechan stickers. And I'd like to see what you guys can make, thanks a lot! Also, if you're uploading a sticker idea, be sure so the format is .png



File: 1536983827878.png (148.46 KB, 453x474, 200tri.png)

> It's a curious blob!


ADMIN: make a post about a wirechan stickers project

just joking, great sticker anon


File: 1616687457220.png (3.52 KB, 199x253, badman.png)

It is sad that admin only got 1 reply in 3 years.
I think he wanted to do something like this https://lainchan.org/stickers.html

Koi:Gimme stickers
Koi:I am releasing my sticker album after 3 years of collecting
1 sticker in the whole album
*sad koi noises intensifies*

Are you still doin this project, koi. If yes I can look in my pics if I can contribute something…


Who wouldn't want a curious blob sticker?



Where the fuck are they koi

File: 1679644297009.jpg (6.24 KB, 300x168, lainpc.jpg)


Can some one give me a run down on wirechans lore?
I see people mention the tranny wars, the l*licon wars fights with lainchan, poland and other things but i have no idea what any of it means should wirechan have a wiki explaining these events? Kinda how ED archives some of the old internet events it would be cool for wirechan to have one. bcz people will tell me to lurk more…

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There is 2 active posters and around ~70k lurkers


I would write some stuff i dont know much but i remember the tranny wars


I would write some stuff i think would be funny


Hello, I'm from a japan imageboard poster. I was told to look for trans threads here to find points for debate. where can i find it?


what board

File: 1675561700719.jpg (13.62 KB, 140x230, cop.jpg)


What style do you use wirechan in?

I am personally a copland fan.
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File: 1675842029052.jpg (635.99 KB, 1368x2048, __mutou_yuugi_yami_yuugi_m….jpg)

Antidepressant is my all time favorite theme on any chan.


i use copland too. i tend to hate light themes, especially on imageboards, but this one is pleasant. otherwise i like to use caffe when it's available on other places.



Copland master race!!!


that one makes my head hurt


File: 1679870562538.jpg (200.28 KB, 1024x768, billy_herrington.jpg)

This guy has the right idea. Copland and Antidepressant are good too but NeXTSTEP is the best of the three imo. cs_italy activates my nostalgia so it's my go to.

File: 1676252976078.jpg (83.2 KB, 600x521, cxvrqndmac_o-419937817.jpg)


Can you guys clean up mebious?
Some guy had a mental breakdown in it and kinda shitted up the place.

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not him but i tried to post a poem quote that contained "dying" to check if the filter triggered and it kept getting spam warning. but when i posted things like base64 strings it let me post lmao

the quote was: "do not be gentle into that good night. rage, rage against the dying light"


Ok, I tweaked some stuff. Should be more flexible I guess


thanks for the work my man


Is is sfw? Somebody posted a full blown cock


question, is the site down or why cant i connect to it? its just a blank page whenever i try

File: 1668487243825.png (209.3 KB, 704x386, Dream.png)


Anyone else ever hold off on making another reply or post so that your anonymity isn't compromised?
Wirechan is slow enough that replies in separate threads/boards can be assigned to the same person if they were made at a similar time. Or is this just schizo on my part?

(this post was originally made in notepad a few days ago)
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What the hell!?


File: 1668708366132.jpg (75.87 KB, 640x640, walls.jpg)

I live in your walls


File: 1668809087066.jpg (44.09 KB, 474x474, schizotard.jpg)


We know its you


tell that AI in 10 years

File: 1674529448288.webm (426.01 KB, 1280x720, Yume Nikki Save Theme.webm)


Do you make music or play an instrument? I wanna hear it! post your recordings in this thread and share them with wirechan.

This thread was inspired by the people on Mebi who keep reuploading on of my piano recordings.


File: 1674578616989.mp4 (4.61 MB, 720x540, duvet.mp4)


Nice, but why is this in /meta/?


Moved to >>>/art/583.

File: 1671912359091.png (1.39 MB, 1098x980, obama.png)


tf is the excerpt from the homepage from?


Is an excrept of the mars tapes



File: 1671918055851.jpg (20.44 KB, 470x420, my_honest_reaction.jpg)




Will you ever say what it is from? I think it is very cool.


I have found where it is from. But part of me wants to keep a secret for now.

File: 1670537213778.gif (14.83 KB, 275x300, Slowpoke.gif)


> Upcoming changes: Give them a read!
It's been almost five months. Maybe this no longer needs to show up on every page?

File: 1597570419122.png (551.13 KB, 1200x1700, 3d33f5183a91731e64dac4886b….png)


What's Wirechan's connection to Grimchan? They list us as their friend: https://grimchan.xyz/friends.html but I never heard of them before.
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Can you send whatever message it's sending you?


File: 1665781283791.png (23.71 KB, 430x235, Err.png)

I get this


What on earth. I have no idea what that is, I'll check the filters though.


I believe I've got it fixed now. I think it was a spam filter being too sensitive, or I just forgot a bracket or something


glad I helped you find an error, but I just figured out I was the issue here lole
because of my setup the captcha didn't display and I didn't realize I had to unblock it
btw someone's peddling CP on one of the boards

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