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Kaiba is one of the coolest anime I've seen in a while. The setting is quite alien and there's a lot of cyberpunk elements like personality duplication and transplanting.


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Higurashi no naku koro ni.

Imo, it's not that know, and it really good.


Holy shit. I'd been meaning to look into Kaiba for ages, but it's absolutely amazing.


Thanks for the suggestion, I might watch it after I finish texhnolyze.
Another obscure one I enjoyed a lot was mononoke (not the princess thing). Not cyberpunk at all though but very unique.


File: 1564895333024.jpg (183.78 KB, 652x934, 01d6626b7b2505bc568cc69ec0….jpg)

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Any other weird, psychological anime similar to lain?
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I heard the light novel of boogiepop phantom is one of the greatest ever written, and the anime pales in comparison.


If you like more of the "I dont even understand whats going on" part check out Cat Soup.


File: 1544073627558.jpg (478.49 KB, 1920x1080, 1511137675637.jpg)

Angel's Egg


What did you mean? The anime is dead.


Paranoia Agent comes to mind.

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I know it's kinda a normie anime and I'm a little late to it but fuck me, I'm really enjoying Death Note. The Japanese live action movies are kino too


That's nice, anon.


File: 1553714711119.jpg (48.96 KB, 780x408, ryuk.jpg)



Who cares if it's "normie" or not. It's pretty good. I don't know about the action movies though, haven't seen them.


I've seen them all and own all of them minus the latest one and its tie in series

they're great, highly recommend. not the American one though, it's shit. the live action show is cool as well

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Anime sucks prove me wrong
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Is there any logical reason why you would fucking say that post is underrated? Has anybody expressed any kind of dissatisfaction or criticism at all against it? Are you delusional? Are you reading replies that are nonexistant? Maybe you come from communities with voting systems, but there is literally no way that you could know what other people think of that post you just replied to here. Maybe it's psychological. Maybe it's your own post you're replying to, like a 12 year old fucktard liking his own facebook posts thinking his swelling autism is going unnoticed. Maybe your self esteem depends on you tricking yourself into thinking someone out there thinks your post is worth something. Or maybe you are just a retard, the worst kind of retard, the one who thinks he's smart, the one who thinks he's the only one to have gotten the joke, to have understood the post. Well, guess what, faggot, that post is under no definition underrated so why don't you do the world a favor and go check out what the bottom of your toilet smells like?


underrated post


> Maybe it's your own post you're replying to

Maybe this really is what you are doing. What if you are >>45 and you argue with yourself so anyone that joins the discussion has to pick a side and finally you have, for the first time, someone to call a friend. How sad and lonely are you really?


>How sad and lonely are you really?
I'm not obliged to answer that question. ;_;


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File: 1519235297572.png (257.05 KB, 309x567, image-10.png)


I started watching NGE, every time I mention it to someone they say that the last two episodes sucked/are memes?
Is it even possible to appreciate all the episodes before it?

pic relevant?
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The last two episodes are the best part of the show. Sure it's strange and not everyone will like it but I think it's the perfect ending. If you're not satisfied with that as an ending well EoE exists.


The people who say the last two episodes sucked are just mad they didn't get a climax that wasn't an introspective one. They are the reasons why Anno made End of Evangelion. People got extremely upset and started sending threats of all kind to GAINAX. Not only were the last two episodes what Anno really wanted, it was also because of a budget issue. I'm kind of grateful to those people that got mad though, without them we wouldn't have gotten such a masterpiece that is End of Evangelion. But the last two episodes in the series aren't bad, they're are just psychoanalysis of each character and how all they connect to Shinji's fragile state of mind. Great fucking show right next to Lain.


The people who bitch lack the comprehension or attention span to dig through the contents of the final episodes. There's rich symbolism and it does effectively tie up the whole series exactly as the previous episodes alluded to.

tl;dr - Just watch them, and actually think about what they're saying.


the symbolism is nge is literally just shit they thought looked cool and nothing more; this has been explicitly confirmed by the staff


Remember, it's just soap.

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What's everyone's thoughts on Dragon Ball Super ending soon?




good, it should've stopped at dragon ball z a long fucking time ago


I don't care.

File: 1521734037729.png (237.21 KB, 540x404, HeLovesMe.png)


Hau hau~! I'm so happy that Sailor Moon & Dragon Ball is still around


DBS threads are ruining /a/.


there's nothing to ruin.

File: 1521734190529.jpg (127.56 KB, 1024x731, do_it_for_her_kanna_kamui.jpg)


I have many Daughterfus, including this fire child


Stop using these words!


the correct term is dota

File: 1516477732430.gif (440.14 KB, 392x392, ha7px.gif)


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I wonder if the appeal of this gif is the result of over-saturation of porn and hentai O_o


OP's gif appeals to me more.


Oh man, I haven't watched HS in years and years and years. I wonder if I still have it…

I really like stories about artists, even though they're never about art.


sketchbook full color's and ga: geijutsuka art school are two other good ones. i love art school anime for some reason


I feel bad, but I can't get through HS. It does nothing for me.

File: 1516475100719.jpg (82.76 KB, 459x650, Ceh_qIkWEAAxKwy.jpg)


Heavens Feel thread. Tohsaka has a nice ass.


I need to watch this still yet.
Do you happen to have any links?


File: 1516531308296.png (412.54 KB, 679x411, 16ce39468dd242989438d871e5….png)

Also, yes Tohsaka does have a nice ass.


There are no torrents yet, watched it on theatres.

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