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Alice in Wonderland

It's Alice-time
Allthough it is a fairy tale for children it has hidden/deep meanings.
The story also has been reffered in several films about reality and identity.
Follow the white rabbit.
ITT: We talk about the story, discuss the meaning and post artwork of Arisu

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>The book itself

(epub with the classical illustrations by John Tenniel, the sequel and extra notes)
(pdf with the classical illustrations by John Tenniel, the sequel and extra notes)

>other editions/formats



>The illustrations in high res

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>White nationalism cringe isn't allowed.
How about black supremacy, jewish ethnonationalism, misogyny/misandry..?If you ban the discussion about one ideology you consider "cringe", why do you not ban similar ideologies? Why exactly "white nationalism", are non-whites allowed to be ethnonationalists and discriminate other groups based on their ethnicity?
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How much of this is true? Is it actually possible?
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