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Can some one give me a run down on wirechans lore?
I see people mention the tranny wars, the l*licon wars fights with lainchan, poland and other things but i have no idea what any of it means should wirechan have a wiki explaining these events? Kinda how ED archives some of the old internet events it would be cool for wirechan to have one. bcz people will tell me to lurk more…



Lurk more


>Lurk more
He said it best
Wirechan is so small and inactive that it doesn't really need any kind of wiki. Besides, it's not like any of the info is super important to using the site or like we have frequent userbase turnover. If you really care so much about knowing what shit like "the tranny wars" are, just look around the site.
tl;dr, quit being lazy.


These never happened, people just made them up to mess with you.


Lurk moar. You can figure things out if you read the thread, and if not, more details will probably come.
If you can't do even that much, there's no need to include you. If you can't bring anything to a discussion, just lurk.
It's better to have people that have first hand experience than a secondary source parroting something they can't verify for themself.


Literally every single one major "event" its still up except for the toilet paper one.
Its really just a question of lurking, if you are retarded enough to not even lurk consider seeing a professional and notify your loved 9nes immediately.


Haev u triy lurkin?!??

( o.o )
> u <


Lurk more fgt


Literally every single thread is still up. Just look ffs.
Nobody here is your e-dad learn to fend for yourself.


>except for the toilet paper one.
not very nice to mention this. i thought the reason why it was deleted was a pretty established consensus.




Not OP but: Its really interesting. I've been lurking on this page for >1 year and I also don't know what they mean. I know they exist but I am not so autistic to read every old and dead thread just to know the pages lore.
I mean the information of knowing what happened is in its own way a symbol of status -> being here for a long time and still being active. It gives you credibility and authenticity. They say lurk more, because they dont want to give this away to someone whos a newfag. You wanna know it, then do the effort. The knowledge doesnt help you nor does it matter, so you only want it for the status aspect, which is why people want you to lurk for it, to earn it.


This post has everything you need to know in regards to lurking. It keeps the culture in check instead of parrots. Thing about in anime terms in the 2000s vs now


a wiki would be cool but theres like maybe 100 people max that use wirechan enough to care about all the austim we spill here, it would b cool but somebody would have to pay the hosting


100 people use wirechan???


File: 1682351439012.jpg (189.03 KB, 540x540, I_can_do_all_things.jpg)

Hosting shouldn't be a problem, I'd be more worried about having someone that could make proper articles and stuff. I have an idea for a nice wiki.
Posters ≠ lurkers


It could be like ED where you submit your articles and the admins can pass or veto the edits.

The thing is you would probably have to read pages and pages of inane retard bullshit to find the good articles in between


That's what happens when I moderate here.


What's the percentage difference between lurkers and posters?


Look up "pareto principle".


There is 2 active posters and around ~70k lurkers


I would write some stuff i dont know much but i remember the tranny wars


I would write some stuff i think would be funny


Hello, I'm from a japan imageboard poster. I was told to look for trans threads here to find points for debate. where can i find it?


what board

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