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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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Anyone have a link to a Lain mod for GTA San Andreas? I want to make an epic montage for lols


What are you talking about? i havent found anything about a Lain mod for san andreas


There is its there

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share cute lain images+gifs


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Little lain desktop icon made from that picture :) that picture… so cute so pure oh god


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I haven’t set foot outside in 3 years, I haven’t even opened the windows. I don’t talk to anyone online, I don’t go out for groceries, I live alone.

This isn’t the first time. I dropped out of school when I was 14 and spent years alone in my room. I have spent my entire life trying to avoid the outside world, because when I go outside I am judged, bullied and hated. The loud sounds of cars make me scream and cry. I throw up often. I’m afraid. I can not speak to people. I’ve never had a friend or a genuine connection to others.

I am lonely, but I want to be more alone. I want to live somewhere miles away from other people. In my dreams all I can hear is the bugs and animals, no people, no cars, no family. More than anything I just want to feel safe, and people make me feel unsafe.

I wish no one could speak to me. I wish no one could look at me. I don’t know anyone. I am trying to find comfort in anonymity.


This is probably an annoying post, I am sorry. I haven’t posted anywhere in a very long time.


I mean i hate p much everyone i really get this inside is nice, but there cool stuff outside too. I would suggest blasting loud fast music in ur headphones chugging some monster energys and go mob around explore and stuff, and if u see a cute person meow at them. then when u get worn out go back and home and recharge.
outside is cool sometimes so is inside. I have fun be hyper active and blasting music, exploring.
Have fun. most people really dont give a fuck about you, or are so brain dead and caught up in their own shit to care about a rando, so u could litterally do anything as long as u dont hurt anyone.
Have fun, and dont forget to make autistic little noises at people randomly, its key.


Oh lad, I'm not wholey certain you're telling the complete and honest truth, but I know there are people out there who could be as hermited as you. It seems tough but get some fresh air fella, there's nothing to be afraid of if you smarten yourself up (aka don't look like a slob w/food down your shirt), give yourself a smile when you look at yourself in the mirror whether you want to or not, put the key in the door and step outside. I think it's worth a try!

G'wan, live a little. It's only over when it's over.


lain, look at this post now that you have written it. you just let your mind finally talk. now take a good look at it.

the title that your (unconscious?) wrote is "loneliness". this is a bad feeling of someone that… seeks connection with someone else.
yet after a description of your situation you declare the will to be even more alone.

what i am saying is: think very deeply about what you really wish for. perhaps you are saying this as an extreme way to cope with the feeling of not having a genuine connection with anyone.
it will be very painful but it will be worth it. for now, at least try to have a deeper understanding of what your unconscious is trying to say to you.

i struggle with this, but i wish to help. i may not have the key to my lock, but who says i don't have yours?


Meowing at people or throwing little autism ridden sound waves at them being the key is hilarious.

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I want to touch the internet. I want to swoosh around in cyberspace. I want to take on the form of any avatar. I want to live here, where I'm comfy.
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Too retarded to not be able to carry boxes around?
But intelligent enough to post on the internet?


Get a job hippie!


Straight facts, less online connectivity are moar irl connecting


I'm too clumsy and retarded to do that. I tried before. I had a meltdown and hid in the bathroom. Then I had an anxious fap session with scat porn I had downloaded on my PSP.


just go outside and meet with people. eventually you'll learn to present as human


>I had a meltdown and hid in the bathroom
>just go outside and meet with people
i've heard public bathrooms can be a good place to meet people

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I love lain so much

can i upload me in the wired?
download her in reality?

What to do?


File: 1677586475122.jpg (69.11 KB, 550x424, testo.jpg)

stop being homo

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Anyone know where to get the concept art? I just have a folder full of these thumbnail-tier screenshots from one of the DVDs. There's a substantial overlap with the cels scan collection (https://fatchan.org/lain/thread/222.html) and a little with "Visual Experiments Lain" but some, like the alien, are unique to these.
Also, totally unrelated as far as I know but does anyone know where to get a full scan of "Scenario Experiments Lain"? For the past few years I've taken a good look around for it every eight months or so, but I've only come up with the first "chapter" in late 2021 by sheer luck.
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ackshually That's where I got the OP image to begin with, they're all screenshots from the BluRay. I was looking for standalone scans of the book >>1347 pointed out. Thanks though, I did lose six10's site.


File: 1677410538939.jpg (120.86 KB, 1280x956, 14.jpg)

i hope you are still here anon, i found the album!


replying to >>1612


fuck dislexya, >>1262



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i no longer need a body


Yes you do, i believe in you. Make sure to take good care of it.



You need your body and your body needs you. In face, to say the two are separate isn't entirely correct. It will get better, anon.


sometimes it just feels like its another thing that im lugging around or have to take care of, just another material object. material things are the root of all suffering, y would i keep this body its just wasting space and another object.
maybe i will live on in the wired, maybe i really dont need it.


thanks for believing in me and the kind words.
it means alot.

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hi, this is a very nice imageboard and i feel a bit less lonely here. i finished lain a while ago and i am just regressing each day more and more in complete darkness. i can't even feel emotions unless i cry. meanwhile i'm really getting more and more online. It's like i'm searching for something that does not even exist. i really relate to lain in a way and the message to be with someone. I've seen the hikikomori thread and although i still go out for uni i'm feeling like i am becoming one too.

How do you deal with the unbearable loneliness? How can i connect with someone? I wish i had someone, but i can't trust anyone it's so hard. It's so hard to connect to someone even in the wired i don't know how to do it.

Is there a way?
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File: 1674971573319.jpg (191.07 KB, 1460x853, Callisto.jpg)

You really have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone if you want things to change in your life. You can't look at activities and situations you've never been in and come up with an excuse to think you'll hate it when in reality you've never experienced it so you won't know until you try it. Even while you're reading this you're trying to come up with a reason why I'm wrong and why it's better that you stay in your comfort zone away from things that you think you won't like but have never tried. For any real change to happen in your life, OP, you need to reject that low self esteem inner voice and put yourself out there. You won't get instant results. It takes time and a commitment to expose yourself to people you don't know and situations you've never been in. It's exposure therapy and it'll cure you of most of the problems you've stated having in this thread. The first step is always the hardest and that step is telling yourself that you're wrong and that you're gonna put yourself in a social situation no matter how afraid you are to do it.

I believe in you, so you better not let me down, Lain


Well… All right. Yes, I was already making some excuses. I am at home for another week or two because I have exams, but then I promise I will do something… I just need to find the right places to try. I don't live very near the city but I will do my best. I hope I will eventually find someone. Thanks Ain.

(by the way, i love dead space and callisto protocol ;) )


You gotta fucking stand up for yourself


No problem! It gets easier the more you try, I promise.

Also, I love those both too :) great games, especially the OG Dead Space.


I'm on the same page, but I'm 26M… I just put up through work, pretend like I'm sleeping, conscience off, ignore that I'm wasting my time at work and just do the work… then at night I get home and enjoy some vidya.. at friday night I get myself a bottle of whine and gulp it all up throughout the night wihle I play some competitive FPS and enjoy some bangers on and off. Sometimes I'll get whiskey instead of whine and drink throughout the whole weekend… I cook some cute meals for myself and stuff. I don't really have any friends, I have one friend and we talk on the phone like once a week but it doesn't go much further than that, he's much older, married and busy… I feel a bit down sometimes and I wish I had a girlfriend… but… have you really looked around you and noticed all the greed, interests, social leverage and many other negative aspect of relationships… have you also noticed how someone's social network is always morphing? If you look at how it really is for the social types.. you'll probably vallue your situation a little bit more… I really really like my lonely weekends! A girlfriend would be a really good thing… but would she be willing to spend the weekend watching anime, playing games drinking and smoking? I bet not! I hope you can find what you want in life… just know that your current situation is probably not that all bad… which doesn't mean you can't strive for another situation you might find more convinient… cheers <3

File: 1654046193650.gif (1.01 MB, 498x378, serial-experiments-lain-la….gif)


hi hello
im new to this whole imageboard posting thing. i dont even know if this will work.

whats your connection to serial experiments lain? or lain herself?
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Hi! i'm also rlly new to this imageposting thing lol

So, i haven't finished SEL yet but it i relate to Lain a bit about this whole dissociating discussion. The fact that she is this kind of avatar and the "real" Lain doens't exist at all made me think about my personal relations with my friends and family. Sometimes i start to analyze myself before these interactions and just started to freak out bc i wasn't recognizing myself, like, i look at the scene in my head and think
"ok that's not me"
i have many connections with Lain and the anime itself, but i want to finish it before i can coment more


Take your medicine as prescribed by your doctor


For me it allowed for tech to not be good or evil, but to just be. The Navi builds and communication potential were a net positive, escapism and unaddressed mental issues were a warning - overall I felt a little hollow by the ending but that's life in general isn't it.?

As time went on, I identified with the father quite a bit - even if the rest of the family is checked out, work, hobbies, and the wired are still there.


>As time went on, I identified with the father quite a bit - even if the rest of the family is checked out, work, hobbies, and the wired are still there.
That is the trap, the family its where the true happiness is, but the wired keeps you from doing anything about it since you can always escape. You are in limbo, there, but not there just waiting to escape again, it wouldn't even matter if the family was not there, matter of fact, you would prefer it so. Scary


Lain is the internet, and the internet its better on the background a normal persons life.

File: 1674493896908.png (1.06 MB, 856x1080, lain mod.png)


I feel like we might have a bit in common. I spent the last 3 years trying to be social and make some friends, and I think I'm actually doing pretty well now.

I still feel like with almost all people I'm playing a try-to-be-social game, consciously changing my behavior to be friendly and energetic around people. Multiple times I've felt like I've lost who I really am, like as if who myself is has become this formless emotionless being who puts on different masks and steals personality traits.

Despite that, I've still had a lot of fun and learned a lot from my friends. They make me feel better and I really enjoy being around them even though I'm coldly thinking about how to behave socially.

I think your idea of connecting with people is a high bar that doesn't have to be reached with most people. The people I feel like I've connected and I can "be myself" with, either I've known so well we feel like siblings or I can talk about stuff I really like and they like it too. This is like 4 people, and I only found them because I was trying to become friends with so many people.


fuck, meant as a reply to >>>/lain/1626


>>1638 hi, i replied to you in the original thread!

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