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Why are Psychedelics the key to understanding the Universe.
Why are you affraid to take them?

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the underlying causes are societal, practically untouchable outside of smaller circles and in-groups. what more can you ask than to cope with what you're given? are you to suffer the headache, or do you take the advil and make the pain go away?
not all drugs make your life shorter, it's just like food. i'm sure that if your life is pain you aren't exactly clamoring for the next hour with excitement.
again, it is a sociological thing. i didn't intend to make this about me or anything, i am just stating the position and justification of the less fortunate. i can try and "change the world" all i want, but that takes time and energy and capital. i'm just trying to enjoy what i already have.
that might sound kind of doomery but i at least am doing pretty well at the moment, so no big issue.


Nothing can be changed excepy ourselves.

And that does take time energy and capital.
So does getting high in the bushes.

As i stated if the alternative is to bungee without the cord then yea doit, i guess anything is doable at that point coke and hookers all the way.Lots of people love alchohol. If its just to keep going anything goes. But is that worth it? I mean in comparison? Chasing the dragon is all cool and dandy but what happens when you reach it? What happens in your 50s?

Society is fucked yes, so what?

What about cambodia or rwanda?
What about that kid in college in brazil? Should he get on the crime life that surrounds him? Should compton crips kill each other? Should teen moms sell themselves in exchange for money since their parents kicked them out?

I am well aware of what would lead people do what they do, my question is why this instead of the million other options?

Does one thing justify the other? And if so why wouldnt the other way apply as well?


>it's not being high, it's a complete disappearance of all of your habits and prejudices which makes it possible to see everything from the perspective of someone who see's it for the first time.

Sounds a lot like suicide


Maybe if you believe in reincarnation.


Ego suicide

File: 1631946878101.jpg (114.36 KB, 799x1000, runner.jpg)


I always have been interested in cyberpunk and sci-fi themes.
The kinda 2cool4u haxor kinda kid.

"Man it would be cool to have AR systems irl"
"yea ima l33t h4x0r lol check out my kali"
"expoct us lol"

How ever as i reach my 20s i feel like actively rejecting the current cyberpunk reality we live in(and all fictional ones started to soud kinda shitty too),
: 3/4 of the people i know are on some mind altering substance
from rich girls becoming cocaine groupies being passed around to crackheads tweaking at a middle school parking lot, everybody its terminally online to the point that not being in social media makes you borderline socially dead, big tech and banks are waging a war against old oil giants and fundies while the middle class(who barely exists anymore) its genocided, manufactured race tensions are monetized in expense of actual problem solving, china bugmen are taking over large parts of the world, most entertainers are involved in plenty of epstein tier shit, and other garbage i sure forgot to mention.

this isnt some primitivist rant either since i think thats a cowardly retarded way of dealing with problems.

Shortly i left high school i felt really jaded thinking about everything, so for a while i read many books, studied many religions and talked to all kinds of different people only to feel extreme nihlism creeping in and i felt no past philosophy predicted this.
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bro ur a chaddddd!! congratssssss bro


I just wish they would resurrect 0ch instead of shitposting on the fedi.


neo-postpunk its real.

from incelcore/bedroompunk to positive nihilism to social collapse and culture change paired with increasing surreal applications of tech

its like 79 all over again


File: 1653757950300.png (264.59 KB, 478x360, bzguc.png)

>How ever as i reach my 20s
>I have developed into a positive nihilism
>Some of my friends started calling this philosophy as being Chadpilled.
Your heart's going in the right cardinal direction at least.


i think cyberpunk in terms of that whole "cyberphilosophy" definitely still has way more to explore. the aesthetic of cyberpunk is dead and gone though. well, "undead" is a better term. i always hated the shit out of that shallow aesthetic sheen built with no real intention or criticism or meaning underneath it, and to see people romanticize and embrace it like it was ever a positive is frankly disgusting. however, i always interpret the real message of "cyberpunk" as an idea as follows: you can make the most of what you've got, no matter how oppressive. there's always a way in, there's always an underground, a means to communicate, a community to hang around.

File: 1635816777067.jpg (596.67 KB, 1033x1363, vainamoisen_soitto.jpg)


Have you anons been looking at what has happened in Australia and around the world? China-Taiwan, U.S.A. lead by a demented man, massive protests in Europe that media doesn't report, NATO-Russia tensions… New hypersonic weaponry, information war, WEF, Young Global Leaders, Davos Group, Blackrock…
What does the winter have ahead for us? Let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
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I dont think planet earth has enough resources for that


File: 1637898035694.jpg (1.01 MB, 1506x2000, Sammon_taonta.jpg)

I tip my fedora and wish you a nice day too!
>see 64
It just seemed so dumb to me in that context to compare a potential conflict involving Poland to a proxy war in a third world country and brush off Ukraine as irrelevant, I felt like my reaction was justified. I try to be less harsh next time.

Anyway, some interesting news:
Croatian volunteers have formed a batallion to protect the people from Covid tyranny and globalist interests:
Video of their march during the WorldWide Demonstration 5.0:
President of Croatia called out Austria for their mandatory vaccine policies and other extreme covid measures, comparing them to fascism. Austrian Ministry of Foreign affairs invited a Croatian ambassador to give an explanation.
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>I try to be less harsh next time.

why were you being harsh in the first place retard?

>I felt like my reaction was justified

nobody cares about what you feel its an anonymous place you want to protect your ego go to a forum

nobody its gonna take anything you say seriously anymore please leave the thread and let the high emotional iq anons debate





Congratulations 2+ for your body count i guess

File: 1625102377644.jpg (810.83 KB, 1761x2662, 178.jpg)


>White nationalism cringe isn't allowed.
How about black supremacy, jewish ethnonationalism, misogyny/misandry..?If you ban the discussion about one ideology you consider "cringe", why do you not ban similar ideologies? Why exactly "white nationalism", are non-whites allowed to be ethnonationalists and discriminate other groups based on their ethnicity?
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Not OP but imo racism is a very american thing.
Not that prejudice (or if you're more lefty "systemic oppression") doesn't exist in other places, but how that's mixed in with the concept of race is very unique to America, where there's a clear divide amongst people of different skin tones and a gradually mixing of people of similar skin tones.
I don't think most Europeans consider themselves "white" like in American. They're French, German, Romani or whatever. Same with Africans and Asians. And in countries outside of the US any group conflict is usually among people of the same skin tone, which can be just as vicious but it's not racial. And it's usually more geographically separated.
With the US, people identify themselves with their race rather than their ethnicity, which has more to do with how society labels you based on appearance rather than a cultural background. And most of the conflict is within society instead of between societies. People might be segregated to some extent, but it's by town and there's still a lot of overlap. It's not like black people live in one part of the US and white people live in the rest. And after a while, most people who "looked white" became "white" in the US.
Basically because of it's unique makeup I don't think "racism" in the US plays out the way "ethnic conflicts" play out in other parts of the world. All of this might apply to the "new world" in general though, but I don't understand shit about anything directly south of the US.


Yeah murrica is basically the india of the west. But you've got racism everywhere. On other places it's just more casual and less political.


because it's dumb as fuck
cope lol


>All of this might apply to the "new world" in general though, but I don't understand shit about anything directly south of the US.
I live in South America, and it's pretty much like you and >>21 said, racism here is much more casual and not really a political issue.
Many people don't see race like in the US, here people will base themselves mostly on looks, let's say, someone who "looks white" will likely be considered both by himself and others "white" regardless of his ancestry, also ethnic groups here tend to live in separate areas from one another and don't interact much if at all.
Practically everyone in this place is mixed beyond recognition anyway, so i guess many people just don't think getting angry over this stuff is worth it.
I'll said the closest thing to american racism here is xenophobia which rarely amounts to anything other than internet banter, plus apparently a lot mexicans seem to have a hate boner for white people, but i guess this is mostly due to their story with the US.

I'm not really an expert on the matter so a lot of this may be bullshit, but this i what i know from personal experience.


Not really, we've just got race hustlers/activists int the big cities. The media hypes them up but the rest of the US is embarrassed by them. Don't lump normal people in with what the media establishment portrays the country to be.


How much of this is true? Is it actually possible?
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>A theory is something proven or at least provable
Getting off-topic here, but that's not right. Unlike mathematical truths, scientific theories are not provable beyond all doubt. For example, Isaac Newton's theory of gravitation was very, very good and it was used successfully for hundreds of years. But, although there was lots of evidence in favour of the theory, it was never proven, because Einstein came along and pointed out that the gravitational force between two objects does not exactly follow Newton's formula.

A theory is actually just a set of assertions. Flat earth is a theory - it's false, and provably so (beyond reasonable doubt). Quantum mechanics is a theory - it's very useful but even physicists would admit that it has not been 'proven'. Some more complete, more correct Grand Unified Theory might come and replace it.



I think you got that wrong.
Provable or proven does not necessarily mean correct. See flat earth is a theory because you can in some ways make your proves that the earth is flat. The proves are all bullshit because the theory is wrong.
Hypothethis = scientific thought/reason based on a seen pattern
Theory = hypothethis that has been proven in some way.

Also Isaac Newton's theory is a theory becaues it was proven. He made forecasts based on his equations that actually happened = prove.
And I'm pretty sure that Newton's theory was only wrong in the speed of gravitational force which he said was instantanious and einstein prove that it was at the speed of light.
Einsteins gravitational theory isn't really changing newton's equation's it's just giving the reason for why gravitation exists, which is the bending and curving of spacetime.

I mean we're obviously just discussing the exact definitions, but I've learned that the scientific hierarchy is:

Individual Observation -> Pattern -> Hypothethis -prove-by-not-being-able-to-flasificate-> Theory

Maybe I got this wrong, but in the end we mean the same.


My pals have gotten something up at https://fatchan.org/sci/index.html http://cimixezweeq64g42vl6tyhk4becxhi4ldwqq6w43u53qhwsd3s4c3lyd.onion/sci/index.html , I have got a lot of problems with confusing "research" with "science" and that's all the mainstream does. With research you don't have to understand anything, you just have to observe, analyze, calculate, etc. but with science you have to say something about the world to kill the magic. Bill Gaede is a guy you should definitely look into.


Yes, anything you can possibly imagine exists merely because there are an infinite number of ways to arrange information, in our universe that would be something similar to atoms. As the other anons have correctly noted, however, it is not possible to prove.

If you were to use an occult model, you could say that every time a person conceives of a reality, object, being etc… it's not something new per se but merely the divine revealing itself to you and itself.

File: 1647842936114.jpg (676.16 KB, 2263x1600, qliphoth.jpg)


Anyone else here confuse their reality and their dreams? Something I see will cause me to remember something relatively inconsequential, but I don't know if that's a real memory or something I dreamed while i was sleeping.
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>confuse their reality and their dreams?
This happens to me sometimes. I found it to be a potentially destabilizing downside of having strong dream recall or working towards that goal. For a while, when I was younger, I was having dreams with varying degrees of lucidity where I would think that I would wake up, but would still be dreaming. Sure, that happens from time to time, but this was constant. That experience would repeat over and over again when I slept and the dreams I had during that period were all very mundane and didn't contain many surreal elements, so they were almost indistinguishable from waking life. That kept happening to me day in and day out for a few weeks, dreaming like that all through the night and again during short naps during the day. I was never completely sure if I was awake or dreaming and I kept attempting to do reality checks throughout the day to be sure that I wasn't dreaming. It was like doing those lucid dreaming reality checks but inverted to verify that, yes, I actually was awake and in the real world. It felt like I was jumping through dimensions or something hyperbolic and fantastical like that and was very destabilizing for a while.


In my dreams I often steal things and feel disappointed, when I notice it was a dream. Strangely enough I never stole something irl. The last time I remember making a lasting impact on my dreams was, when I made peace with my night terrors as a child. I regularly have wet dreams, that are very surreal, mechanistic and anything but arousing.


It has happened to me but not very often. It hasn't happened in a while though. When it did happen, it was inconsequential as you said and it only lasted like a split second. It kind of felt like deja vu in a way.


i've never remembered having had a dream but i very often remember things and then conclude i must have dreamt it, so i think i still dream


I don´t dream very often but when I do they're either nightmares or impossible to tell from reality
Usually in the reality like dreams I end up telling someone info they're not privy to.
This could just be my brain building on my fears of being delusional, but with my bad memory it makes them very hard to tell from reality

File: 1628150428915.jpg (37.44 KB, 472x595, The Great Red Dragon and t….jpg)


Thoughts on the Apocalypse of John?
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File: 1631524564554.jpg (184.36 KB, 800x895, The Great Red Dragon and t….jpg)


I'll briefly give you my main thoughts on what I thought when I first read The Apocalypse of John when I had only read the New Testament, and then again when I read it a year later after having read The Old Testament and some Apocrypha.

On my first reading of it, I was very stunned by the ingenuity and bizarreness of not just the symbolism, but the manner is which the symbolism was presented. Symbolism was nothing new to me, of course, but the imagery and method of conveying the imagery was very disorienting.

For example, I found Revelation 13:3 to be a particularly striking moment. Revelation 13:1-2: "The dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. 2 The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority." This is already a Surreal enough scene, so heavily steeped in obscure metaphor that to imagine it literally is like a fevered dream, but then 13:3 reads: " One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast."

What does this mean? It's so utterly bizarre and specific. It's no doubt a very pointed metaphor by the author, but it in and of itself is so strange. A monster raises itself from the sea? Okay. Nothing too weird, even if it's a weird monster, but then there's such an unexplained little detail like that? That really takes it to another level for me.



I had frequently heard Revelation described as "an acid trip" to me beforehand, but when I finally read it for the first time in a single sitting, I really felt like I was on something. This was my reading while I was still largely ignorant of the Old Testament and really Jewish religion to start with. I knew only what was contained in the New Testament and random things I had picked up culturally like Moses and the Red Sea.

About a year after that, I finally read the whole Old Testament, which was not quick. It was at that point that I was exposed to the apocalyptic books of the Torah that directly inspired and informed Revelation. When you only have the New Testament, the only apocalyptic book is Revelation. Every other book is either an epistle or a history. But the Old Testament has an exceedingly robust amount of differing genres and no lack of apocalyptic visions, both metaphorical and literal. Ezekiel, Isaiah, and especially Daniel are of the same genre as Revelation. And of course, the writer of Revelation was intimately familiar with these books, and other apocalyptic books like in the minor prophets.

So, when I read these books, I started to actually understand the library of metaphors and symbolism that served as the vocabulary for John, or however you would like to call the actual author of Revelation. Daniel in particular helped because of very specific metaphors. It also helped because it's a apocalypse that still hasn't happened or perhaps would be better said to be ongoing, just like Revelation.


After reading these books - all in the KVJ translation - about a year later, I re-read the New Testament with a full knowledge of the Old Testament. I had also by this time read the complete works of Josephus to get a rounder overall view of both Jewish antiquity and the time of Christ. This time, I read Richmond Lattimore's translation. Of course at once I better understood Christ's teachings because now I truly understood the Old Covenant and David and etc.

When it came time to re-read Revelation, again in one sitting, I was impressed by the fact that this time I wasn't impressed. My first time, my mind was completely blown - not strictly in a religious capacity, but in the totality of effect of the artistic skill behind the writing. But on my second go through, I had a much greater understanding of what I was actually reading and many of the metaphors and images didn't seem so completely foreign to me anymore.

I'm not going to say that I understand huge sections of Revelation. Nobody does. You mentioned the Four Horsemen in your post. Look, for example, at the huge controversy about the identity of just the first Horsemen. It is a complicated book to say the least. I personally do not hold the various apocalypses as having much legitimate theological value. I consider them largely as a form of catharsis for oppressed peoples. You know, there are the types that are looking forward to the Judgement less for being saved and more that the sinners will be punished. But that's just my own view on the genre of apocalyptic literature.

Anyways, I kind of rambled on for a bit, but I just thought I would share that, given my two contrasting readings of the Apocalypse of John.


Frederick Engels wrote a polemic on the book of revelation in 1883, that might interest you.
>Irenaeus, in the second century, knew still that by the head which was wounded and healed, the Emperor Nero was meant. He had been the first great persecutor of the Christians. At his death a rumour spread, especially through Achaia and Asia, that he was not dead, but only wounded, and that he would one day reappear and spread terror throughout the world (Tacitus, Ann. VI, 22).



File: 1629561928123.jpg (19.71 KB, 185x255, 340ecc1247e0c9f168d6e9477f….jpg)


is asking things to spirits related to a specific religion? if yes, how is it called?



File: 1627874682053.jpg (113.54 KB, 1024x800, Lain.jpg)


Opinions on the stablishment and codification of a solid Lainist doctrine?


this is the most embarrassing OP ever posted to this site, go back home to lainchan and systemspace


Why are people so enamoured with SEL? It's a good anime but some people treat it as if it was the second coming of Christ.




I'm literally autisticly obsessed with SEL but I don't do this kind of shit.

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