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What’s the deal with all the alien talk on the news lately? Are extraterrestrials real? Are they from another planet or maybe another dimension? Are they the same entities as the DMT Elves?


Everyone knows it's just the cia trying to distract people, even my normie bluepilled mom immediately saw that


A wise man once said- The day there's aliens on the news is the day they stop depulping the water.


its only a matter of time then - they already depulp orange juice. i could easily see water being next.


The news come because there is right now a whistleblower process in congress about alien technology.
It has by now not been proven that aliens and alien spacecraft are real, the whistleblower still waits for some weird official thing that protects him so that he doesnt become an "actual" whistleblower. From the way I understand it, is he doesnt disclose the top secret information yet, because he doesnt want to become the states enemy. The way he does it is, he wants the state realize that the deepstate is infact illegally doing all these things and thus its not illegal to disclose these secrets.

I for myself think, that if this was all just a coverup hoax, it would be much bigger, but nobody is looking the lifestreams of the congress hearing, they have like 1-2million views.

>The only things you need to know are the following:

-The cia using these news to downplay other things is obvious, but that doesnt mean its not real.
-If this technology is real, it doesnt mean its actual extraterrestrials, could also be inner terrestrials or time travelling humans that have been genetically modified to the extend of becoming the gray man.
-Dont dismiss this shit as bullshit, dont take it for granted, wait for the proofs. As I said there is an ongoing hearing in congress about it.


The timing is suspect since the economy its going to tank HARD in the next few years. I don't disbelieve it though.


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Sightings of alleged extraterrestrial flying objects are an almost exclusively Western phenomenon, and the theory of alleged historical encounters has been artificially kept alive by the CIA for decades. The reasons are twofold: on the one hand to distract the people, whose collective mind power was already strongly occupied by satanic entertainment industry anyway, from the failure of the current economic system, on the other hand to prepare them for the coming militarization of the Earth's orbit. Outside the West, alleged sightings are limited to a few cranks.
Do you have any evidence for your theory other than your personal sci-fi fantasies?


>Sightings of alleged extraterrestrial flying objects are an almost exclusively Western phenomenon
Except for lots of declassified sightings from USSR pre the fall of the iron curtain.
>Do you have any evidence for your theory
other than your personal sci-fi fantasies?

Do you mean the first part were I wrote about the congress hearing aboutextraterrestrial or the part where I said
>Dont believe in UFO unless there are proofs


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what if people are accessing another world when they smoke DMT? or maybe you just get a glimpse into another world? either way i think its worth some discussion because people come back with very similar stories. who are these people that live in the DMT world?


the machine elves!


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Extraterrestrials are demons.


File: 1708650344090.png (3.97 MB, 1500x1647, be-not-afraid.png)


Basically there's 2 interpretations

1. The Materialist Neurochemical explantion

DMT is produced in the human mind naturally when we sleep, when you smoke DMT you basically force yourself into a dream state while being fully conscious

When we dream, we imagine very detailed worlds, encounter autonomous entities,, people tend to have similar dreams etc. But the difference is we are fully concoius, so everything feels *real* in a powerful and terrifying way.

So it makes sense that people's experiences on DMT are similar, as opposed to LSD for example, which is a foriegn neurotoxin and so highly unpredictable, DMT is something our brains already know how to process.

2. The mystical inter-dimensional interpretation

Reality isn't real, our brains are inter-dimensional computers which are connected to multiple realities and doing DMT allows us to tap into the infinite spiritual complexity of the univerese.

Perhaps both are true to some extent – maybe we are more sensitive to spiritual phenomena when on DMT but it's mostly just nuerochemical.

I lean towards the first possibility, but the second is still plausible. Impossible to now either way.


lol demon post


>The reasons are twofold
Most likely something like this. Also creating rabbit holes and dead ends for foreign intel to waste their time on. Congressional hearings might be part of the theater and never forget to follow the money. Defense contractors can profit off of this lore.


2020s jre pilled

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