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I always have been interested in cyberpunk and sci-fi themes.
The kinda 2cool4u haxor kinda kid.

"Man it would be cool to have AR systems irl"
"yea ima l33t h4x0r lol check out my kali"
"expoct us lol"

How ever as i reach my 20s i feel like actively rejecting the current cyberpunk reality we live in(and all fictional ones started to soud kinda shitty too),
: 3/4 of the people i know are on some mind altering substance
from rich girls becoming cocaine groupies being passed around to crackheads tweaking at a middle school parking lot, everybody its terminally online to the point that not being in social media makes you borderline socially dead, big tech and banks are waging a war against old oil giants and fundies while the middle class(who barely exists anymore) its genocided, manufactured race tensions are monetized in expense of actual problem solving, china bugmen are taking over large parts of the world, most entertainers are involved in plenty of epstein tier shit, and other garbage i sure forgot to mention.

this isnt some primitivist rant either since i think thats a cowardly retarded way of dealing with problems.

Shortly i left high school i felt really jaded thinking about everything, so for a while i read many books, studied many religions and talked to all kinds of different people only to feel extreme nihlism creeping in and i felt no past philosophy predicted this.

I have developed into a positive nihilism since then and feel like i should be the best version of myself while rejecting this world and the people who want to be a part of it.
Some of my friends started calling this philosophy as being Chadpilled.

What about you wirenon? Do you enjoy the cyberpunk reality?
Do you wanna be a keol cyberwarrior and wear tight pants with lots of pockets? What is your life philosophy in the digital era?


Cyberpunk is dystopian, you are not supposed to want to live in its world. I don't think you have to reject cyberpunk to reject the "cyberpunk reality", as many of the cyberpunk works reject it too, or at least heavily criticise it. People usually overemphasize the aesthetics (the "cyber") elements of it and downplay the critical (the "punk") parts of it, but you don't have to follow it. Cyberpunk does not have to be about neon signs and synthwave.


i understand that now that i have matured, that does not change the reality we live in though only my perspective of it, the point of this thread is not bash cyberpunk works but to discuss how to (mentally) survive in the current reality without becoming entrapped into it


u just gotta man up and exert your will over it


File: 1632487958917.gif (792.98 KB, 280x158, shyde.gif)

>I have developed into a positive nihilism
>Some of my friends started calling this philosophy as being Chadpilled.


what does "positive nihilism" means?


Some retarded depressed atheist cope no doubt.


That video really is something. Galactic empires and video games? While conveniently forgetting that a third of our lives, half of the hours spent awaken, is sacrificed on the altars of Economy…


From the comments:
>Optimistic nihilism is basically like a Minecraft world. There’s no point of it, but you have so much stuff to learn and do.
I love how Minecraft has become a frame of reference for real life now. I went walking in the countryside with my friends once and one of them said, while we were walking across a field, that the sheep sounded just like they do in Minecraft…


Technically everything its cope this seems like a healthy one tbh.

I agree with OP point if thats how he views life, better than being an addict or self harming and other destructive coping mechanisms


>Technically everything is cope
retarded depressed atheist found



Im am quite happy with my life, can you elaborate on that?

also not atheist

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