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Greetings, wirechan users.
Welcome to /pollitx/, a board that is influenced from /pol/, /lit/, and /x/.

Any kind of cringe supremacy, extreme nationalism, etc is not encouraged.

Please note that this is a test board!

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It's Alice-time
Allthough it is a fairy tale for children it has hidden/deep meanings.
The story also has been reffered in several films about reality and identity.
Follow the white rabbit.
ITT: We talk about the story, discuss the meaning and post artwork of Arisu

Related links:

>The book itself

(epub with the classical illustrations by John Tenniel, the sequel and extra notes)
(pdf with the classical illustrations by John Tenniel, the sequel and extra notes)

>other editions/formats

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>White nationalism cringe isn't allowed.
How about black supremacy, jewish ethnonationalism, misogyny/misandry..?If you ban the discussion about one ideology you consider "cringe", why do you not ban similar ideologies? Why exactly "white nationalism", are non-whites allowed to be ethnonationalists and discriminate other groups based on their ethnicity?
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blacks and whites one common goal

hate women


Usually the people who care most about "x" being banned from a platform are ones with some kind of personal investment to "x". You are not wrong in that.
The reason I asked this question in the OP is not because I am a "white supremacist". To ban "x" but to not ban "y" and "z" where "y" and "z" are essentially the same thing as "x" with some superficial differences is not a good rule so I was suggesting creating a rule that is more general.
From your post I am making the assumption that you are from the U.S. and you are a leftist. Outside of the U.S. we usually talk about racism, not white supremacy. The entire universe doesn't revolve around American society and its racial tensions, so I can assure you that most of the racism in the world doesn't involve white people at all.




Not OP but imo racism is a very american thing.
Not that prejudice (or if you're more lefty "systemic oppression") doesn't exist in other places, but how that's mixed in with the concept of race is very unique to America, where there's a clear divide amongst people of different skin tones and a gradually mixing of people of similar skin tones.
I don't think most Europeans consider themselves "white" like in American. They're French, German, Romani or whatever. Same with Africans and Asians. And in countries outside of the US any group conflict is usually among people of the same skin tone, which can be just as vicious but it's not racial. And it's usually more geographically separated.
With the US, people identify themselves with their race rather than their ethnicity, which has more to do with how society labels you based on appearance rather than a cultural background. And most of the conflict is within society instead of between societies. People might be segregated to some extent, but it's by town and there's still a lot of overlap. It's not like black people live in one part of the US and white people live in the rest. And after a while, most people who "looked white" became "white" in the US.
Basically because of it's unique makeup I don't think "racism" in the US plays out the way "ethnic conflicts" play out in other parts of the world. All of this might apply to the "new world" in general though, but I don't understand shit about anything directly south of the US.


Yeah murrica is basically the india of the west. But you've got racism everywhere. On other places it's just more casual and less political.


How much of this is true? Is it actually possible?


File: 1625272365639.jpg (161.03 KB, 1280x720, afghanistan-banner.jpg)

>So he starts a war with Iraq, their number one threat
This refers to the (First) Gulf War, where Iraq invaded Kuwait and the US, Saudi Arabia and others piled on the Iraqis to repel them. But they didn't achieve regime change in Iraq. That would have to wait until later.

>Then one steals the election for the other

Jeb Bush was governor of Florida during the 2000 election, when the winner of the presidency depended on which way Florida swung. George Bush won Florida by 537 votes in the end, but, as usual in fucked up USA, voter suppression meant that many people who should have been able to vote could not. Listen to this:
>The felons list was put together by a private company, Database Technologies (DBT), which has conceded that it was riddled with mistakes but says it warned the Florida authorities to check it before using it.
>in counties where the list was used, many voters with clean records found themselves barred from voting because they shared a name with a convict.
Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/jun/06/uselections2000.usa

>We all know the rest

Watch the documentary The Power of Nightmares if you don't know the rest. It's one film-maker's view, but it gives a very different picture of 9/11. As I remember, the perpetrators of 9/11 were mainly Saudis who had been in contact with Osama bin Laden, but (according to the doc) did not take direct orders from him. Effectively, bin Laden was used as a face on which to pin every evil committed by Islamist terrorists of all stripes. Somehow (I still don't understand this) the big boom in the big Apple also became an excuse to finish the job on Saddam. Iraq has been a complete mess since.


Everything that does not go against the laws of our universe, like the laws of physics will happen somewhere if a universe is infinite, yes.
But I doubt that there is a single theory that our universe is infinite. Hypothesis yes, theory unlikely. A theory is something proven or at least provable.


that guy used to be funny


Good news, he still is!


>A theory is something proven or at least provable
Getting off-topic here, but that's not right. Unlike mathematical truths, scientific theories are not provable beyond all doubt. For example, Isaac Newton's theory of gravitation was very, very good and it was used successfully for hundreds of years. But, although there was lots of evidence in favour of the theory, it was never proven, because Einstein came along and pointed out that the gravitational force between two objects does not exactly follow Newton's formula.

A theory is actually just a set of assertions. Flat earth is a theory - it's false, and provably so (beyond reasonable doubt). Quantum mechanics is a theory - it's very useful but even physicists would admit that it has not been 'proven'. Some more complete, more correct Grand Unified Theory might come and replace it.

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