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This board is for the discussion of esoterism, occultism, supernatural, secret societies, and the unknown; as well as related and expanded topics.
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What do you think happens when you die?
Do you believe in hell, heaven, paradise, purgatory or reincarnation?
OP will hop in the discussion later.
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I want to rewrite and fix what I said here.

I believe that our souls are a separate entity from our brains and our bodies. They are the ultimate driving force which relays its commands to the mind which translates and relays those commands, as well as its own, to the body which works the magic.The soul and mind are not always in accord but are usually so closely paired they're hard to distinguish.
Our souls are ultimately permanent, while our minds and bodies are not. After death, our soul continues to drive on in the spiritual side of reality. We lose our capability of interacting with the physical world, but can continue to observe it and be attached to it as long as we wish. Generally, clinging to the physical world will be painful as you will watch people mourn you and forget you, even psychopaths can't stomach the latter. By learning to give up our attachment to the physical world when it is no longer necessary for us, we can ultimately unite ourselves with the chaos of reality and embrace the warm, breezy night of afterlife as the tides of our Goddess blankets us.
I'm certain that this is not a new belief system but it is the one that I've developed for myself largely on my own. It brings me a lot of comfort to know that I'll one day leave this body behind and this world, with all its wisdom, behind and begin a new act in a new way. I believe that there are a few people who I'll be able to connect with so much more intimately when we both become our spiritual selves and that is also exciting to me. But right now I have a lot more to learn on this beautiful earth.
>it's all really schizo
I feel really silly and childish, or sometimes schizo, when I talk about this stuff and similar. But I think really it's kind of a silly thing to be ashamed of, even if I can't help it.


I personally have no idea if there is an immortal soul. If there is I doubt it is anything like I have considered before, possibly something outside of my comprehension. However, I do realize there is something other than just intelligence that separates humans from other creatures. It could just be bias that I am human, or it could be some innate sensing of the immortal soul.
As far as what happens when one dies, I am conflicted. Some background, I used to be atheist but I recently converted to Christianity. I have yet to get to the part of The Bible that has actually described any part of the afterlife, and I am skeptical to listen to other's interpretations.
The Christian part of me says that when I die, I will be judged both on my sins and whether or not I have admitted them. And should I falter, I will be cast to Hell to burn for eternity. But should I succeed, I will be placed in The Kingdom of Heaven where I cannot suffer. The atheist part of me says there is nothing and I will simply cease to exist and rot. In either case, they are both voids incapable of being properly understood by humans. They both require an understanding of some kind of infinity. Which as creatures that only deal with finite concepts, we cannot truly understand only approximate.
Honestly though, I hope I just stop existing when I die. I find existence inherently tiring and I don't know if I'd be ok with existing forever. When I die, I just want to rest.


what about Quantum Immortality?

Heres is a schizo post i saw somewhere:

So, here's the deal. People die. You know that already. You on the other hand, don't. Well actually, you do, but to you, you don't. You might recognize this as a basic quantum concept: Schrodinger's Cat. Only the cat can truly know whether it's alive or dead, and for outside observers to know for sure they must remove the box.

There are far too many stories with consistent hallmarks/tropes (i.e. the time slow down/"jump back") for this to be a co-ordinated LARP. Below is a four-stage guide demonstrating how Quantum Immortality works and how to react accordingly.

Stage 1: Death
During the first stage your body and emotions will undergo the worst trauma they have endured in their life. You will feel dead, and you will know you are dead even though you shouldn't be able to. You shouldn't perceive any injuries since your central nervous system has undergone what many in computing would consider a stack overflow, that is to say pain is being sent to it, but it isn't being received.

Stage 2: Object Distortion
Whatever happened to you, you will not perceive it as you should. If you're involved in a traffic accident, you won't feel the vehicle or wall crush you to death. Instead you'll just go through it, as it seems your body has already released its grip on life, and is only relaying you visual stimuli that would make sense. Again, like computing, imagine playing an online game with extremely high ping. Stuff will move around you free of collision. Some people have reported OOBEs (i.e. seeing their dead body in front of them).
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This guy killed himself trying to prove this


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What are your thoughts on freemasonry?
In my country they present themselves as completely harmless group of buddies who believe in God, yet everything is secret and the high ranking masons by coincidence have very powerful positions in society (extremely wealthy, politicians, CEOs of biggest companies, etc.).
I think most masons are normies, but there are also hidden hierarchies within the lodges established by malicious people for personal gain. Secret societies like freemasonry offer a perfect environment for those kind of people.
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I think Freemasonry is neutral to bad. They want to know how the world works, but it can hardly be said to be out of benevolence.


Very interesting, didn't know lodges could be divided this way, but I guess it's kinda obvious considering it's an organization in the end. From what I can tell they are regular but rational people, it's a good place to know people like that.


It sounds interesting, I could try to join just to see what it is about.


i know a guy who is a freemason. Next time I see him, I'll ask about it and post if he tells me anything interesting


Freemasonry is about secrets and deception. Never believe something a freemason tells you about them. If they were honest and in good faith, they would create a proper public and open religion or philosophy.
The entire thing is a hierarchical selection for the most corrupt people to put into places of power to advance the NWO agenda.

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