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Anyone else ever hold off on making another reply or post so that your anonymity isn't compromised?
Wirechan is slow enough that replies in separate threads/boards can be assigned to the same person if they were made at a similar time. Or is this just schizo on my part?

(this post was originally made in notepad a few days ago)


I've not considered it, but I probably will now. Not like I often make more than one post a week anyways.


Most of the posts here are made in a specific time frame, if youre the only one posting at weird times its easy to pin point even if you spread it out, but not only people would have to be looking for it but also compare gramatical structure and textual analysis and even then its not certain. Schizo unless someone really has it out for you.


Grammatical analyses to identify people in generally wildly unreliable and mainly used as a last ditch attempt to draw any connection between a suspect person and incriminating writing. Unless you use really obvious and consistent style choices or non standard spelling it's basically a non issue. And even then it's really easy to make generic your writing style if you know how.


I am Lt. Col. Kojak Slaphead III. You know my name now, and my anonymity is doomed!


If youre one of 2 people that regularly post a 4 am its not that hard to spot whos who. You can schizo it out your posting style i guess but the analytics of how many users are still there.


sounds like we’re on to us!


4:AM in what time zone?




What the hell!?


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I live in your walls


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We know its you


tell that AI in 10 years

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