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Wirechan Discussion
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Hop in to our IRC channel! #wirechan@rizon.net

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welcome to the new wirechan


Think anyone besides me and you will show up?




Here I am!


me as well.


I'm here as well





…I feel like I'm walking around a ghost town.


You're not the only one. I'm a reactive poster.


we all are, apparently


All it takes is a spark then, eh?

This was the first small chan I found after danger/u/, so I was pretty excited. I had no idea these micro-sites existed, I thought 4/7/8ch were the totality of the thing. I'm now frequenting a couple of them. Totally into the slower pace and small communities. But then again I'm very into decentralization in principle.

Anyhoo, よろしく。


>first small chan
Boy just wait until you see one of those lists floating around.


Oh yeah, my eyes are now wide open.
It's hard to know where to start and harder to know where to stop.
I think I've found a nice handful of sites though.


Creamy's list. You're welcome.


Finding out this chan exists made my whole month so much better : )

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