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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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Does anyone remember the website mebio.us? You can find it on archive.is, see if that will jog your memory. The source code is still available, so I was thinking I'd host an instance of it. What do you think?


mebious.mobi is still up after all these years, how about that. Or an empty shell at least.


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Nobody seems to be here but I'll update anyways. I've got it working in a vm but image posting isn't working for some reason. I also tinkered with the antispam which was way too strict. I'm not familiar with ruby web dev so this is a learning experience for me. I've also got the domain, so it might be up in a week?


I've actually been looking for the source to run an instance myself but I can't find it. You gotta link to it?


If you can figure out why posting images doesn't work let me know.


I've installed ruby and the appropriate gems but I don't know know how to run this shit at all. bundle exec ruby mebious.rb runs but I don't know where the page is generated at all.

Thought I could just clone the git into /var/www/html/ and everything would just work. I need to learn how ruby and sinatra works lol. At least I have an excuse to learn something now.


Is it different from whatever's at mebious.co.uk ?


It's a clone of mebious.co.uk created because .co.uk was permanently frozen for some drama reasons



co.uk got closed down due to not having good enough spam protection. Somebody spammed it until it was shut down. .us got shut down due to some drama


Someone else got the code up and running at this website:


mebious renaissance now?


What is this? It looks like a clone of tsuki project of all things, and the boards button 404's to a copy or fauux's.


It's a clone of systemspace with Nazi occultism sprinkled on it. As usual they can't come up with anything original so they try to co-opt existing things. Pathetic.


What's up with kids today and Nazi occultism?


This is not the mebio.us i knew !


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remember cerealexperiments lain and ticks?
that shit was funny


File: 1598420798925.mp4 (4.09 MB, 1024x720, materiality.mp4)

i think that was the video that was running on its background.
i dont know who made it or where the drawing comes from but i like it.





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I've been meaning to bring this up, there's something very strange going on. Although the text on the site is stagnant, the file media/images/bg_out.png has been updated with new messages every day, which is what asphyxia.su documents. Here's a timeline of interesting dates, I'd really appreciate anyone who could share information or help with the investigation.


Asphyxia image is missing, and no more are archived until 2020. Thumbnail is black. Thumbnails are unlisted but can be accessed by [filename]_s.png.


Final wayback archive of mebious before freezing. Reads:


Last time the main site was updated (date listed in http://mebious.co.uk/rss.xml, also the 1st wayback archive date of stagnant site)


Last update to whois info


1st new asphyxia image, but the messages seem unremarkable meaning the underground chat probably existed before that.


Asphyxia thumbnail looks edited and full image won't load. Maybe someone posted something sensitive?

>05-Dec-2020 [FUTURE]

Domain set to expire. Here we'll see whether the owners are truly interested in keeping it alive. If not someone should get the domain name before it gets snatched up by squatters.


Do you have any stories from the site? My experience with the site was seeing the url in SEL and posting a picture of a duck, so I don't know much about the people there. I remember hearing about a user who went to england or finland because she thought she was lain or something, was there anyone like that?


File: 1599722090973.png (27.13 KB, 150x150, C9dmTdf.png)

over the years the mebious domain experation date has been extended a few times.
As of the thumbnails beeing glitched, my best guess is that the background just didnt transfer over to asphyxia.
The gap might as well be asphyxias site not working and him noticing it just 3years later or something.

The new pics we see right now, i can tell have some old as messages on it because i reconnize some of them, as well as the pics. And some messages contain a date in them self.

I think i got there 2014-2015ish, the user u are reffering to was going by the name of Ticks back then. When i got there the story way that ticks wanted to meet up in Canada with some guy from America, so he drope up all the way just to spend the night on a park bench or something.
Ticks ended up beeing a guy of course, who was mentally unstable and spammed the mebious main site after everybody got tired of them and if i remember correctly the owner of mebious took notice of in some way, to get rid of it.

ps. sry for bad english


The input boxes and the foreground text have disappeared now.

Thanks for the reply it was really useful, sorry for ignoring you. I made both posts.


File: 1608213742407.jpg (3.49 MB, 2048x2048, melttttttttttt.jpg)

Yeah its been that way since Nov.15.
I wonder if its related to making the twitter account. In the whois of the domain there was a update around the same time, but that might have been automated too.



If you mean no context mebious, that was made by a different person from the owner of mebious. The mebious.co.uk domain's renewal is almost certainly automated, it has been renewed one year at a time for probably a decade


If you're really old, you remember that mebio.us was made because the previous mebious clone shut down due to its own drama


I love this type of sites. Bookmarked


Looks like mebious.co.uk is up again.


yeah thats my twitter.
the thing is, even with text beeing locked a long time ago. it would still change the background image wich stopped all together now.
just the same pic every day :/

those ware the days.


File: 1618161540929.png (7.25 KB, 864x864, dgsddob_myw_WOLvYEC.png)

2021. PLAGUE. The "MONKEY" returns to its cave. Denizens of THE WIRED, to whom can we turn? It might feel like coming "HOME" - but is it %2B or not %2B? CAREFUL BIRDS might lift the HEX and find their way back to the FLOCK .


Ok, interesting. The filename is "twitter_com_MEBlOUS" (that's an L, not an I), encoded using the Caesar cipher with a shift of 10. Not much on that account though.

%2B is how the symbol '+' is encoded in URLs.

Fairly obvious stuff so far. I don't know what the capitalisation signifies, or how we are meant to lift the hex (retrieve some hexadecimal value from somewhere).


mebious.co.uk is not up.


It is up.
current status: 17th April 2021 10:25 UTC


The server is accessible,
unlike the service it was known for hosting.


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