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Just found out this place. Can somene explain this place for me?


this place is like an empty planet. You go there with people and then do what? whatever you like. It is what you make it. But if you go to another migrant and ask him what this place is about, he'll just tell you what >he< is going to make it, thus limit your influence on the metamorphosis that is going to happen. It is what you make it, chief.


A fried egg! I will hit the planet on the side of a teflon-coated frying pan, already heated. The juicy contents spilling out and sizzling as the proteins change conformation. Tasty tasty fried egg.


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Its just a cool place


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its wirechan.


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What are some good anime that were made in the last few years, i feel that all the series i loved are about to be 10 to 15 years old now and i don't want to be *that* guy
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>the art style is really good
That was what sucked me into it. Normally don't like that much CGI, but it had a unique look. Sometimes that's all it takes for me.
>made for edgy teens to relate to
Yeah, that kind of turned me off too and at times I wondered how much of it was sincere story telling and how much of it might be a platform for a gacha game down the road. Could picture parents scolding their edgy teens for over spending on too many eggs.
>too repetitive
Was a little disappointed after the first couple episodes to see it was turning into a monster of the week, but I stuck with it because I found it had a sort of surreal quality that I don't often come across… posting this here on a board that often loves Lain, so maybe that says something about my tastes. Anyway, halfway through I began to loose interest, but it took a couple weird twists towards the end and that's what redeemed it for me.
Like op said…
>i feel that all the series i loved are about to be 10 to 15 years old
I can relate to that and for the last couple years I've mostly been watching anime older then that, feeling a little burnt out on popular contemporary art style for the most part.


File: 1619450746692.jpg (271.73 KB, 1116x1382, odgL5QJ.jpg)

I recommend you Monogatari and Girls Last Tour, also Vivy which is airing right now


File: 1619715169374.png (933.86 KB, 680x1583, fatlus2.png)

Op here thanks for the reccs


Girls und panzer. When I originally saw some things about, I thought it was gonna be some weird anime. But its kinda fun, and the characters are likeable.

Also Initial D.


I liked gundam IBO.

File: 1672954589208.jpg (38.6 KB, 100x100, lain1.jpg)


my buddy has been trying to get me to read BLAME!, is it even worth the time?


It is if you appreciate the art of drawing.


yes, as >>629 said, it has one of the mostly visually striking pages in manga and art in general, but the story can be a bit hard to follow, its on of these "out there" mangas


This thread made me check it out. It does have some really nice pages/art, but I do have a hard time parsing what's what and what's happening in combat.


Youre probably retarded, notify your loved 9nes immediately

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Use this thread for general anime recommendations! List shows you've seen, what you like about them, and respond to others with shows you think they'd like.

I myself am pretty uncultured when it comes to the anime world. Despite this, anime has produced some of my favorite works of all time. I will list them now:

>MSG Thunderbolt December Sky

>FLCL (only the og OVA)
>Serial Experiments Lain
>Neon Genesis Evangelion
>Howl's Moving Castle

I think I like mecha quite a bit, I also like psychological dramas, and Howl's Moving Castle is nothing short of beautiful.
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Key the Metal Idol.



File: 1672841715256.jpg (32.58 KB, 613x386, videogirl.jpg)

Video Girl Ai

Nice little six episode OVA about a guy who buys a vhs, and gets quite a shock when a girl comes out of it.

Ai-chan is my fave. ^-^


Good recommendation.


File: 1672301904337.jpg (105.62 KB, 1100x619, mob.jpg)


thoughts on the ending of mob psycho? what was your favorite season?

File: 1519235297572.png (257.05 KB, 309x567, image-10.png)


I started watching NGE, every time I mention it to someone they say that the last two episodes sucked/are memes?
Is it even possible to appreciate all the episodes before it?

pic relevant?
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glasses make girls cuter


File: 1665603930554.jpeg (4.25 MB, 1920x2688, 055b4ed0e873529a7a161c705….jpeg)

>>580 👍👓📘📙


File: 1668177872808.jpeg (2.81 MB, 2893x4092, f4a26b540a6ac9306d362015e….jpeg)


File: 1670671115577.jpg (121.17 KB, 1200x1094, bb3a54fffa0edc5400273b975b….jpg)

File: 1668877439426.jpg (342.31 KB, 1080x1350, Cyberpunk-Edgerunners-S1-P….jpg)


Anyone saw this? What did you think?
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animated by trigger, the story board its from cd project who hasnt made a single good game since the original Witcher in 07(which is free on GOG btw great game)


I watched it yesterday, it looked great but otherwise was pretty forgettable.


It's a fun anime. I like other Netflix anime that aren't talked about much.


What other netflix anime do you like?


Its complete trash. This is what zoomers think cyberpunk is about. Never read a book, never cared about big corpos, never cared about globalization or digitalization. Just whooooshhh neoon nights cool cyber samurai so bad ass, lets take some japanese words and hmmmhhhmmm gaddeeeeem how bout this… crazy as haircut with some random shavings inside damn so badass pew pew blue hair gaddeeeeeem

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Goblin Slayer

Make me a List, Gentlemen, I Request with Humility and Meekness Utmost in the Presence of the Higher-Realm Anons.

-The Aurelian Arch-Ibis-T
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Berserk is redpilled as hell


i've never sensed any sexual frustration in it, just her being a bit of a loner kid. none of her friends are even dating anybody in the show

what led to your conclusion?


not that anon but icons get adopted by certain cultures all the time regardless of relevance or meaning! quite literally the definition of cultural appropriation.


File: 1668770116226.png (372.12 KB, 508x500, i may be stupid.png)

Megazone 23
Kidou senkan Nadesico
Roujin Z


seems like members of certain communities think view lain as relatable so they connect it to their personal agendas, while it seems like lain is just a nerd who finds comfort in her own interests. those being her navi and the wired. seeing as the online landscape sits today anyone can make up a loose connection to the character of lain especially if they're a bit of a social outcast. while most of them probably see her as a comfort character i really don't think that everyone who pretends to be neurodivergent needs to have a god complex

File: 1668614985691.jpg (85.62 KB, 564x564, omg ilvit.jpg)


So, i red chapter 370 of berserk, and i was so devasted by it, it felt like the entire jouney was nothing. I still love this manga with my heart and i would like to know: how you guys thinks it´s going to end? i'm actually so curious

File: 1660158159448.jpg (2.17 MB, 2834x3188, TeamUrameshi.JPG)


I'm twenty + eps in already. It's just so incredibly dubbed, a fantastic distinctive voice cast across the board.
So who here has watched Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files?


I've watched it completely 4 times. 3 times dubbed and once subbed. It's in my top favorite anime series of all time. I absolutely love the Dark Tournament arc. I've also had a gay crush on Kurama for over 20 years now.


Yu yu hakusho dark torment on the ps2 had a cool token minigame


Childhood favorite, the suicide scene was cool as fuck.


File: 1666959102181.jpg (524.71 KB, 1406x3109, KuramaHiei.JPG)


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