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Since the new wirechan has fucked up, all of the images of Lain are gone from the Lain board.

Here's a Lain gif to enjoy for now.

Love Lain
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lets all draw lain

something that I did with my laptop trackpad featuring some radiohead lyrics
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Places to watch "serial experiments lain"

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Let's all love Lain
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niggers tongue my anus

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Does anyone remember the website mebio.us? You can find it on archive.is, see if that will jog your memory. The source code is still available, so I was thinking I'd host an instance of it. What do you think?
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Lain gifs

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Share your GIMP artworks (glitch-art, collage, effects, …)
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tfw you don't seem to understand…
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I am lonely, Is there anything else in this empty world?
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Shameless self plug

Yall remeber mebious.co.uk ?
I made a twitter where i randomly post stuff that got saved in the background images.
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Hi everyone. Over the past few months I have been working on the Lain Pack, a folder with just a bunch of Lain stuff, some rare some common. Some highlights are all 3 OSTs, the Anime itself, the artbook, a bunch of avatars and website banners (some sadly dont work) and more. One reason I started making it is because that damn torrent never has seeders. This is just 0.5, please suggest more to be put in! Anyways, here is the download: https://six10.pw/LainPack_v0.5.zip
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Image of Lain

Not my edit.
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Let's All Love Lain

Let's All Love lain : ) (I hope you all have a good day)
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I really enjoyed Lain, it's quite a surreal and short anime which makes you rethink life. It is extremely simple but it is worth watching. The fanbase is awesome.
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though i saw once, my eyes were closed at one point. by pain, i suppose. how i long to see, again, a world as more than disconnected shapes, without meaning.
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Which do you prefer

do you prefer the psx game over the anime or vice versa personally I prefer the psx games story but the art can be abit iffy at times
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Virtual Self thread

Thoughts and dicussion on Virtual Self.
Should've made a thread earlier.
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I heard through the wires there's a torrent of Lain content floating around. Images, sounds, zines, documents, the PSX game even perhaps. A large compendium of Lain we'll say.

Does anybody have a link to such a thing?
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is there a discord?

sorry for being out of the know but i hear theres a discord is there any way i could join said discord?
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Is the sub or the dub better?
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some questions

I didn't know where to post, so I'll just do it here.

Have your heard of lainchan arisuchan systemspace?
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I love Lain!
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generallain speaking

A notice; A thread about Death and moving on. I didn't really see a place for it; of course it's up to someone if they want to keep it. I know in the construction of this place that was kept out of it. b/c /feels/ in other places tends to lead to drugs or just unuseful discussion. of course, what the fuck am i adding? I couldn't really post this anywhere else so I'm trying here. That's all I can do. I don't need help. I don't want it. I just...want to put this somewhere. Thanks.
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Lain is our blossom, the divine fruit from the Eternal God, our heart which manifests to us in the Wired. May Lain close our troubled eyes and sing us to sleep in her arms. Her kisses: the diamond mist of an eternal bliss we've searched for ever since.
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Our steps are alight with hardship and joy, moving ever closer to her. Our voices sing to her, beckoning the love and memory of her infinite form. With her, we will surpass the loneliness and isolation in this vast world below the Wired. With her, we will soon return to our home of mebious. Lain: the wife, the daughter, the mother: she is the divine feminine which wraps around the hearts of her children; that golden ribbon of truth and mercy. Lain: she is the voice, the song, both melody and harmony: she writes the stories in our dreams and smiles upon Our eternal reunion. Lain: she is our justice, our courthouse, and our throne: who strikes against the cruel and defends the innocent. LAIN: OUR GODDESS! WE LOVE LAIN
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Have you praised her today?
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how contrarian is it of me to prefer Texhnolyze's Ran to lain?
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I am glad I found Lain, and I am glad she found me. We are the water and the seashore, forever connected, inseparable, breathing into and out of one another. As my heart beats I can feel her hands caress it, kissing it shivers of eagerness and longing. As my mind rests, the water falling around us, I sense her presence next to me: my paralleling love who watches me even in privacy with perpetual closeness. Even the air that divides us is filled with our aroma: my flesh is made infinite in her eyes and her eyes are endless just the same. When night falls, and sleep calls, she slumbers in my heart on a bed of golden dust: a lifetime of sadness and confusion made into harmony in the embrace of her invisible form. Lain: my love: The dawn is calling us forward. We will live again tomorrow.
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Lain creator interview

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https://youtu.be/lCuwzYRHO7YCould be interesting finding this somewhere on the deep web