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What do you think happens when you die?
Do you believe in hell, heaven, paradise, purgatory or reincarnation?
OP will hop in the discussion later.


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I personally believe in reincarnation, from what I've read, most probably we'll all see that white light, which will be the one to pass you on to your next life, it's all up to you if you decide to lose all your memories and hope you regain some of it in the new life, or you can use your free will to try and decline the memory loss. On getting out of the reincarnation cycle, that's a hard one. I'd say the only people that have gotten out of it are the ones you've known that have been "enlightened"/reached that state, such as Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, to mention the most known ones. But this entire topic requires a serious amount of reading and research.
Instead of calling it heaven and hell, I'd rather do a take on ascending: getting out of the reincarnation cycle and ascending to the next trial), or descending: reincarnate again and pay whatever the f you did in your past live, and it can be as bad as being someone stupidly rich, a kid in africa, or returning to being a bug. It's all about the duality of things…
I'm at a point where I don't want to be part of any religion, but not because I don't believe in them, but because I am one in all of them. Have a good one!


I'm a pessimist so if only death were the end


I agree, except for Jesus of Nazareth breaking out of this cycle. The books of him were changed many times, such as excluding stories that made him seem not so saintly, to small things, like changing "angry" to "merciful" when describing how he felt.


File: 1666637193769.mp4 (574.37 KB, 480x480, sonic hautajaiset.mp4)

honestly some kind of reincarnation sounds the most plausible to me (besides absolutely nothing happening)

your thoughts just turn into static electricity and they might enter a new entity and you will have their memories and everything. don't even have to be literally reborn to enter a new vessel, you just become a part of them and don't even notice.
the way in which you die might affect the outcome however


This is a cursed video.



i think it's cursed because that's a child's coffin


File: 1667076184165.jpg (110.87 KB, 312x396, ttd12.jpg)

I'll post because my beliefs on life after death have been so nebulous ever since I left Christianity and I feel like I should sort this out.
I believe that this realm of earth is similar to the idea of Purgatory. It's a world which centers around struggle. It isn't torture like hell would be but it's not heavenly bliss either. There is good and bad to experience here but that ultimately we are here struggling and triumphing until we inevitably die.
Death is completely incomprehensible to the living mind but I see it that after death the better you're remembered the closer your spirit is held to earth, especially to those who remember you intimately. That's not necessarily bad, but the closer your spirit is to earthliness the more you will continue to struggle and triumph. As you drift from earth, you become more in tune with the heavens and connected with the turbulent ocean of nothingness rather than the ordered establishments if mankind. I think that this is a good thing and that it comes with perpetual comfort.


What has made you stray from Christianity?

I am the complete opposite, finding myself draw more and more to follow the teachings of jesus christ after the tumultuous teenage years, even though i dislike preachness and the church as a institution. What have made you change your mind?


File: 1667181370740.jpg (63.89 KB, 323x400, bday4.jpg)

I was raised anti-theist and converted into Christianity during my tumultuous teens, but I ironically attended church through much of my youth thanks to other family. I converted after reading the entire new testament as a homeless runaway. After returning home, I ended up getting involved with western esotericism and Islam. Eventually I'd begun reading through the old testament and really considering the connotations of what Paul wrote being included in the NT. The two big questions that came to mind for me was "why are the words of people being considered on par with those of the Messiah?" and "if they're also law then what does that mean for me?" At this point the cracks were starting to show for me, but they got larger as I researched the origins of the books and even learned that my Christianity was radically and irreparable different from virtually all existing denominations (I wasn't even a trinitarian as the idea never occurred to me). Eventually I tried to fix this with the idea that with it all being ultimately written by people it doesn't matter what I believe I can just have reverence for Jesus and God still. If that doesn't scream a non christian coping I don't know what does. Eventually, after revisiting some personal stuff that I've omitted, and finding myself in the comfort of new friends, I ultimately decided that Christianity wasn't for me and apostasized to a eastern esotericist pagan cult that's been quite comforting to me. It's brought me more happiness than Christianity did without any sense of divine duty or what have you making me zealous.


I have never read the bible on its entirety or really delved into other religions outside the one is was raised in, i was raised in a pagan household and the only time i went to a real church was to a baptism of a distant cousin. Outside of that i watched vegitales from time to time as a child before the anime section started.

What i found hard to disagree was with the actual teachings of Christ, almost more philosophically speaking than religiously, the parables and the effect the teachings can have on society and the individual , The denial of the 7 sins or the idea that the holy spirit its "good" incarnate and that we all have it inside of us if we so believe, the idea that some things that are actually demonic and harmful are also the most pleasurable in the short term but will always need refilling, and other things.

What is an "eastern esotericist pagan cult"? Is it eastern european like Romuva or more asian influenced?


First off, I'd like to say that I believe all organized religion to be complete bullshit! That's not saying I'm an atheist or anything that induces cringe such as that or being agnostic. I have my own belief system in "the higher power". I also believe that elements of that higher power is embedded into specific individuals which some can handle that while others can't. This touches upon things such as the "NPC" meme and "Christ Complexes". But it's much more complicated than that, but to get back to the subject of the thread.

>What do you think happens when you die?

I think our experiences personally shape our own afterlife as well as our own mindset. Similarly to that of a hallucinogenic trip. As you need to be in the right mindset or else all hell breaks loose and you freak the fuck out trapped in what seems like an eternal hell. Well, that's basically because I believe that hallucinogenic drugs takes people to different planes of reality just as what happens when our bodies die. Our minds/spirits go elsewhere. So, depending on what your mental state happens to be when that final breath is taken will reflect a lot on what will actually happen. Hence, some people finding peace right before they die if they "get right with God" or getting to see that loved one they wanted to in their final moments, etc.


I have no clue. I have a feeling that this life is not the be all and end all of "existence", but I cannot say further than that.


File: 1667841913793.jpg (117.52 KB, 518x640, 1970s-newspaper-yipster_ti….jpg)

I never completed the OT. I got burnt out and hated it about half way through Exodus. I ended up forcing myself to finish the book and then gave it up for a while. I recently read some of the smaller books, particularly Esther and Lamentations, as well as Daniel but I don't think I'll ever fully complete the OT. Additionally, I've found the words of the Nazarene prophet to be pretty uninspiring nowadays. I believe part of the reason I personally loved them at the time was because my life had been largely characterized by people stepping on me. Hearing the words of a charismatic rabbi who brings tidings of the holiness of being a footstool on this earth was really a good way to make myself feel better about my life at the time. I was more than happy making myself into what the orthodox call a "fool for Christ" because I'd basically already been one and was just being given good purpose for it.
Additionally, when it comes to the particular points you highlighted, you make it sound as though what is particularly interesting to you is something pretty generic: divine morals. These can be found in virtually all faiths, and in fact if the cosmological aspect of them is particularly interesting to you then virtually any other faith does it better. That being said I think that was either just a poor sale of it on your end or truly your self-admitted inexperience with a variety of faiths is. I would implore you to explore other options before making any commitments as you may find something else which would be better for you. Of course, that's also a self interested desire on my part as I have a vested interest in you not being a Christian.
As for my cult, you can find philosophy in it from as far west as at least Stirner but many of its tenets are also relatable to those of Daoism.


i think that if you were a person who did many great things for the people or was a christ-like individual you get rewarded by going to heaven.

If you are an average human with the good and the bad you get reincarnated.

If you are a person that revels on your sins or did something atrocious to many people you get pulled down to hell by the devil.


File: 1668961649324.jpeg (73.92 KB, 679x960, 686b1135b742f0e2bea1cb4f9….jpeg)

Are these permanent or temporary? Do you retain free will in hell and in heaven or will it be involuntary suffering or bliss? Could you work your way out of hell through repentance, like a prison would work on earth, and could you work your way down from heaven by being cruel in it?


I think heaven its more like when you have a really good dream that you don't want to wake up from, and hells its your worst nightmare that you cannot wake up from.

I think that if you are a good person you really don't have to worry about fighting demons in your head and you are most likely happy and in a stable mid state at your time of death, so your soul(immortal) will pick up its after life experience based on what it knows from the living world.
If you are one of those people that have "demons" you created and have not defeated your soul will just go with what it knows best.
You could potentially break off of it but that would take insane amounts of self knowledge and spiritual fortitude to change your whole soul it self, and if youre capable of doing this
you could've just done it in the matrerial world where you are more grounded in a shared reality with other souls.

God its just the "good" plane of existance while the devil its the "bad" one, diametrically opposed and at spirtual war with each other.

Its all really schizo.


File: 1669007019996.gif (76.51 KB, 150x150, THUMBS-UP-150x150-13597216….gif)

I want to rewrite and fix what I said here.

I believe that our souls are a separate entity from our brains and our bodies. They are the ultimate driving force which relays its commands to the mind which translates and relays those commands, as well as its own, to the body which works the magic.The soul and mind are not always in accord but are usually so closely paired they're hard to distinguish.
Our souls are ultimately permanent, while our minds and bodies are not. After death, our soul continues to drive on in the spiritual side of reality. We lose our capability of interacting with the physical world, but can continue to observe it and be attached to it as long as we wish. Generally, clinging to the physical world will be painful as you will watch people mourn you and forget you, even psychopaths can't stomach the latter. By learning to give up our attachment to the physical world when it is no longer necessary for us, we can ultimately unite ourselves with the chaos of reality and embrace the warm, breezy night of afterlife as the tides of our Goddess blankets us.
I'm certain that this is not a new belief system but it is the one that I've developed for myself largely on my own. It brings me a lot of comfort to know that I'll one day leave this body behind and this world, with all its wisdom, behind and begin a new act in a new way. I believe that there are a few people who I'll be able to connect with so much more intimately when we both become our spiritual selves and that is also exciting to me. But right now I have a lot more to learn on this beautiful earth.
>it's all really schizo
I feel really silly and childish, or sometimes schizo, when I talk about this stuff and similar. But I think really it's kind of a silly thing to be ashamed of, even if I can't help it.


I personally have no idea if there is an immortal soul. If there is I doubt it is anything like I have considered before, possibly something outside of my comprehension. However, I do realize there is something other than just intelligence that separates humans from other creatures. It could just be bias that I am human, or it could be some innate sensing of the immortal soul.
As far as what happens when one dies, I am conflicted. Some background, I used to be atheist but I recently converted to Christianity. I have yet to get to the part of The Bible that has actually described any part of the afterlife, and I am skeptical to listen to other's interpretations.
The Christian part of me says that when I die, I will be judged both on my sins and whether or not I have admitted them. And should I falter, I will be cast to Hell to burn for eternity. But should I succeed, I will be placed in The Kingdom of Heaven where I cannot suffer. The atheist part of me says there is nothing and I will simply cease to exist and rot. In either case, they are both voids incapable of being properly understood by humans. They both require an understanding of some kind of infinity. Which as creatures that only deal with finite concepts, we cannot truly understand only approximate.
Honestly though, I hope I just stop existing when I die. I find existence inherently tiring and I don't know if I'd be ok with existing forever. When I die, I just want to rest.


what about Quantum Immortality?

Heres is a schizo post i saw somewhere:

So, here's the deal. People die. You know that already. You on the other hand, don't. Well actually, you do, but to you, you don't. You might recognize this as a basic quantum concept: Schrodinger's Cat. Only the cat can truly know whether it's alive or dead, and for outside observers to know for sure they must remove the box.

There are far too many stories with consistent hallmarks/tropes (i.e. the time slow down/"jump back") for this to be a co-ordinated LARP. Below is a four-stage guide demonstrating how Quantum Immortality works and how to react accordingly.

Stage 1: Death
During the first stage your body and emotions will undergo the worst trauma they have endured in their life. You will feel dead, and you will know you are dead even though you shouldn't be able to. You shouldn't perceive any injuries since your central nervous system has undergone what many in computing would consider a stack overflow, that is to say pain is being sent to it, but it isn't being received.

Stage 2: Object Distortion
Whatever happened to you, you will not perceive it as you should. If you're involved in a traffic accident, you won't feel the vehicle or wall crush you to death. Instead you'll just go through it, as it seems your body has already released its grip on life, and is only relaying you visual stimuli that would make sense. Again, like computing, imagine playing an online game with extremely high ping. Stuff will move around you free of collision. Some people have reported OOBEs (i.e. seeing their dead body in front of them).

Stage 3: Time Distortion
Once dead, time cannot physically progress since it can no longer be perceived by your carcass. However, time is infinite, and it absolutely must continue, so a "compromise" is reached. A few seconds after your apparent death, you will sense time changing speed, with many reporting a slow down before a stop, and either a rewind or a skip to a couple of minutes prior, and you get a "second attempt" at whatever it was caused your doom. This can happen more than once; a story on reddit had an OP who continually got shot by a mugger until he eventually overpowered him, whereas another saw their own coworker fall from a ladder and crack their head open multiple times until they were able to do something which stopped it (for some reason, that particular instance affected the main witness, which is the only instance of QI-by-proxy I've ever seen).

Stage 4: Life
With the QI Event drawing to its conclusion, there is not much else for you to do but suck it up and continue with your life. Yes, you are dead in the world you once knew, but crucially you are alive in many others, including the one you're in now. This also proves that alternate universes/timelines are a thing, and you've probably gone through several unknowingly.

This does not address old age though.



This guy killed himself trying to prove this


File: 1669426285401.jpg (136.85 KB, 817x400, 33.jpg)


I dont really know what to believe anymore, i identify with christianity and christian values but there is somethings that i would consider esoteric that christianity does not explain it to me.

I think we just live out our consiousness by how we feel when we die and that dictates the afterlife.


i believe once you die there really is nothing. I can't imagine an afterlife, why would it be limited to humans and not other organisms? if it allows other organisms at what point do they not qualify for afterlife? What actually is it in objective reality? that can't be answered by the very nature of what the idea of an afterlife is.

I too don't believe in reincarnation for multiple reasons. For one, why would this happen? What makes you think that people have souls? If we do then other forms of sentient life should have souls and then again at what point is the line drawn?

just come to terms with the fact that you're gonna die and all that will be left in the end is lain



sounds cool but tis guy is more of a retard who believes in reddit stories than a schizo


why is he shirtless doe


He said in a video thats because he is hot, that guy is dead now, commited suicide trying to prove his theory

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