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Thoughts and dicussion on Virtual Self.
Should've made a thread earlier.


Care to begin? I'm down to talk yet what application of a virtual self do you wish to discuss?


All of us behave differently online compared with IRL.


I agree… Some show their true selves online due to the freedom through the feeling of security in anonymity…Some hide behind masks and avatars online…even create new personalities completely separate from themselves for online use…..some wear a mask in both RL and the wired…never to reveal their true thoughts or selves…..then there are those who simply…observe,


like the concept of a virtual identity/ a person's behavior online?
or the album?


I'm guessing the former.


i would hope so,
but the picture and capitalization confuse me.


Click the image, it's a YouTube embed.


I've been listening to virtual self a lot lately, I really hope there will be a whole album of this stuff.


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