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What’s the deal with all the alien talk on the news lately? Are extraterrestrials real? Are they from another planet or maybe another dimension? Are they the same entities as the DMT Elves?
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The nebulous hereafter presents itself in many ways. How has the world to come revealed itself to you? Are you happy with this outcome?
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This thread is for discussion about Christianity.
Do you believe in God?
After pondering on the nature of reality and the existence of God, I have come to the conclusion that believing in God is rational.
Science has made the observation that energy can only change its state, it cannot come from nowhere or disappear.
Atheism is based upon the belief that everything came from nothing, which is scientifically impossible, and that everything will ultimately become nothing, which is also scientifically impossible.
How is it not rational to think that everything that exists and the very concept of existence has a source?
Is it not rational to think that in order for existence to come into being, there has to be a source that is more existing than the concept of existence itself?
Is it not rational to think that in order for consciousness to come into being, consciousness that can observe and make conclusions about the nature of reality, there has to be a source that is more conscious than the concept of consciousness itself, and an observer that is the ultimate?
The source of creation has to be beyond the very concept of creation. God is uncreated, God is absolute, God is the ultimate, God is all-knowing, God is all-seing and God is all-capable.
There is no other rational conclusion.
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