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Anybody here play broken reality? What do you think of it?
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Drugs are Underground

drugs are generally considered underground, so lets talk about our use and history with it, let it be narcotics, nootropics, pharmacological medicine etc…
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sion sono

love exposure is amzing
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Cool synth musician I stumbled upon a while back. (https://sybe.bandcamp.com/music, https://sybe.bandcamp.com/music, and other places). I found from one of his songs being used as a background to a surf WR on YouTube (don't remember which video) and I adore (most of) his music. I've heard exactly zero other people mention him, and when I first found him most of his music had zero views on YouTube. Though some of his songs I also find quite annoying.
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Do you believe in magic? Religion? The prime intellect that control the singularity?

Does magick works? Do miracles happen?
Are miracles magick? Every thing is controlled by the program in the simulation? If so can we tweak that program for our own benefit?


(Schizo rants encouraged)
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something 168

suggest me a collection of something with 168 different things with their own different nsmes but related?
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underground movies thread

hey wirechan, does someone here like underground cinema? ( i refer to movies like gummo, tetsuo the iron man, PINOCCHIO964, and things like that
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What`s your opinion on adult swim bumps and sewerslvt?
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I doodle when my mind doesn't know any better.
A dream I had about a better world, I guess.
And the other I just drew it high and was bored in class.
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Lain-themed compilation album

Hello, we are making a Lain-themed music compilation.
If you make music or want to help in other ways, contact me at orobor0z@protonmail.com
Here's the Bandcamp page for the project:
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find somethin to do
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In need of sites!

Hey, I'm making an archive of strange sites like angusnicneven.com and superbad.com. Show me what you got, Wirechan.
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What's your opinion on street art/graffiti?

I find it interesting, how artist come with various ideas for the art itself, and the placement of it. Sadly in the place I live, it's just some assholes writing their names with no style, or random shit on walls.
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I guess most, if not all, netlabels count as the are pretty underground. Do you follow any netlabels? Have any favourite artists or releases?
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*notices new board* owo

im sorry, pls no ban
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Welcome to /un/, wirechan users,

The board to discuss everything related to underground culture, and topics.

Threads can range from images, videos, questions, conspiracies, spooky stuff, hidden websites (Legal content only), music, stores, videogames, etc.
The only rule here is for everything to be lesser known by regular people. No mainstream content is allowed, OC is encouraged in this board, and spam in this board is not encouraged.

If you share an album, a compilation of songs, or whatever media, please use an external host!