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I am wondering if Wirechan.org has any hidden boards. On other image boards, there are hidden boards, so I am curious if on this imageboard, there are any hidden boards. For example the board /sekrit/ that was on old lainchan or the /lain/ board on lainchan.
p.s. I used to browse lainchan, but I stopped when all of the 8chan refugees came, so I don't browse it now. pic unrelated.


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On the one hand if there was one it would underline the mystery-vibe of Lain culture.

On the other hand a secret board on an imageboard with a few users is pretty pointless.


lurkmore/go back

why did you made 2 threads?


There's a hidden video on the home page. Maybe it's a hint.




lainchan was way bad (B.A.D. bad) at least a year and a half before there was any 8chan diaspora
maybe things have changed in the 23 days since but there's no video now


its hidden dumass


i was in the page source man, there's no secrets.


File: 1626890349126.png (41.79 KB, 291x293, 1448553112818.png)


literal retard


don't lie assholes


thats the admin bro


>i am retarded and say stuff thats obviously wrong, everybody that points that out its the asshole though

when u are tech illiterate


File: 1627158684559.png (750.03 KB, 1024x853, 1447011455358.png)

Calm down guys, no need to be rude.


you started calling people ass holes faggot

wanna dish it but cant take it

classic commit situation


I'm not that poster though.

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