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This board is for the discussion of personal investigations (like expeditions, and trips), psychology, counterculture, storytelling, literature, and general niche topics (this can also include unheard-of videogames, table games, etc).
High quality posting is desired, and remember global rules are in full effect.
Have a great one!

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Show case your favorite bedroom punk / epunk/ incelcore artists
The scene is pretty much done given the e-drama that ensured.
Its such a varied genre where no 2 bands sound alike, kinda has a cyberpunk/dystopian feel to it pretty cool for something internet based.



Hard Christ:

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i follow more the syntpunk scene around the globe, i think bedroom punk same as eggpunk is a microgenre of synthpunk which is very interesting



If you got 2 hours to kill and listen to retarded e-drama


File: 1656117111960.jpg (111.16 KB, 800x534, entrance.jpg)


Have any of you ever done any urban exploring? what kind of places have you gone? what was it like?
when i was younger, wanted to camp out underground near this creek where i live, connected to a kind of sewer/open air waterway system. i even bought the boots for it before one day when i was walking and i looked inside a manhole cover and saw a wall covered in cockroaches. i could still totally go back and at least hang around the entrance which i know is fine (if only diseased with god knows what) but i would have to get a friend to help me in and out of it.
some real explorations i've done have been of various forgotten schools me and my friends found. there was even an area full of pills in one dark room of the cafeteria. it's something i've always found extremely interesting. i've even thought about camping out in places, but i have yet to do so.
pic related, is very similar to the place near me, but without the maybe 2-10 inches of water.


File: 1656688524681-0.jpg (879.09 KB, 4032x3024, 20201023_140650.jpg)

File: 1656688524681-1.jpg (614.65 KB, 4032x3024, 20201023_151336.jpg)

I've been wanting to do urban exploring for a while now, but unfortunately I live in a very big city, so it's kinda hard to find run down places that aren't dangerous or constantly checked by the police.
But I recently (around a year ago) went to a small community where I used to live, and found many houses to be completely abandoned, they had a very eerie vibe to them, will post some pictures…
Unfortunately I think this is as far as I can "explore", considering it's a gated community (so it's kinda hard to get in), and the city in which I live in. And I wish something spooky had happened because it's the perfect setting for an "innawoods" type of greentext.
That place you mention looks really good for exploring, you may not find much, but at least some spooky drawings or dead animal body for sure…


File: 1656730922326.png (1006.18 KB, 650x920, roadside picnic part 2 int….png)

Foreword: these aren't interesting.

Me and a friend broke into an abandoned insane asylum attached to a veteran's hospital 3 years ago, one of the hallways lead to it contrasting the maintained and deteriorating halves, that was rumored to have conducted experiments on soldiers and was generally agreed upon to be haunted. The first time I entered the premises I heard a shrill sorrowful scream, which my friend didn't hear from short distance from the entrance, from the opposite end of the campus and because a police car was stationed in front of the asylum we would return another night. The asylum is well-known and rumored about because of it being a popular Generation X hangout where people threw parties when they were in their youths. There was only one way in it, a window up stained marble stairs above the ground level, that was too old and small to bother locking up. There was an elevator shaft thick with dust and the flashlight we had wasn't strong enough to penetrate it. Curiously in the display cases showed events and dates for after the hospital closed and my friend is someone who's facts should be taken with grains of salt. Exploring more of the 'pital exiting the bathroom and looking into some procedure rooms we hard a sinister exhale in which we looked at each other and decided to not risk a great story or soul imprisonment. The bottom floor didn't have anything of note, just old boxes and emptied office cabinets. Outside the police car returned and we waited it out for 10 minutes before it and we left.

A few days later we went to a cemetery that was definitely haunted where my friend encountered some cryptid demon animal that yipped and yowled like a fox or small dog and a statue that moved. The Uber driver was an Aryan Afghan man who talked to us about djinns on the drive there. The most interesting thing I saw was a hole in the brick wall with bricks outside of the cemetery meaning something busted out from it. We didn't encounter anything spooky, we spit on jewish graves and I drew a penis and swastikas on the entrance to them with spray paint. My friend then suddenly had to shit their pants and the only thing stopping them was clutching onto the cross and the feeling subsided when we left but I think that retard was just nervous about the naughty thing we did. Next to the cemetery is an abandoned small amusement park where friend saw a scarecrow staring at her but again I took it with a grain of salt.

Last Summer wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


its fun to do but in most cities youll just find somebodys heroin spot

File: 1658532443092.jpg (32.37 KB, 640x640, Esoteric.jpg)


I want to be able to think without my internal monologue. It's slow, inefficient and sometimes it can be annoying.
Is there a way I can learn or train myself to think without my internal monologue?
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Would you wish to live like that? Is the pure bliss not achiveable for you in the real world?

What would give you bliss as opposed to suffering(?)? Would a nap on your beloved wifes lap be equally blissiful?

Just interested.


I recently consulted the tarot while having an emotional breakdown. It revealed to me that thoughts directly contain emotions I picture them as network packets with an "emotion header". Think about killing someone you know and it will implicitly include how you imagine you would feel at that moment.
To reason calmly about a thought, I could consciously separate the associated emotion from the content, which was hard when following a train of thought, or override the emotion with something I wanted to feel instead.
I tried feeling happy and succeeded. The lack of effort made me want to kill myself. The more I learn about thought, the more I feel alienated from the substrate feeding my consciousness senses, memories and emotions. As a consequence solipsism creeps in.


To my understanding, the pure bliss is the real world. We just can't see it because of the filter of the ego and echo of the thoughts. Forgetting who you are for a time is a great way to realize just who really is glancing through your eyes.

The bliss I describe is within everyone. Awareness of this bliss, is not. Everything will be okay and all is well all the time forever. I'm not saying everyday is perfect or nothing bad ever happens, but doing your best to keep the bigger picture in the foreground is a path to that bliss that exists in you.

I don't have a wife, but the scenario you describe does sound quite blissful. Love is bliss. Love is never suffering

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHZ5-uutUaI Here's a song for your time


The true way to feel the internal bliss it to manifest it in the real world through your actions and shape your enviromnent to rrecieve it.

Stay strong brothers.



File: 1662704566355.jpg (119.02 KB, 640x864, cfncTEm.jpg)


Has anyone tried using a Voor's head device? Might kill you but maybe that's part of the experience.
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wow thats certified stupid
thanks for the explanation


god bless you


File: 1665611829857.jpg (48.69 KB, 756x504, voorhaed.jpg)



I pity the fool who treats Mr. T like that!


The A in A-team Stands for Anus

File: 1635016207101.jpg (10.78 KB, 236x237, 8b2fba89948cac01b5190f2ac8….jpg)


love exposure is amzing
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Wrong thread, brother


File: 1635231644788.jpg (174.44 KB, 640x640, question-nozomi.jpg)

>Love Exposure is a 2008 Japanese arthouse comedy-drama written and directed by Sion Sono. The film gained a considerable amount of notoriety in film festivals around the world for its four-hour runtime and themes including love, family, lust, religion and the crime of upskirt photography. The first version was originally six hours long, but was trimmed at the request of the producers.
Isn't this what OP is talking about? Sion Sono is even in the subject.


You have now been exposured to love. Send this loveletter to at leasst 3 more people or you will have bad luck für 69 days.


Love Exposure is divided in multiple chapters, you don't have to watch it all at once


a truly great film can occupy you for its entire length, no matter it's length. the greatest example of this is likely The Human Condition by Masaki Kobayashi, being nine hours in length but still perfect enough to watch the entire time.

File: 1658333381114.jpg (10.12 KB, 320x226, goth_n.jpg)


Which post-punk, deathrock or darkwave do you listen ?


I like a lot this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq5l1NuL2XE sadly they don't make more music o don't know why

And for post-punk i love this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SRFSJ-sTFA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snqaoM8fNdg


File: 1658371682014.jpg (144.28 KB, 640x853, g.jpg)

This is some of what I like
But the artist that got me into goth music is Anna Varney
There's also Klaus nomi, but his stuff feels somewhat more of europop

File: 1653741907730.jpg (48.1 KB, 720x900, 1653646197109.jpg)


Why are Psychedelics the key to understanding the Universe.
Why are you affraid to take them?

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Maybe if you believe in reincarnation.


Ego suicide


Psychedelics offer too much of a subjective experience of insight or illumination, that I don't believe it can offer any objective truth that is applicable outside of the individual's experience. If you took various revelations people have had while tripping, and compared them, I can assure you that all of it would be contradictory in a larger cosmology, or moral framework, which makes any sort of meaning derived from those experiences completely individualistic. Maybe people come to conclusions which benefit them, maybe they don't, it really is so varied that anything could have any sort of significance, or none at all, depending on the person. I do think psychedelics engage a person's subconscious, and it can be potentially useful for looking into a person's experiences from a psychoanalytic perspective, but that's really it.


Have you taken psychedelics yourself?


there are very few objective truths. everything relies on your perception and cognition, and you have to put trust in even the most basic of things. i think sometimes you can be more right than others, but there is absolutely no ultimate truth. none that we will ever find, anyway.
i believe we are all nodes in a kind of network of knowledge. we each interpret things in our individual ways but that builds into a compilation of that experience that we share with one another. from that, we each sift through and interpret it on our own accord, and the cycle continues.
i don't think i would personally care for psychedelics, but there still might be something to gain from them indirectly.

File: 1647842936114.jpg (676.16 KB, 2263x1600, qliphoth.jpg)


Anyone else here confuse their reality and their dreams? Something I see will cause me to remember something relatively inconsequential, but I don't know if that's a real memory or something I dreamed while i was sleeping.
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>confuse their reality and their dreams?
This happens to me sometimes. I found it to be a potentially destabilizing downside of having strong dream recall or working towards that goal. For a while, when I was younger, I was having dreams with varying degrees of lucidity where I would think that I would wake up, but would still be dreaming. Sure, that happens from time to time, but this was constant. That experience would repeat over and over again when I slept and the dreams I had during that period were all very mundane and didn't contain many surreal elements, so they were almost indistinguishable from waking life. That kept happening to me day in and day out for a few weeks, dreaming like that all through the night and again during short naps during the day. I was never completely sure if I was awake or dreaming and I kept attempting to do reality checks throughout the day to be sure that I wasn't dreaming. It was like doing those lucid dreaming reality checks but inverted to verify that, yes, I actually was awake and in the real world. It felt like I was jumping through dimensions or something hyperbolic and fantastical like that and was very destabilizing for a while.


In my dreams I often steal things and feel disappointed, when I notice it was a dream. Strangely enough I never stole something irl. The last time I remember making a lasting impact on my dreams was, when I made peace with my night terrors as a child. I regularly have wet dreams, that are very surreal, mechanistic and anything but arousing.


It has happened to me but not very often. It hasn't happened in a while though. When it did happen, it was inconsequential as you said and it only lasted like a split second. It kind of felt like deja vu in a way.


i've never remembered having had a dream but i very often remember things and then conclude i must have dreamt it, so i think i still dream


I don´t dream very often but when I do they're either nightmares or impossible to tell from reality
Usually in the reality like dreams I end up telling someone info they're not privy to.
This could just be my brain building on my fears of being delusional, but with my bad memory it makes them very hard to tell from reality

File: 1647492271698.jpg (38.56 KB, 700x700, a0089573689_16.jpg)


Cool synth musician I stumbled upon a while back. (https://sybe.bandcamp.com/music, https://sybe.bandcamp.com/music, and other places). I found from one of his songs being used as a background to a surf WR on YouTube (don't remember which video) and I adore (most of) his music. I've heard exactly zero other people mention him, and when I first found him most of his music had zero views on YouTube. Though some of his songs I also find quite annoying.


Neat share, anon! I sure like the artwork, it reminds me a lot of armorgames.com for some reason (I can't think of any game in particular). The pictures for "Stab" and "Rat Poison" are especially slick.

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