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>White nationalism cringe isn't allowed.
How about black supremacy, jewish ethnonationalism, misogyny/misandry..?If you ban the discussion about one ideology you consider "cringe", why do you not ban similar ideologies? Why exactly "white nationalism", are non-whites allowed to be ethnonationalists and discriminate other groups based on their ethnicity?


Just the first thing that came to mind. I made it a bit broader.


White nationalism and misogyny get feds/leftists on your ass trying to take down your site. The others don't.



Why that the case?


How did you sage?


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Anyone would shut down their enemies if they could get away with it.
Huh? Sage? Whats that?


fucking newfag get out


Usually, the only people who care about white supremacist ideology being banned tend to be white supremacists.

And I'm surprised to learn that there's "other" ethno-nationalist groups that might be a threat to obscure anime-based online imageboard media like this place here, specifically.

Which ones, by the way? The ethno-nationalists you're worried about? Because all my experiences have shown that "black supremacy" media has been produced by white men with a fucked up complex. And that jewish nationalists tend to be supportive of white supremacists themselves and vice versa, when the interaction involves money.

Misogynist and misandrist statements are just blanketed under hate-speech.


blacks and whites one common goal

hate women


Usually the people who care most about "x" being banned from a platform are ones with some kind of personal investment to "x". You are not wrong in that.
The reason I asked this question in the OP is not because I am a "white supremacist". To ban "x" but to not ban "y" and "z" where "y" and "z" are essentially the same thing as "x" with some superficial differences is not a good rule so I was suggesting creating a rule that is more general.
From your post I am making the assumption that you are from the U.S. and you are a leftist. Outside of the U.S. we usually talk about racism, not white supremacy. The entire universe doesn't revolve around American society and its racial tensions, so I can assure you that most of the racism in the world doesn't involve white people at all.




Not OP but imo racism is a very american thing.
Not that prejudice (or if you're more lefty "systemic oppression") doesn't exist in other places, but how that's mixed in with the concept of race is very unique to America, where there's a clear divide amongst people of different skin tones and a gradually mixing of people of similar skin tones.
I don't think most Europeans consider themselves "white" like in American. They're French, German, Romani or whatever. Same with Africans and Asians. And in countries outside of the US any group conflict is usually among people of the same skin tone, which can be just as vicious but it's not racial. And it's usually more geographically separated.
With the US, people identify themselves with their race rather than their ethnicity, which has more to do with how society labels you based on appearance rather than a cultural background. And most of the conflict is within society instead of between societies. People might be segregated to some extent, but it's by town and there's still a lot of overlap. It's not like black people live in one part of the US and white people live in the rest. And after a while, most people who "looked white" became "white" in the US.
Basically because of it's unique makeup I don't think "racism" in the US plays out the way "ethnic conflicts" play out in other parts of the world. All of this might apply to the "new world" in general though, but I don't understand shit about anything directly south of the US.


Yeah murrica is basically the india of the west. But you've got racism everywhere. On other places it's just more casual and less political.

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