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So, i red chapter 370 of berserk, and i was so devasted by it, it felt like the entire jouney was nothing. I still love this manga with my heart and i would like to know: how you guys thinks it´s going to end? i'm actually so curious

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I wonder if the appeal of this gif is the result of over-saturation of porn and hentai O_o


OP's gif appeals to me more.


Oh man, I haven't watched HS in years and years and years. I wonder if I still have it…

I really like stories about artists, even though they're never about art.


sketchbook full color's and ga: geijutsuka art school are two other good ones. i love art school anime for some reason


I feel bad, but I can't get through HS. It does nothing for me.

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looking for comics with touching moments? something regarded as universally sad and emotional

saddest of the saddest(s)?
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File: 1655859654732.jpg (926.25 KB, 2560x1440, 1538013954285.jpg)

As someone who finished the Girls' Last Tour manga, I think its ending fits the bill. Even if Girls' Last Tour is plenty comfy and lighthearted, I felt like the manga had a melancholic feeling permeating it throughout, and there are several heavier moments. The ending kicked it up a notch though. Very bittersweet.


File: 1662496441999.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2240x1600, E424A427-58D5-4B64-8C7F-C….jpeg)

Definitely super dark but I loved oyasumi punpun


I've only read like 4 chapters and I can already tell it's going to be an emotional ride. Definitely worth a read tho.


The Sculptor


how do you interpret the end?
people have different opinions about that

File: 1625838679780.jpg (137.03 KB, 1294x2000, 9879d722ad0b0ee4d8225e7771….jpg)


So in my humble opinion there are many anime shows, especially recent ones, that are really hyped but not good or not as good as their hype would let you think. So in order to save time and or warn people to not expect too much from an anime, I'd like to make this OAWT (Overhyped Anime Warning Thread).

The comments should NOT include spoilers, especially not something like "the plottwist is stolen by XYZ". That would really suck.
Try to just include data like:
-Reasons why it is bad (repetitiveness, unoriginality, hollow characters)
-Reasons why it is hyped even though it is not that good f.e.
>it's hyped because the main character makes a good waifu, but the rest of the show is trash

I'll start by replying to my own post.
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Jojo's bizarre adventure.

I honestly don't get the appeal of this show at all. The characters look incredibly ugly and like a mere paper cut will kill them all thanks to how extremely bara they look. They look better at 12 than at whatever age they are when they're grown up, because they don't even look like 12 when they're 12 but more like normal human beings. People love to praise the "uniqueness" of this show but it's just very ugly and boring. Oh no, Dio is so evil he killed a dog! Oh no, Dio is so corrupted he just stole this girls first kiss!… Dio is very boring.

My friend forced me to watch this with him for the first time ever, kept telling me that it's a very good show I'll end up loving and after a whole season I still cannot stand this show and don't plan on watching more of it either. The fans are also extremely annoying. Whenever someone says anything, there has to be a Jojo retard saying "omg was that a jojo reference XD" as if it's the funniest shit ever.


Of Japanese content, anime has always been the gateway. What you need to realize is that all anime is an advertisement. It's all either an adaptation to promote manga/LN/WN sales, or an anime original by a studio, hoping to be successful enough to land an adaptation gig.
tl/dr just read the manga or novel, if you like it try the anime


Jin Roh. It's standard art house shlock that despite moving at a snails pace, doesn't spend any time to set up the characters or world that are so important to it.. Maybe the manga is better, but based on the movie I don't really want to read it. It feels like most of the fans are just in it for the techno nazi iconography or they think it's so deep because it's the first non action movie they've ever seen.


File: 1652482049509.png (731.44 KB, 720x720, ClipboardImage.png)

And usually most animes can be a dissapointment, sad but true. Only a few are actually good if you care about some details.
I thought this was only me when I watched it, because everyone hypes it up so much, and even the "cool parts" last seconds.


File: 1652527239934.jpg (74.12 KB, 736x552, 3893d581c15a31e055760ef748….jpg)

I know it its not technically anime but…
I found the Attack on Titan manga really disappointing.

I really didn't like any of the characters, they all kinda seemed 2 dimensional, especially Eren and Mikasa. They felt more like plot devices with dialogue rather than characters. I could easily picture replacing them with other generic anime characters and it having no real difference to the plot
The pacing was a bit weird, too. It was like it was too slow but also too fast at the same time. Some plot pints didn't take enough time to get to, but other plot points took unnecessarily long to get to.
The world building was kinda lazy. A lot of it was done through exposition dumps, or paragraphs in-between chapters
tl;dr I liked the concept but not the execution.

Take this with a grain of salt, it's been a while since I've read any of it, and I don't read/watch a lot of manga/anime.

I'm mostly dislike it so much because a friend forced me to read it and I ended up feeling like I wasted my time.

Side note: it pisses me off to no end that they have super advanced movement gear, but they weren't able to progress past fucking blackpowder grapeshot like holy shit put some research into actual artillery and maybe make something better than smoothbore cannons you pathetic gremlin-people.

File: 1534621414472.jpg (107.25 KB, 900x902, DBmmocZXcAE66aq.jpg_orig.jpg)


Anime sucks prove me wrong
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Okay the prove:
While the big movie producing industries like hollywood or the very original pajeed equivalent bollywood have very high costs for their movies, the production cost for animes is rather small in comparisson and the story (in most cases) is based on a successful manga.
What does that mean?
It means that hollywood NEEDS to make a lot of money to even go even, which means they need to rely on existing strategies that worked already, so the chance that the viewer likes the movie is maximized. They mustnt experiment because they'd lose millions.
With anime on the other hand it's the exact opposite.There are a lot of different more or less successful mangaka, who all try to be different in some way, because everything that is trendy will never really be successful or viewed as a piece of some kind of art. Mangaka need to experiment and build something new and original from their fantasy, or alternativley they just drop some moetrash that nobody watches anymore 1 year after release. Of course they exist as well, but that behavior is the norm in f.e. hollywood.
Every movie feels like a different movie just with a different skin. >90% of the new movies follow the same storyline and just have a some small adjustments.




There's this boy who isn't really cool but he's got that one friend who isn't really cool as well. Actually his friend doesn't mean shit he's just there for the introduction, because they do something outside, probably in the nature. Then the boys (disrupted) family-conditions are introduced and shortly after he bumps into something weird/special/supernatural (what the movie is about). Anyways by that time the boy has probably already met his sidekickchick that is a pretty cool girl and she is really weird but interesting at the same time. She's not interested in him at all but always ends up in those sticky situations with the boy, so they get closer to eachother because they get twisted into this shared goal of doing something in order to prevent the big bad. In the end they either defeat the big bad and the boy nearly dies so the girl realizes she is into him or it turns out there was actually a different one the actual big bad endboss. In that case it's likely he takes the girl hostage and the boy saves her.

This pattern with small adjustments is 90% of what comes out of hollywood. And then there are some higher quality movies like Tarantino stuff, but those are the exception.
Of course anime has it's phases and trends as well, where like the majority produces f.e. isekai-animes, but the probability of some weird ass mangaka coming up with something refreshing is way higher, because he doesn't give that much of a fuck about the financial perspective when producing his piece of art, unlike hollywood that - like already mentioned - needs to be on the safe side with their concepts and productions.



And another point is: Actors can never perfectly act and the best actors are even worse because you know them from different movies which kinda breaks the whole illusion. Anime is - think about it - way more authentical than lifeaction in that matter.



File: 1618365014852.jpg (112.44 KB, 800x1200, IMG_20210413_153344_583.jpg)

You really put a lot of tought into it. Now I can prove these idiots in the chatrooms that "chinese cartoons" are pretty cool actually


File: 1618383679430.jpg (301.77 KB, 842x1191, jLj3K.jpg)

You're welcome, prove 'em!

File: 1648395651043-0.png (7.46 KB, 300x300, cbe2ea0baf8dab1dd3919e9f29….png)

File: 1648395651043-1.jpg (332.65 KB, 601x640, 17227385138045.jpg)


Some Dolls, why not?


File: 1648395693432-0.jpg (59.43 KB, 650x400, 8eb5f42249eb7f20b9c71d5446….jpg)

File: 1648395693432-1.jpg (602.15 KB, 1600x1200, 9b614f53872d31ae7d2b1996ba….jpg)

File: 1648395693432-2.jpg (1.05 MB, 1110x1553, 9d3a7b87074557c55b2c2f93e2….jpg)

File: 1648395693432-3.jpg (823.95 KB, 1440x900, 9e9ba5aa44a7b761ff3ba2448e….jpg)



File: 1648574317764.jpg (154.04 KB, 1600x1200, 1595286319244.jpg)


Looking to know how exactly does body self-balance itself during locomotions/animations like walk gaits, trots; how/why left leg moves with right hand in tandem and vice versa, and then the pelvis and spine orienting towards slightly but not completely
.. which seems like follow through if not inertia. Maybe also how does the pose came to be thru physics and balancing force.

Please describe it in math or vectors. thanks
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useless? I can convert it into drawing skills or sports and it uses me a lot. I gained it by practicing for years instead of looking for shortcuts on imageboards by asking people to give me equations on how people move. If you had just asked this retarded question, I'd take it with humor but you're literally spaming this website with your "how do I draw" nonsense. How many new threads have you made about this topic now? 3? 4? Come one, nobody can or will give you helpful answers because the raw data of truth will not be helpful to you in any way


>how do i draw
i have a degree in drawing good so i dont rrally ask that.
but you are illiterate so thats fine.
>raw data in truth dont help
this is why i dont need to talk to everybody
theyre withholding information by the inch of their balls because they think it is right. makes everything useless


also its not spamming because mod solicit this and you dont own the board, just like you dont own anything in life but your feeble intelligence and bloating confidence at the important of your own essay about how your opinion is and always correct for whatever funny situation you could get into, or ever:
which is mostly just a nobody's thread because you fail in life like you fail to address this could-be-simpler thread since 90% of your commentary is only about how right you are and nobody is ever more correct

now, you may cry


How come everyone in all of your threads tell you, you are retarded and your questions do not make any sense?


>How many new threads have you made about this topic now? 3? 4?
At least eight on this website alone, much more on all sites combined.

File: 1615807291202.jpg (159.01 KB, 800x1163, 31a0a6403107a9b258ea88dfa9….jpg)


Post interesting/funny/weird manga pages. Dont forget to mention which manga its from.

This one is from assassination classroom.
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File: 1640393018270.png (243.54 KB, 826x1200, Goodnight_Punpun_v01_102.png)


File: 1640550249322.png (186.96 KB, 800x1148, 178.png)



File: 1642587394709.png (161.46 KB, 669x1000, Susanoou v03 c021 - 012 [H….png)



File: 1642947780606.png (189.61 KB, 790x1099, Maken X Another v01 c001 T….png)

Maken X Another


File: 1643273394001.png (379.25 KB, 1067x1600, Soil v10 c077 Block 3-26 [….png)


File: 1640443102390.jpg (183.24 KB, 1018x2048, FG7cbBpWYAAg1VR.jpg)


Liru wishes you a Merry Christmas!


File: 1642842846973.jpg (46.71 KB, 472x522, amgry.jpg)

But did Liru have a merry Christmas?

File: 1637986854701.jpg (1.04 MB, 1774x1303, IMG_20211127_104927.jpg)


i know musics are basically just changing chords (i believe), so how do i make sure the chords from one to another, sort of follow the song im try to play? like the chord of the song "jinglebell" at "jing""gle" and "bell", would be ay least three notes/chords but what are they exactly and why exactly? sorry maybe i am abit improvisational than following the sheets….

since this is /a/ any jpop is also welcome to be of lesson… like maybe guilty crown's departure or hxh ohayou
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You know you can learn things by practice rather than trying to master everything within the safety of theory alone, right? It's okay to make something that is shit. It's the only way to get better.


>>462 been awhile and i dont feel like i am imporving. i remember some guys used to grow his online social media in 3 years and get some outrageous awards which i couldnt get despite using the same platform for 5 years and even went around trying to boost my crowd through digital shortcuts while he probably plays game day and night

pretty sure that's quite a statement for me that i might not improve as much without some… external resources. a good one. so im not gonna try anymore because my one day effort value just dont stack up to another person's 5 hour a day tryouts i guess.


>>462 also i ve been playing music for awhile now and theyre all shit and i ve practically learn nothing. everysingle day but nothing lol


File: 1642294646128.png (153.63 KB, 360x360, kek-engineer.png)

>i remember some guys used to grow his online social media in 3 years and get some outrageous awards which i couldnt get despite using the same platform for 5 years


Learn music theory. Basically, a scale is a set of notes that we perceive as sounding good together. The Major scale is happy, Minor is sad. C Major is CDEFGAB. A chord is multiple notes played at once, chords made of notes from the same scale sound good together. A chord has a root note which is basically the note it's built out of, you get a C Major chord with the first scale degree of the C Major scale, C, the third scale degree, E, and the fifth scale degree, G. Different chords "resolve" or transition in a satisfying way to other chords. In C Major scale, An F Major Chord sounds good resolving into a G Major Chord, which sounds good resolving into a C Major chord, which can go toany chord in the scale. So a very common chord progression is CMajor, F Major, G Major, C Major.

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