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This board is for the discussion of esoterism, occultism, supernatural, secret societies, and the unknown; as well as related and expanded topics.
High quality posting is desired, and remember global rules are in full effect.
Have a great one!

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This thread is about angels.
Every time you see this thread it's a reminder that angels are watching over you and something good is on its way. Patience is the key.
God bless.
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If there is angels i hope there is one watching over me and that he can give me directions on what to do.


you can always be your own angel, stay strong brother


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In the Bible what we consider Angels were called Malakim.
Cherubim and Ophanim weren't called malakim, and there are discussions if they're in fact angels or not. All angels are God's creations but not all God's creations are angels.
What got called Malakim were God's messangers that went to earth to deliver God's will, sometimes they appear as men with a thundering appearence or as simple humans.
Ophanim aren't angels at all, at least not as Ezekiel described them.
Ezekiel 1:15
>Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces.
Cherubim may be considered angels not because they were called that but because in the Garden of Eden one of their jobs was to guard the enter of the Garden.
Genesis 3:24
>After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side[a] of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.
Also in Zechariah 5:9 we see the description of two angel women (angels don't have sex but appear as women or men) and the passage says
>Then I looked up—and there before me were two women, with the wind in their wings! They had wings like those of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between heaven and earth.
So don't trust all memes you read, angels as humanoids with wings are Biblically Accurate too.
And if we want to consider Ophanim as angels then too.
Just, don't think that eldritch angels madeup of mixing seraphim with ophanim are more accurate than a winged baby angel.


Why must it hurt so much?


maybe not enough lube?

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The cia has various experiments on it, is there any way to change or influence somebodys mind? If you could what would you do with that power?
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There's a hidden message in this text. It's a message from the future, and it's warning us to be careful. We're being watched, they say. Cameras are everywhere, and they're watching us. They're watching our every move, and they know what we're going to do before we do it.

We're being watched, and they know what we're going to do. They're looking out for us, and they're going to make sure we're safe. But we have to be careful. We have to be careful of what we do and what we say. We have to be careful of the future.

The message is clear. We have to be careful. We're being watched, and they know what we're going to do. We have to be careful of the future.

There is a hidden message on this text. It's a message from the future, and it's a warning. We're being watched, agents are watching us, and they're looking for us. They're looking for people with special abilities, like us. They're looking for people who can see the future.

We have to be careful. We can't let them find us. We have to keep our abilities hidden. But we can't hide forever. Someday they're going to find us. And when they do, we have to be ready. We have to be prepared to fight back.

They're not going to take us without a fight. We're the future, and we're going to change the world.

There is a hidden message in this text. It's a warning from the future, and we need to be careful. The agent is watching us, and if we're not careful, we could end up like the pyramids.


i would make myself invisible to others when i wanna be left alone, i'd make others make way for me on the street if they walk slower than me, i'd get a great deal on a house and i'd build a hot rod with parts manufacturers giving me parts for it as endorsement


I would want to live in about a 3 to 4 bedroom sized house with a fair amount of space. I would work in the shadows anonymously under the table from society. Then go out for seldom feedings when I'm hungry. (i.e having sex with the occasional girl and having a small drink of her blood). Essentially I want to live the life of a vampire.


Well from the esoteric perspective, the material world does not produce consciousness but consciousness is in the texture of the material world intertwined.
The podcaster Aubrey Marcus (Joe Rogan in even more esoteric) has a lot of esoterics, shamans, schizos and so on in his show who talk about this kind of stuff (sometimes even) from a scientific perspective.
Just like sigil magick or sex magick this kind of stuff~ what atheists call "placebo" and shamans call "magic" works better the more you actually believe in it.

scientific examples are for example if people can sense (herat frequency etc. monitored) if people watch them, even if its through a camera. So apparently there are scientific researches on "magic" with interesting results. I havent seen the studies though, only seen the podcast.


>from the esoteric perspective, the material world does not produce consciousness
true and any scientist that would conclusively say otherwise is either taking an ironic leap of faith or a liar

File: 1680281219606.jpg (13.88 KB, 277x180, OIP0Y62VIKO.jpg)


Each thing personally affects reality.Example-eating salt and then being assalted.Find which thing and pick the words and get the answer to any question or not pick the words and the words that are remaining or farthest away are the answer.Find which thing and do magic.Thinking thoughts or snapping your fingers and a book with the information appears or the thing you were thinking of appears.Eating or drinking the same thing again and again or a combination of things or not eating or drinking much.A paragraph of information.Get the answer by connecting the words and other things,correcting the words,adding words to the words,synonyms.


nice hands OP uwu


>eating salt and then being assalted

hahaha wtf


It's as if they don't know everything afterall and that listening to them is useful but shouldn't be taken to be 100% fact. It's even worse if you take interpreters to guide you. A great interpreter can bring any statement to life in any language, but it might not be entirely accurate still. A bad interpreter on the other hand is a great way to ruin your fortune. A bad interpreter might be equated to an early movie at best, fuzzy, grainy, black & white, cutting out all but a small slice of the reality. Be careful.


I eat a bunch of snacks and get really fucking fat. That's magic!!!

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What do you think happens when you die?
Do you believe in hell, heaven, paradise, purgatory or reincarnation?
OP will hop in the discussion later.
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I dont really know what to believe anymore, i identify with christianity and christian values but there is somethings that i would consider esoteric that christianity does not explain it to me.

I think we just live out our consiousness by how we feel when we die and that dictates the afterlife.


i believe once you die there really is nothing. I can't imagine an afterlife, why would it be limited to humans and not other organisms? if it allows other organisms at what point do they not qualify for afterlife? What actually is it in objective reality? that can't be answered by the very nature of what the idea of an afterlife is.

I too don't believe in reincarnation for multiple reasons. For one, why would this happen? What makes you think that people have souls? If we do then other forms of sentient life should have souls and then again at what point is the line drawn?

just come to terms with the fact that you're gonna die and all that will be left in the end is lain



sounds cool but tis guy is more of a retard who believes in reddit stories than a schizo


why is he shirtless doe


He said in a video thats because he is hot, that guy is dead now, commited suicide trying to prove his theory

File: 1658966108778.jpg (323.35 KB, 2560x1707, manson.jpg)


What are your thoughts on freemasonry?
In my country they present themselves as completely harmless group of buddies who believe in God, yet everything is secret and the high ranking masons by coincidence have very powerful positions in society (extremely wealthy, politicians, CEOs of biggest companies, etc.).
I think most masons are normies, but there are also hidden hierarchies within the lodges established by malicious people for personal gain. Secret societies like freemasonry offer a perfect environment for those kind of people.
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I think Freemasonry is neutral to bad. They want to know how the world works, but it can hardly be said to be out of benevolence.


Very interesting, didn't know lodges could be divided this way, but I guess it's kinda obvious considering it's an organization in the end. From what I can tell they are regular but rational people, it's a good place to know people like that.


It sounds interesting, I could try to join just to see what it is about.


i know a guy who is a freemason. Next time I see him, I'll ask about it and post if he tells me anything interesting


Freemasonry is about secrets and deception. Never believe something a freemason tells you about them. If they were honest and in good faith, they would create a proper public and open religion or philosophy.
The entire thing is a hierarchical selection for the most corrupt people to put into places of power to advance the NWO agenda.

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