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This board is for the discussion of esoterism, occultism, supernatural, secret societies, and the unknown; as well as related and expanded topics.
High quality posting is desired, and remember global rules are in full effect.
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What do you think happens when you die?
Do you believe in hell, heaven, paradise, purgatory or reincarnation?
OP will hop in the discussion later.


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I personally believe in reincarnation, from what I've read, most probably we'll all see that white light, which will be the one to pass you on to your next life, it's all up to you if you decide to lose all your memories and hope you regain some of it in the new life, or you can use your free will to try and decline the memory loss. On getting out of the reincarnation cycle, that's a hard one. I'd say the only people that have gotten out of it are the ones you've known that have been "enlightened"/reached that state, such as Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, to mention the most known ones. But this entire topic requires a serious amount of reading and research.
Instead of calling it heaven and hell, I'd rather do a take on ascending: getting out of the reincarnation cycle and ascending to the next trial), or descending: reincarnate again and pay whatever the f you did in your past live, and it can be as bad as being someone stupidly rich, a kid in africa, or returning to being a bug. It's all about the duality of things…
I'm at a point where I don't want to be part of any religion, but not because I don't believe in them, but because I am one in all of them. Have a good one!


I'm a pessimist so if only death were the end

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What are your thoughts on freemasonry?
In my country they present themselves as completely harmless group of buddies who believe in God, yet everything is secret and the high ranking masons by coincidence have very powerful positions in society (extremely wealthy, politicians, CEOs of biggest companies, etc.).
I think most masons are normies, but there are also hidden hierarchies within the lodges established by malicious people for personal gain. Secret societies like freemasonry offer a perfect environment for those kind of people.
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Well, my thoughts about freemasonry, actually i joined it on january 2018, its been four years so I know just a few things…
Well i should say that freemasonry is a initiation school where you learn moral philosophy, for the practice of virtues. This is just for first instance, then you follow step by step, all in terms of analogy, a path that takes you to your own liberation from the wheel of Samsara, or from Malkut to the Kether in the Tree of Life, or from the Earth to the Sky. Study is the thing that must people believe that will take you the goal of the path, but at this point, I believe like so many others, that is the aplication of anything you study, to the benefit of Humanity, so my benefit, so God´s benefit. Many things I can say, but what I said is just the Cathedral facade.
You are so right saying that this society is the perfect environment for those kind of people, so the thing here is that there are like 2 types of lodges (where we work our rites)
The political lodges, and the non-political lodges.
The political lodges are where they (from my perspective) just gather to discuss political things with the rites of freemasonry and "study" things they don´t truly understand at all, because i´ve walked with them in a lodge, and I felt their contemptuous look at any other people that is not a CEO, or a politician, because i´m just a "young and mid-class man" according to those kind of people, that is like corrupted freemasonry, but the diversity of people is always big, so maybe there are some that understand the point of freemasonry.
And the other type, the non-political, is people that concentrate more in the studies, in the practice of all the values of freemasonry, on the hidden truth of things that is not hidden, and its a real fraternity where people can trust in his brothers, where we can count with the support of them, and so on. its a very beautiful and perpective changing school, where I think the point is to find our freedom and human sovereignty, for the benefit of society.
All the secret part is because people with knowledge have always been pursuit, most in the times where freemasonry take its form and before. But now we are just asked to be discreet.
The conspiracy and all of that comes from people from outside the freemasonry not knowing what we do inside, of course i can just say learning to think by ourselves, and not being programated machines like a great part of humanity on this times. MostPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I think Freemasonry is neutral to bad. They want to know how the world works, but it can hardly be said to be out of benevolence.


Very interesting, didn't know lodges could be divided this way, but I guess it's kinda obvious considering it's an organization in the end. From what I can tell they are regular but rational people, it's a good place to know people like that.


It sounds interesting, I could try to join just to see what it is about.


i know a guy who is a freemason. Next time I see him, I'll ask about it and post if he tells me anything interesting

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