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You've probably heard of Lain, of the Wired.
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Does anyone remember the website mebio.us? You can find it on archive.is, see if that will jog your memory. The source code is still available, so I was thinking I'd host an instance of it. What do you think?


mebious.mobi is still up after all these years, how about that. Or an empty shell at least.


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Nobody seems to be here but I'll update anyways. I've got it working in a vm but image posting isn't working for some reason. I also tinkered with the antispam which was way too strict. I'm not familiar with ruby web dev so this is a learning experience for me. I've also got the domain, so it might be up in a week?


I've actually been looking for the source to run an instance myself but I can't find it. You gotta link to it?


If you can figure out why posting images doesn't work let me know.


I've installed ruby and the appropriate gems but I don't know know how to run this shit at all. bundle exec ruby mebious.rb runs but I don't know where the page is generated at all.

Thought I could just clone the git into /var/www/html/ and everything would just work. I need to learn how ruby and sinatra works lol. At least I have an excuse to learn something now.


Is it different from whatever's at mebious.co.uk ?


It's a clone of mebious.co.uk created because .co.uk was permanently frozen for some drama reasons



co.uk got closed down due to not having good enough spam protection. Somebody spammed it until it was shut down. .us got shut down due to some drama


Someone else got the code up and running at this website:


mebious renaissance now?

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