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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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Hi internet /


good evening internet


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Aye, a very late good evening from the tired UK.


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starting to get tired myself


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i pretty much only love life rn because of lain only reason im here rn god lain is god when i first watched lain i was quite confused but i understand a lot now




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It's nice to have something to enjoy in life


i didn't think anyone would reply tbh but yes really is

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What happened? Why are they doing this? Why don't they stop? Why did they want me to change my name to Lain? Why did they pull my triggers? Why did they bully me? Why did they groom me? Why did they scare me? The events in Texas reminded me this was their profile picture once. What the fuck? Why continue to stalk me? Why?

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Let's all love lain

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Anyone know where to get the concept art? I just have a folder full of these thumbnail-tier screenshots from one of the DVDs. There's a substantial overlap with the cels scan collection (https://fatchan.org/lain/thread/222.html) and a little with "Visual Experiments Lain" but some, like the alien, are unique to these.
Also, totally unrelated as far as I know but does anyone know where to get a full scan of "Scenario Experiments Lain"? For the past few years I've taken a good look around for it every eight months or so, but I've only come up with the first "chapter" in late 2021 by sheer luck.
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File: 1651027549555.jpg (285.41 KB, 623x693, 2022-04-26-080823.jpg)

I have the settei book and I'm scared to scan it because it might fuck up the pages (I have an obsession with keeping any lainshit in pristine quality).
If anybody can tell me how to publish those without bending the book I'll post it here.
Pic is not the settei book but an additional one with extra content about how they restored the bluray this comes with to HD.


Hey man, thanks. You would probably need dedicated hardware to do a proper harmless scan (I never fancied photocopier scans anyway), but you can probably get a good enough result with a smartphone and an app like GeniusScan. This is my first time hearing the term settei.


There's a bunch of lain artwork available on eanlib:

Judging by the name "LainPack1.0" I assume the data is also hosted elsewhere, but I haven't found it.


Should be the original source.
Also look for some torrents. There were a good few on 4chan's/t/.


ackshually That's where I got the OP image to begin with, they're all screenshots from the BluRay. I was looking for standalone scans of the book >>1347 pointed out. Thanks though, I did lose six10's site.

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sometimes i dont really know what to think of life


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Please make a single thread, friend.


i apologize

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am i real?, is this real . im confused why im on this earth am i even a person


Who chooses the "why"? Does there have to be a "why"?


i dont know -

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I love Lain!


: )


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Who does not?


File: 1647089200638.jpg (39.14 KB, 320x479, stitch3.jpg)

Four years ago. What's become of you, Anon? Do you still come here?

File: 1646391669364.jpeg (234.25 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2022-03-04-12-….jpeg)


Let's all love Lain


Did you draw this?


coalburning whore who goes to school in cedarburg


I've been trying to get the source files (images) out of the goofy application with the dress-up game and shooting gallery that came with the "BOOTLEG" album. I'm not very technically experienced, so I gave up years ago, but maybe someone here has some ideas?

I think Ghidra might have given some incomplete results, I never got far with it. You can extract a lot from "lain_win.exe" with 7zip but I'm not sure what most of it is, some are sound effects which are playable when given an extension, but the rest are a mystery to me, I assume the small ones are scripts and the "big" ones are images, but compressed somehow. I didn't find anything familiar when I opened them with a hex editor.
I believe "lain_mov.dat" turned out to be an ordinary .avi, it's playable in WMP (it's just a compressed version of the anime OP that plays when you "beat" the dress-up game before it resets).

If anyone's got the know-how and interest to take a look at the files, please see https://anonfiles.com/bdVdu9J0u0/bootleg_zip (46+ MB) and reply to the thread with your opinion. And if you figure anything out, you'll be a little bit of a hero for isolating the classic "dancing lain" that sometimes appears in the site banner, kek.
(RUN AT YOUR OWN RISK - works fine and safe for me but if you don't trust me you can likely find this in six10's pack at >>1106).
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I found an issue. I tried to join your server, but I was kicked and banned in less than a minute, though I hadn't made any interactions yet, and I didn't have an offensive username or avatar. I don't use Twitter or GitHub, so may I send you an email?


nobody has been kicked or banned from the server for the past 2 weeks, i just checked. alternative invite: discord.gg/9BjjPmFf


File: 1644707989874.png (30.45 KB, 589x352, error.PNG)

Maybe my IP or account has been shadowflagged. Somebody already beat me to it on your GitHub, anyway.


could you give me your discord id?


Where are the node "buttons," like the one with Lain's little signature on laingame.net? And the font sheets and stuff. The source code on your github only has the Lain sprites, the credits, and the little vignettes for the audio.

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