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This thread is about angels.
Every time you see this thread it's a reminder that angels are watching over you and something good is on its way. Patience is the key.
God bless.


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I had this question about angels since this whole Biblically-accurate angels meme blew up. I watched a video that was meant to explain it, but it said that the "malakim", which are the ones called angels, actually do take on a human form, but unlike in popular illustrations, they do not have wings. But then it went on to describe other heavenly beings with all the fancy inhuman anatomy, calling them angels too, despite earlier claiming that the angels did not look like that. My question is: are all heavenly beings, except maybe God, usually seen as angels, or is the Biblically-accurate angel meme actually Biblically-inaccurate?


op is my angel


there are many different kinds of angels, certainly. some may appear in human form, lucifer, a cherubim, took the form of a serpent in the garden and was capable of changing form or taking the appearence or semblence of a serpent, is referred to as a dragon. There are many different kinds of angels.

look into the descriptions in ezekiel, and other places (a wheel in the midst of a wheel) and let me know what you think

i believe they are primarily mental/spiritual intelligences that were to primarily serve as messengers between YHWH and the men of earth when He was concerned with other affairs. A man may warrant a message from YHWH, but not necessarily be pure or favored enough to be in His most holy presence.

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